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There's a serial killer on the loose and the city has gone wild. Kaia and her sister are artists trying to make it big. Their lives turn upside down when they discover they may know who the killer is. Detective Nick Cornell has been assigned to the case and takes… Read More

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‘How do I feel about our sex scene? You mean, how do I feel about having him inside me? Dirty I suppose, tainted, soiled. But I do feel strongly that the sex scene was crucial to the plot.’ # Experience the live audiovisual version at my free website: Read More

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Do we really know anyone? Do we even truly know ourselves? Read More

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I say nothing, instead I bite one of her nipples with force enough to make her gasp. I then reach down with my right hand to her groin gripping her hairy crutch... Read More

Featured Review by Laird

"Very good. Stark and straight to the point. Laird" Read More

She turns her head and kisses the tails of the whip. I take it away and move back. She is just seconds away from savouring the true taste of the whip... Read More

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I smash my right fist as hard as I can into his face... Read More

Short Story / Memoir

January 28, 2022

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I'd sometimes wonder what they would say if they knew what the quiet, skinny and plain lad was imagining... Read More
Suddenly she turns to me and says, "Would you ever be unfaithful to me?" "No. Never," I reply. "Why would I want to hurt you?" She squeezes my hand tighter. She feels reassured. I mean what I say. I will never betray her with another woman. Never. * It didn't… Read More

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...and had mentioned the incident to her brother who had come in and threatened him... Read More

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I'm trying to write about my experiences with a handful of sex workers, to try and capture the essence of its abstract loneliness, but its so excruciating to write I can only do it in bite sized segments in the hope I'll develop them into something more. Anyway, a start… Read More

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Whilst on his regular run with deliveries, Macca finds himself drawn to a young woman at one if his drop-offs. When it is made clear she needs to be serviced by him, he finds it impossible to say no to her. Read More

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Here is the whole true story of my one (AND ONLY) modeling experience, which led to getting my hair cut from long and thick (well below my shoulders) to short and up over my ears, all in one sitting. After it happened, a number of people asked me what was… Read More

Short Story / Memoir

June 04, 2016

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How a smell takes me back X Read More

Short Story / Memoir

April 30, 2015

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I tale of meeting someone who wants something from you. Read More

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The first time I went "all the way" and I'm still in love! Read More

Short Story / Memoir

January 15, 2014

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A woman I would sleep with didn't think I felt anything Read More

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This is a personal story, that I am finally telling. Read More

Short Story / Memoir

November 24, 2012

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Talking about funny stuff that people do which sometimes pisses me off thank you i hope you enjoy reading . Read More

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like the caterpillar, I haven't experienced the freedom of spreading my wings and trying to fly. I needed help to do so. He wasn't just a friend, he was like my cocoon. He had his hands wrapped around me, when I needed to be held to grow in his arms.… Read More

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An account of one little girls fight through abuse,mental illness, and becoming a young parent. Myka is just an innocent little girl when a family member first assaults her in a sexual manner,she tells of her life from that point onwards, and re-live's a harrowing tale one of her childhood...… Read More

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This is a short version of the first seventeen years of my life.Would like to hear comments on it. Read More

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One of my experiences and encounters with abuse in a level 4 lock-down facility. Read More

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body sushi, alcohol and the dark side,not for the morally unflexible or faint hearted. Read More
Part 2 of the man fighting his own life story. Read More

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Short Story / Memoir

April 08, 2012

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exploits of a dirty bastard Read More

Short Story / Memoir

January 31, 2012

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A short story about pushing back on a relationship and chasing desire and lust. Read More
This is an extract of a short story, written by a woman in early 20s about an experience she had in her teens. Read More

Short Story / Memoir

April 03, 2011

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One of the few women that I had the privilege of being associated with. Read More

Short Story / Memoir

September 16, 2010

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I wrote a sort of 'journal' while studying abroad after each trip I took while living in the falsely stereotyped dark city of Amsterdam and aimlessly traveling around Europe. Outside the Bubble refers to the 'bubble' that the United States has become, and I think everyone and anyone should seize… Read More

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A brief insight into the moment of realisation that things have to change. Read More

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Childhood memories painted in sunshine anecdotes are eclipsed by a dark and disturbing incident involving a miscreant priest. Read More

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It wasn't me..... it was The Mouth Read More

Short Story / Memoir

February 18, 2010

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It's a real life story. Full of obscenities, as life always is... Read More

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i woke up this morning found this website and started to write this is my outcome. it literally is about my morning... the things i write are true and happen in my everyday life.names of real life people will stay unknown for privacy purposes.i know that i have many mistakes… Read More

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This is more chapter of My "A Father and His Two Sons" For those that want to see the rest of this story here you go. I need to change the Title, any Suggestions? Read More

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A story of how I lost my virginity at age 29. Read More

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A Confounded Letter on Punishment Read More