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He represented an unusual challenge for her, someone exciting, if different from the norm. She knew this was her last chance to help him, satisfy him, for him to satisfy her. Body Heat - is one of my new style of stories - hope you like it! Read More

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"A sumptuously told tale of the best heat of two bodies without inhibitions. " Read More

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Dominant woman seduces her tenant, Jonathan learns what it means to be Mistress Dianna's live in lover. Read More

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Young Jonathan, who rents a cottage on an estate has a fantasy of dating the older woman who lives in the main house. He watches her undress most nights from a telescope in the cottage. Dianna, the owner of the house and cottage, is the local librarian. Yet she has… Read More
Old lady loves fucking young boys. When she can't find a young one, she gets old man to role play with her lush body. Read More
She might be old but her car was new and broken. Then I fucked her Read More

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Fetish granny lover finds fit horny old ladies in a retirement home Read More

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This is a true story about how to really get old ladies to enjoy fucking and other perverted sex Read More

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Fred is an old piss and granny fetish guy. His ideal granny is fat and hairy. He is trying one last time to find an old gal who also enjoys piss play. Read More
There are some men who have a strong fetish for fucking old and very old ladies. But finding ones who want to play is hard.. One guy make it very easy. Read More

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September 16, 2021

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Francine is inadvertently caught up in a crazed teeny bopper mall appearance. Luckily maybe: several hired events crowd control officers come to her assistance. However, in the ensuing mayhem: she is 'mall mauled'. Read More

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Continuing my hot encounters with my little oriental friend. sex in a public place , bondage and some romance Read More