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As teenagers Raelyn and Nathan thought they'd found their other half until bad choices lead them to being pulled apart. Fourteen years later, at his dying father's request, Nate hunts Rae down to beg her to come back and uncover the secrets that changed their entire lives. Read More

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The bully Jake finally gets intimate with poor Matthew, and only one of them enjoys the session. Read More

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Danny takes Cari on a little trip into the city to prove her love. It involves a humiliating experience with a street thug drug dealer. Cari's devotion if further tested. Read More

Book / Humiliation Sex

September 13, 2022

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A young woman recounts the many strippings and humiliations that she either witnessed, participated in or heard about that took place during her four years in high school. Read More

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As Matthew's deflowering approaches, he has a horrible day at the hands of his bullies. Read More

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After a fraternity places cameras in a sorority's shower, the sorority gets even by duping the members of the fraternity to apply to donate to a sperm bank where they are photographed naked and masturbating. Read More

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A light story of Frat pledging humiliation. Read More

Chapter 2

Book / Humiliation Sex

September 02, 2022

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Kevin's the local bully and Dane his victim, that is until now... 2 chapters so far Read More
Poor Cari's second show to prove her love for her boyfriend is even more degrading than her first. What will she do to show Danny she loves him? Read More

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A man goes to a free clinic but has to undergo being used as a teaching tool. Read More

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A man in in an accident while riding on a motorcycle breaks both legs and ends up in traction in a hospital. This story is based upon a real incident.. Read More

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Danny makes his girlfriend Cari prove that she loves him in the most humiliating and disgusting ways. Read More
A follow-up to "Dirk the Cute Straight Drinking Buddy." Dirk, a gorgeous 27 year old man, is in a real pickle. He has agreed to allow his gay friend to play with his body (Dirk says he is straight). The gay friend, Doug, has done just that for the last… Read More

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Our poor hero's second streaming show is even more humiliating and disgusting than his first one. The degradation continues. Read More

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A young man decides to try out for the State University football team. First, he has to take a physical. When he does he finds out that when he takes his physical he does so with copious females watching and helping. If the reader thinks I am exaggerating go on… Read More

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This story was inspired by the movie "About a Young Man". The producer said that it is not how military physicals take place in Sweden or anyplace else. I put this story in because it offends me. Too often scenarios like this are true. Group induction physicals still take place… Read More

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Our hero is forced to do his webcam streaming show. The entire college is alerted. First, he is thoroughly cleaned. Read More
Doug, gay, has a great drinking buddy in Dirk, who's straight. They're both 27 years old, living in NYC. One day the dark-haired, urbane, bearded Dirk has to use Doug's shower after Dirk's plumbing goes south. Dirk is usually a schlubby type, an artist, seemingly unconcerned with his appearance although… Read More

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Our poor hero is groomed by the bullies for his live streaming show. His day at school gets worse. Read More

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Roger Reed is a has-been movie actor now working in television, specifically a cable series "Ryan P.I." where he plays a middle-aged private detective in Florida. Roger remains almost as fit as he was in hie glory movie star days of the 80s and 90s. However, he is not keen… Read More

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Cameras are installed in our victim's room, but that is not the worse of what he endures on this night. Read More

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Our hero has had a very rough night, but the new day brings only more humiliation and disgusting torment. Read More
A girl becomes a sonographer at a Urology Clinic. Read More

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A feisty female fighter rises to a challenge. Read More

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Jerry is a college student, 18. His little brother Oscar is 13. The boys' father Ed is 45. Oscar has a special request of his popular, handsome older brother. When Jerry is home for Christmas break, Oscar informs Jerry that he wants to watch Jerry masturbate in the nude, so… Read More

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Our hero is taken into the college union bathroom and given his first real lesson in obedience. Read More

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Our hero is forced to go to a meeting with his bully Jake, and it does not turn out well. things get worse and worse. Read More
A female Marine Corps ex drill instructor is hired to bring discipline to a fraternity animal house. Read More

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The end of Kyle's saga, as he finally faces graduation day. How proud we are of our boy. Read More

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Kevin's next door neighbor in the apartment complex, Glen, asks Kevin if Glen can "practice" giving Kevin a free massage, as Glen has an "evaluation" in massage school next week so he can be certified and Glen wants to know that Glen's skills are legit. Basically, Glen is using this… Read More

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The private diary of a college freshman who is bullied and tormented beyond belief by sadistic students. Read More

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A woman describes how she controls and humiliates men Read More

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"nice sexy "feel" to this lol!! pun intended " Read More

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Alex is an attractive actor in his 30s. He has an audition on Tuesday. He is aware that the role requires "partial nudity." Alex has been through this before. Equity is not keen on actors being exploited under these circumstances. Still, Alex wants the role. It;s a juicy role and… Read More

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Josh is a well-built smart teenager with big ears and a large penis and very low-hanging balls, and he is terribly embarrassed by this. He does not like to be seen in the nude. But word has gotten around somehow in this suburban town, and a male friend of Josh… Read More

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Jack, a wily voyeur, sets up his re-occurring friend David, who drops by and takes his clothes off on a regular basis for Jack's pleasure. Jack decides to spice up things by ambushing David. He enlists his friend Bernard, and his next door neighbor Jimmy to "drop by" during one… Read More

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Bill and his wife Tess are throwing a dinner party on Saturday. On Friday (Bill's birthday), Tess presents him with a present. It is a new white jockstrap. Tess wants Bill to wear it and nothing else. At the dinner party, which is really a birthday party. Tess explains to… Read More
A friend begs Mark to fill in for a job. The job is posing nude for an art class. Mark smokes weed and agrees to fill in because he needs money. He regrets it instantly. Read More
Aaron Burke is a very good-looking, sandy-haired strait-laced yuppie who wears suits even on weekends. His neighbor Hedy wants to nudge him out of his shell. She suggests that Aaron model at a bohemian art gallery in Brooklyn. Aaron, a straight guy who strongly resembles the actor Gregory Harrison, except… Read More

Chapter 5

Book / Humiliation Sex

June 29, 2022

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A little self indulgence leads to naked humiliation and eventual redemption Read More

Short Story / Humiliation Sex

June 27, 2022

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Tim is a cute, lean, fair-skinned young man of 15 growing up in a small town. He has unusual platinum blonde hair which he wears long. Tim is shy and a bit introverted, but he is well-liked at his school, and he is extremely well liked by Dan, an athletic,… Read More
Poor eighteen-year-old Andy wishes he had never reported his attack to the campus cops. It gets nasty. Read More