Chapter 2: (v.2) Ch. 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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The next few years went by quickly.  I kept myself extremely busy with school.  It was the end of senior year and I had dreamed of going to NYU since I was little and I had every intention of making it there; after a semester off to work and get some much needed money.  I needed to make sure my high school resume was mind blowing.  I played volleyball, did cheerleading for football, worked on the school newspaper and yearbook, took AP courses, held office in NHS, and was the student council secretary.  Jordyn frequently told me I took on too much, but I wanted to stay busy.  

It was also pretty super that I didn’t have to deal with Cian.  He was so motivated to get his bachelor’s degree that he stayed at school even during breaks so that he could get extra courses in.  When he did come home for Christmas, I would just avoid him like the plague.  Which wasn’t hard because I spent most of my time at Jordyn’s house.  That was entirely normal for us.  We were usually at each other’s house.  Since Cian had done an accelerated schedule that meant he was coming home early.  Xander said Cian had made some plans to start a business or something in music or….something.  I wasn’t entirely sure and I didn’t really care.  That meant that my days of easy avoidance were coming to an end.  I was not at all happy about that.

I had too much to think about to worry about Cian.  Prom was quickly approaching and the cute boy, Aaron, that I’d been dating was taking me.  I had every intention of having sex with him that night.  I knew it sounded cliche, mostly because Jordyn told me how cliche it was, but I didn’t care.  Aaron was a typical all American boy.  He was on the football team with Xander, so Xander approved.  He thought I wouldn’t date someone if he didn’t ok it first, I thought he was cute that he was that delusional.  Aaron was also in a lot of my classes and did the yearbook with me.  It felt natural being with him.  I was excited to have someone that wanted me.

Jordyn and I went to got our hair done and came home to do each other’s makeup.  Jordyn had worn a red, A-line dress with beading around the neck line and a slit half way up her thigh.  I had a cream, lace, mermaid cut dress with a keyhole neckline.  The dress cost half my savings, but it was perfect.  I was sure Aaron would love it even though it really only mattered how much I loved it, and I did.  I felt beautiful in it.  

Xander and I had planned to go together, but when Aaron asked me he decided to take Jordyn.  She had planned on going alone, to show her independence, that she didn’t need a man.  I rolled my eyes at her and told her we were all going together.  “Damn!”  Xander boomed, as Jordyn and I came down the stairs.  “My bitches be sexy.”

“Ew, Xan.  That is so sexist.”  Jordyn said.

Xander looked thoroughly admonished.  “Oh, sorry.  I mean my bitches be beautiful?”  Jordyn groaned, clearly annoyed with Xander, then playfully punched him in the arm.  He grabbed her and gave her a sloppy kiss on the cheek, then turned and gave me one too.  “Seriously, though, you two look amazing.”

Aaron arrived a few minutes later and he looked so handsome.  He wore a simple black tuxedo, but he wore it really well.  He smiled at me and gave me a corsage with a blush colored rose.  I saw the one Xander gave Jordyn.  It was a red rose dipped in black.  It was perfect for Jordyn.  Our mothers fawned over all of us while they took about a million photos each.  After we finally got them to stop with the photos and the poses, we piled into the limousine our parents rented for us.  

I curled into Aaron’s side as we drove to the reception hall.  Xander had brought an mp3 player so he put on his favorite playlist and blared the music.  I grabbed Aaron and pulled him down so I could talk in his ear.  “He’s kind of obnoxious sometimes.”

Aaron nodded as he laughed.  “He’s like this during football too.  Pisses Coach off to no end.”




The hall was breathtaking.  The theme had been “Je t’aime”.  The ceiling and walls were covered in twinkling, white lights.  A replica of the Eiffel Tower drew attention from anywhere in the hall.  The table sides were covered with white organza and flowers.  Silver and gold balloons were all over the floor.  The music was quiet, smooth jazz playing in preparation of dinner.  We found a table and sat down.  Xander and Aaron started talking about football so, Jordyn and I decided to walk around the hall.  Since there wasn’t a line for pictures yet, we got ours taken with the Eiffel Tower in the background.  After we finished, we sat down to eat.

