Chapter 7: (v.2) Ch. 7

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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I told Cian I wanted to take a shower to get ready for that evening.  After I’d gotten in and got my hair soaked through, Cian popped his head in.  My music was playing so loudly I hadn’t heard him come into the bathroom, so he startled me.  “I think for conservations sake I should shower with you.”

I giggled and moved over to give him some space.  “How very earth conscious of you.”

“That is me.  Big time tree hugger.”  He grabbed the shampoo and lathered up my hair.  I leaned into him and moaned.  “You shouldn't make that sound.  You know what that sound does to me.”  I moaned again, just for his benefit, then rinsed my hair out.  I had my 90s playlist going and one of my favorites came on.  While Cian was washing his hair I danced along to the music.  “Are you trying to kill me?”

I gasped.  “Of course not.  Then who would spank me when I’m bad?”  I winked.

“Sassy minx.”  He pinched my behind and made me yelp.  I turned toward him and gave him the dirtiest look I could muster.  “I want you again,” he whispered, leaning in to kiss me.

“It’s only been three hours.” I giggled.  “Are you ever not horny?”

Cian pulled back, thoughtfully.  “Sometimes when you aren’t around.  But never when you are.”  I rolled my eyes.  “Tell me you don’t want me.”  I couldn’t, he knew I’d be lying.  He brushed his knuckles against my clit.  My legs almost gave out.  “You seem like you want me again.”  He brushed my nose with his and kissed me, deeply.

“I’m yours.  You can do whatever you want to me.”  I threw my arms around him desperate to be as close as possible.

Cian pulled away.  “That’s a dangerous thing to say.”

I gave him a withering look.  “Seriously?  I’ve seen your hard limits.  You have more than I do.  And all of mine you checked too.  So I think I’m safe.”

“You’ve been pretty mouthy all day,”  Cian observed.

I grinned mischievously.  “You should probably do something about that.”

“Oh.”  He looked roguish.  “You shouldn’t have said that.”  He grabbed under my thighs and wrapped my legs around him, entering me quickly.  I groaned.  I would never tire of that moment, the one where he finally claims me.  Cian cupped my neck and drew me in for a kiss while keeping up a punishing rhythm.   I had no idea how he could hold me while water poured down on us, but it didn’t really matter.  I was almost worried he’d break the shower somehow with his ferocity.  That didn’t matter either.  The only things that mattered where his hard thrusts, his gentle kisses between his needy moans, and how he consumed every bit of me.  I dug my nails into his back when my orgasm hit and he let himself come moments later.  




I was in his room brushing my hair out when Cian came in towel drying his.  “I don’t want you wearing any make up tonight.”  I nodded.  “Keep your eyes on the ground unless you’re in the bathroom, there’s an emergency, you’re speaking to someone, or I tell you otherwise.”  I nodded again.  He kissed the back of my neck.  “No speaking unless I give you permission.  Safe words?”

“Red, yellow, green,”  I answered.

Cian went to the closet and brought out a box.  “Wear this.”  I opened the box and looked inside.  Inside was a black, lace corset dress.  It was beautiful and as modest as I could expect.  I couldn’t wait to put it on.  “I’ve done a lot of research on this place,” Cian said rummaging around in his drawer for something.  “Safety is their priority, they have very strict rules, and they don’t permit alcohol on the premises.  The reviews raved about it.”  He tossed some black pants and a black shirt on the bed.  

Cian took my brush and began putting my hair up into a bun using bobby pins to keep it in place.  “Where’d you learn to do that?”

“It’s just how I wanted your hair to look, so I made it look like that.”  He shrugged, helping me step into the black, lace boy shorts he wanted me to wear.  He kissed my thigh before he stood up.  “You could just go like this.”

“I’d rather not,”  I said as I grabbed the corset dress to put on.  “It’s your choice but I don’t want everyone to see me naked.”

Cian held the dress while I shimmied into it.  “I wouldn’t expect that of you.  Not right now.  I just want to go….dabble, I guess.”  He pulled the strings on the back of the corset tight.  “How’s that?”  I gave him a thumbs up.  “Can you breathe?”

“Yeah, I’m good.  There’s plenty of room for me.” 

