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There's a serial killer on the loose and the city has gone wild. Kaia and her sister are artists trying to make it big. Their lives turn upside down when they discover they may know who the killer is. Detective Nick Cornell has been assigned to the case and takes… Read More

Chapter 37

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January 05, 2023

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Raunchy, ridiculous, irrational sex with everyone but my husband.. Okay, maybe a few times with him too. Just a few. No, I'm not using birth control. (There's literally sex in almost every chapter of this book) Read More

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The gang finishes up the visit in a great way Read More

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Adam has a surprise, but doesn't know when to expect it. Read More

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because your wife likes it dark.. Read More

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Yummy had been Phil's unfaithful wife now for just over ten years. But not for much longer. Yummy had decided to "pen" Phil a "dear phil" letter. Read More

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A hot wife reminds her husband that sharing is caring... Read More

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Housewife has a little accident with the painter. How will she fix this? AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is something new for me. It's just smut. I usually write smut with a storyline but I've been so busy with my novel lately that I wanted to take a mental break. Especially since… Read More