Hardly anyone said a word during dinner.  We just wanted the dancing to start.  Finally, the DJ announced the first dance.  Jordyn and I got up and started dancing with some of the other girls in our class.  I kept noticing Amber looking over at Xander.  I smacked Jordyn for her to look.  She shrugged.  “If Xander is going to make stupid decisions, you’re going to have to let him.  You can’t make everyone do what you think is best.”  I scowled.  I’d be damned before Xander did anything with Amber and I was going to tell him so.  “Oh, no!  Margo, don’t.”  I heard Jordyn call after me.

I plopped down in the seat next to Xander.  “Aaron said he was going to the bathroom.”

“Ok, that’s nice.  I wanted to talk to you,”  I replied.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and smiled at me.  “Cause you love me?”

“Of course I love you.”  I giggled.  “But listen, I really don’t think Amber is a good choice for you.”

Xander looked confused and looked around as if he would find answers somewhere in the room.  “I’m….”, he hesitated.  “I’m honestly not sure what to say here.”

I sighed.  “I don’t think you should be with Amber.”

“I’m not,”  Xander replied, still looking pretty confused.  “I made out with her for a few minutes a couple years ago, but I have no intention of starting anything with her.  Ever.  Where is this coming from?”

I felt better knowing that he didn’t have any plans to do anything with Amber.  I couldn’t explain it, I just knew she would be trouble.  “I just think you can do better.”

“Oh, yeah,”  Xander started in a horrible English accent.  “Like the Queen of England.”

I laughed, “Or, you know, someone your age.”

Xander nodded just as Jordyn collapsed in the chair next to me.  “Whew”, she whistled.  “I killed it out there.”

“Yeah, you did.”  Xander said, blowing her a kiss.  She laughed and gulped down a whole glass of water.

A set of slow songs started and Xander stood up and offered me his arm.  “What are you doing?  Jordyn is your date.”

“Yeah, but Jordyn is currently dying and slow dancing is my wheelhouse.”  I accepted his hand, kissed Jordyn on the cheek, and laid my head on Xander’s chest.

“Is Aaron still in the bathroom?”  I asked, mildly concerned.

Xander shrugged.  “I guess so.  You probably don’t want to be near him if that’s the case.”

I gave him a dirty look.  “I just want to make sure he’s ok.”  Xander shrugged again and pulled me back into him.  We swayed slowly to the music.  I loved him.  He felt safe and warm and he smelled like cedar.  When the song ended, Jordyn tapped me on the shoulder.

“I want a dance with my date,”  she said, giving Xander a playful, sexy smile.

I backed off and decided I’d go check on Aaron to make sure he was ok.  If he needed to leave, I’d go with him to make sure he made it safely.  There were red plush chairs near the bathrooms, so I sat in one and waited for him to come out.  Several more minutes passed and I began to get really worried.  Just as I stood up to look around, I heard a noise coming from what looked like a storage closet.  I opened the door and my stomach dropped to the floor.  Aaron had Amber against the wall, her dress pushed up around her waist, making it difficult for them to do what they were trying to do.  “Ugh, get out,”  Amber yelled.  Aaron looked up and saw me staring at them with my jaw open in shock.  He clearly didn’t care, he kept up what he was doing, not showing an ounce of remorse at all.

I stumbled back and slammed the door.  I couldn’t breathe.  The air was too thick, the lights were too bright, and the music was too loud.  I walked out onto the balcony, the breeze off the lake opening up my lungs.  I had to leave.  I couldn’t stay there and wait for them to finish and act like it was perfectly acceptable.  I ran back through the hall and out the door.  It was late and dark and I wasn’t sure exactly where I was or where I needed to go.  I just needed to get away.  