“Good.  Let me see,”  Cian ordered and I did a spin for him.  “Mm, perfect,”  he hummed while kissing me.  “Go wait for me by the door.  Position one.”  I started to panic.  I hadn’t memorized the list he’d given me.  “Look it up,” he said, noticing my anxiety.  He swatted my behind and shut the door.  

I looked over what he’d printed out for me about his expectations.  Position one was just kneeling, back straight, toes flexed to give me support, palms facedown on my knees, head down.  That was simple enough.  I could do that.  The rest of the positions changed just marginally.  Position two was the same as one except my palms were facing up.  He had six more positions listed, each one barely different than the one before it.  Why in the world did he need me to have so many positions?  I made a note to ask him about it some other time.  

I waited for Cian by the door like he’d asked.  I focused on what he would expect of me.  I wanted to make him proud.  I went over everything he’d told me again and again.  I reassured myself that even if I made a mistake Cian would still want me and we would learn from it.  I took several deep breaths to calm my racing heart.  When I heard Cian walking down the stairs, my heart began to race.  Stay still.  I couldn’t tell where he was, but I knew he wasn’t far from me.  I could feel him watching me.  I wanted to run to him and kiss him.  After what felt like forever, he came over to me with a long coat.  “Stand up.”  I did as he told me.  I tried not to wiggle and shake the tension from my legs.  I still had my head bowed but I could tell what he was wearing.  He’d added suspenders to his outfit.  They were hardly visible since everything he was wearing was black, but I could tell he was wearing them.  He wanted me to know he was wearing them.  He knew I didn’t think there was anything sexier than a man wearing suspenders.  Cian grabbed my hand and led me to his car and helped me in.

It took about 45 minutes to get to the club from his house.  I didn’t speak, just like Cian told me not to, he didn’t speak either.  I wondered if he was having second thoughts.  If he’d been having seconds thoughts he would have said something to me or not gone to the club at all, I knew that, but I still wondered.  I watched the sun set over the city.  My heart still pounded, but I couldn’t wait to see what the evening had in store for us.




From the outside, the club looked like an abandoned building.  Initially, when we walked in, it still didn’t look like anything special.  It was dingy and smelled musty.  Barely any light came in, except from the lamp at a podium where a man stood checking people in.  Before we were able to go inside Cian needed to provide our IDs and pay.  Once we walked passed the second door, the feel of the club changed completely.  Lights flashed and music blared.  It smelled like vanilla and jasmine and sex.  I could feel the energy thrumming through my veins.  I wanted to see everything, drink in the experience but, I reminded myself that Cian told me to keep my eyes down.  

Although they didn’t offer alcohol to drink, they had a bar.  Cian ordered two bottles of water then led me to the back corner of the club and ordered me to sit at his feet in position four, my feet to the side.  I was grateful for that.  I didn’t think I could handle kneeling all evening.  “Look around, chuisle,”  Cian whispered in my ear as he opened my bottle of water.  “Drink.”  

I couldn’t take it all in.  There was so much.  All different couples together doing their own thing, not worrying about judgement.  A man kissing his Mistress’s boots caught my eye.  Even though I was not into feet I loved watching them.  He looked so happy to just be near her.  On another wall there was a woman tied to a St. Andrew’s cross.  I felt the swirl of butterflies in my belly and the unmistakable feeling of my own arousal.  I felt Cian chuckle behind me.  “I thought you might like that.”  There were so many kinds of debauchery, something for everyone.  I loved it.  I knew Cian had no intention of actually doing a scene there that night, but I wanted him to.  

“Hello,”  I heard a man that wasn’t Cian say.  I immediately ducked my head, waiting for any instruction from Cian.  I felt Cian stand up.  “I’m Master Torres.  This is my club.  I don’t recall seeing you before so I wanted to introduce myself.”

“I’m Cian…or…”  Cian stumbled for words.

I heard Master Torres chuckle.  “You can go with whatever you like.  Master Cian or Master….?”


“O’Brian.  Good name.”  Master Torres’ voice was rough and deep.  It was soothing and comforted me.  “And who is this sweet girl?”

Cian placed his hand on my head.  “This is my Margo.”

“She’s beautiful.”

“I certainly think so.”  Cian and Master Torres sat down.

