Chapter 4: (v.2) Ch. 4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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I heard the clicking of a computer keyboard when I woke up, and felt throbbing in my head that was so bad I was sure I had died and gone to Hell. I could also smell the most delicious combination of rain and fall that was so good that I was sure I had died and gone to Heaven.  I stretched and curled into my blanket.  “Hey, sleepy head.”  Cian’s low voice soothed the pain in my head.  I opened one eye and found him staring at me.  I groaned and closed that eye.  I felt, more than heard, Cian chuckle.  “I’ve got some water and Motrin for you.”

“Mm.”  I mumbled in thanks and took the water and medicine he handed me.  “How long was I out?”

“In and out for a week.  Your parents left a couple days ago,”  Cian said and started typing again.  “You haven’t gotten sick since the second day, though.”  

I grumbled and covered myself with the blanket.  I realized my bed was not big enough for me to be sprawled out the way I was and for Cian to be sitting on it.  “Where am I?”

“My room,”  he answered.  “I carried you in here when everyone left so I could keep an eye on you and still get some work done.”

I realized the blanket I was using was the one he wrapped me in on prom night.  I smiled to myself and pulled the blanket tighter around me.  “Thank you.”  The typing stopped and I looked up at Cian.  He was simply smiling at me in response.  I felt grungy and disgusting.  “I think I just need a shower.”  I told him while I tried pushing myself up.

“Uh, uh, uh,”  Cian scolded and stopped me.  “You’ve been basically dead for the last week.  Let me help you.”  I considered arguing, then reconsidered.  I was not up for a fight of any kind.  I let him help me walk to the bathroom and sat on the toilet while he started a bath.  I appreciated his help getting to the bathroom.  I never would have made it in my weak state.

“I want a shower,”  I told him. 

Cian looked at me wearing a challenging expression.  “Stand up.”  I tried to stand on my own, but I was way too weak, and sat back down on the toilet.  “Yeah, so if you want to get clean you’re going to have to let me help you.”

I whined.  “Oh, I don’t want you to see me naked and I want to shave and….” I paused trying to think of another reason to not take a bath.  “I guess that’s it.”

Cian raised his eyebrow at me and his eyes got noticeably darker.  “I’ve seen you naked.”  My breath caught in my throat and I blushed.  “And I shave everyday, I’m sure I can help you do that.”

I turned my nose up. “That’s kind of weird.”

“Why,” he asked and turned back to the bathtub to test the water.  

I didn’t really know why it was weird.  It just seemed like it should be.  “I’m sure I can bathe myself, at least.”  

Cian quickly turned to me and I instantly regretted saying anything.  He clenched his jaw and his eyes were narrowed.  “Don’t fight me.  I told your mom I’d take care of you.  I’m going to take care of you.”  I decided to just deal with it.  I still felt exhausted and I would probably have found a way to hurt myself.  Cian grabbed my arm and pulled me up. “How’s the water?”

I tested the water and nodded to let Cian know that it was good.  He helped me stand up and gripped the bottom of my shirt.  I blinked up to him and saw him staring, intently.  He slowly pulled my shirt up and over my head, letting it fall to the floor.  He bent down and pulled my pajamas and underwear down too.  I was extremely aware that I was naked.  I felt insecure about Cian being so close to me when I hadn’t showered.  I wiggled to try to get away from him.  He gave me a dirty look and gently pinched my hip.  That was way more arousing than it should’ve been.  

Cian kept eye contact as he stood up and helped me step into the tub.  I was immediately relaxed and felt my muscles start to loosen up.  I felt Cian step away and then heard some classical piano music before I felt him next to the tub again.  I leaned my head back on the side of the tub and looked at Cian.  He smiled at me, lazily.  “How’s this,” he asked.

“Good.”  I sighed and closed my eyes again.  Cian grabbed the shower head attachment and started to wet my hair.  He took the shampoo bottle from the shower caddy and gently scrubbed shampoo into my scalp.  That was the most relaxed I’d ever felt.  Cian rinsed the shampoo out and put a little conditioner in.  Next he poured a glob of body wash onto a sponge and cleaned every inch of me.  He was so close to me.  If I just turned my head I could kiss him.  I laid my head on his shoulder and realized he must have taken his shirt off so it didn't get wet.  I could feel each short, raspy breath against my ear.  With every pass his thumb brushed the outside of my breast.  I just wanted him to give in and grab me.  I felt a grumble in his chest just before I felt his fingers trace what was left of the mark he left on me.  I bit my lip to stop my groan.

