Chapter 3: (v.3) Ch. 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Margo, on the other hand, was not done fighting.  Although she was a completely willing participant in the kissing, she continued to try her best to take control of the situation.  That shit wasn’t going to happen.  I finally had her where I’d always wanted her and she wasn’t going to take what I wanted from me.  “Stop.  Fucking.  Fighting me.”

I knew the moment she gave me the control.  Her lips parted and she went limp in my arms, letting me take what I needed from her.  The music in my head turned quick and urgent, high staccato notes rang out.

“Don’t tell me no,” I begged.  I needed to know that she was with me, that she was ok with anything we did.  I may have needed to control what we did, but she was entirely in control of the whole situation.  I didn’t realize until much later that she had always controlled me.  I had been her puppet from the moment I first looked into her blue eyes.

“I won’t,” she whimpered.  I pulled back to make sure she was really ok.  Lust that rivaled my own reflected in her eyes.  I smirked, then kissed her perfect nose.  I held her close and she buried her hands in my hair.  The feel of her nails on my scalp drove me insane.

I pulled back, not able to last another minute without seeing her.  I pulled her dress down but made sure to keep eye contact.  It was all about her.  I knelt on the ground in front of her and helped her step out of her dress.  Although she looked beautiful in it, I was happy to see it gone.  I wrapped my fist around her virginal panties, anxious for them to join her dress.  When Margo nodded, I slid them down her legs, the silkiness of her skin throwing wood on an already out of control fire.

The glimpse I had gotten of Margo when we were younger was nothing like seeing her beautiful, wet, and naked in front of me as a woman.  Her hips had widened, her breasts had grown fuller, her body was soft, and she was mine.  Even if it was only for those few moments, she was mine.  I wanted to worship her, bend her to my will, make her scream my name.  I pressed my lips to her pubic bone.  “You are so beautiful,” I whispered into her skin.

Each different part of Margo had it’s own unique taste.  I wanted to experience and memorize each one, but knew we didn’t have time for that.  I stood up and carried her to my car where I placed her on the hood.  She wrecked me.  I had been a fool to think I could ever want anyone other than her.  The girl fucking owned me.

I wanted to make that moment last forever, I wanted to make sure it was good for her.  The likelihood that we’d ever have sex after that was slim, I wasn’t ignorant.  

If I had known what sex with Margo would feel like I never would have wasted my time on another woman.  I would have gladly waited for that moment.  I leaned over her, her legs bent at my sides.  She was hot and tight and made just for me.  I pushed inside her slowly, knowing I’d be done before I even started if I didn’t take my time.  I wanted to memorize every expression Margo made.  That is, until it suddenly became easier to move inside her and her face contorted in pain.  

I was certain I had just taken her virginity, but there was no way I could stop, I was lost in everything Margo, but guilt flooded me.  I took something special from her, something that didn’t belong to me.  She was sweet and innocent and I didn’t deserve anything she offered me.

I kissed her, desperate to make it good for her.  There was no way I could hold on much longer, ten years of lust culminated in that one moment.  I kept eye contact with Margo, but I could tell her head wasn’t with me.  I couldn’t tell where she was, but it wasn’t in that moment.  “I can’t,” she whispered against my lips.  I couldn’t hold out any longer.  My entire world broke away and it was just Margo.  That was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had.  I bit into her cleavage to keep from screaming too loudly.  I rested my head on her chest and tried to catch my breath.  Margo scratched my head while I recovered.  I kissed the place I’d bitten her to apologize and slowly pulled out of her.  I wanted to weep at the loss of her heat; I never wanted to be anywhere but with her.

I gathered our clothes and told her to get in the car.  That was the first time she ever did something I asked her to do without turning it into an argument.  She couldn’t put on her wet dress and she couldn’t walk around naked, so I pulled out my favorite blanket from the trunk of my car and handed it to her.

I turned on the heat in the car as soon as I got in.  I tried to gather my thoughts.  I wanted her, all of her, for as long as she’d let me.  I knew that had always been true, but it was clear as glass in that moment.  For all my fighting to keep her safe from me, I still ended up ruining her.  I couldn’t pretend it didn’t happen, I couldn’t pretend it wasn’t the single best moment of my life, and I couldn’t go back in time to change it, even if I wanted to.  I knew fighting the spell she cast on me was pointless.  

I wanted to apologize for my behavior.  Even though it was the best night of my life, I shouldn’t have treated her so poorly.  As soon as I opened my mouth to speak, she shot me down.  I was sure she thought it was a mistake, but I needed to make sure she was ok.  I conceded to not talk right then and I turned on the radio.