Master Torres hummed.  “So, this is your first time here?”

Cian pressed gently on my cheek, encouraging me to rest my head on his thigh.  “Uh, yeah.  Is it terribly obvious?”  Master Torres chuckled.  “We’re both new to this lifestyle and thought it would be a good idea to get a more visual idea of everything.”

“It isn’t terribly obvious.  I just try to keep track of new members. I’d be happy to talk you through any questions or introduce you to someone that is trained in the areas you’re interested in.   There are also dungeon monitors around, they’re wearing orange so they’re more clearly visible.  Don’t hesitate to talk to them or come find me.  It was nice meeting you, Cian and your Margo.”  Master Torres stood up.  I watched his feet as he walked away.

Cian rubbed the back of my neck and told me how well I’d done.  I accepted his praise even though I hadn’t done anything.  

The room suddenly felt colder and a chill ran up my spine, making me shiver.  “You ok, chuisle?”  I nodded.  I suddenly became aware of how little clothing I had on in the cool building.  Another Dom approached Cian.  I didn’t pay them any attention.  I was aware of Cian’s hands always on me, but I didn’t hear anything the men said.  

My chest tightened and my breathing sped up and came out raspy.  My muscles tensed and I wanted to run.  I began shivering and broke out in a cold sweat.  “Chuisle?”  Cian took notice and bent down to me.

“I’m just cold, sir.”  I desperately tried to calm myself down, stop the shivering, return my heart rate to normal, but I couldn’t.  

I sensed Cian’s hesitation at my answer, but before he could say anything to me I noticed black, leather boots stop in front of me and Cian stood up.  “I’m Master Lewis.”  His voice was high pitched and cold.  I suddenly felt sick to my stomach and my shivering intensified. 

“Master O’Brian,”  Cian answered, offering the man his hand.

Master Lewis bent down to my level.  “This?”  He sounded disgusted.  

Cian’s stance changed.  He leaned forward and put his hand on my shoulder farthest from him, staking his claim on me.  “She is my submissive.”  

Master Lewis clucked his tongue.  “What a pretty little thing she is.  She looks so soft.”  He reached his hand out and ran his finger across my cheek. He smelled like stale cigarettes and cheap beer.  His hands were unpleasantly rough and his fingernails were long and jagged.  I kept my eyes on the ground, desperately trying to not vomit.  

In a flash, Cian had grabbed Master Lewis’ wrist.  Master Lewis stood toe to toe with Cian.  “Please don’t touch what’s mine,”  Cian said calmly, but his brogue was thick and I knew he was angry.

“Come on, what’s a little fun between Doms?”  

Cian moved to block any view Master Lewis might have had of me.  “I’m sorry, we have to decline.  I don’t share very well.”

“Nonsense.”  I saw Master Lewis’ try to get around Cian.  “She’s too pretty not to share.”

“I said ‘no’.”  I felt people watching and the club had gotten much quieter.

“Is there a problem here,”  another voice asked.  I assumed it was a dungeon monitor. 

Master Lewis’ cold chuckle made my hair stand on end.  “Nope, no problem at all.”

“Actually there is a problem,” Cian disagreed.  “Master Lewis touched my submissive without permission and kept propositioning us even after I’d made it clear we weren’t interested.”

“Master Lewis, please come with me.”  The man that I thought was the DM said.  “I need you two to stay right here and someone will come talk to you in a few minutes.”

Instantly, Cian sat down on the couch and pulled me onto his lap.  He touched every inch of me, searching for injuries even though he knew Master Lewis had only touched my cheek.  His eyes were dark and crazed.  “Are you ok,” he asked in between kisses.

“Yeah, no, I’m fine.  I promise,”  I answered, but I allowed him to pull me onto his lap.  He held me so tight it began to hurt.  

Cian pressed his forehead to mine.  “I wanted to kill him.  I could actually see myself choking the life out of him.”  He shook with residual rage.  I stayed quiet, listening to his confessions, but massaged his scalp so he knew I heard him. “I still want to kill him.”  He wasn’t capable of killing anyone, but I understood his rage.  

Cian continued to kiss me, touch me, and rock me, shielding me from any other Dom that might look our way.  He was still shaking with rage when Master Torres came to us.  “Come with me, please.”