I had to give Cian at least some credit.  He tried his best to keep the situation as neutral as possible.  It couldn’t be easy having a wet, naked lady in his bathtub.  I was practically squirming with desire and he was completely in control.  I hated him a little for being so controlled.  I turned so I sat long ways in the tub so he could more easily get to my legs.  As soon as his hands reached the inside of my thighs I became a needy mess, spreading my legs for him.  It was a subconscious movement, I didn’t even recall making the decision.  I heard a hiss from Cian and watched as he washed my legs with hooded eyes.  Maybe he wasn’t entirely unaffected. 

Cian grabbed a razor and carefully took care of my legs.  He ran the back of his hand up each newly shaven spot.  That was way more erotic than I thought it would be.  I was too turned on to be embarrassed.  When he finished, I whimpered.  I didn’t want any of it to end.  He washed the conditioner out of my hair and traced the vein in my neck for a moment.  “Are you ready to get out?”  His voice was thick and low.  I shook my head.  “Ok, let me know if you need anything.”  He placed a fluffy, blue towel by the edge of the tub then walked out, slamming the door.  “Fuck.”  I barely heard him from behind the door.  “That was not a good idea.”

No, it wasn’t.  That was not going to make it any easier to be friends.  We needed boundaries and rules.  It did make me giddy knowing I had an effect on him.  I stayed in the tub, letting the warmth sink into my bones.  The heat was exactly what I needed.  When I decided I was becoming too pruney, I wrapped myself in the towel that Cian had left me and slowly got out of the tub.  I did not want to see Cian’s face if I fell.  I went back into his room, but had no idea what to wear.  I had no clean clothes.  I started shuffling through Cian’s drawers to find something to wear when he walked in.  His hair was disheveled and his cheeks were flushed.  “What are you doing,” he asked but not accusatorially. 

“Oh, I need clothes.  I don’t have any here.”  I replied as I pulled out an over sized t-shirt of his.  “Can I wear this?”  He nodded and I turned away from him and tried to put the shirt on without giving him a peep show.  I heard a smack on the wall and assumed I hadn’t succeeded.  Once I had the shirt in place, it covered everything nicely.

“Um,”  Cian started while he walked over to me.  He fingered the hem of the shirt, painfully close to what I actually wanted him to finger.  “I’ll go get you some clothes for the next few days.”  He didn’t take his eyes off my lips.

I pulled my lips between my teeth, that pulled his attention back to my eyes.  “Ok, thanks.”  Cian nodded curtly and looked at my lips again before leaving.  I just needed to get better quickly so I could go to the cabin with our families.  I needed to get away from him.  Far, far away.

When Cian came back I had already crawled back into his bed and was halfway asleep.  “Good, I was going to tell you to get more sleep.”  I gave him a thumbs up so he knew I heard him.  “I brought a bunch of different clothes, so if you want to put some underwear on, they’re here.”  Another thumbs up.  He chuckled.  “I called our parents and told them you’re doing much better.  Jordyn said she wanted to talk to you.  I told her she had to wait until you had the energy to call her.”  I think I gave another thumbs up, but I’m not sure.  I felt Cian sit on the bed and cover me more.  “So, that’s a no on the underwear?”  I didn’t reply.  “Ok, good to know.”




While sleeping I must’ve curled myself into Cian.  I had my leg thrown over his, my head buried in his side, one hand under me, the other one resting on his stomach.  The shirt he let me wear had also risen up slightly.  I stretched and looked up at Cian.  He was staring unblinking at his computer screen.  His eyes were dark and glassy and his breathing was choppy.  I sat up and put my hands on each side of his face.  “Are you ok?  You’re not getting whatever plague I had, are you?”  

Cian shook his head and jumped up from the bed.  He grabbed a pair of my panties off the floor and tossed them to me.  “Can you just put clothes on?”  He started to head toward the door, but turned around and grabbed a notebook.  “Fuck,” he cursed, walking out of the room.

“Oh, Cian,”  I called and went to run after him.  My strength was definitely coming back.  

“What,”  he shouted, turning to look at me.  

I stepped back.  He looked crazed.  “Oh, wow, um-“  I started, completely forgetting what I wanted him for.  “Oh!  Can I use your computer?”

“Whatever,”  Cian mumbled and went back to whatever he was going to do.  

