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‘A twenty-first century Hansel and Gretel. A tour deforce of descriptive writing. Utterly relentless.’ ‘Woo! A cross between Sweeney Todd and Silence of the Lambs! Love it!’ MAE! You don't want to meet her on the last train home. It’s getting DARK outside. LIVE featuring sensational Ruth Pownall: Read More

Featured Review by Graham Makem

"PHWOAR.......... I love it when you write dirty. I'd forgotten that piece. Might have dreamt it though. Magical imagery H-J Graham..." Read More

Essay / General Erotica

December 06, 2021

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Watching and tempting. Read More
Weary was 25 years if age.He was straight but adventurous. Read More

Featured Review by DampKitten

"To Weary When you're 'Weary' feeling small when tears are in your eyes I'll dry them all Now, bend over. I've been dying to use this s..." Read More

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Three short essays on what I perceive happens the instant we leave our bodies, but not our souls. "Love never Dies" Read More

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There are many types of fetishes, but i think that the most common one is the foot fetish. Read More

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An exploratory fantasy for a strained relationship. Read More

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Nature vs Nurture; how much of one's sexuality comes from within and how much is influenced by external experiences? Read More

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How a mosquito bite as a teen gave me a whole new erotic perspective as an adult . . . Read More

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When I travel I keep a diary of weird and wonderful things I come across, things that pique my interest and imagination . . . Read More

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The curious case of Freud and paroxysm - not really erotica but this group is probably the best fit ;) (Formal references for sources are available on request and all copyrights are acknowledged) Read More

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The windmills of my mind - random blog posts Read More
Random thoughts of an erotic mind Read More

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This isn't erotica and isn't intended to titillate. I have fond memories of my first ever orgasm that I want to share with other adults so this seemed like the best category to publish under. Read More

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It's surprising what one can do with a bit of initiative! Read More

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i can't sing . . . but sex in the rain is amazing! Read More

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I hate tights!!!! Read More

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More chance encounters Read More

Essay / General Erotica

November 02, 2015

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I love my cousin. She's my saviour, best friend and partner in erotica Read More

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It's amazing what one can get away with in plain sight Read More

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Sometimes the most embarrassing situations can turn into something really special Read More

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I love chance encounters of the Erotic kind . . . Read More

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There's more than one way to drown in an alcoholic haze Read More

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My first ever orgasm was in the back seat of may parents' car; riding in cars has made me horny ever since! Read More

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Sometimes the best sounding ideas have unexpected consequences. Read More

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Why do so many men try to take surreptitious photos of me? Read More

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My Mum still treats me like a little girl! Read More

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my first flasher! Read More

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I sometimes wonder if I am a magnet for erotic experiences or if they are just out there and I am especially attuned. Even the London tube is a fertile hunting ground. Read More

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I can never find a policeman when I need one; but when I'd rather not have one . . . Read More

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We met at our university climbing club. Our mission . . . to leave our calling card in the most inaccessible places we could find. Read More

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People watching is one of my favourite pastimes. Sometimes I strike gold in the most unlikely places. Read More

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Have you ever had one of those moments when you wish that the ground would open up and swallow you? Inevitably, mine involved knickers in the wrong place at the wrong time. I wouldn't think twice about it today; but at eighteen . . . Read More

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Virgin Trains . . . surely not! Read More

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'A penny for your thoughts', my Gran used to say when she saw me gazing distractedly into the distance. If only she knew . . . Read More

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Some women fantasise about their doctor, others their driving instructor. Stephen is my dentist but it's his nurse who's hot. Read More

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They say 'clothes maketh the man', or in this case, woman. Only often, it's as much about the items that are missing . . . Read More
I was excited and buzzing with plans. What should I do with Pixie, what equipment was needed? I rummaged through my bondage gear, some of it was old and needed replacing. At night I mentally scrolled through long fantasized about scenarios and activities. But the priority was to make it… Read More
The Abbess arose from her chair and walked slowly up to Angela. ‘Your school blouse is wet, and there is something on your chin….’ She reeled back in shock with the realisation of what it was. ‘You are head girl, eighteen years old and off to University soon, and you… Read More