I began to stand but Cian picked me up and carried me instead.  I laid my head on his shoulder.  If that gave him some peace of mind, I’d let him carry me anywhere.  We followed Master Torres into the back of the club and into an office.  The noise of the club was shut out when he closed the door behind us.  He motioned for us to sit.  “First, I need to apologize to you.  That behavior is unacceptable in my club.  Lewis has been escorted off the premises and has been put on our banned list.  He will not be trouble to you while you’re here.”  I felt Cian relax minimally.  “Secondly, how is your Margo?  He didn’t hurt her, did he?”

“No, no she’s fine.”  Cian kissed my temple.  

I could still feel the rage inside Cian.  “Sir, if I may, I think Cian is more upset than I am.”

Master Torres chuckled, lightly.  “I would be too.  I remember a time when someone touched my, now, wife.  I saw red for days.”

“I’m sorry we caused trouble in your club,”  Cian said, his voice filled with guilt.

“Nonsense, you didn’t do anything.  From what I gathered you handled the situation honorably.”  Master Torres propped his feet onto his desk and leaned back.  “I’m impressed, really.  I doubt I would’ve had that much self control.” 

Cian scuffed.  “I don’t feel very controlled.”

“No, you were.”  Master Torres put his feet back down.  “That was his second time here.  His first time here, a sub that comes here frequently told me that Lewis made her uncomfortable, but wasn’t able to explain why.  He hadn’t done anything to her or anyone else.  She just didn’t feel right around him.”  I understood that.  I recalled the confusing panic I’d felt right before he approached us.  It made sense after.  “I’m incredibly sorry this happened to you, but I was happy to have a reason to make him leave.  I would like to make this up to you, but I don’t know where to start.  You’ll be refunded for tonight and free admission permanently.”

“Permanently?  That’s extreme, isn’t it,”  Cian asked.

Master Torres shook his head.  “This is very serious to me.  It’s my goal to have a safe place for everyone to play and he sabotaged that.  You both are new to this lifestyle and that was your first experience.  I’m livid.”

“Thank you.”  Cian accepted with a handshake.

Master Torres stood up and walked to the door.  “Now, I am happy to have you both here whenever you like, as often as you like, but I suggest you take Margo home and make sure you’re both ok.”



When we stepped outside, I felt a chill run up my spine from the shock of the evening. Cian carried me to the car and buckled me in. I was not going to argue with him, we both needed to feel safe.  He drove home slowly, holding my hand the entire time.  He carried me into the house and up to his room.  I stood in front of him while he untied my dress.  It fell to the floor and Cian made me get in bed.  I watched him take his clothes off and get in bed facing me.  “I’m sorry.”  I could barely hear him.  “Maybe we shouldn’t do this.”

I scrunched by eyebrows.  “Why? What shouldn’t we do?”

Cian looked at me with sad eyes.  “Everything we’ve done today has failed miserably.”

I chuckled even though it wasn’t funny.  “Today was not the most successful day.  But we learned something each time.  And that’s what we need, to learn and grow.”  A sickening dread washed over me.  “Unless you’re saying you don’t want me at all.”

“No!”  Cian’s eyes were wide and he pulled me closer to him.  “I need you.  I love you.  That’s not what I’m questioning.”

“What?”  My whole body tingled and felt warm.  

Cian raised an eyebrow.  “What ‘what’?”

“You love me?”  I bit my lip.  I really hoped he loved me.

Cian smiled at me and brushed his thumb across my bottom lip.  “Of course I love you.  Even when you were a pain in my ass I loved you.  I’ve been crazy about you since the day you were born.”

I giggled.  “That’s not true.”

“No, it is.”  He held my hand and kissed each finger tip.  “One of my oldest memories is the day you were born.  My family visited your mom in the hospital and she let me hold you.  I remember thinking you were the cutest pink, squishy thing I’d ever seen.”  He laughed.  “Xan was a couple months old and I still thought he was the ugliest pink, squishy thing I’d ever seen.”

“Pink squishy thing?”  I laughed.

Cian nodded.  “Yeah, that’s what I thought then.  I was three, give me a break.”

