Chapter 5: (v.2) Ch. 5

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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“You really like talking, huh,”  I teased Cian.  

He grinned at me.  “It’s important.  If we want a relationship we need to keep communication open.”  He pulled my nipple playfully.  “Especially if we’re going to have this kind of relationship.  I need to know that you’re going to talk to me and be honest and open with me.”
I threw my leg over Cian’s hip and kissed his shoulder.  “I’m just teasing you.  I agree.”  I sat up and wrapped his fuzzy, fleece blanket around me.  “Besides, it was not communicating that brought on all our problems to begin with.”

Cian pulled the blanket away from me and palmed my breasts.  “Agreed,”  he said not taking his eyes off my chest.

I waved my hand in front of him.  “Hi, I’m up here.”  I giggled.  Cian didn’t even blink.

“Yeah, I know,” he said, placing a kiss on my collar bone.  “But I don’t think you fully understand how long I’ve thought about this.  I’d be perfectly happy if I never saw you wear clothes again.”

I pushed him away and went to crawl off the bed.  I suddenly felt a sharp sting on my butt and heard the smack of skin on skin.  I yelped and jumped off the bed.  “Ridiculous boy,”  I mumbled, giving Cian a playful dirty look.  He just smirked.  I decided to put clothes on or we weren’t going to have anything close to a productive conversation.  “You said something about how long you felt this way,”  I asked, while trying to find my clothes.

Cian flopped back onto his bed.  “I told you some of it.  I’ve wanted you in some fashion since I was eight or so.”  He turned on his side to face me.  “When I was about thirteen my thoughts started to get more sexual and they turned increasingly darker.  What started as chaste kisses had become tying you up, spanking you, forcing you to suck my cock, and various other things.  I had no idea where these fantasies came from and I didn’t know who to talk to.  I thought staying away from you would make those thoughts go away.  If nothing else, I could at least keep you safe from me.”  He rolled his eyes and chuckled darkly.  I sat cross-legged on the bed and pulled him down to put his head in my lap.  “I seriously thought something was wrong with me.  When I was 17, I had a particularly disturbing fantasy and you were only 14.  I was so disgusted with myself I went out with some friends to a party and drank, hoping I could make those thoughts stop.

It didn't help and I had sex with someone I didn’t know.  But I did think that actually having sex could make those thoughts go away.  I ended up having two sexual relationships after that.  It didn’t help make my thoughts of you go away.  It wasn’t great sex, either.  The girls were both fake and loud and I just wanted it to be over.

I decided to explore that side of myself.  I realized it wasn’t bad to want to dominate women, but I still didn’t think wanting to do that to you was a good idea.  And I certainly never thought you’d want me to do depraved things to you.”

I moved Cian’s head off my lap then straddled him.  He smiled lazily at me and grabbed my hips.  “You shouldn’t assume.”  I bent to kiss him and nipped his bottom lip.  “It makes me sad that you spent so much time thinking there was something wrong with you.”

Cian shrugged.  “It got me here.”  He picked me up off his lap and grabbed his computer.  “I told you how I got here.  Show me yours.”

I laughed.  “There’s nothing to show.  You kissed me.  I realized I like that you took control.  I did some research on your computer that you found and now I’m sitting here preparing to negotiate our kinky needs.”

Cian looked at me, shocked.  “Seriously, it was that easy for you?”

“Yeah, kind of,”  I answered.  “Having sex like that just never crossed my mind.  Having sex at all hardly crossed my mind.  Everything I know I learned from Jordyn and I tended to steer her away from anything that wasn’t vanilla.”  Cian nodded, but kept his eyes on whatever he was trying to find on his computer.  “What was the ‘particularly disturbing fantasy’ you had about me?”

Cian’s eyes flashed to mine, visibly darkening.  “I’ll just show you one day.  It’s not as extreme as some of the stuff people are into, but it made me uneasy at the time.”

I bit my lip and summoned the courage to ask him my next question.  “Do you still think about that one?”

I could see his smirk even though he wasn’t looking at me.  “It’s my favorite.”  I felt warm all over.  “Here it is,”  He said and brought his computer to me.  “This is a checklist I like.  It covers everything and has a number rating.  We will both go over this separately, then come back together and discuss it.”

I looked over the list quickly and felt mild panic.  “I don’t know what half this stuff is,”  I admitted.  He chuckled and pulled up another site that explained what everything was.  

