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Love can be really dangerous sometimes. Read More
Three high school friends on the verge of self-discovery are at the center of a series of events and misadventures which result in prolonged exposure and humiliation. They are eventually joined in their naked predicaments by friends and enemies who happen to encounter them along the way. Comments and feedback… Read More

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It's something I wrote about me and my wife one night after having a dream bout public sex...LOL! Read More
For a lesbian chick flick, this is truly one of the finest heterosexual guy movies ever made. Great acting, great directing, terrific photography and a good story line that holds together as a modern Greek Love Tragedy. It is also a sensitive Lesbians-in-Love movie that works on many levels in… Read More

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Therapist teaches her temptress! Read More

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Will Lyna get the girl of her dreams? Read More

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You don't want to know Read More

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just a lil taste of my work Read More

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Just what pops in my mind rite now. :) Read More

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These are the characters I had in my head when I wrote this! Read More