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Topic: Favorite Humiliation Scene?

In the early going of this new venue, it has been great to see so many entertaining stories published by talented authors, and it has also been gratifying to see the large number of reads each story has elicited. Those statistics are certainly encouraging for the authors. That being said, they would be inspired even more if readers took the time to leave a comment on the story. As always, comments are welcomed and much appreciated by the authors.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to feel free to use this forum for anything related to humiliation. There is no reason why we can't converse here on occasion, as we did on the old board.

In that vein I'll throw out a question: What is your favorite, or what are some of your favorite humiliation scenes?

One of my favorites is a naked victim being forced to dance for an audience. It is one thing for someone to be forcibly stripped against their will; there is certainly a fair amount of humiliation involved there. But when someone is forced to participate in their own humiliation then I think the humiliation reaches another level. My example of dancing naked is certainly in that category. One could also include having to remove their own clothing, crawl around or bark like a dog, or even being forced to walk around nude for others' entertainment. IMHO anything that involves their own compliance in their degradation adds considerably to their shame and humiliation.

Please feel free to chime in on your favorite humiliation scenes.

Re: Favorite Humiliation Scene?

One of my favorites is when a victim has to submit his clothes on public and is exposed to strangers that take part on his humilliation.

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No contest: Naked at School!
TV show examples:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZewHQa … 6&t=5s
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNt2McJ … mp;index=6
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Udxt30b … mp;index=7
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63-9CpD … p;index=15
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_izx4x … p;index=46
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGVBy4_ … p;index=90
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbp67qI … ;index=220
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WNxpv_ … ;index=288
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvX1xpa … ;index=292
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxqOljK … ;index=295
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgsu2fO … ;index=314
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gCdT6d … ;index=323

Re: Favorite Humiliation Scene?

There was a story on the old board where Blondie was stripped at a sleep over. He was basically naked through all the chapters. Miss that one. Also, being stripped by strangers in an Asian bus and humiliated and molested is my personal favorite. A tip of the hat to those that write stories for boards like this. I started writing years ago but real life messed with my endeavors. Now I find those steamy stories sitting unfinished on some dusty thumb drives just begging for attention. Maybe one day? Maybe I'll have time. Ahhh, the word Maybe. So these days I lurk here and enjoy the efforts of the fine writers on this board. From a frustrated writer to those who actively contribute please keep them coming.

Re: Favorite Humiliation Scene?

Worren, that story is called 'Stripped By Friends' IIRC. I like it too. Perhaps Blondie will post it in his other House sometime.

I agree with Blondie that "when someone is forced to participate in their own humiliation then I think the humiliation reaches another level."

This could involve them being tricked, bullied or blackmailed into something. Once naked all Blondie's ideas are good examples.

My personal favourite is for them to be seen to get sexual pleasure from what happens, either with an unwanted erection, being stimulated by one or more of the attackers or, best of all, forced masturbation. As I put it once before "It's because you can't fake it. You have to really get turned on, especially to finish. To have to do that in front of a mixed sex group because some straight male bully who's making you do it thinks it's a laugh, well, that just does it for me.”

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Re: Favorite Humiliation Scene?

Yes, I do plan on posting "Stripped By Friends" to my story site. I'll try to do it sooner rather than later since there is some interest. I will be posting a chapter at a time. I do try to clean it up a little bit as I go along, so it will be gradual but it will get done. As much as I proofread before posting originally, I always seem to find a typo or three. Oh, and occasionally I might add a little more humiliation to the equation if deemed worthwhile. smile

Re: Favorite Humiliation Scene?

I for one, will be eagerly awaiting your repost Blondie2. Please don't think these 2 posts are the only interest. Your writing is just about unique. Above and beyond. Adding to the humiliation such as forced shaving, punishment enemas, naked summers, etc would be great but even if you don't add anything your stories will be interesting for many years to come.

Re: Favorite Humiliation Scene?

I always love the idea of skinny dipping/ streaking with some SPH elements.

I think KBmontrose did a great story while back where the boys had to skinny dip at the public pool that the older sister worked at. They ended up getting caught by some girls swimming class and had to streak to the car. Of course certain things have shrunk.

Re: Favorite Humiliation Scene?

There's a few for me:

Stripped at school
Stripped on a school bus
Tied up naked in a public place
Forced to stimulate himself in front of others
Forced to wear revealing clothing/brothers clothing
Forced to complete acts to others that humiliate him (such as licking underwear or armpits)
Blackmailed about something humiliating but in order to further humiliate in the first place

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Re: Favorite Humiliation Scene?