“I know you haven’t done most of this, so just rate it on how much you want to try it.  We’ll go over our checklists frequently to stay up to date with what the other wants and needs,”  Cian explained.  “I’m going to leave you alone to do this.  Take as long as you need and if you need me I’ll be in the music room.”

I watched him leave then returned my attention to the checklist.  Most things I had never tried, some I’d never even heard of.  It took me almost the rest of the day to finish the checklist.  With each activity, I looked up definitions, pictures, and videos, even if I thought I knew what it was.  I wanted to be thorough.  Bastinado, whipping a sub’s feet; figging, inserting a piece of ginger into the vagina or anus; and kinbaku, a form a Japanese style of bondage,  were some of the items I looked up.  I was certain I wanted nothing to do with bastinado or figging, but the thought of Cian tying me up made my insides quiver.  

I figured Cian began to worry that I had changed my mind, which I hadn’t.  He checked on me about every 45 minutes.  He would either bring me water or a snack and each time he’d kiss my cheek before he left again.  Once I had gone through the checklist, I went through it again.  When I finally felt comfortable with my answers I went to find Cian.  He was in the music room as promised, playing a classical piece.  He turned to me when I walked in.  “Everything ok,”  He asked.

I smiled at him and nodded, then sat down next to him on the piano bench.  “I’m ready to go over our lists.”  Excitement rushed through my veins.  I wanted to see his answers.  I watched the tension leave his shoulders and a smile appear on his face.  He handed me his list that he had printed out.  “I want to talk about everything, but I just want to look first.”

“I would expect nothing less,”  Cian replied.  We both analyzed each other’s list.  I wasn’t horribly surprised by anything on Cian’s list.  Our lists seemed to line up pretty nicely with each other, actually.  He seemed to be into bondage mostly, that happened to be my biggest desire.  He didn’t like degradation, which was a relief.  I degraded myself enough.  He had checked “love” for everything anal.  Since Cian was the only person I’d ever had sex with, I hadn’t had anal sex.  It scared me a little bit, but I was willing to try anything Cian liked at least once.  I was especially interested in the different types of spanking.  Whips, floggers, canes, I wanted to try them all.  According to Cian’s list he was all too ready to help with that.

“So…” Cian started when we had finished reviewing  each other’s lists.  “You didn’t put many hard limits.”

I sucked my lip into my mouth while I processed what he said.  “You didn’t either.”

“That’s true, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot longer than you have,” he replied.  “Besides doing these are different than having them done to you.  You didn’t mark breath play as a hard limit and I thought you would.”

I thought about what he said for a few seconds.  “I only marked things as a hard limit that would actually hurt me, like blood play, or things that involved non sexual bodily fluids.”  Cian laughed at me.  “Or things that are were potentially law breaking.  Everything else I figured if you wanted to do them, then it was important to you, and you’d make sure I was properly taken-“  Before I could finish my sentence his mouth was on mine.  Owning me completely.  

“You also seemed to mark anything that had to do with other people as a hard limit.”  He noticed.

I grinned.  “Yeah, I don’t share well.  If you’re going to be mine then you’re going to be only mine and I’ll be only yours.”  He kissed me again.

“Why did we wait so long,”  Cian mumbled into my mouth.  

I pulled back with a laugh.  “It probably had something to do with thinking this was wrong and how awkward it’s going to be with our families.”  Cian groaned and buried his face in his hands.  “Which brings me to something I want to talk about.”  Cian peered at me through his fingers.  “I told Jordyn we had sex, because, well, it’s Jordyn.”  Cian nodded in understanding.  “I also plan to tell her about all this.”  I said, motioning between us and the checklists.  “But I think we shouldn’t tell anyone else.”  I caught the hurt expression on Cian’s face before he covered it.

“Are you ashamed of us,”  he asked.  I shook my head.  “Are you worried we’ll break up and have to deal with messy a fall out?”

“A little,”  I said, honestly.  “But mostly it’s because I know that everyone is going to get in our business and they’re going to want to know everything.  Once we tell our families about us it won’t be just ours,”  I motioned between him and me.  “It’ll be everyone’s.”  I made a circular motion with my index finger.  “ And I just want you to myself.”

Cian cupped my face in his palms.  “You really don’t share well, do you?”  I chuckled and shook my head.  “Me either,” he whispered before kissing me.  He pulled away suddenly and sat back.  “Safe words.  Red, yellow, green,”  He asked.  I nodded.  “Collars?”

“That seems so intimate,”  I said.