I went back to his room and slipped on the black, lacy thong Cian had tossed on the bed.  Ever since the night we had sex I couldn’t stop thinking about his control, how demanding he was.  I wanted that.  I wanted the choice taken from me.  I knew without a doubt Cian would never hurt me, I knew I’d be safe to let go with him.  His demanding nature that I thought I hated, was actually what turned me on. Every time Cian took control I felt calmer, safer.  If nothing else, maybe I could find some porn to use to get myself off with.  

I put “controlling sex” in the search engine.  All the links were about how to take control and I definitely did not that.  Then I saw “how to take control of her” and that sounded more like what I needed.  I clicked on the first link.  It gave a quick view on how to dominate a woman.  I continued looking through the links and they all had one thing in common: domination.  Did I want to be dominated?

I changed what I put in the search engine.  I typed in “domination relationship”.  The entire page was filled with words like “BDSM,” “Dominant,” “submissive,” “Master”.  Each page I looked at took me deeper and I was all too happy to fall down that rabbit hole, feeling more aroused with each link.  I opened tab after tab.  Looking at definitions, videos, pictures.  I was so turned on I couldn’t see straight.  Yes, I decided, being dominated is exactly what I needed.

I had finally started feeling hungry during all my research and had ordered in pizza for Cian and I.  I was concerned that he wasn’t taking care of himself.  He’d been so concerned with me and his business, he had a bad habit of forgetting about himself.  When the doorbell rang, I closed out of the browser and went to pay for the pizza.  After paying, I set the pizza on the counter and followed the sound of the piano to Cian.  He was completely entranced in whatever he was playing.  It must have been something he’d written because I had never heard it.  It was sad and passionate.  When I couldn’t hear the final chord anymore I stepped to Cian and ran a hand down his back.  He didn’t seem surprised at all that I was there, despite being so wrapped up in his music.  His head fell back and his eyes were closed.  That gave me a minute to appreciate how handsome he was.  I’d never noticed he had a sprinkling of freckles across his nose.  I traced my finger from the tip of his nose to the bridge.  He sighed, quietly.

“You aren’t taking care of yourself,”  I said.  Cian shrugged and turned his face towards me.  “You need to take care of yourself.”  He shrugged again.  “When was the last time you ate,”  I asked, mildly annoyed.

Cian looked at his watch and grimaced.  “Breakfast.”

I pursed my lips and glared.  “It’s my turn to take care of you.  I ordered pizza.”  I grabbed his hand and led him upstairs.

“You think you can handle pizza?”  He asked, grabbing two plates from the cupboard.

“I guess we’ll see,”  I joked.  He didn’t find it very funny.  “I’m starving and pizza was the only thing that didn’t sound absolutely revolting.  I’ll just take a couple bites and see how it goes.”

Cian placed one piece of pizza on my plate and four on his.  I started to think I should've ordered more than one pizza.  “Wanna watch a movie while we eat,”  He asked with a mouthful of food.

“Yes!”  I ran over to the wall of DVDs and scanned the titles.  I found one that I wanted to see and showed Cian.  He groaned.

“Really?  Rocky Horror,”  Cian asked.

I shrugged.  “What?  I’ve never seen it.”

Cian grabbed the DVD from my hand.  “How is that fucking possible?  We watch it every Halloween.”

I watched him put the movie in and sat down on the couch.  “I have no clue.  But I watch ‘Halloween’ every Halloween, so maybe that’s why.”

Cian grabbed the remote and skipped the previews.  “Seriously?  That’s so cliche.  You’ll never go back after watching this.”  I doubted that, but didn’t argue.

We watched the first few minutes while we ate, but I put my plate down with only a quarter of my pizza gone.  Cian watched me but didn’t say anything.  I was completely caught up in the movie after “Damn it, Janet”.  I didn't want to admit that the movie was pretty awesome.  Cian leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Can I ask you a question?”  I opened my mouth to deliver a snarky retort but he interrupted me.  “Another question.”  I smiled and agreed.  “What were you doing on prom night when I found you?”

Oh.  That.  I didn’t want to talk about that.  I didn’t want him to see what a stupid girl I was.  But, then again, after everything, he deserved to know.  “I was casually seeing this guy, Aaron.  He took me to the dance and I caught him having sex with Amber Joel.  I panicked, I guess.  It was such a shock.  And I just left.  It was stupid.”  I shook my head and shrugged to make it seem less painful than it was.

“That’s not stupid.”  Cian reassured me.  “He is.  But how you reacted isn’t.”