It was quiet for several minutes.  We just enjoyed being together.  I felt slightly uneasy though.  “So you want me,”  I asked and Cian kissed me in response.  “But you don’t want to dominate me?”

“I do,”  he said.  “I do, very much.  I’m just feeling discouraged, but if that’s what you want too then we’ll do it.  I want to make sure you have everything you need.”

I smiled and bit my lip.  “I do.  Just so you know, I love you, too.”  

Cian beamed and kissed me breathless.“I need to look for an apartment and start working on the store.  Did you want to help me tomorrow?”

I yawned and held my finger up to tell him to wait.  “Yeah, if that means we get to hang out, then yeah.”  The day took it’s toll on me and my eyes began to droop.




I woke with a start, a loud bang echoing in my mind.  The hazy shadow of a nightmare fading away, my heart pounded loudly in my ears.  I shook my head to clear it and release the anxiety, but that didn’t help.   I shimmied out from under Cian, careful not to wake him, and put on his shirt.  I double checked and triple checked the doors and windows, chastising myself the entire time.  You’re being ridiculous.  There’s nothing there, it was just a bad dream.  The skeptic in me wasn't so sure.  On the other hand, Cian would’ve been up before me if he’d heard something.  I must have been spooked from the encounter earlier.  I sighed, heavily and grabbed a glass of water.  Leaning against the sink, I chuckled in spite of myself.  The whole thing was ridiculous.  

I checked the doors and windows one more time, looking outside to see if anyone was there.  I didn’t see anyone.  Nothing was there.  It was only my mind playing tricks on me.  I curled up on the couch instead of going back to Cian’s room so that I didn’t disturb him.  I couldn’t shake the anxiety or how on edge I felt and kept fidgeting.  I turned on the tv and smiled to myself when I found my favorite show.  I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the rolling of my stomach.




The smell of bacon woke up me the next morning.  I rolled off the couch and found Cian in the kitchen making a huge mess.  Cracked eggs were all over the counter, a couple even made it to the floor.  Several bowls, too many for making scrambled eggs, were scattered all over the counter.  Flour was sticking to the cupboards and covered Cian’s head.  He looked like he’d decided to roll around in it.  Countless ingredients were out, a few had been knocked over and spilled.

I ran my hand down Cian’s back and kissed his shoulder.  “Good morning, chuisle.”  He was extra cheerful.

“What’s going on,”  I asked, cautiously.

Cian flipped some bacon.  “I wanted to make you breakfast.  I didn’t wake you, did I?”  I shook my head.  “Why were you asleep on the couch?”

“Oh, um, I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t want to wake you.  I just put the tv on and passed out.”  I grabbed some of the finished bacon and bit off a piece.

“Are you ok?”  He opened the oven and the heavenly scent of cinnamon rolls surrounded me.  

“Oh yeah,”  I answered after swallowing my bacon.  “Just wound up.”

Cian pulled out the rolls, placing them on a cooling rack. “You should’ve woken me up.  I would’ve been happy to help with that.”

I giggled and rolled my eyes at him, before I swatted his arm, playfully.  “I’m sorry.  I promise to wake you up next time.”

“You better!”  He smirked at me.  I sat down and Cian placed a plate in front of me and gave me a glass of orange juice.

“Thanks.”  I smiled.  “You’re a pretty messy chef.”

Cian snorted.  “So is my mom.  That’s probably where I learned it.  She takes different bowls out for everything, won’t reuse a measuring cup, constantly bumps into everything.  She makes amazing food, but she’s so clumsy in the kitchen.”

“You’re not clumsy,”  I said after taking a bite of a cinnamon roll.  “Holy shit, Ci, this is amazing!”

Cian watched me eat.  “I’m glad you like it.  It’s my Mhamó’s recipe.”  Mhamó was Cian and Xander’s maternal grandma.  I’d never met her.  She was too old to fly from Ireland, but I had heard a lot about her.  Bossy, little old woman with a huge heart.  A lot like Cian, minus the little, old woman part.  “Listen, I really want to make sure you’re ok from last night.”

“Ci, he barely touched me.  I didn’t like it and I didn’t feel comfortable around him, but nothing happened.”  I pointed my bacon at him.  “You’re the one that was upset about it.  How are you?”

