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About neighbours Read More

Book / Mature Sex

February 01, 2022

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Deidra and Wayne find themselves once again tangle up in his bedsheets. Deidra finds it hard to keep her one and done resolve. Read More

Short Story / Mature Sex

September 16, 2021

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Francine is inadvertently caught up in a crazed teeny bopper mall appearance. Luckily maybe: several hired events crowd control officers come to her assistance. However, in the ensuing mayhem: she is 'mall mauled'. Read More

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Continuing my hot encounters with my little oriental friend. sex in a public place , bondage and some romance Read More

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After being kicked out of his house Jerry was left with few options of where to go. He must turn to an old friend. Read More

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I had only gone round to check up on Michelle's mum, but she had other ideas for me... Read More