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I don’t like it here. Something evil, terrible, will happen to her here, near the dark forest, in his alehouse, in the pond, by the old oak tree. ‘Wake up, girl!’... look who's come to see you...' Read More

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"You've paid your fare, now find your courage! G-string's time machine leaves directly. Kudos for this masterly written and macabre tale of inju..." Read More

Kevin's the local bully and Dane his victim, that is until now... Read More

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His body tenses, his tightly knotted neurons congealed with ecstasy at the prospect of me, fully aroused. He lies on his dishevelled bed watching me wade out of the sea. My hair is dripping wet, my body slim, tanned, and fit. Live audiovisual version Coming Soon at - Support… Read More

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"Nitric acid, pouty lips, and an eye in the sky make Jessica doubly dangerous. But how will she deal with an urchin's prick? Read this lurid tale..." Read More

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The cell was a sauna. Ladies are meant to perspire. Her body spurted sweat in a human geyser. The crumpled sheet beneath her back was saturated, leaving her feeling restless, uncomfortable. Read More

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"Style!" Read More

Chapter 11

Book / Humiliation Sex

May 01, 2022

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My greatest pleasure. Read More

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A boy's mother dies, his father remarries and then expires leaving him under control of his misandrist step mother. Read More

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Kyle, dressed in obscene female attire is taken to a sleazy sex bar by Mr. Hinkle. Read More
Kyle not only has to service Mr. Hinkle's friends again, but is dressed up for "a night on the town." Read More
Mr. Hinkle brings home four new friends for Kyle to play with. The boy's degradation is taken to new depths. Read More
The ending of Bloomingdale's Shower Boy, a previous story of mine here on this board. I could not get access to edit the original; hence, this follow-up. I'd suggest reading the original before you read this, although I tried to make this "sequel" stand-alone. Cliff Marks has a big problem… Read More

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As graduation approaches, the abuse of Kyle grows greater. He now has to perform in front of a group of old perverts. Read More
A male tourist is strip searched when he gets off his plane in the fictional country of Doria. This is a new version where the protagonist is only searched. It is done to make the story more consistent with the themes female sexual arrogance and humiliation. Read More
Kyle will go to almost any length to get an A and a college scholarship, but he has no idea just how degenerate Mr. Hinkle is. How much abuse and perversion can the poor boy take? Read More

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Eighteen year old Kyle needs an A to graduate. What will he do to get it? Read More

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A girl becomes a medical receptionist and loves being able to sit and watch modestly sensitive examinations of male patients. Read More

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A new swim coach is hired who examines her male swimmers for natural testosterone for her PhD in physiology. Read More

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Johnny's upcoming wedding is in peril because of his shady past. This leads to forced incest the night before the wedding. Read More

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Thomas gets utterly humiliated at the rugby club when the entire team decide to strip him naked and give him the bumps for his 32nd birthday in front of the entire bar packed with patrons Read More

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A gang of femdom girls takes pleasure in publicly stripping and humiliating their prey consisting of both males and females. Read More

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Julie's middle class dream was threatened when her husband lost his job. With her house facing foreclosure she faced a drastic choice, Would she use her body to save it? Could she accept the degradation? Read More

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A pretty, defiantly sensual, prematurely developed 13 year old girl is punished by her intelligent but somewhat depraved, alcoholic aunt at a well-attended pool party in their plush suburban home because the teenaged girl used foul language in the kitchen the day before. The punishment is rather extreme in terms… Read More

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A young man has a motorcycle accident in which he is thrown over the handlebars and breaks both wrists. As result local he cannot do anything for himself and local girls and women have to do everything for him including bathe him. Read More

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A young man gets jock itch and has to have his mother, his sister, his neighbor, his principal, his school nurse, his health teacher and three fellow female students administer the medicine. He also ends up in the hospital where he is forced to lie exposed of his bed before… Read More
Doria is a small absolute monarchy in Eastern Europe ruled by a queen according the female primogeniture. A young man reports with many other young men to a military induction physical. The physical as in traditional military induction physicals will take place in the nude with male modesty not respected. Read More
The final episode in poor Teddy's misadventures. He is taken just about as low as a human being can go. What fun! Read More
In 1950s America it keeps getting worse for 18 year old males. Punishment involves full nudity, to the delight of old ladies and cheeky sisters. Read More
In 1950s Brewer, Minnesota the women and their daughters are in charge and it’s total clothing deprivation for young males at home and school. Read More

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As Teddy is degraded even more because of his small penis, his body is violated and abused. Read More

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An out-of-wotk office drone, a well-built, widowed father of three, accepts a holiday job at NYC's famed Bloomingdale's department store in their bathwares department, demonstrating a new glass-enclosed shower and shower head unit. Trouble is, the father fails to read the fine print in his contract, which explicitly states that… Read More

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Teddy's humiliation has been taken to a new level. He is being taken on a journey to becoming an almost mindless sex-toy. His own father will play a part in these plans. Read More

Short Story / Humiliation Sex

February 03, 2022

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Jake's dad is only trying to help him by not letting him date girls and by controlling his orgasms. Read More

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Bobby pays a high price for one little indescretion. Read More
Teddy is finally forced to appear in public at a gay club, showing off his small endowment to over a hundred men. Read More

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A few weeks into Sean's training, the author reviews his work and informs the boy of his punishment. He forces the boy lower and lower, turning him into some kind of sexslave animal. Read More

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A young, intelligent, affable but somewhat-out-of-shape bartender in a gay bar, beloved by all his regular customers, is coerced into posing as a living nude statue for $500 in an downtown art gallery. Unbeknownst to him until it is too late, his benefactress has a strong penchant for humiliating young… Read More

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George has nothing to do on Saturday night. So he goes through his contact list and centers on Eric, a hot, friendly Black dude who enjoys being spanked. Turns out Eric's throwing a small party in his Chinatown apartment. George attends, and things go south for the host. Read More

Short Story / Humiliation Sex

January 04, 2022

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A fetishistic young man takes his boyfriend of one year, a hunky but inhibited lawyer, to a gay beach hotel, and methodically humiliates him over the course of a summer weekend, much to the delight of the hotel staff and guests and to the chagrined embarrassment of the lawyer. Read More

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A vain, geeky actor (a success in low-budget horror films) snags a part in a Los Angeles play. He alienates everyone involved, and his nude scene in the play is used against him on opening night. Read More

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Marty is a subpar member of Coach's college wrestling team. Marty's enthusiasm for the sport is not matched by his talent, and Coach wants to get rid of him. With the aid of a more skilled wrestler who is in on Coach's joke, Coach devises a very public humiliation that… Read More

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Henry Wu is a shy, well-built teaching assistant at a midwestern university. His uncle Harold is an instructor for an art class. When "Uncle's" male model has to cancel a very important gig, Henry is persuaded to substitute. Hilarity ensues (but not for Henry). Read More