Margo practically ran from the car before I had a chance to talk to her and she ignored me calling after her.  I sighed and grabbed our dirtied clothes from my trunk.  “Thanks for calling, fucker.”

I shot Xander a dirty look.  “Not right now.  It’s been a fucking long ass night and she fought me the whole damn time.  Just check on her in the morning.”

My father took one look at me and smirked.  “It sure is pissing out there, eh?”  I didn’t even acknowledge him.  I was soaked, it was obvious the storm had hit.  His obvious observation pissed me off.  He followed me down the stairs.  “Sam says he’s getting the girls location devices so this doesn’t happen again.”

I laughed, darkly.  That wasn’t such a bad idea.  I nodded to my father so he knew I heard him, but didn’t reply.  After realizing he wasn’t going to get anything out of me, he sighed and went back upstairs.

I took our clothes to the laundry room and threw mine in a laundry basket.  I kept Margo’s dress out and rinsed it with clean water and then sprayed it with a stain remover.  I spent the next few hours cleaning the dress by hand.  I had been careless enough to toss it into a puddle and she looked lovely in it; I couldn’t return the dress still soiled.  When it seemed as clean as it would get, I hung it up to dry then trudged to my room.  

I barely slept that night.  Instead I replayed each moment over and over.  Each touch, each sigh, the way her body pulled me into her, the way she tasted, the power I gained when she finally stopped fighting.  It was my new favorite movie.

After realizing I wouldn’t be getting any sleep, I made a pot of coffee and went to the music room.  I had to get the notes that played in my head the night before on paper before I forgot them.  Although, I didn’t think I’d forget anything about that night. 

I worked until my fingers ached, by that time I figured Margo would be awake.  Butterflies banged around in my stomach, crashing into each other.  I had never been nervous around Margo before, but I couldn’t get my nerves under control.  I grabbed her dress and walked to her house.  “Oh, Cian.”  Nora hugged me and placed a kiss on my cheek.  “Thank you for helping us find Margo.”

“No thanks needed.”  I smiled at her, but fidgeted with my hands.  I didn’t think she’d thank me if she knew what I had done to her daughter before I brought her home.  “Can I go talk to her?”

Nora waved me off into the direction of Margo’s room.  I felt like I was going to be sick, my nerves were on overdrive.  Margo told me to come in after I knocked.  She looked so beautiful, even in pajamas and obviously not caring how she looked.  I wanted her again.  I tried to hide the hurt I felt when she looked disappointed to see me.  I held up her dress, showing her my reason for bothering me.  “I just wanted to bring your dress back to you.”

“Oh,” Margo nodded.  “Ok, thanks.”  She kept looking at me like I had two heads. 

I sat on her bed and ignored her snotty attitude and the visions of tying her to her headboard.  “I also wanted to check on you.”  I hated the idea that I hurt her in any way, I wanted to make it up to her.  

“I’m fine,” she snapped.  Clearly, she wasn’t fine.  She threw the blanket I had wrapped her in at me.  “Thanks for letting me borrow this.”

I groaned inwardly.  She was making the situation harder than I had anticipated.  I knew she hated me, but surely we could have an adult conversation.  “But last night was a big deal.  I had no idea you were still a virgin.  If I’d known-”

“You wouldn’t have done that,” she cut me off.  

I absolutely would have, I just would have taken extra time and care.  I would have made made sure she had a fucking orgasm. “No, I think I was too far gone to turn back.  I would’ve tried to make sure it was better for you.”

Margo turned her attention back to the book she had been reading when I came in.  She never had a knack for acting and she couldn’t hide how the situation affected her.  “It was fine for me.”

I rolled my eyes and frowned at her.  The girl was so damn hard headed.  “Ok, great, but we should still talk about-”

“There’s nothing to talk about.”  She cut me off again, which began to really irritate me.

We had a lot to talk about and I was determined to get her to open up.  “I think there is.”

Margo’s irritation started showing on her face.  Her eyes narrowed, her lips got thin.  “Fine.  Then, how was your first time?”

I groaned.  I should have just let it go.  I should have left her dress with her mom and not bothered her.  I didn’t want to talk about my first time, I didn’t want her to remember those rumors about me.  “I can’t remember it.  I went to a party with my friends, got really, really wasted, and had sex.  I only remember blurry flashes.  I don’t even know who the girl was.”  She looked at me the same way she did in high school.  I felt sick to my stomach.  I had been ashamed of myself since it happened and her disgust brought all that shame back to the surface. 

“Ok, the first time that you do remember,” she asked.  That was a slap to the face.

