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Riley Brooks appears to be leading a charmed life on the outside. On the inside, she's spiraling as a result of an abusive relationship. Once the relationship comes to a tumultuous end, she loses very nearly everything, her sanity included. As an effort to promote her career, she is forced… Read More

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"This is honestly some of the very best writing on this site, hands down. It's hard to find anything comparable. Your analogies are unique and ..." Read More

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Unexpected, he arrived on time. Read More

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Cowboy, invited me to Wilmington, NC. On the pretense he wanted a reconciliation . What he wanted was reconciliation with my bank card. Read More

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Cowboy underestimated his power over me. Read More

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I want with all of my heart, to give each of you, my supporters & friends, a farewell dedication... I can't do that! I know that I would miss naming someone... I could not bear to do that!! Please continue to visit me & my works on my regular… Read More

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Jungle Soap - was started by me, the Ligress. I started it in 2013, as a way to gossip about my friends without anyone else being the wiser. It is whimsy on purpose - the sole goal is to have fun. Read More
This is a glimpse into the real life of Dawn Lisa. I was stuck at my mother's house at the Jersey Shore for two years, sleeping in her living room on an air mattress, with my son. It was the worst thing that had ever happened to me in my… Read More

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Note of Encouragement Read More

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A short slight poetic, terrible grammar written on piece of what i think love is.,,, get ready for cheese in 5,4,3,2....... Read More
I write to you the beginning of us. Our first night together. Read More

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The subject of rape has come up a lot lately and it's sent my head spinning. My thoughts are what is rape ? How does one define it when there are certain circumstances involved? I will lay out my thoughts and instances as best I can. It's not really a… Read More

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Brenda Borg left her native troubled Irish borderlands aged 16. Here's why. Read More

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This is the end of Wallace, on to a different sort of pimp but a pimp none the least. Read More

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This is a continuance of the first entry ....more on my time with Wallace ( first pimp ) and how I escaped him only by being abducted then sold after being taken to another city. Read More

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It's my fucking life. Hours waste in obstinate thoughts. Portraits of a mind flow that break out in this void. Here are love, sex, hate, laughs, this is my only existence. Read More
This is a chapter from "Welcome Home Now Get Out, Memoirs of Our Life on Yucatan Drive". It is a true story that my mother and I are working on getting done and published.This chapter centers in on a particular person that impacted us in the most unfortunate way, as… Read More

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This is about my personal drug use, and hopefully will help someone understand a little about addiction and emotional pain. And for the record, I wasn't high when I wrote this. Thanks to Blanca Sandoval for inspiring me to actually finish this. Read More

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February 12, 2010

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This is a collection of stories, that I will add to over time about Joey, who might be the best friend I've had yet. This is of course dedicated to him. Read More

Miscellaneous / Memoir

January 23, 2010

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This is the second installment of my story, and it is exremely bloody... Read More

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why why why why why did she die? why the old lady die why the old girl cry why she sigh... why why why why . why she cry why she die .. can she fly ..will she die in the sky... why the old gal die why she cry… Read More

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wHY aM i DEAD? WHO KNOWS WHO CARES? THE LARge red baloon flies past My face buried in the wet ugly slimy mud. Why am I alive? The large bird flys by and bites my left eye out and the yellow skunky slimeball filled with holes laughs? WHY does the… Read More