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There's a serial killer on the loose and the city has gone wild. Kaia and her sister are artists trying to make it big. Their lives turn upside down when they discover they may know who the killer is. Detective Nick Cornell has been assigned to the case and takes… Read More

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I have a dark secret... Read More

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An unexpected intimate encounter under the Stars brings out the horny Beast in both creatures of the night . Read More

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A young man goes as an exchange student to Evonia where the law requires all males ejaculate at least once a week. Read More

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Wrong is the new right [ no spoiler] Read More

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A small snippet about forbidden love. Period piece. Definitely not modern. Male/Female. Looking for some feedback, but it’s not much to go off of. Ciao. Read More

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Raunchy sisters-in-law get their sexually straight in the bedroom hubby brother’s libidos in overdrive in a rest-room foursome. Read More
2 women decide to wrestle and fight for their husbands Read More

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Gary is playing a dangerous game with his bosses wife, she has a party for her sister on the beach. Read More

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Janelle expects perfection from her new assistant and will not hesitate to punish him until he reaches it. Read More

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An alienated man becomes with obsessed with the mysteries of revenge porn on the net, while also rediscovering the hardcore of his youth. Read More

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Dan is an old flame from my past (see Slut Wife Confessions); my first real affair who just couldn't manage to get his wife pregnant. To be honest, the two of us took some pretty big risks ourselves, but he never knocked me up. I kind of think he's shooting… Read More

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They played around, this was more, so much more. Read More

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Brynn learns about protein at the dentist office. Read More

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It had been two eventful years since Richie had "fucked Megan" in the notorious sandhills of Silk. Harriett was Richie's new love interest and Megan had told Harriett what a male slut Richie had been that day when they had "made out" in the warm sands of Silk. Harriett was… Read More

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"One of your longer more elaborate pieces, Vanilla - clearly inspired by a higher power and drilling from the bottom. Warms the heart..." Read More

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Truth and dare with naive stepbrother has its advantages. Read More

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And for this you are about to read many went to the flames that lit the nights of Medieval darkness... Read More
A very prim and proper family is bemused to hear that the daughter of their wayward cousin is going to come and stay with them. The daughter has been working as a hooker for quite a few years but her cousins are told to treat her with respect and love.… Read More

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A bit of a joke story. If you really could make a scientific discovery just with a PC in your living room when you were an average person without a science degree, could you really post it online and change the world scientifically, culturally and materially? After having a good… Read More

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A lonely man in his thirties is living all by himself with only one possible real friend who's a female that comes to visit. Then, he has an epiphany late one night where he decides that he really could do more to improve his social skills, do a bit more… Read More

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A 30-year old man on the ladder to success in that he has a city centre apartment and some spare cash is dating an attractive blonde woman five years his junior. She has plans for them to get their own house in the suburbs but he likes still to live… Read More

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A boy meets a girl but they already knew each other. And now they are talking about commitment. And really, he can't see how he got himself into marrying her when they have not even slept together... Read More

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What would happen to two people if they had moved into a new home and then lost the keys almost as soon as they got there? Really, these two are just as bad as each other. They might not ever get back in their apartment. And then a blonde walking… Read More
A man in a safe government job has three beautiful daughters and goes to visit his country cousin. But what will he be like when they meet him? Really, they don't know. They're not even sure what he looks like for when they get to the airport at the other… Read More
Somebody gets his computer home, takes it out the box, plugs in and sees if it will work. This is the start of the story. And it is a story so many people know from their own lives. Really, this story is one of record. And it is for so… Read More

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A short story. Relationships can be hard for anyone. Computers can be hard for some. But some find them easy. And some aren’t interested. However, relationships are not like computers for example. And woes betide someone who thinks they are. Read More
What do you see when you see yourself through a mirror? Do you see experiences? And if so what experiences would they be? The story starts as a romance but becomes something darker. A man struggles to cope with his conscience and with what might have been. Or never was... Read More
When a man loses his beloved grand mother, he doesn't expect to be faced with an epic receiving help from an unexpected quarter. Read More
Since early history soldiers were expected to do their duty in far flung parts of the world, But when the fighting is over and they are no longer needed society effectively turns their back on them. Many are unable to re-intergrate this is my story. Read More
Plagued by recurring nightmares and visions a man races to put a stop to them before they overwhelm him. Read More

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This suicidal story is about a person who finally decides that they have had enough of life in general and decide to take their own life in far away Scotland.The broken marriage had played a significant part in the persons decision to end his life.He had never quite come to… Read More

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Just a little story I made up while on a walk. Hope you enjoy. Read More
Dennis wakes up, gets his bed soaked, goes to sleep again. Read More
Sian Davis is an average girl with an average life. Always one with the mass, she is shocked when the handsome Dimitri awakens a desire inside her the scares her but arouses her at the same time. Dimitri, however, is a hardcore dom who is determined to get Sian in… Read More

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Guy hates the girl he's seeing, good sex though Read More
Well...after one visit to our friends in Robichaux Park, it appears one of them already has a very deep secret. But, Is he the only one? Who's to say who else may be hiding something? It's been said,"You can never really know someone completely." How well do they know one… Read More

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This is a story about a young girl who falls in love with a school teacher who has a history of preying on young girls and of abusing them and black mailing them.... Read More
A woman goes all all out to win the heart of the man she loves Read More