It wasn’t like we were serious, but I was sure he liked me.  Was I just a way for him to get to be with her?  Did he not think I’d have sex, so he took what he could get?  It made me sick to think I would’ve had sex with him when he clearly cared so little about me.  Why didn’t anyone think I was worth it?  That line of thinking brought me back to Cian.  The first boy ever to show me I wasn’t good enough.  My heart broke just a little bit more.  I didn’t think I was ugly.  Plain, maybe.  I guess guys just wanted loose, sexy women and I just wasn’t one.  

That’s when the tears came.  That’s also the same time I gave up on my heels.  I kept tripping and twisting my ankles in my haste.  I took them off and continued walking barefoot.  I had no idea where I was and my dumb ass had left all my stuff at the reception hall.  That made the tears come even faster.  Not only was I unappealing, I was also stupid, clumsy, and emotional.  It was no wonder no one wanted me.  

It hadn’t bothered me much before.  I was busy with school.  Too concerned with paving the way for a good future to worry about dating people.  But it didn’t escape my attention that Jordyn was always asked out every other weekend or that half our class had coupled up.  I was ready to try the whole romance thing, just no one wanted to try it with me.  I knew I was being irrational, but self pity was a powerful beast.

I stopped walking and looked around.  I still had no clue where I was and it didn’t look like much was open.  I knew the reception hall wasn’t too far from our neighborhood.  I just had to find a phone to call my parents.  A storm was coming.  I could smell the rain and feel the electricity in the air.  I became even more frustrated.  Being stuck in a storm was exactly what I needed.

I wasn’t sure how long I’d been walking but my legs hurt and the bottoms of my feet had gotten cut up.  I felt exhausted, all the events from the last few days catching up with me all at once.  I still hadn’t found anywhere to make a phone call and I was beginning to lose hope that I would. I cursed myself for being stupid enough to leave prom without telling anyone or grabbing my things.

I heard the chug-a-lug of an old car coming up behind me.  Relief flooded through me, until the thought that the person was a serial killer crossed my mind.  The panic came back, doubled.  The old beater pulled up beside me and I watched the owner crank the window down manually.  I bent down and peaked inside.  Cian.  I would’ve been happier to see a serial killer.  “What do you want,”  I snapped and continued walking.

“Everyone is worried about you,”  Cian yelled.  “Xan and Jordyn came home worried as hell because they couldn’t find you when the dance was over.  They were hoping you’d come home.  When you weren’t home everyone called you, but you didn’t answer.”  Of course I didn’t answer.  I kept limping along.  Cian kept talking.  “So then Xander drove back to the reception hall where he found your stuff but no you.  Our moms stayed home and everyone else went out looking for you.  What the fuck were you thinking?”

Cian was the last person I wanted to see and definitely the last person I wanted to talk to.  “I was thinking I wanted to enjoy a nice stroll.”

He mumbled something I couldn’t quite make out, then continued yelling at me.  “Yeah, it looks like you’re enjoying your walk with all that limping.”  I ignored him.  “Listen, our parents are going to gut me if I come home without you.”

I stopped walking and looked at him.  “Then I won’t need to deal with you any more.”

Cian smacked his steering wheel and sped off.  I heard his tires squeal as he turned sharply and watched as he drove back to me.  I was momentarily afraid I had finally pushed him too far and he was going to run me over.  But that was absurd.  He slammed on the brakes just inches in front of me.  I watched as he savagely stomped out of his car and slammed the door.  “God damn it, get in the fucking car.  There’s a storm coming.”  The Irish brogue he got from his parents became much more evident when he was angry.

“I quite enjoy walking in the rain.  Thank you.”  I said, snottily.

“Mmhm,”  Cian mumbled.  “Well, you’re going the wrong way if you want to go home.”

I felt slightly defeated, but I didn’t want him to know that.  “I don’t want to go home.”

I heard his heavy footfalls behind me.  “Oh, then where are you going?”

“None of your business.”  He grabbed my hand.  “No!  I don’t want to get in your car.”

