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Emily takes revenge on her misbehaving maid with the help of a few girlfriends. They tie up the maid and do humiliating but pleasurable things to the defenceless girl. Read More

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If only Billy knew, of the secrets his dad and I kept... Read More

Poem / Gay and Lesbian

February 25, 2018

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I wrote this after my first full girl on girl experience in my teens. Having been pushed by a boyfriend to approach a known lesbian friend for a threesome, she rejected him and kissed me full on in front of him. It was so hot, and led to a relationship… Read More

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A woman sees a flying saucer on the highway before she finds herself inside a strange room... and not alone. Read More

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A man returns home to surprise his wife and gets a big one in return. Read More

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Three friends were enjoying themselves in the hot tub before one of them sees what the other two are doing in front of her. Read More

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A woman sees her roommate having sex with another woman and wants to join in. Read More

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A woman left alone in her new house gets a visit from the ghost of its former lesbian occupant. Read More

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A woman drives herself to a lesbian bar as a result of getting broken up by her boyfriend. Read More

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Poem that took me two minutes to write down the thoughts floating around in my mind Read More

Poem / Gay and Lesbian

June 10, 2013

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This is a Poem that I wrote from the feelings that I have of finally finding someone that I absolutely love. Although the LGBT community is getting bigger, there are still alot of people that don't understand our relationships and the love we find in the LGBT community. Read More

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Just bring him home by forwarding this poem onto everyone you know and even those you don't! When you re-unite us you will be blessed for this is a test...for Alex and I and the readers to pass...Thank You for all my beautiful fans...xoxox Read More

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A fairly recent attempt of mine relating to a self inflicted dilemma I found myself in. I dusted it down, and tweaked it a bit for public display - it is probably a bit shit, but I liked it. Read More

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Something I wrote when I was feeling a little down a while ago. Probably crap, but it meant something at the time. Read More

Poem / Gay and Lesbian

September 24, 2012

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This poem is about a two lesbians eating pussy wet af!!! Read More

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The Erotic Word Excerpt from the upcoming book The Erotic Word | Lesbian Erotica Poetry Read More

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late night musings... Read More

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This is my first poetry book of many series to come it is of me of who I am what I have been through and where I have been Sensual Seduction is that Sensual and it will take you places you have never been... Read More

Poem / Gay and Lesbian

November 05, 2011

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simon Read More

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Same sex love. Read More

Poem / Gay and Lesbian

December 13, 2010

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Just a little of what is about to come...Meant to be read out loud...We tend to read faster than the pace to this piece... Read More

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I told my mom Im gay, and she said it was a faze ha little do she know I've been gay all these years Read More

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My girlfriend is currently locked up in jail ; and I currently have naughty things on my mind :) Read More

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This poem was written to express my feelings for a woman i only dream about.. someone who leaves me longing for more night after night ...if your out there please come to me... Again i am open to any and al comments whether negative or positive and i will try… Read More

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hey im tahila Read More

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steamy... Read More

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a thrilling experience of mine. Read More

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Dedicated to: An Angel who came into my life at the right time and the right place. You're mine Tonight! Read More

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A Journey of a Lifetime that only you and I can share Dedicated to: My Princess of the night Read More

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Let's get it on . Read More

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fbfbfbgvgbttbgbftfrhghhhyhgjgvh Read More

Poem / Gay and Lesbian

November 03, 2008

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Written for a challenge the topic being FUN Read More

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Begging for the pain, desiring the whip, I long for the touch of my Mistress. Read More

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i dont kno who to pick i dont wont to hurt them both Read More

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How to discribe a Chai Tea Latté... Read More

Poem / Gay and Lesbian

February 18, 2008

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To love you and have you love me too. Read More

Poem / Gay and Lesbian

December 29, 2007

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It's an attempt at lesbian erotica Read More