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Featured Review by Janus

"A swallowed cum laden Catch-22 staring straight down the barrel of brain-blowing sex. Dramatic tension is delivered perfectly by Sammy D." Read More

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A remembered unguarded disclosure Read More

Featured Review by Nite-Owl

"Beautiful, perfect, and romantic " Read More

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Sex and Music Read More

Featured Review by Spyguy

"This was very creative, wise, with a little twist of romance mingling in for good measure!!! I liked it!" Read More

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A Valentine Poem for D.L. Cannon Read More

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Elope my heart... Read More

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hunter and willing prey. Read More

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I love licking your powder and everything that Glitters... Read More

Poem / Literary Erotica

October 06, 2021

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Let me wear your necklace... Read More

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To the one who's asking for it... (and she's gonna get it) Read More

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if she cant be yours Read More

Reads: 972

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a guy losing his girl Read More

Poem / Literary Erotica

January 17, 2010

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Something random Read More

Reads: 659

A poem about self-denial. Read More