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Dominique Pike makes her latest intern Benjamin Nettles' work life a living hell. Unfortunately, Ben flirts with his third infraction in less than a week before being fired. A recommendation and satisfactory internship completion are the stakes for either a beautiful career or utter ruin. Ben must decide how far… Read More

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A provocative flight attendant showing off her pink panties and what followed as a result. Read More

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Let me have it.....daddy Read More

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"Yummy writing as always! Stuie is one lucky man :) " Read More

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December 05, 2019

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Top ten sex things which women should know about men. Read More
This is not a long, drawn out script. It's short, sweet, kind of funny, and to the point. You see fantasies about screwing your sister in law or brother in law (with your spouse's permission) all over the net. What you don't see is what comes before the fantasy. It… Read More

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A Car, The Road and 2 occupants. Read More
Bitch........Dicking........strip-tease fun on beach.......... Read More

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taken from my book, "Into The Direction Of Where" Read More

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You walk in on your wife and dinner guest sharing a sexual appetizer. What's their next move? Embarrassment or sharing? Read More

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What would you do if your dinner guest arrived early and shared a sexual appetizer with your wife? Read More

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An idea I've been working with for some time now--the idea that we can enhance our own pleasure by helping others find their pleasure. It's almost a "pay it forward" idea of sex. I apologize for the formatting; I wanted to protect the integrity of the script format. Read More

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Short sex script of a dominating woman with her submissive man. Read More

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This one is less straightforward, but comes with a lovely reading attached. If you want to hear the rest of the episode or are interested in hypnotic meditation into sex in general, I can put you in touch with the person who commissioned the piece upon request. Read More

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This story or rather script consists of a very steamy conversation between a Busty Bi-sexual women and a Busty female chatline operator of a roleplay phone sex chatline. Read More

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This a story come script (pun intended)of a SEX chatline call between a busty girl caller and a busty chatline girl. Similar to girl on girl calls on BabeStation. Hope you enjoy it!!! Read More

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Here is a script to a music video about a sexy woman who wanted a lot of jewellery from her rich partner. He brings her jewellery, but she quickly sees these gifts come with a price; her submission. She succumbs to the rich guy's wishes, and he makes her body… Read More
A script inspired by the seventies shocker Last House on Dead End Street, this is a rape revenge shocker set in a seedy porno underworld-its an old script hence its pre-digital media setting and quaint use of heritage technologies such as VHS> Read More

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An intriguing and arousing, albeit brief conversation I had with a stranger on a lonely evening. Brace yourselves. Read More

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read part 1 it doesn't say part one but read my first script I've desided to contiue I'll lable them from now on Read More

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click and see Olivia and Elliot interesting walk home Olivia' POV case is talked about (not one aired) but kinda gross it has a build up but I think it worth it Read More

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A slave to her master, aching for more. Read More

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It's about a beautiful Mexican-European, transexual, bi-sexual female making a supuerstar screenwriter out of an outgoing guy and making him part of his friendship along with the stars. Read More

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I'd try to put up new episodes every week Read More

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Zoe gets a stuffing she won't forget Read More
Young dark and tall Peter Pants starts his journey into manhood, scene 1 is only the beginning.....He will soon land on an unkown island full of mystery and lust Read More

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taken from my book, "Embarking Upon Madness" Read More

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Just read..Its 2 friends who might push the limit..(: Read More
taken from my book, "So Much For All The Money" Read More

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taken from my book, "So Much For All The Money" Read More

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taken from my book, "Making Permanent Decisions" Read More

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college couple living together. Read More

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this isn't so much a full short story , more of a snippet of my fantasy - enjoy Read More

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i wanted to create a movie called Asmodeous cause i was obseesed with the legend. so here is a little sneak preview of how Sarah is staring to see a different side of him and Asmodeous is beggining to see real true love instead of lust all the time. so,… Read More
Lord Augustus gives his maid some pleasurable tips in his office. [Original script to Toison D'or Pleasure Palace ] [[ Please check my page for latest additions that range from short story to script and other. ] Read More
The original script to the Toison D'or Pleasure Palace. It is slightly different from the ones already listed. [ Please check my page for latest additions that range from short story to script and other. ] Read More

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Warning: I am trying something completely different. I have formed a more symbiotic way of sex and love, come critique me if you'd like. Story: Abella and Etan have been friends for a long four years now. Abella met Etan when she was 16 and he, 19. Etan has been… Read More

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The Truth About Mermaids tells you everything you need to know about Mermaids. It is done in a pseudo-scientific style; you can also call it a caricature of a scientific study by a lesser gifted but very thorough student. The work also shows about 36 drawings of Mermaids with a… Read More

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body worship Read More