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Lacey has lived on the streets for four years and one night crosses paths with Evan Durber who runs everything in the city from the prostitutes to drugs and clubs and not thinking straight and she tells him her real name. When she beats up one of his high-class call… Read More

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Sarah was 20 years of age and just loved to parade her wares in her neighbourhood.. Read More

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Rochelle was in her first year at University. Robe did not know it yet! She would slip a shortish but to the point note into his work folder. Read More

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"I love melted candy, its smell and taste. I know what I would do if I ever got a note like this one after my mouth stopped watering. :-))" Read More

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This highly perfumed plantation was hidden deep in the amazon rainforest. Once a year in early spring the climatic conditions.....soft rain,light winds,intense afternoon heat......all combined to create an airborn taste sensation experience The small village of about 200 shy inhabitants organised a "mating orgy" such as no other. Read More

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"I have always liked the taste of vanilla" Read More

Check out our xhamster account for really hot and funny pics and super sexy videos, including pics and videos of my sexy girlfriend. Read More

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A guy has his first look at live porn. Read More
Character images, stock photos and images of those used for the characters. NOT OF THE ACTUAL PEOPLE Read More

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Cassie's is twenty-three and her life is going nowhere. She has a job and home, a husband too, but she no longer has any fun. Then one day, as Cassie stands waiting for her bus after a day at work, a fabulous sports car pulls up. Driving is Josh, her… Read More
Looking for qualified writers to write on my personal site Read More

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A short excerpt from a larger work. Read More

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A narration of the way i get up some of the days ....... Read More

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She falls asleep knowing she's found her mate, even though she didn't really think she'd ever want one. Between her Master and the Universe, she's all set and as happy as can be. Read More

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Cum is oozing out of her well fucked pussy, sliding down in between the crack of her ass. dripping onto the bed. Her pussy is screaming for mercy, but is begging for more at the same time. He's above average and thick. He knows just what to do to make… Read More

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"Oh yes, baby! I love it when you suck my cock!" Read More

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Finally, he gets off of her, she moves so she can undress Read More

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If I had a Master. These are the things that I would want him to know.. Read More
The Warren Communications' offer of beautiful, original erotica by subscription. Read More
My first entry because I'm afraid to get into trouble if I posted it on regular booksie! Yes expect a lot of these kinds of stories from me. But still enjoy them! Read More

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I want to dance Read More
Robert has arranged a dinner for Kimberly in the woods complete with candles. But as she begins to fin out that there is so much more to dinner in the woods. She is also hoping to add something to their sex by getting him to fuck her in the ass. Read More

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two friends who train their bodies and minds together... Read More
A short erotic scene from a novel I'm writing. Read More

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Here is an erotic scene from a mystery book series I'm writing. I'm new to writing erotica/sex scenes and would like some feedback. Thanks. Read More

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Just for the time it takes to read this -Make Love to me. Read More
Loving the Dom in me is Tough. It is Messy, dirty, honest and brutally lonely. Read More

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Short Erotica and Essays, with contemporary themes. Read More
Dreams are only Fantasy, but sometimes they seem so real! God & Love are forever! Read More
Erotic, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Time Travel romance Excerpt Read More
An Erotic, Fantasy, Historical, Time Travel Romance Excerpt Read More

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Art, Politics, Scandals, Broken Engagements, Broken Hearts, Bonds Forged, Bonds Broken.... and a whole lot of lies and lust. Read More
Pleasure can't be bought, you say? An expensive bottle of champagne…a dress designed for seduction…a man who's an expert at pleasing. Helen holds a prestigious position in her small town, is the mother of two lovely, grown children, and has reached a point in her life where she can afford… Read More
You know the story!!! Just look at the pics!!! I FIXED IT!!!!!!!!!! NOW YOU CAN SEE THE PICS TELL ME WHAT YOU ALL THINK???????? Read More