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This room has seen us to the last. The years have cast our meetings here as images on frosted glass with raindrop spray. Our secret past is sealed away inside a dream.... (The Room - A Poem by Dampkitten) Read More
General description: Kovar, also called 4J29 is a nickel-iron-cobalt alloy containing approximately 29% nickel and 17% cobalt. Its thermal expansion characteristics match those of borosilicate glasses and alumina type ceramics. It is manufactured to a close chemistry range, yielding repeatable properties which make it eminently suitable for glass-to-metal seals in… Read More

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This what I imagine my characters look like. Read More

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They met in Australia. She was there to study and work but he lives there and a big time player. Loveth is always the study girl, her head in all books, easy going, and achieving her goals and always the first in everything. Kaiden is handsome, Rich, work, going to… Read More

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A Book Review by Paige Lovitt of Reader Views Reprinted with permission. Read More