“I don’t give a flying fuck what you want.  This is supposed to be a bad storm and as much joy as the image of you floundering in flooded streets brings me, I can’t actually leave you here,”  Cian ground out and picked me up over his shoulder.  He put me down to open the door and I stood there, seething.  As if the situation couldn’t get any worse, I felt a huge raindrop plop onto my cheek.  I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to win that fight, but I wasn’t going to go down easily.  “See, now?  The storm is here!  Get in!”

“You don’t get to tell me what to do, Cian,”  I screamed.  I really just wanted one thing to go my way that night.  I saw his eyes flash and I knew I had pushed him too far that time.  I still had some fight left in me, though.  The rain started to come down harder and there was a flash of lightning in the distance.  I felt overwhelmed and heated and so desperate for….anything, all my emotions boiled up and turned into anger at Cian.  With all my rage and all my strength I went to slap Cian, but he was too fast for me and he grabbed my wrist.  That just pissed me off even more and I tried to slap him with the other hand, but he stopped that too.

Cian shook his head, angrier than I’d ever seen him.  “Uh uh.  You don’t get to hit me,”  he said, menacingly.  He kept hold of my wrists and slowly put them back at my sides.  “Are you going to get in the car now?”

Why I kept pushing him, I’ll never know.  He brought out the ugly in me.  “No,”  I said, defiantly.  I stood straight, chin held high, firm in my decision.  

The rain continued to pour harder and harder, soaking us both through completely.  Cian hadn’t let my wrists go and his eyes were dangerously dark.  The rain had matted his hair.   It dripped the  matted chunks of his bangs onto his cheeks and nose, then ran in rivers to his mouth.  He was so gorgeous.  The lightning flashed and thunder crashed and before I knew what was happening his mouth was on mine.  I wanted to touch him, so I pulled at my wrists, but he just tightened his hold on me.  I was almost certain I never wanted him to stop kissing me because it felt better than anything I’d ever felt before that moment.  His kiss was gentle but still demanding and urgent.  He carefully backed me up against his car and continued ravaging my mouth.  I was entirely overwhelmed by him.  

I kept struggling to free my hands, I wanted Cian to touch me.  He growled in frustration and broke the kiss.  I looked at him with wide eyes and parted lips.  “Stop. fucking. fighting me.”  He ground out through his teeth.  I blinked rapidly and nodded once.  I felt myself relax into him and he let go of my wrists.  With one hand he gripped my waist and with the other he grabbed my neck.  Every spot he touched or kissed felt like a small shock, jolting my consciousness further and further into him.  I kept hearing him whimper and groan.  That quickly became my new favorite sound.  He trailed kisses to my neck and nipped at my earlobe.  “Don’t tell me no.” 

I wasn’t entirely sure if Cian was asking me not to or actually demanding that from me, but it didn’t matter.  I would never say no to that man.  “I won’t.”  I somehow managed to choke out.  He pulled away briefly, just enough for me to see his cocky smirk, our noses touching.  He reached behind me and unsnapped the clasp of my dress.  Then he placed a feather light kiss on the tip of my nose.  It was pitch black, but I was sure he could see my cheeks flaming with heat.

Cian wrapped his arms around me tightly, almost too tight, and continued to kiss me.  I loved how he tasted.  Like Twizzlers and mint and something else entirely Cian.  I felt his hands at my zipper.  Even with the storm raging around us, the sound of him pulling my zipper down was deafening.  He stepped back and stared unblinking into my eyes.  I gave him a slight nod and he smirked again.  My whole body shook with nervous energy.  Cian slowly pulled my dress down, giving me plenty of time to say no.  But I couldn’t do that when his hands left fire in their wake.  My chest was tight and I could hardly breathe.  He kept his eyes on me the entire time he removed my dress.  When I finally stepped out of it, Cian tossed it to the side.  I didn’t care at all that my dress was laying in some murky, rain puddle.  

