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Well, like every house, I guess I have put some ground rules for the house of Where Beautiful Love is Made. Here it goes:

1.) Okay, so when a member of this house, I would like to have people interact with each other, I mean not like 24/7, haha. But just a little sign that everyone is still alive and well.

2.) When publishing a book or anything, please read and comment on that person's story. So, I got this little bit of a rule from one of my house leaders that runs The House of Ghosts on Booksie, I would like members to at least read one chapter of any person's book a week or possibly a month to have people be satisfied that their books are being read. If you want to request me a book to read, I will gladly read it.
Also, there is no kicking out if someone isn't reading a book in this house, I am not that kind of founder, haha.

3.) When I start doing some collaboration events, I need members to enter in their information of their character in each forum of whatever I post. So that way people are not lost or confused of what is going on.

4.) Please try to get along with everyone in the main forum when you decide to interact with one another or if it is a collaboration. I would like to have this house free from conflict when more members decide to join. If there is a conflict, please resolve it in a calmly fashion to show new members that this house is very friendly and close.

5.) The last rule, yay! Most importantly, I want all of you to have an amazing time in the house of Where Beautiful Love is Made. Make friends, tell jokes, and share one another your story to grow a bond in this house. I have really high hopes for this amazing house so let's make it even more amazing! smile

Well, that's it for the rules, I hope you make this house almost like your home and grow stronger together when we start doing collaboration events or reading each other stuff! Happy reading, lovelies! Love you all! big_smile
-Raechelle Adams

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Sounds good. I look forward to participating!

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Thank you! big_smile

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Rules are good at times and these definitely are, so important we do interact, share, like you said, not 24/7 but to take time and connect, share and encourage each other.  Look forward to being part of this group

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I look forward as well! smile

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Seems like a great way to meet new people and read new stuff! Very excited!

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I am looking forward to this adventure