“You wouldn’t want to wear my collar?”  Butterflies fluttered like crazy in my belly and I knew I’d want to wear his collar.

“No, I would,”  I told him.  “I just….”

Cian grabbed my hands.  “I get it.  Maybe after we tell our family?”

He did get it.  “Yes and something I could wear and people wouldn’t think twice.”

“So, you’d want to wear my collar all the time,” he asked and pulled me into his lap.  I answered with a kiss.  “Do you want this 24/7?”

“No.”  I said, too loudly for where we were.  Cian scrunched his face in pain, pulling his head away from me.  “Sorry, but no.”

He buried his fingers in my hair.  “No, that’s good.  I want to be able to  have this, but I want you to have the freedom to be exactly who you want to be.”

“Good.  Same page.”  I relished the feeling of his hands in my hair.  “So if I’m not going to be your slave, how often will we do this and when and how when our families get back and….”
“Hey, relax,”  Cian grabbed my face and made me focus on him.  “I think for now we can do this maybe once a week.  Since we’re starting a relationship I want to focus on that.  Sex will come.  OK?”  I nodded, the panic ebbing away.  “We can do it more often later.  I’m also looking for my own apartment, so we’ll be able to get away by ourselves more when that happens.  This is new for me, too.  We’ll figure it out together.”

I curled into his chest.  Figuring it out together sounded nice.  I was ready to be done talking.  Between the sex, the checklist, the long talk, and still recovering from the plague I felt exhausted.  Cian walked with me upstairs and said something about dinner, but I was already half asleep.




I woke late the next day.  The sun had risen, which didn’t mean much since it was rising before 6am everyday, but I knew it wasn’t that early.  I got up and found Cian at the dining table on the phone.  The microwave clock said 12:38.  He held up a finger for me to hold on, then pointed at the chair for me to sit.  He went to the fridge and pulled out a plate full of fresh fruit, cheese, and salami.  He grabbed a loaf of fresh bread from the counter, kissed the top of my head, and sat across from me.  I ate in peace and was perfectly content.  Cian watched me the entire time he was on the phone.  I tried very hard not to feel uncomfortable under his scrutiny.  But if that was what he wanted, then I’d sit and let him look.  Cian snapped his fingers and looked as if he’d remembered something.  He wrote me a messy note that said Jordyn was expecting a phone call from me.  I got up and put my dish in the sink, placed a kiss on Cian’s cheek, resisted the urge to climb on top of him, then went to call Jordyn.

Hardly half a ring had rung before Jordyn answered and screamed into the phone.  “Seriously?!  What the fuck?  Are you alive?”

“Yes.  I’m alive,”  I answered, trying not to laugh at her.

I heard her sigh from her end of the phone and Xander’s voice, but I couldn’t make out what he said.  “Shut up.  Go away….no she called me….Ugh, stupid Xander, he wants to make sure that you aren’t the zombie kind of alive and the world isn’t about to end.”

I couldn’t help laughing then.  “No, I still like regular human food.  Brains aren’t appetizing at all.”

Jordyn relayed the message to Xander and I heard rustling that sounded an awful lot like fighting.  “No!”  Jordyn’s yell was muffled.  “She called me!  You can talk to her if she ever calls you.”  Xander yelled something and a door slammed.  “Jesus, why the fuck are we friends with him?”

“Because he’s funny.  And cute.”  I laughed.  I had long suspected Jordyn had a thing for Xander, but I never said anything.

“Yeah, real fucking cute,”  She grumbled.

I heard the beep beep of a call coming in.  “Hey, hold on a second.”  I looked at my phone and Xander’s goofy face showed up.  I sighed and laughed at the same time.  “Oh my goodness, Xander is calling me.”

Jordyn groaned so loudly into the phone I had to pull it away from my ear.  “Xander stop being a douche!”  She groaned again.  “Why are you not here, Mar?  Seriously I’m about to stab him in the face.”

“Oh, I miss you, guys!”  I laughed.  “I feel so bad that I got sick.  It messed up all our plans.  And I know Xander is annoying as hell, but I doubt I’d be very happy if my best friend killed my other best friend.”

“I wouldn’t be very happy without him either.  He’s just been so annoying lately,”  Jordyn said.  “Like do you give him something so he’s not obnoxious because he is way worse without you here.”

I chuckled.  “Nope, that’s all him.”

I could just see her rolling her eyes.  “So since you’re starting to feel better when are you getting your ass here?”

“Oh.”  She was not going to like what I had to say.  “I wasn’t.”