I blew out a harsh breath.  “No, it was.  We hadn’t even said we were exclusive.  I should’ve handled it better.”

Cian grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him.  “Maybe.”

“I was planning on having sex with him that night,”  I blurted out.  I had not meant to say that.

“His loss,”  Cian said, running his thumb in circles  on my wrist.  “My incredible gain.”

I laughed.  I laughed hard and loud because that had to be a joke.  “Yeah.”

“Why do you do that,”  Cian asked, not laughing with me.

I stopped laughing and tried to figure out what he meant.  “Do what?”

Cian had moved from my wrist to my palm.  “You have this quick, subtle way of putting yourself down.  Can’t you see how special you are?”
I looked away and bit my lip.  I would not cry in front of him.  “I know some people think I’m special.  But there’s never been a guy that thought I was.”  Cian frowned.  “I guess I just got used to never being picked and making fun of myself is easier than accepting that I’m not special.”

“Don’t do it again,”  Cian said sharply, in contrast he placed a kiss on the inside of my wrist.  “I think you’re very special.”  Since he just scolded me I wasn’t going to tell him what I really thought, that he was the first one to make me think I wasn’t special.  “I probably had something to do with that, didn’t I?”  Had I said that out loud?  He rubbed the apple of my cheek.  “I’m sorry if I ever made you doubt how great you are.”  I smiled at him, accepting his apology.  We were silent, watching each other.  “Aaron is a fucking tool,”  Cian said, suddenly.  It made me jump, then giggle.  “How could he want anything else if he had you?”

I made a scrunchy face at him.  “To be fair, he never had me.”

Cian leaned closer to me.  I could feel his body heat.  “He had enough that he shouldn’t have ever wanted anything else.  He had more than I can.”

“We had sex,”  I said.  I was pretty sure that was more than anyone had ever had of me.  I barely caught it when Cian shook his head.  I watched his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed.  “You had me,”  I whispered.

He shook his head again.  “Not enough.”

I moved away from him.  I needed my own air.  I needed him to not touch me.  I giggled, awkwardly.  “And not again, right?”

“Right.”  Cian moved into my space again, so close our noses almost touched.  “Besides, it’s all about the antici….”  He started to say, then moved to my ear.  I could feel his lips on me. “Pation, anyway.”  Cian moved back to his place on the couch and left me wondering what the hell he was talking about.  It finally clicked as I watched more of the movie.  Between his indecent teasing and my internet research earlier I was wrung too tight and didn’t want to play games.  His games, anyway.

“I’m going to bed,”  I told him and headed for the stairs.  “Oh, Ci?”  He turned to look at me.  “Remember what you told me a couple weeks ago?  About why you stayed away from me,”  I asked and he nodded.  “You aren’t alone.”  Cian turned more fully to look at me better, a confused expression all over his face.  “I touch myself when I think of you too.”  I turned on my heel and went up the stairs.  I heard a frustrated groan and the sound of a zipper being zipped down follow me up the stairs.

I should have been ashamed.  At the very least embarrassed.  But I didn’t care at all that I was touching myself in Cian’s bed.  With his scent all around me, the sound of his groan in my ears, the memory of his hands on me.  I should’ve been worried that he’d catch me.  I wasn’t because I was pretty sure he wouldn’t care and maybe part of me wanted him to.  I knew he felt the pull, too.  Was it really necessary for us to stay away from each other?  We were both legal adults, capable of making our own choices.  Why did we have to fight our feelings?  Maybe Cian really didn’t want it.  Maybe I was just going to stop fighting it.




I slept that night, but not well.  I constantly tossed and turned.  I woke up agitated and on edge.   I still felt weak, but decided maybe a walk would help clear my mind.  Cian wasn’t in his room when I woke up and he’d taken his computer, so I assumed he was working on music or something like that.  

I put on music and walked around the neighborhood, thinking about Cian, Aaron, and myself.  I kept going back to submission.  It seemed like such a dirty word in our culture.  Especially for a woman.  To admit she wanted to submit to a man.  Letting a man have complete control was the worst sin a woman could commit.  The more I read, the more pictures I looked at, it just didn’t seem wrong.  The submission I saw a woman give, or a man give, was beautiful.  There was trust and love and loyalty there.  Even if Cian didn’t end up being the one I submitted to, I definitely started to think that’s who I was and what I needed.  And I was good with that.I was good with being different from what people accepted as the norm.  I was good with the woman I was.