I sighed and hoped that if I opened up to her, she would open up to me.  “It was ok.  It lasted about 5 seconds and it was just incredibly awkward, but there was an orgasm, so….”  I shrugged.  Although, Penny and I had a fun relationship, the first time we had sex was borderline embarrassing.

Margo was not impressed with my admission, she looked rather bored.  “Well, that’s nice.  But last night was fine, you were fine, and I’m fine now.  So if that’s all you wanted, feel free to go.”  She waved at the door, signaling she wanted me to leave.

Anger burned my insides.  I wanted to be there for her and talk to her and make everything ok and she blew me off.  “Always the bitch, I see.”  Regardless of how angry I felt, I did want to please her.  I wanted her.  “By the way, I owe you an orgasm.”  I hadn’t meant for those words to come out of my mouth and I was slightly mortified.  

She sputtered and huffed at me.  “Just get the hell out of my room.”  She wadded up my blanket and tossed it at my head.  “Take this, too.”

I stormed out of her house. That girl could piss me off quicker than anyone else.  Every time she made me angry I would think of new ways to get her to submit and keep her from talking back.  That type of thinking is what got me in that situation to begin with.

I wasn’t looking where I was walking and bumped right into Xander.  “Jesus, your face looks like a well slapped ass.  What’s got you so pissed off,” Xander asked when he saw my face.

I shook my head, still seething.  “Your friend is a raving bitch.”

Xander groaned.  He hated the rivalry between Margo and I.  He got put in the middle frequently and it tore him apart.  “Can’t you two at least pretend to be nice?”

“Fuck that.  I did.”  I ran my hand through my hair.  “I’m fucking done.”  I continued to walk away, but heard Xander curse under his breath.

I went to my piano and banged out a tune.  It was disconnected with mismatched chords and jumbled notes.  The girl had me so pissed off I could hardly see straight.  I felt completely wrecked.  I didn’t know how to feel, what to think, which way was up or down.  Was it ok for me to want her?  She was of age and the age difference between us wasn’t as big of a deal as it had been.  I was sure our parents would be happy.  Even though Xander protested, I still thought there was something between them, though.  I didn’t want to get in the way of my brother’s or Margo’s happiness.  I still planned to move away and Margo had school to go to.  And we couldn’t seem to get along for more than a few minutes.  Maybe I was done fighting against the feelings I had, but it was still probably best that we not get involved.  

My heart sank a little with that knowledge.  I finally got what I wanted, but I wasn’t allowed to keep it.  I switched from playing the angry melody in my mind to “Hallelujah”.  I loved that song and so often I could relate to it.  I played it a few different ways before deciding I liked the more classical style in that moment.  When I finished the song, I heard someone clear their throat.  Margo shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot.  “Hi.”

“Hi?”  I raised an eyebrow.  Sarcasm came naturally whenever Margo and I would talk.

Margo walked closer to me and my heart sped up.  “I guess, if you want, we can talk.”  She shrugged and looked at the ground.  

Well, damn.  She never did like admitting defeat.  Her discomfort amused me.  I was pretty sure that she took pride in acting like a bitch towards me, it was quite rewarding to see her sucking it up.

“I’m sorry for being rude earlier.  I actually really appreciate what you did for me.”  My jaw must have hit the floor.  An apology too?  

I decided honesty would get the best response, even though I desperately wanted to tease her.  “I was happy to help you.  Why were you acting like that?”  She had been a bitch for years, if this was the one time she was going to be civil, then I wanted answers.  

Margo bit her lip and thought for a moment.  “I wasn’t sure where your head was and it was easier to be cruel than to talk about it.”

“That explains this morning, but you’ve been a bitch for years.” I tapped a couple random keys on the piano, but I didn’t miss the glare from Margo.

“That’s pretty rude,” she spat at me.

I shrugged.  “It’s the truth.”  

Surely she knew she acted horribly.  “I was crazy about you when we were younger.”  I was all too familiar with those feelings.  I was crazy about her, too.  Her voice soothed the ache inside my chest.  “I just thought you were the greatest thing since peanut butter and jelly.  And then one day you just stopped caring about me.  And that crushed me, so I decided to hate you instead.”

My heart fractured.  It hadn’t occurred to me that I had been the reason she had acted so hateful.  When I thought about it, I could understand where she came from.  I was a huge, fucking idiot.  “Sure, that makes sense.”

“Well, it did at the time.”  Her nose crinkled just lightly when she smiled.  I kept staring.  I didn’t know what else to say.  My staring must have made her uncomfortable because she kept switching from foot to foot.  “I’m gonna go.”