It was quiet on her end for a second and then, “What?!”  Once again I had to pull the phone away.  “You cannot fucking leave me here all fucking summer with this crazy ass lunatic.  I swear to fucking God I am gonna go bat shit crazy.  It’s going to turn into the mother fucking ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ up in this bitch.”  Jordyn had a dirty mouth on a good day, she’d make a sailor blush on a bad one.  “You better get your skanky ass over here because this shit is not ok.”

“Ok, ok,” I said and she stopped yelling long enough for me to talk.  “I’m still not feeling great.  I literally woke up about 10 minutes before I called you.  I haven’t eaten more than a half piece of pizza at a time.”

Jordyn whined.  “Are you seriously not coming,”  she asked.  I was sure she was making her sad face.  The one that always made me feel super guilty, the one that always made me give in.  Too bad for her I couldn’t actually see her.

“Well, I think I want to just relax here,”  I said.  “It sounds crazy over there and it’s not crazy here.”

The line was silent.  It stayed silent.  I looked at my phone to make sure we hadn’t lost our connection.  “What are you and Cian doing,”  She finally asked.

“Hm? Cian?  What?”  I played dumb.  How did she know?

“You guys are fucking aren’t you,”  she accused.  She was right.

I bit my tongue.  I didn’t want to talk about it over the phone.  I wanted to talk to my best friend face to face.  “By fucking, if you mean negotiating the terms of our future sexual activities, then yes.”  I could’ve been more graceful with my delivery.

“Oh, hell no!”  I rolled my eyes.  I was so glad I was not with her.  Maybe it was best to have that discussion over the phone.  “What kind of kinky ass weird shit is he getting you into?  I am going to castrate his ass as soon as I get home,” she ranted.  “That’s it, I’m packing my shit and coming home now.”

“Stop,”  I yelled.  “It’s nothing bad and he didn’t start anything.  I did.  I want this.”

Jordyn’s heavy breathing came over the phone.  “You’re not going to dress up like animals or let him defecate-“

“Jeez, stop,”  I said as calmly as possible.  “No, that’s not happening, but even if it was why would you not support that if it was what I needed?”

“I can’t help being protective of you.  I love you,”  Jordyn said, finally not crazed.

I smiled even though she couldn’t see.  “I love you too.”

“But he’s getting a talking to when I get back there,”  she said, sternly.

“Yeah, that’s fine,”  I said quickly.  “Listen, don’t tell anyone.”

I heard a door open on her end.  “It’s not my thing to tell,”  she whispered.  “Xander is back and he’s trying to take the phone.  Hang up, Margo, save yourself from his insanity.”  I laughed and hung up.




I walked back into the dining room where Cian was still on the phone.  Whatever he was talking about made him happy, he was smiling and talking animatedly.  I went to him and straddled his lap.  I rested my elbows on the table and stretched.  His voice faltered.  Cian pushed my already short shirt up under my breasts and traced random shapes on my stomach.  I lifted my shirt over my head and let it fall to the floor.  I still hadn’t put on a bra.  Cian licked his lips and his eyes darkened.  I decided that was my favorite shade of blue.  I sat forward, ran my nose along his jugular, and lightly bit his ear.  He tried to stifle a moan.  I rocked my hips against his.  Cian’s head fell back and his lips parted.  I’d been wanting to have complete access to his neck since our first night together.  I took full advantage of his relaxed demeanor and kissed his neck to my heart’s content.  I didn’t think he was paying attention to his phone call anymore.  Every few seconds he’d say “yeah” or “mmhmm”.  I nipped at the skin under his jaw at the same time I’d rock my hips against his.  Each time his hold on my hip got tighter and tighter.  He must’ve had enough because he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.  His eyes flashed, I knew that look.  He shook his head, silently telling me to stop.  There he was.  My sexy Dominant. I smiled and wiggled on his lap.  He pulled my hair harder.  I pouted.  I didn’t want him to stop talking, I just wanted to touch and taste him.  It had been almost a whole day.