I walked back to Cian’s house and took a shower.  I felt cleaner and more peaceful than I had in weeks, months even.  I looked through the pile of clothes Cian brought me and rolled my eyes.  He grabbed me two pairs of jean shorts, the shortest ones I owned, and a cropped tank top.  I had no idea what he was thinking, but I couldn’t wear those clothes in public.  I needed longer shorts to wear with a crop top or a longer shirt to wear with my short shorts.  I would have to go to my house to get real clothes later.  

I still hadn’t seen Cian all day and I hadn’t heard him playing either.  I started to worry about him.  I made a mental note to check on him after I finished getting ready.  I brushed my hair and shimmied into the shorts Cian brought me and looked at my reflection.  Those shorts had to go, my cheeks were peeking out.  I hadn’t cleaned out my drawers in years and Cian managed to grab the ones I needed to get rid of. Coupled with a shirt that barely covered my breasts, and no bra, I looked indecent.  Stupid boy.  

I tried to figure out a way to not look like I was working the corner when I heard the door slam.  I grabbed my chest and turned to see Cian.  “Jesus Christ, son!  What the fuck?”  I was breathless and shook my head at him.  I went back to trying to figure out what to wear.  I saw Cian’s reflection in the mirror and stopped breathing entirely.  I turned to him.  His eyes were so dark they looked almost black, his jaw was clenched, and his arms were folded across his chest.  I had never seen him like that.  I ran over everything I’d said and done the last few days and I couldn’t think of anything that would cause that kind of reaction in him.  Was he pissed at how I left him the previous night?  We’d been flirting back and forth.  I started to panic and he wasn’t speaking.  I kept racking my brain for anything that could’ve made him look that upset but, there just wasn’t a logical reason.

I had to break the ice.  I couldn’t stand the silence.  “Cian….”  I had no idea what to say after that.  “Cian, I….”  He still didn’t say anything, or move even.  The only  movement from him was a tic in his jaw.  I didn’t even think he was breathing.  I took a step towards him.

“Kneel,”  he barked out.  His tone left no room for arguing.  I kept eye contact and immediately dropped to my knees.  I rested my palms on my thighs and kept my back straight, trying to mimic poses I’d seen online.  My lips parted, but it felt like my breath was caught in my lungs.  Cian dropped his arms to his sides and walked to me.  I kept blinking rapidly.  I was nervous.  Cian reached out to me and brushed a stray hair away from my face.  His eyes were still dangerously dark, but his posture was more relaxed.  I felt like I could breathe again.  “Is this what you want?”  I was so confused.  I opened and shut my mouth several times, trying to figure out what he was asking and how I should answer.  Cian grabbed my chin forcefully, but not painfully, bringing my attention back to him.  “Answer me.”

The only thing I could think was yes.  If Cian was willing to give me something, anything, then yes, I wanted it.  “Yes.  This is what I want,”  I answered.  I didn’t even hear my words, but he did.  In a movement I barely noticed, Cian grabbed my hair and pulled back so I was staring straight up at him and his lips were attached to mine in a needy kiss.  I could feel the urgency, feel his desperation.  His tongue licked my bottom lip, asking for permission.  Like I would deny him anything at that point.  He never let go of his hold on my hair, but he lowered himself to the floor so the position wasn’t as awkward.  I tried to catch my breath, but his lips and teeth were everywhere.  I clutched at him, longing to touch every inch.

Cian pulled away and stood up.  I wanted to cry.  He couldn’t be done with me.  He practically ripped his shirt off, then pulled me off the floor and sat me on the bed.  I went to grab his belt.  I wanted him naked.  He swatted my hands away before I got to undo his buckle.

I knew the moment something clicked in his mind.  His eyes widened and nostrils flared,  he stepped away from me and ran a hand through his hair.  I didn’t say anything as he paced back and forth across his room.  “I can’t….”  he said and my heart dropped.  I wanted him to.  He kept shaking his head and repeated, “I can’t”.  I felt the tears come along with embarrassment.  I didn’t think I could survive being rejected by Cian again.  I needed to go to my house before I started crying in front of him.  I got up and walked towards the door, determined to avoid anymore confrontation.  Before I got to the door, Cian slammed his fist into the wall by my face.  I yelped and stumbled back.  He looked so conflicted, it made my chest hurt.  I ran my finger along his nose, hoping it would help erase his worry lines. He rested his forehead against mine and closed his eyes.  He supported himself against the wall with one hand and grabbed my hip with his other hand.  His breath came in shudders but he started to relax with each passing second.  “I’m sorry,” he mumbled, when he finally composed himself.