Cian knelt in front of me, silently asking if he could remove my white, lace panties.  I just wanted him to keep touching me.  It became obvious that Cian was not going to do anything to me without my explicit permission, so I nodded again.  He grabbed my panties and slowly pulled them down my legs.  I bit my bottom lip, nervous to see his reaction.  Cian ran his hands up my legs and gave me a small smile.  Not his stupid, cocky smirk but, an actual, genuine, seductive smile.  I smiled back, completely aware that I was naked and he was fully clothed.  He leaned in close and placed a soft kiss on my pubic bone.  He looked at me, his lips still touching my skin, and said, “you are so beautiful.”  I didn’t hear it, I felt it.  I felt the words reverberate throughout every inch of my body.  

I was dizzy with lust.  Cian stood up, placing kisses randomly on his way.  He wrapped my legs around his waist and walked to the front of his car, where he sat me on the hood.  I rested my feet on his bumper and watched intently as he undid his pants.  After he kicked them off, he pulled me into another kiss.  I was mildly disappointed because I wanted to see him, but quickly forgot about anything but his lips.  I frantically pulled his shirt up and over his head, hating that I had to stop kissing him even for a second.

Cian supported me on the hood of the car and gently coaxed my legs apart, once again he kept eye contact with me the whole time.  I bit my lip and nodded again.  He slowly pushed himself inside of me.  I tried to ignore the twinge of pain and focus on Cian’s warmth.  When he pushed past my barrier, he looked at me with a look of confusion.  I assumed then that he didn’t know that was my first time.  “Don’t stop.”  I encouraged him and lifted my hips.  I bit the inside of my cheek so he wouldn’t know how much that hurt.  Cian grabbed my face and kissed me, moving slowly inside of me.

Despite the pain, it felt good.  So good.  I loved how his body moved, how his arms shook with effort, how he threw his head back and groaned.  I loved how my body felt electrified, how my nerves tingled with every pass of his body, how his fingers felt digging into my hips.  I loved it all, but I couldn’t stop thinking.  Wondering if it was good for him, why he kissed me, if I was just there and he needed release.  I kept thinking about Aaron and Amber and wondering if it would’ve felt that way with him.  Hell, I even thought of the shopping list my mom had given me to do the next morning.  The most beautiful boy in the entire world was practically worshipping me and I couldn’t focus on anything which only made me frustrated with myself.  With all the thinking and emotions and pain I knew there was no way I was going to come.  “I can’t,”  I whimpered.  He knew what I meant and gave in.  He gripped my hips so hard it hurt and he bit the curve of my breast.  His groan just about shattered me.

Cian rested his head on my chest while he caught his breath.  The rain had let up slightly and the thunder rumbled in the distance.  I ran my hands through Cian’s soaked hair and just reveled in feeling him.  He kissed the place he had bitten and stood up, taking extra care as he pulled out.  I sat up and crossed my hands over my body.  Cian chuckled and laid his head back down on my raised knees.  “Damn.”  After resting for a moment, he pulled himself up and put his soaking jeans back on.  I watched him look around the car.  I had no idea what he was looking for.  He got agitated.  He grabbed his boxers and handed them to me.  “I have no idea where your underwear went.”

Oh.  That’s only a little embarrassing.  I got off the hood of Cian’s car and slipped his boxers on.  I stood there awkwardly while I watched him grab our other clothes.  When he spotted me standing awkwardly he nodded to the car, “get in.”  I wasn’t going to fight him that time, so I got in and he threw our stuff in his trunk.  Cian handed me a fuzzy, fleece blanket and helped me wrap it around myself.  He got in the car and we drove in silence for a minute.  That minute gave me plenty of time to regret what happened.  I was just his kid brother’s friend, the awkward, get-in-the-way neighbor.  We shouldn’t have let that happen.  I didn’t think I could bear seeing regret, or worse disgust, in his eyes.

“So, I”- Cian started and I turned the radio on.