Panic welled up inside me. I didn’t want to watch her leave.  She had been honest, but I had left so much unsaid.  “Wait.”  She deserved to know the truth.  At least part of the truth. “In the spirit of full disclosure, I should be honest.”  She silently raised an eyebrow and waited for me to continue.  “When we were little, I started thinking about kissing you.  It wasn’t sexual at the time, but I still knew they weren’t thoughts I should have been having.  A few years later they did become sexual and that was when I decided I needed to stay away from you.  I never stopped caring about you, though.  I was always too aware of you.”

“How’d that work out?”  Margo’s cheeks turned bright red.  

An unexpected laugh burst from me.  It hadn’t worked at all.  “Uh, well, we had sex last night, so not exactly as planned,” I chuckled, quietly.  “And you were still the star in most of my masturbatory fantasies.”  I couldn’t believe I said those words out loud.  Apparently, I had lost any brain filter.  Instant regret and shame.  “Um, that wasn’t supposed to come out of my mouth.  Let’s forget I ever said that.”  The knowledge that I had hurt her would haunt me forever.  I tried to stay away from her so nothing bad would happen, but staying away had been the worst thing I could’ve done. “I never meant to hurt you.  I didn’t know what else to do at the time.  Then you started treating me shitty.  That honestly helped me keep my distance.”

Margo humphed.  “So basically, this whole hating each other mess was just a really horrible misunderstanding.”

I chuckled even though the situation wasn’t funny at all.  “Yep. A really, horrible, dirty, misunderstanding.”

“You were probably on to something back then.  Doing this-“ Margo motioned between us.  “That’s not a good idea.”

I didn’t think my heart could break much more than it had earlier, but I had been wrong.  Maybe we could finally be friends again, though.  “Yeah, you’re right.  But we can call off the war, yeah?”  Margo giggled quietly, the sound going straight to my cock, as always.  I held out my hand while I tried to ignore my growing erection.  “Truce?”

She bit her lip then took my hand.  Electricity pulsed throughout my body and I very, nearly moaned from the pleasure.  Margo pulled her hand away much too soon for my liking.  “Mmhm, truce.”

“Girl talk over?”  How had Xander snuck up on me?  He was huge and loud and stood much taller than Margo, whom he stood behind.

I turned back to my piano and played quietly so I wouldn’t disrupt their conversation.  My head snapped back to them when I heard Xander say something about skinny dipping.  I was all too ready to see Margo naked again, but the thought of Xander seeing her naked made me want to throat punch him.  When Xander turned to leave, Margo turned to me with a radiant smile.  “He’s so stupid.”

He sure as shit was.  “Pretty much.”  I wanted to make her smile the way Xander made her smile.  I decided I would definitely throat punch him. 

I watched Margo leave and longed to follow her.  I laid my head on my piano.  Ignoring Margo didn’t work.  Fucking Margo didn’t work.  Getting along with Margo didn’t work.  I was so fucked.  

I put on my swim trunks and went out to the pool.  Xander was already out there, so I dove in.  Under the guise of a friendly, brotherly fight, I got my throat punch in.  

“What the fuck,” Xander said horsely, holding his throat.  

I smirked.  “Sorry, it was an accident.”

My mother cornered me in the music room later that night.  Not that I had been trying to avoid her, but she seemed extra schemey.  She sat down all ladylike and rested her hands in her lap.  I squinted at her.  Something was up.  “What’s up, mom?”

“Well, a lot of your high school friends are starting to pair off and get married,” she began.  Her need to be a grandmother started to get the best of her.  “I have a good friend and her daughter is just about your age.  I thought it might be nice if you took her out.”

I groaned.  I knew all her friends and none had daughters my age, so I didn’t know who she was talking about.  She probably made a friend just to set me up.  “Mom, I’m not looking for anything right now.”  Mostly because I knew what I wanted and I didn’t think that would change.  My mother pouted.  I rolled my eyes.  “Fine.”  My shoulders sagged as I gave in.  “But only for ice cream.”

“Oh, you’ll just love her.  She is so sweet.  The perkiest little thing you'd ever meet.”  My mother kept going on and on about this girl while writing something on a sheet of music.  “Here.”  Her phone number.  “Call her now.”  I dropped onto my piano bench.  My mother was truly conniving.  

I made a date with the girl, Valerie, that my mother set me up with, for a few days later.  I picked her up and we went to the ice cream joint nearby.  She was pretty, but she wasn’t Margo.  It got significantly worse when she opened her mouth.  Valerie was most definitely peppy like my mother had mentioned.  So peppy, in fact, that she just gushed about anything and everything.  I couldn’t get a word in and my head began to pound.  