“It’s ok,”  I whispered to him.  I wanted to take his pain away and ease his mind.

Cian shook his head and opened his eyes.  I was shocked that they were just as dark as before.  “It’s not, though.”  He took a deep breath.  “I can’t do this if it’s just one time.  It nearly broke me last time.  Don’t give this to me if you’re going to take it back.”  Relief flooded every ounce of my body.

“This is what I want,”  I told him, again.

He mumbled, “fuck yes” before devouring my mouth with his.  He was as frantic as before, gripping every place he could touch.  He ground himself into my stomach and I gasped.  I did that to him.  Cian pulled away just long enough to pull my shirt over my head.  His hands found my breasts then.  He pulled away again and walked to his bed, he sat down and pulled me between his legs.  He ran his thumb over my nipple.  “I didn’t get to enjoy these last time.”  He pulled my other nipple into his mouth and sucked before biting down gently.  Every nerve ending in my body came to life.  That, right there, with him, was exactly what I had been made for.  “Shorts off now,”  He commanded without stopping his assault on my body.  I shimmied out of the too small shorts as quickly as possible, fumbling gracelessly because Cian wouldn’t let go of me.  When they were off, Cian gently pushed me onto the bed.  I supported myself on my elbows, my knees bent.  “Open your legs for me.”  I didn’t hesitate.  He licked his lips and quickly opened his jeans just enough to grip his cock in his fist.  My mouth watered.  I wanted to taste him.  Cian grinned his cocky grin.  “Not tonight, chuisle.”  My heart overflowed with joy at the sound of his old nickname for me.  But, I pouted that I couldn’t taste him and he crawled onto the bed, hovering over me.  

Cian pulled me into another kiss while he gently caressed my inner thigh.  His knuckles barely brushed my outer lips and I was overwhelmed with so many feelings.  I was desperate for him, begging for him to touch me.  He chuckled, “so needy.”  I whimpered and pushed my hips into his hand.  Finally, he pressed his thumb onto my clit and rubbed circles with just enough pressure to make me want more.  “Jesus, fuck, you’re wet.”  He slid first one, then a second finger inside me, keeping his thumb on my clit the whole time.  Cian nipped at my neck just as he found that sweet spot inside of me.  He alternated between rubbing my clit and my g spot.  Cian consumed everything, every bit of me.  “Come for me?”  I knew I’d get there that time.  A few more passes of his fingers and I screamed his name as pleasure ripped through my body.  I was never able to make myself feel that way.  Every orgasm from then on was going to be from him.  

Cian quickly pushed his pants off and climbed over me.  “Ok?”  I nodded and tried to pull him closer to me.  Cian chuckled again and eased himself inside of me.  I groaned with relief.  Cian placed a kiss on my chin and moved slowly.  I arched my back, trying to get him closer, in anyway that I could.  Cian grabbed my legs to wrap them around his hips, it changed my position just enough that he hit my g spot with every thrust and made me see stars.  I kept kissing any inch of him that I could reach, he tasted so good.  Cian started to thrust quicker, getting me closer and closer to coming again.  My orgasm crashed into me without any warning that time.  I dug my nails into Cian’s shoulder and clenched my thighs together.  Cian groaned loudly and dropped his head to my shoulder.

Cian kept his weight off me while we tried to catch our breath.  He rubbed his hand up and down my side, prolonging the effects of my orgasm.  Once he’d caught his breath he pulled out and went to the bathroom.  I felt so empty without him.  I craved him.  He came back with a warm washcloth and cleaned me up.  

After Cian threw the washcloth in the laundry he came and laid next to me, rubbing soft circles on my scalp.  “So….”  Cian broke the silence.  “We should probably talk.”


Submitted: July 25, 2017

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It's so easy for them I bet if they had just remained friendly growing up they would have just fallen together like a pair of puzzle pieces. Nice work :)

Sun, July 30th, 2017 11:48am


Thanks. Cian overthinks things too much. I blame him.

Sun, July 30th, 2017 7:02am


the sexual tension was too much at a point. if they hadn't let it out, they'd both go crazy. lol

Sun, July 30th, 2017 9:15pm


I can't even imagine the tension getting much worse. lol

Mon, July 31st, 2017 3:44am

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