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She'd fuck who she wanted. And fuck off those she didn't. Simple. She had no morals... Read More

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"Captivating story and easy to read, down-to-earth and really enjoyable!" Read More

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Liam's girlfriend Rose wants to show off her boyfriend at the holiday cabin this weekend. Liam is dubious. Read More
Here are Thrill Ride's fighters - with their vital statistics! Who beats who? Read Thrill Ride on Amazon (Kindle is 99c!) and find out! Read More

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Cari has stopped resisting Danny's control, letting him do more and more perverse things to her. Read More

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Brian makes a mistake while serving men and must pay the price. Read More

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A thirteen-year-old boy receives a humiliating classroom spanking. Read More

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A young woman shadows a lady doctor to improve her chances to get into medical school. Read More

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The final chapter of the saga of a normal college boy who falls under the spell of a terrible bully. Read More

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Todd the young bookseller and his new bride have become submissive slaves to a dominant male. They spend Christmas with him. Read More

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The protagonist kidnaps the regular doctor so that she can do the high school boys' physical. Read More

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Poor naive Cari is the butt of a terrible humiliation and gang sex game. She is being turned into a slut. Read More

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Muddy feet! The thought of it! Us, two girls! Playing together! In the mud! Muddy legs! "Whoa! Sensational Story!" - online fan of Two Girls! Experience Kait and Maddie and ? LIVE at this Yuletide¬ Read More

Featured Review by willnorman

"What a wonderful tale of love, friendship and adventure. This could easily be turned into a script for a movie." Read More

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Coming Soon: Thrill Ride - as a book in mid January and as drip-fed (18+) audiovisual episodes on my free audiovisual website in early Spring! Read More

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"Satanically alluring, my dear. I like the subject matter immensely." Read More

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Julie's middle class dream was threatened when her husband lost his job. With her house facing foreclosure she faced a drastic choice, Would she use her body to save it? Could she accept the degradation? Read More
Genie grants wish. Man ends up stripped naked and forced orgasm in public bar. You know, your typical wish granted story. From my book "The Wishing Place" available on Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle Vella. Read More

Chapter 4

Book / Humiliation Sex

December 03, 2022

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Ted has an interview in the morning. How will a humiliating night affect his chances? Read More

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Jake takes our poor unfortunate hero to visit his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, the poor humiliated kid shares some of his worse experiences with us. Read More

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Poor Cari has lost her virginity, and now she is forced to take part in a sick contest in front of a gang of boys. Read More

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the humiliation continues, this time in public at a fast food restaurant and on a school campus. Jake is more sadistic than ever. Read More

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Everything has its beginning... Read More

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Poor Cari loses her virginity to sadistic Danny. Read More

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Once Cari has been fucked by Danny, he creates a series of truly humiliating experiences for her. Read More
After a recruit resists his induction physical in Doria he is punished by being a nude model. Read More

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Translated from the French original by with a little editing for clarity by Britguy, who does not speak French and hopes he hasn't distorted the story too much. This first part of the story was posted in 2019 as 'What Arrogant Asshole' ( Please read that first before continuing… Read More

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My husband has a female physician.. Read More

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Version 2 of Visit to the School Nurse. A student is hit by a line drive in his nuts and is taken for examination to the school nurse. Read More

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Our hero is forced to service a whole dorm of college guys in the most demeaning, humiliating way. Read More

Book / Humiliation Sex

October 17, 2022

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A spinster becomes the principal of both girls' and boys' boarding schools. Read More

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A man gets arrested by a female deputy sheriff while sunning himself nude. Read More

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Poor Cari faces the worst humiliation thus far, in her attempt to prove she loves her sadistic boyfriend. Read More

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Jake finishes his sex session with our innocent hero, but the humiliation is only just starting. Read More

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The bully Jake finally gets intimate with poor Matthew, and only one of them enjoys the session. Read More

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Danny takes Cari on a little trip into the city to prove her love. It involves a humiliating experience with a street thug drug dealer. Cari's devotion if further tested. Read More

Book / Humiliation Sex

September 13, 2022

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A young woman recounts the many strippings and humiliations that she either witnessed, participated in or heard about that took place during her four years in high school. Read More

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As Matthew's deflowering approaches, he has a horrible day at the hands of his bullies. Read More

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After a fraternity places cameras in a sorority's shower, the sorority gets even by duping the members of the fraternity to apply to donate to a sperm bank where they are photographed naked and masturbating. Read More

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A light story of Frat pledging humiliation. Read More

Chapter 2

Book / Humiliation Sex

September 02, 2022

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Kevin's the local bully and Dane his victim, that is until now... 2 chapters so far Read More

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Poor Cari's second show to prove her love for her boyfriend is even more degrading than her first. What will she do to show Danny she loves him? Read More

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A man goes to a free clinic but has to undergo being used as a teaching tool. Read More