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This is chapter 8 from Superhooker, newly edited. Read More

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Rebecca wants a fuckbuddy. Perhaps one of her brother’s mates? Read More
Jackie, the hot mother of Janie and Jenny has been training Trent, their current boyfriend, in how to please her. Trent finally satisfies her needs. Read More
Cheated husband goes to a special camp where he regains his manhood. He vows to get revenge on cheating wife and lovers, but something happens... Read More
Eric has just qualified as the candidate to test the MOFU prototype Read More

Reads: 74

How did I manage to delete this? Sorry! There, 'How does that feel, good?' Read More
Husband gets help dealing with a cheating wife and her lover. Read More

Reads: 98

A training drill at night calls for locating the ‘survivor’ and administering first aid according to their attached injury card. Dana and Molly instead play out a bush bondage scenario with their constricted patient. Read More

Reads: 179

Phoebe thinks Tamara is slutty trailer trash. However, the slut releases the whorette in Phoebe. Read More

Reads: 246

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While sunbathing 3 girls join me. Read More

Reads: 34

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This is a simple poem about two strangers, a hot redhead and a young horny stud, meeting on the sidewalk walking to their places of work. The have a romantic dinner and then, back at his place, they go to amazing levels of debauchery and romance. Read More
Trent discovers that sex with the twins' mom is even better than with the twins Read More

Reads: 112

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Eric answers a strange sex ad and finds himself a front runner for what he thinks is a grand prize Read More

Reads: 239

Audacious me having my way with my woman while she sleeps Read More

Reads: 155

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Will gets caught listening to an erotic video and things progress Read More

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My step-uncle takes advantage of my innocence to educate my tightest compelling girly space. Read More

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While trying to locate a previous lover, Will encounters a new way to practice his oral skills Read More

Book / General Erotica

January 18, 2023

Reads: 195

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It was a lovely day for a walk with the wife but didn't expect this to happen Read More

Reads: 498

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Everyone wants Selina, her step-brother, stepdaddy, best friend and bestie’s stepsister. Read More

Featured Review by Dick Wood

"This was a hot hot story. " Read More

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Young Mischa will do absolutely ‘everything’ to pass her ESL test to secure residency. Bored, married invigilator Ryan Dilger is the perfect target. Read More

Reads: 295

Affirmative action at my college let me join the previously off-limits cheer squad. And did the girls make me welcome? Hell, yes. Read More

Reads: 245

Sisters-they share bunkbeds, they bonk, and one gets the other buggered. Read More

Reads: 322

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Clever Tamara fakes a cunning sickie but does her stepdad Steve have a superior repertoire of tactics to get his male way; in her bedroom? Read More

Reads: 483

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An ill-disciplined coach and a wickedly needy cheer girl. Read More

Reads: 405

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Trent discovers a secret about his new girlfriend Read More
Laura finds a new way to get revenge on William with her friend, Ruth Read More

Reads: 431

A high school girl describes her sexual fetish and exploits as a masturbatrix. Read More

Reads: 401

How my father and mother–in–law took liberties with me under their roof at Christmas time. Read More

Reads: 165

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hopefully helpful hints for male beginners Read More

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Petra and Lydia are tarts, happy to cross the etiquette line in a mosh pit from the moment they are both felt up; from behind. As the New Year is welcomed in, they welcome fingers in. Read More

Book / General Erotica

December 24, 2022

Reads: 419

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Jack's new coaching assignment turns out better than he anicipated. Read More

Essay / General Erotica

December 24, 2022

Reads: 390

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Something quick, For Someone I know... Read More

Reads: 353

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The part of Christmas that Santa looks forward to... Read More

Book / General Erotica

December 19, 2022

Reads: 120

Will meets seemingly the woman of his dreams Read More

Chapter 3

Book / General Erotica

December 18, 2022

Reads: 2014

Comments: 9

Shelves: 2

Is it really blackmail if you’re free to choose? She was caught red handed stealing company time and toiletries. Now she can choose a new job or accept a punishment and keep her old job. So first my apologies. I don’t usually start a new book before I finish another… Read More

Reads: 264

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Even Santa's need some lovin'. Since Christmas is the time of giving, he just might get it. Read More

Reads: 387

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There is no sweeter reward than helping someone with her groceries.... Read More

Reads: 545

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Unfortunate, Chloe is so sexually repressed that it’s time for professional therapy, even days before Christmas. Fortunately for Chloe, the therapist is unprofessional and presses all her sexual hot spots. Read More

Chapter 12

Book / General Erotica

December 14, 2022

Reads: 576

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Dean is one of the most superstitious boys you would ever meet - and as such, he will never disobey an order. What could happen if a bully found out his secret? Read More