I suspect I maybe in the minority here but I’ve always had a real thing about underwear. For me, as long as the person is wearing an embarrassing enough pair of undies or is at least suitably humiliated to be seen in their underwear, I often get more pleasure from the removal of trousers than actual nudity (although I do enjoy that too!). I don’t mind if girls are present or not as long as it’s a guy who gets his trousers pulled down. (Never been interested in stripping women). My favourite scenes are where a guy gets pinned down lying on his back by a large group while someone sits on him and slowly and systematically removes his clothes. Revenge stories are good but bullies being mean to a soft target for no reason are great too. If underwear is removed, it had better be kept by the perpetrators as a trophy! Haha!

Re: Favorite Humiliation Scene?

Like britguy,

I love it when the victim is reluctant and finds that he is excited.
This sweet / salty side is terrible. When the victim is so excited and she has to pray for the right to masturbate in front of others it is a must.
But once the character becomes consenting, it loses all flavor for me. The tightrope between reluctance and unspeakable desire ...
I like the mix of girls and boys, but I prefer when the victim is a boy.

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Re: Favorite Humiliation Scene?

It occurred to me that this thread could also be for us to share great stripping and humiliation scenes we’ve seen in film and TV...

There’s a great pantsing and swirly scene in Lindsay Anderson’s ‘If’ (1968) in which some younger kids chase an older prefect around the gym before capturing him and dragging him off to the loos where they pull his school trousers off and tie him up upside down with his head in the toilet! This being the late 60s, he is wearing a pair of traditional white Y-front briefs. This is one of the very best stripping scenes set in an English boarding school I have ever seen and the film itself is absolutely brilliant and well worth a watch!

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Re: Favorite Humiliation Scene?

my favourite part of any story is always the initial stripping, I love it when a male is bully stripped naked in a public or semi public place, I also like pantsing as a fun idea and stories where males are made to walk round with some clothing either removed or damaged risking exposure are  some of my favourites.  I do also enjoy when males are made to stay naked for prolonged periods of time as long as there are exiting scenarios threw out the stories.
my absolute favourite stories on hear are  Blondies stories in the felicity chronicles especially those  involving Johnny boy and bobby.

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Another stripping scene I loved was in a pretty cheesy kids film called ‘Thunderpants’ from 2002 starring the young Rupert Grint, around the same time as the first Harry Potter. The basic premise of the film was a boy named Patrick Smash, who had a problem with farting a lot, get’s a special pair of shorts designed for him — the Thunderpants — by his nerdy inventor friend, Alan A. Allen (Rupert Grint) and the two boys somehow end up in a crazy plan to save the world with the use of Alan’s inventions. The shorts were pretty crude and embarrassing to wear; they simply worked by sucking up the noxious gases as they were emitted by the boy — who’s digestive system really should have received medical attention — and stored them in a sort of lunch box he had to carry around everywhere, which was connected to the shorts by a long pipe like that of a vacuum cleaner’s.

The stripping scene I loved when I was a kid came about a quarter of the way into the film:

There was a typical school bully character who seemed to exist solely to make life miserable for Patrick and Alan. During lunchtime on the first day Patrick goes to school wearing his new fart-compressing Thunderpants, this bully, as per usual, is being a real dick and demands he hand over his lunchbox. Of course, this box doesn’t house anything as appetising as jam sandwiches and upon opening it, the bully gets a face-full of the unpleasant contents! He snarls at Patrick: “Ok Smash, you asked for it! I try and go easy on you and what do you do? You fart in my face! Alright lads”, he then says to his mates, “get him!” At once, a load of other kids rush forward, grab Patrick and drag him over to the climbing frame where they tie him to it and finally, after a signal from the bully, they start ripping Patrick’s school clothes off! The Thunderpants are torn apart and broken and after a few seconds frenzied activity, he was left stood in the middle of the school playground wearing nothing but his embarrassing green Y-front briefs and matching vest!

Seeing this scene again now, it’s pretty cheesy and naff but as a kid, around the same age as the characters in the film, it really got me going! I watched it on a plane when I went on holiday to America with my mum & dad. I was thirteen and it was really awkward being sat next to my parents watching it and getting all ‘excited’ shall we say!


Who else has seen a great stripping & humiliation scene in film or tv they want to share?


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There’s also a great episode of Malcolm in the Middle (series 1, episode 11) titled ‘Funeral’, in which Malcolm is seen in just his underwear by his girlfriend and gets really embarrassed.

