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Topic: House Image

I received a thoughtful message from one of our members recently regarding the current image I am using for this site. The concern was that it was a little too explicit. I guess the UK has laws that are more restrictive about this sort of thing than we have here in the U.S.

I fully understand the concern, and have since cropped the picture so that none of the guy's penis is visible.

Does the current image make anyone feel uncomfortable? I am happy to crop a little more, or even replace the image with something else altogether. I'd appreciate any input anyone might want to share.



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FWIW I have an example of another potential image on my story site.

https://www.booksiesilk.com/house-blond … tories-170

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Love the pink bunny ears! Thanks for cropping. Of the two, I like the bunny ears more

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I like both of them but if I had to pick one it would be the bunny ears. More humiliating than the crown. I know you want to not show too much but a little more skin in the bunny ears picture would be good. Whatever you do thank you for this board and for your story board. Loads of great stories!

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Sorry to be a contrarian but I really like the crown. I think it's the irony.

Or maybe it's because as soon as I saw it I thought it would make the perfect illustration for a fictionalised version of Bobby Brit's 'carried like a king' story if he cares to write one.

I didn't see the original image but I'd say you've cropped it just about perfectly. It is obvious he is naked but you can't see anything indecent.