Cian had been sitting far enough away from the table that I could easily slink to my knees without worrying about banging my head.  So I did.  Cian’s eyes widened and his jaw clenched.  He closed his eyes and answered the person he was talking to.  I undid the button on his jeans then waited.  His eyes were still closed, his head tilted back.  I bit the inside of my cheek and tried to subtly pull his zipper down.  Cian’s hand grabbed mine, but he still wasn’t looking at me.  I brushed his hand away and slipped mine into his jeans, pulling his cock out.  My mouth watered.  That was exactly what I’d wanted.  “Fuck,”  Cian said too loudly for polite conversation.  “I’m sorry, Brady, I need to go.  I’ll call you back.”  He slammed the phone on the table.  He stood up, the chair scraped angrily across the floor.  He fisted his cock.  I was actually jealous that he was enjoying himself instead of me.  “Is this what you wanted,”  Cian asked, pumping his fist.  I whined and nodded.  Cian stepped closer to me.  I could smell him.  “Is this what you were too impatient to wait for?”  I nodded again.  We weren’t technically playing, but I felt like I’d pushed his buttons enough.  “Open.” Finally.  I obeyed.  He wasn’t rough until he knew how much I could take, I was determined to take it all.  His hand was fisted in my hair, the other cupping my neck.  “Good girl,”  he said when I’d taken his entire cock down my throat.  I focused on staying relaxed and breathing through my nose.  Cian held me still while he fucked my mouth.  “God damn it.”  He breathed and pushed my head as close to him as possible.  I ran my tongue along the underside of his cock and kept swallowing.  Cian’s breath got choppy and harsh, soft moans filled the space between us.  “Fuck, fuck.”  He pounded his fist on the table just as I felt him twitch in my mouth.  I kept swallowing as he came, eager to not waste anything he’d given me.  He stumbled back into his chair.  I laid my head on his thigh.  He mumbled something about “impatient and greedy” but I didn’t hear everything he said.  When he finally opened his eyes they were bright.  He grinned at me lazily and ran his thumb across my bottom lip.  “You did so good.”  His praise filled me with pride.  Thrilled I had made him feel that way.  I didn’t know what to do, so I stayed kneeling and he stood up and pulled his pants back on.  “I need to finish this phone call,”  Cian told me.  “You better be naked and ready for me when I finish.  Go.”  He pointed out the door, his voice dark and husky, promising all the dirty things I could think of.




I ran up the stairs so fast I tripped and hurt my shin.  I stripped in the most ungraceful fashion anyone had ever taken their clothes off in ever.  He wanted me ready for him.  What’s ready for him?  Should I kneel, should I lay on the bed, should I sit in his chair?  We hadn’t gone over how he expected me to wait for him.  I knew he would probably be awhile so I didn’t want to wait on my knees, but the bed and chair didn’t seem like good ideas.  So I sat on his floor, sideways kneeling.  

I counted the cars that I heard drive down our street, to keep me focused on anything other than how long it took Cian to come back to me.  Our street wasn’t a busy street so I didn’t hear cars pass that often.  By the time I heard Cian’s heavy footsteps coming up the stairs, I had heard 8 cars pass.  “Look at you sittin’ pretty,”  Cian praised as he walked into the room.  I smiled to myself.  “Get on the bed,” he ordered.  I scurried to get on the bed and got into a kneeling position facing him.  “You didn’t need to wait like that.  I just wanted you ready, but it was a pleasant surprise.”  Cian cupped my cheek.  “I’m working on a document that lines out my expectations for you and the different positions I’ll want you to take.  Until I give that to you, don’t stress yourself out.  I’m just enjoying the fact that you’re mine.”  He leaned in to kiss me.  I melted into him.  Even if we weren’t doing a scene he had complete control over me.  He deepened the kiss and I clutched him to me.  Cian pulled away from me and said, “you were pretty bad back there.”

“I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about,”  I replied, playing dumb.  Cian smacked the upper part of my thigh, careful not to hurt me.

Cian came back to me, paying special attention to my breasts.  “Seriously, these are my new favorite toys.”  He squeezed them and bounced them.  “They’re the best!”  I scrunched my nose, but let him play.  He smiled his Cian smile before pulling one into his mouth.  He looked so much calmer than I felt, but his urgency betrayed him.  I propped myself up with a pillow to watch him.  I enjoyed the view as much as the feelings.  Cian would be playful, placing quick messy kisses on random spots, making me giggle, then he’d bring me back to a puddle of mush with deep kisses and gentle sucking.  He’d kiss down my chest, come back to my mouth, kiss farther down my chest, then come back.  “I could just do this all night.  Each inch tastes different, I want to try every single one,”  He said before pulling my leg over his shoulder and licking behind my knee.  He nipped behind my other knee, continuing his exploration of my body.  I wanted him to keep going, but I wanted him inside me.  I screeched when he bit my ankle; he chuckled.  