“Feeling a lot less homicidal than last night,”  He deadpanned.

“Good. Progress.”  I giggled.  

Cian’s face got serious again.  “Seriously.”

I grumbled.  “I, seriously, am fine.  I appreciate the way you handled the situation.  I promise to tell you if I’m feeling odd about a scene or something.”

“You were feeling odd last night, though.”  Cian pointed out.  “You were uneasy before he even came to talk to me.  You didn’t tell me then.”

I rubbed my face and rested my head on my hand.  “I didn’t realize it was anxiety at the time.  I thought I was cold.  Once I pinpointed my feelings you were already taking care of it.”

Cian chewed the inside of his lip.  “What if I hadn’t done anything?”

“If he approached us and you didn’t do anything I would’ve been pissed as hell at you,”  I ground out.  “But that wasn’t the case.  If he had approached us and you didn’t do something I wouldn’t have sat there and taken it.  I would’ve left.  I will always be as honest as possible with you about this.  If something is bothering me, I’ll tell you.  Ok?”

“Ok.”  He agreed and started to clean up.

“I’ll take care of all this.”  I gestured to the kitchen area.
Cian shooed me away.  “I made the mess.”

I rolled my eyes.  “You also made me breakfast.  Let me clean up for you.”  I knew he wouldn’t fight too much.  Doing the dishes was his least favorite chore to do.  He walked away pretending to be exasperated.  Then I heard him run to the music room and play a quick jazz riff.  

I cleaned the kitchen while listening to him play.  He really had made a huge mess.  It was disgusting.  I filled the dishwasher as best as I could then washed the rest of the dishes by hand.  When I finished the dishes, I scrubbed down the counters and table top.  I was almost finished when I heard Cian come back into the room.  “Oh, damn, I missed all of the cleaning.”  I rolled my eyes again and tossed the dishrag I was using in the sink.  “We must’ve had a storm last night,” he mentioned, off handedly, as he opened the front door.  

“Why,”  I asked, remembering my uneasy feeling the night before.

Cian shrugged and grabbed the newspaper from the porch.  “The garbage cans are all fallen over and strewn about.”

“Hm. Ok,”  I mumbled.  

Cian sat down and started to read the paper.  I went outside to put the trash cans back.  “Hey.  I’ll take care of that,”  Cian called after me.

“That’s ok.  I’m here,”  I yelled back.  The trash cans falling must have been what woke me up.  I felt better with that knowledge.  As I picked up one of the cans I noticed that no one else’s trash cans were misplaced, nothing was wet, and there was no debris in anyone’s yard.  I shrugged it off and continued putting the cans back where they belonged.  I noticed a boot print on the top of the last can.  I thought it was strange but figured Xander had done something stupid to leave a boot print behind.  I pushed the can against the wall of the house and walked back towards the front door.  A pile of cigarette butts under one of the bushes caught my eye.  I grumbled and picked them up.  A cool breeze blew in and I shivered.  It was unusually cool for that time of year.  “Hey, Ci, you haven’t been smoking have you?”

Cian looked confused.  “No.  I haven’t smoked since I was fifteen and my friends dared me to smoke a whole pack.  I was sick for days.  Why?”

“Must just be some punk ass kids.  I found a bunch of butts in the yard.”  I tossed them in the trash and sat down next to Cian.  I stole the funny pages from him.  “So, I feel like you’d want to know that I felt uneasy last night.  I had a bad dream and woke up scared.  That’s why I had trouble sleeping last night.”

“I appreciate you telling me that.  What was the dream about,” he asked, fingering the tips of my hair.

I shrugged.  “No, clue.  I don’t remember.”  I tried to remember what the dream was, but I couldn’t.  I couldn’t recall any dreams I’d had.  Cian wrapped an arm around me.  I pushed all thoughts of bad dreams and wind blown trash cans out of my mind, and curled myself into Cian.

Submitted: July 25, 2017

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That's right get protective over your sub, ha Cian is the best, ugly pink squishy thing yeah a lot of kids would think that about a new born heh.

Wed, August 2nd, 2017 8:16pm

Reply's funny what kids say about babies.

Wed, August 2nd, 2017 2:20pm

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