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He sighed contentedly as I stood at the end of the bath, massaging his shoulders with my fleshy fingers. I pressed my naked breasts and soft belly onto his bare back. Like Sherrill? Wait until you meet Isla, Bonnie, Maud and Mairie in action! Thrill Ride by HJ Furl OUT… Read More

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Coming Soon: Thrill Ride - as a book in mid January and as drip-fed (18+) audiovisual episodes on my free audiovisual website in early Spring! Read More

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"Satanically alluring, my dear. I like the subject matter immensely." Read More

Short Story / Adult Romance /

January 23, 2022

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#sex, #rough

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The start of a great night. My wife treated me to a threesome. It began with this. Read More

Poem / Poetry /

September 07, 2021

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Audio of my wife and I having a little quickie in her classroom. Read More

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