Cian started going back up my body.  I expected to feel his kisses on my belly.  Instead, he pushed my legs apart and licked the inside of my thigh.  Panic suddenly overwhelmed me.  I immediately clamped my legs back together.  Cian looked at me confused.  “This wasn’t even a soft limit.”

“I know,”  I said, trying to calm my breathing.  He laid his head on my knee, while still exploring my body with his hands.  “Just no one’s done that.  What if you don’t like it?”

Cian kissed my hip.  “I guarantee that won’t be an issue.”  He tried to coax my legs open, but I kept them firmly closed.

“But it could be.”  I blushed, furiously.  I needed to be able to talk to him if we were going to try to have a relationship.  “What if I smell funny or taste bad or….”  I tried thinking of something else that could go wrong, but couldn’t.  “Or anything.”  I felt the panic building again.  “I mean, you hear about nasty….ness.”  

Cian looked at me and sucked his lips into his mouth, waiting for my breath to calm back down.  “Yeah, but you aren’t nasty.  I’ve seen you and felt you.  Not at all gross.  You know I can smell you now?”  I burned with embarrassment.  Of course that made sense, but it hadn’t occurred to me until that moment.  “Do you have any idea at all what it does to me?”  I shook my head.  He smirked and crawled up my body; he grabbed my hips, kissing me dizzy.  He ground his erection into me and groaned into my mouth.  Oh.  “Don’t ever doubt that everything about you drives me fucking insane.”  He returned his decent to his original destination.  “I’ve fantasized about this for years.  This is a completely selfish action,  I want this,”  he said.  That sank in.  I relaxed and allowed him to spread my legs.  He teased my thighs before making eye contact.  He licked up my slit deeply.  I could see his eyes roll back then he rested his head on my pubic bone.  “Oh, god.”  I could barely make out his desperate plea.  The panic returned and I tried to pull myself out of his grasp.  Cian’s head shot up, his grip on my hips almost painful.  His eyes dark and frenzied.  He almost looked possessed.  He held me where he wanted me while he breathed in deeply then began ravaging me.  I could tell he was holding back, being gentle.  I wanted more, I wanted all of him.  I didn’t want controlled, restrained Cian. I wanted frantic, intense Cian.  I grabbed his hair and pulled him further into me.  He growled in response, sucking my clit into his mouth. Yes!  He explored every inch of me with his lips and tongue.  It was desperate and messy.  He fully tasted each part of me before moving on, sucking and licking.  He added a finger and curled it, hitting my g spot and making me come instantly.  He continued lazily licking my clit and different spots on my belly as I recovered.  He laid down next to me and pulled me into him, my insides still quivering.

“Ok, that was better than I thought it would be,”  I said, still breathless.

Cian kissed my head.  “I aim to please.”  I reached up to kiss him, my taste lingering on his lips.  That made me feel powerful and possessive.

“Was it bad?”  I asked.

Cian raised his eyebrows.  “Far from bad.  That was….fuck, I could feast on you everyday and die a happy man.”  I wasn’t so sure, but I didn’t say anything else.  Instead I reached for his cock, but he stopped me.  “I’m good.  That was for you.”

I scowled.  “You said it was for you.”

He kissed the inside of my wrist.  “It most definitely was.  But it was for you too.  I just want to hold you.”  I was happy with that and curled myself into him.  “Hey, where the hell did you learn to deep throat like that,” he asked.  I thought I almost detected a hint of jealousy.

“Oh, Jordyn taught me,”  I said.  Cian looked at me like I was crazy.  “No, with a cucumber.  She was determined to teach me how to give good head.  Make sure I blew any guy away.”  I giggled.  “Pun not intended.”

Cian relaxed against me.  “So you’ve never done that to another man?”

“No, you’re my first.  I told you that,”  I said.

Cian snorted.  “You never told me anything, I just found out you were a virgin.  I feel much better knowing no other man has had the pleasure of your mouth on their cock.  I thought I was going to have to murder someone.”


Submitted: July 25, 2017

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they do have an explosive relationship, maybe for them it was better that they waited, Cian doesn't seem too dangerous. Maybe it was more having thoughts like that before they were ready now he understands he cares and wouldn't hurt her and all bets are off. Jordyn is hilarious lol she better not ruin their fun nice job :)

Mon, July 31st, 2017 12:27pm


I think that's really what it is. Cian is a brooder. He definitely isn't dangerous, but at that age he didn't understand his feelings.

Mon, July 31st, 2017 6:48am

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