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She'd fuck who she wanted. And fuck off those she didn't. Simple. She had no morals... Read More

Featured Review by Ailsa McNair

"Captivating story and easy to read, down-to-earth and really enjoyable!" Read More

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Once in a lifetime a Supercallafragalisticexpialladocist gal Comes along. Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious. Most over 50's will remember this one lol!! " Hail Mary" Queen Megan But wait ...... Our queen Megan is only 30 something I think. Our queen of the cell phone… Read More

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A modest proposal... Read More

Featured Review by VanillaEssence

"A touch of fantasy A touch of who you are A touch of class A+++" Read More

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Featured Review by Dick Wood

"I've found over the years that when I went down on a woman and ate out her pussy, and finger fucked her ass at the same time, they experienced a..." Read More

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Featured Review by Dick Wood

"Mother Christmas could sit on my lap and enjoy my "North Pole"." Read More

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Featured Review by Storywriterx

"My cock isn't registered. It's just a big boy toy." Read More

The second sex thing women should know about men Read More

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Getting wet in the rain has its own charm. Read More
Walking into Motown after a three week absence, the bar staff pouring my drink without my asking, expat regulars welcoming me with open arms and familiar little huddles of flirty Nipponese smiling. There would always be newcomers too, some were occasional drinkers resident in Tokyo but many were visiting businessmen.… Read More

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Meeting the long lost love on an isolated beach Read More
A peek at the women from the story, "Savior of the Wastes - A Legend is Born." Read More
Dreamer609 on has stolen several stories from here and renamed them, need help finding the names to the others so that the real owners can be notified. All are from the erotica section. Read More

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Raven finds herself lost in a world of lust, and the clutches of a mysterious man Read More

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Again, contains Blood and knife play. Not for the faint hearted. :P Read More

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This time I am sharing how Jesus Christ entered my life. I was not going to however LulcverDeVil asked me what happens in 2018. I had to respond. Yes, it is very lengthy and probably very inappropriate on this site. But it offers incite to my daily struggles that may… Read More

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Hi it's Emma once more. I just kind of dropped out of site in April without saying goodbye. I have just updated a tiny portion of my Journey in Life. Yes, Mystery Man has helped me a lot. But he also, backed off a bit so, I didn't focus on… Read More
Hi Ladies sorry I bailed on you without giving you a heads up. Today has me trying to figure out a new road in life. Mystery Man gave me the smack down and hubby is behaving badly. But it is up to me to make my life whole again and… Read More

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"Gabriel is a nice guy, really, he just has a temper. That's all, a temper." That's what Bryce told herself everyday. She knew he loved her, but sometimes it got too hard to handle. She take brutal punishment for the smallest things, and she tries her hardest to make him… Read More

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I have been pushed to make changes instead of just making idle promises to do so. This time I was reminded of it with the passing of my mother-in-law. Mystery Man is making a statement too. Read More
Tonight's post was intended to have me missing Mystery Man and turned into venting about Hubby's lack of desire to have me in the bedroom. I am sexually frustrated and do not have a clue how to resolve this issue. UGH! Sorry, if I sound like I am ranting but,… Read More
A ride back in time relating how I picked up male hitchhikers and thought nothing of it. Well until the third and final time. With that in mind you would think I would not pick up men online. Nope! Plus of course I am still missing Myster Man! Read More
I am figuring out why I am attracted to stragers, mostly men. Also, I am still missing Mystery Man and I am the only one who seems to think our communication is normal. I also, discuss Advisor and my Fist Kiss. Yes, I am talking to him too. Read More
While writing tonights post I became more intersted in hubby. It could be his offers in the bedroom he made while I was writing! I am still missing Mystery Man and find it very hard not to bother him. I think though that life is definately looking up! Read More
My thoughts changed from Mystery Man and hubby's lack of physical touch for me to my siter who died last year. She was special in her make up since she was born Intellectually Disabled (formally MR). Read More
Ladies, I am hoping for constructive feedback or just to hear what you think if you have read me for a while. Hubby is still not getting off by my sucking him daily. UGH! Mystery Man and I have not talked for over a week which makes me dissappointed. I… Read More
I am still trying desparely to have hubby get off in anyway possible. Now that we are in beautiful CA I thought it would be easy. Not so fast I tried last night and once this morning and still no lift off for either of us. But there is still… Read More
I am becoming more sexually agressive with hubby. This time we took our sexual desire of oral sex on a long drive. Read More
I am regretting referring to myself as a slut. I have been soul searching and it has led to a lot of raw emotions. Read More
Ladies it appears my post on The Many Men in my Married Life has guys thinking I am an easy slut. I tried to rebute this in today's post however, I think I probably came off confirming their theory. But I maintain my heart belongs to hubby! Read More
Proof reading my life in attempt to heal from a miserable situation. I hope you are enjoying my journey form sad place to a future filled with promise. Read More
A frank and open look into what a horrible person I was to hubby. I am extremely grateful for a chance to share, change, and acknowledge my mistakes. I am grateful for the support I am recieving too! Read More
A glimpse into the many men in my life who have been my friends before and during my marriage to Hubby. It is honest reflection into my soul. Hope you like it. P.S. Today's homework corner is erotic and saucy. LOL Read More

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A candid talk about my issues getting off sexually. I am so envious of all the people who have multiple orgasms. Just saying. LOL Read More
Ladies a candid look at honesty and deception within your marriage. This is intended for you to respark the passion and sizzle in your sex life! Read More
For ladies who are looking to revive their vavoom in their daily lives. Read More

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This is a column for ladies who are trying to improve their self-image. This is intended to inspire woman to move forward in their lives and feel better, look healthier, and achieve success! Read More

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Pain, Anguish, Suffering, Longing, Frustrated, Sexuality Read More

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Dominant and Submissive does it really exsist? In other peoples relationships? Read More