Earlier in the episode, twelve-year-old Malcolm and his family are supposed to be going to a funeral but for some reason (that I can’t remember), he refuses to go and arranges to meet up with his girlfriend Julie instead. Because Malcolm decides not to go, the rest of the family also stay at home and each do whatever they want to do. Hal (the dad) puts together a fantastic sound system in the living room and listens to his records; Lois (the mum) has a long relaxing bubble bath; and the other boys entertain themselves by turning the kitchen floor into a slip n’ slide with loads of washing up liquid, while Malcolm gets ready for his date. There is a particular shirt that Malcolm wants to wear that needs a wash so he asks Lois very nicely if she could wash it. “You must be joking!”, is her reply — she has no intention of abandoning her bath.
“But you’re the only one who knows how to use the washing machine without getting shocked! Please!”, Malcolm begs.
“Well, ok, since you said please”, Lois says, and takes Malcolm’s shirt. To his surprise, instead of getting out of the bath to go use the machine, she simply dips the shirt into the soapy bath water a few times and hands it back to him, saying, “there you go, all clean”.

Malcolm then borrows Lois’ hair dryer and goes to his room to dry his wet shirt. He is bare-chested as he does this as the shirt he had been wearing is the one he is now drying. When his shirt is almost dry, Malcolm then notices that his trousers are also wet. “Oh man, she got my pants wet too!”, he exclaims, looking at the camera and begins to take them off so that he can dry them as well. A short while later, his date (a girl from his class) arrives at the house. She finds the front door open and loud music blaring from within and lets herself in. The first person she meets is Hal, who at first doesn’t know she’s there because the record player is turned up so loud and he has his eyes closed, enjoying his music so much (‘Stuck in the Middle With You’ by Stealers Wheel).
“Where’s Malcolm?”, she yells.
“Who?”, replies Hal.
“MALCOLM!”, Julie bellows over the deafening music.
“In his bedroom!” He yells back and points her in the right direction, clearly irritated to be disturbed while listening to his records.

We then cut to Malcolm’s bedroom, where he is stood in the middle of the room with his back to the door, drying his trousers with the hair dryer and dressed in nothing more than his embarrassing, ‘little-boy’ tighty-whities. Suddenly he hears Julie call his name and a second later she opens the door. Malcolm’s face turns quickly to a look of panic and dread as he realises his girlfriend must be standing in the doorway looking at him in his underpants. He turns around to see his worst fear confirmed and for a moment the two kids can do nothing but stare at each other, eyes wide and open-mouthed. For Julie, the situation is exciting and shocking as she is seeing a boy in his underpants for perhaps the first time; for Malcom, it is excruciatingly embarrassing as a pretty girl from his class – who he was trying to impress on their first date – is now looking at him wearing nothing but his childish and dorky white briefs!
“Julie!”, is all he manages say through his surprise and humiliation.
“Nothing”, she replies and runs away, apparently no longer in the mood for their date.

Back out in the living room, Julie trips over the stretched power cable of Hal’s record player and goes flying. She lands on the soapy and slippery kitchen floor and skids to the far end, where she collides with the trash and gets covered in rubbish and soapy water. Malcolm hurriedly dresses in his newly dried clothes and chases after her, trying to persuade her to stay but it’s too late, she has made up her mind she doesn’t want to go out with him after all. As soon as she’s gone, Malcolm rounds on his dad. He yanks the turntable’s power cable out of the socket, killing the loud music, and yells at him:
Malcolm storms off, completely humiliated and thoroughly annoyed and disappointed.

  – – –

Like the ‘Thunderpants’ stripping scene I described earlier, I was around the same age as Malcolm at the time of this episode and got a real kick out of this underwear scene. I recorded it on VHS from the tv and watched this bit of the episode over and over again!

Who else saw a great stripping / humiliation scene on tv or in a film they want to share?

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Re: Favorite Humiliation Scene?

Bobby Brit, I never saw that, but I don't need to. I saw it all with your perfect description, and it was a great scene!

Re: Favorite Humiliation Scene?

Blondie2 wrote:

Bobby Brit, I never saw that, but I don't need to. I saw it all with your perfect description, and it was a great scene!

Thank you Blondie! I’m really happy you like my scene description; high praise indeed coming from you! I loved Malcolm in the middle when I was a kid, especially the first series as Malcolm was often seen in his underpants.
Apparently Frankie Muniz — the actor who played Malcolm — refused to do any more underwear scenes after the first series because he was too embarrassed to be seen in his tighty-whities! The producers of the show get their revenge in an episode in series two (I think) where Malcolm’s mum is going through his clothes and notices he’s stopped wearing his white briefs. “Why aren’t you wearing your underpants?”, she challenges him.
“I want to wear boxers”, is his timid reply.
“Oh sweetie, you might think you need the extra room down there but you’re getting way ahead of yourself”.
I love how coolly Lois puts her son down and makes him feel like ‘mommies little boy’. A deliciously embarrassing scene!