“We don’t need to talk.”  I couldn’t look at him and I suddenly felt frozen to the bone.  I wrapped his blanket tighter around myself and looked out the window.  I just wanted to get home.  I wasn’t sure why he didn’t push the subject, maybe he was relieved that we weren’t talking, but he stayed quiet the entire ride home.

If I’m completely honest, it was good that Cian came to find me.  I didn’t know where we were until a few blocks from our street.  I made a mental note to learn the area better.  When we got to my house, he pulled into my driveway and turned the radio down.  Instead of listening to his speech about how what we did was wrong, I opened the door and got out.  I heard his door open. “Margo,” he called after me.  I kept marching to the house.  I’d been rejected and humiliated once that night, I didn’t need it to happen again.




As soon as I walked in the door, my parents bombarded me with their worry and their questions.  “I’m fine.  I just went for a walk and got lost.  Cian found me.”  I gave as little information as possible.  I wasn’t ready to talk about any part of the evening.  “I just really want a shower,”  I said.  I was sure I looked pitiful.  I felt pitiful.  Both my parents kissed me goodnight and sent me on my way.  I wondered if they could tell what Cian and I had done.

When I got into my room to grab my towel and pajamas I noticed the clock.  It was almost 2 am.  I sighed.  What a damn night.  Xander must have grabbed my purse from the hall because it was on my bed.  I was grateful.  I needed some Carrie Underwood.  I put my music on as quietly as I could while still being able to hear it and turned the shower on as hot as I could handle it.

I looked in the mirror before getting in the shower.  I was a wreck.  My hair had fallen out and was stringy from the rain.  My mascara had run down my cheeks.  I wasn’t sure if that was from the rain or my tears.  My cheeks were red and my lips were swollen, but other than that, I didn't look different.  I don’t know why I thought I’d look different after losing my virginity.  I didn’t even feel different.  I dropped Cian’s blanket and gasped.  I had small bruises all over my hips and waist, presumably from where Cian grabbed me and I had a huge mark where he’d bitten me.  Oddly, I felt aroused and ran my fingers over his mark.  It didn’t hurt.  There were trace amounts of blood on the inside of my thighs, but then I’d been expecting that.

I stepped in the shower and tried to rinse away the evening, at least the dance part.  Every time I touched myself I could practically see Cian touching me.  I replayed the evening over and over in my head.  If only we didn’t hate each other.  I finally got out of the shower as the water ran cold.  I dried off, put lotion on, and put on some sleep shorts and a t shirt.  

My bed called to me, begging me to come lay down.  I was all too happy to do so.  I curled into my blankets, holding onto the blanket Cian let me use.  It smelled like him, like rain and fall and everything good I’ve ever smelled.  As I drifted off to sleep, I wondered if it had all just been some crazy dream.


Submitted: July 25, 2017

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And so it begins! This is probably my favorite chapter of this story! I'm so glad you're posting on here! I hope more people read this!

Thu, July 27th, 2017 8:08pm


Thanks. It definitely seems like more people are seeing it here. This is probably my favorite chapter in this story too. I think my favorite to write is Cian's side though.

Sun, July 30th, 2017 4:41am


Enjoying this, good job getting my attention.

Fri, July 28th, 2017 1:16am


Thanks. :)

Sun, July 30th, 2017 4:42am


Well, you do have a way of capturing your reader's attention. The miscommunication between these two is alarming. This will be a very hectic ride. I'm sure. I'm hooked. When will the next update be?

Fri, July 28th, 2017 12:52pm


I have this whole story already written because I was posting on a different site. I'm probably going to post one chapter a day or so. I'm working on Cian's version of this story now.

Sun, July 30th, 2017 4:43am


Cain really likes her. It seems like after that heated sex in the rain, she can't stop thinking about him. But what about Aaron? Great chapter hun.

Sun, August 13th, 2017 3:44am


Thank you, dear!

Sun, August 13th, 2017 2:12am

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