As if the date couldn’t get worse, Margo, Jordyn, and Xander showed up.  Jordyn whispered to Margo, then she looked my way.  I caught the hurt look on Margo’s face before she turned away from me.  Why was she upset?  Was she jealous?  Could she possibly want me as much as I wanted her?  My inner monologue drowned out Valerie’s own monologue.

After they had gotten their order, Xander led them to where Valerie and I sat.  I was both happy and terrified by that.  Happy for anything to make the date end fast and terrified that Margo would sick her guard dog on me.  I liked my balls firmly attached to my body, but I had no doubt Jordyn would rip them right off if Margo gave the slightest signal.  Even though Margo and I had agreed to be friends, I knew how fiercely Jordyn and Margo protected each other.  I once saw Margo slap a boy across the face because he called Jordyn a whore.  I was certain Jordyn had done worse to defend Margo’s honor.

Margo gave me a smile, but it was clearly forced.  Jordyn glared at me.  Xander hit on my date, which I didn’t care about.  I doubted he had meant it to be anything other than friendly, he tended to flirt with everyone, but he could have had her if he wanted.  “Hey, who wants to come back to our place and swim for a bit?”

“That would be so much fun,” Valerie chimed in, her voice making my ears ring.  I cringed and glared at Xander.  I just wanted the date to end.  

Once we all made it back to my parents’ house, Jordyn and Margo took Valerie to change while I cornered Xander.  “Dude!”

“What?”  He looked at me innocently, clearly completely ignorant to what he had done.

I leaned in close so that no one else heard.  “You invited her back here.”  Xander continued to look as if he had no idea what was going on.  “I don’t like her.  I wanted the date to end.”

Xander shrugged.  “You guys looked like you were having fun.”

“I wasn’t,” I said through gritted teeth.  “Make it right.”

Xander rolled his eyes and greeted the girls as they came into the backyard.  Valerie kept flirting with me and touching me, I wanted her to just leave.  

Margo sat on the edge of the pool watching everyone else have fun.  That was very unlike her, she was always the first one in the pool and the last one out.  When she got up, I excused myself to go to the bathroom and waited for her.  “Oh, sorry,” she said, bumping into me and avoiding eye contact.

“Hey, I actually want to talk.”  I grabbed her hand to keep her from leaving.

Margo pulled her hand back, but faced me.  “What, Cian?”

I glanced at her lips and wanted so badly to take her against the wall, but I resisted.  I was pretty sure my mother wouldn’t be happy if she saw me molest the neighbor with a date outside.  “Valerie and I aren’t together.  My mom guilted me into taking her out,” I explained.

Margo nodded and crossed her arms.  “Ok, that’s really nice, but you don’t need to explain anything to me.  You can date whoever you want.”  She turned on her heel and walked away.  I leaned against the wall and sighed.  Whenever it seemed like I made any progress getting Margo to open up to me, something happened to shut it down.  

I spent the rest of the evening trying to keep Valerie’s hands off me.  When I dropped her off that night, I explained that nothing would be happening between us.  I couldn’t be with another woman if I only thought about Margo, even if she didn’t want me.

I knew Margo had been avoiding me all week, so I was looking forward to spending time with her.  A family cookout was the perfect excuse.  Jordyn suggested we play Euchre, which we always did.  Even when Margo and I hated each other, we would all play because you needed four players.  Margo and Jordyn were always partners when we played.  That worked for me, since Xander and I had a system for winning.  Jordyn smugly sat herself next to Xander which meant that Margo had to sit next to me.  She plopped herself down with a sigh.  She had on huge sunglasses that looked too big for her face, but somehow looked perfect on her.  Despite the fact that the sunglasses hid her face, I could still see her roll her eyes.

Margo’s body heat radiated off her and practically burned me.  It drove me crazy.  I didn’t know how much longer I could stand being around her without touching her.  I pressed my leg against hers for the sole purpose of being able to feel her a little bit.  I was intimately familiar with the way she tasted and felt and I craved more of it.  How I ever thought having her would make the need go away was beyond me.  Once wasn’t enough.  Nothing would ever be enough.

Xander and I were perfect teammates in Euchre.  We knew how to stack the deck and we had been able to develop a code to signal what cards we each had.  Plus the girls barely paid attention to the points and Xander would give us an extra one now and then.  Margo hated losing, especially when she knew she was being cheated.  She threw the last card in her hand at Xander and banged on the table.  “This is bull shit!  Can’t you guys stop cheating?”

Margo was so tempting and I couldn’t help leaning in close to get a whiff of her shampoo and tease her a little bit.  I wanted to break her and watch her fall apart underneath me.  I was fairly certain I could ignore my darker desires if I could just have her.  “I never agreed to play fair.” 

She huffed at me and blinked rapidly.  “Um, I’m, um, going to go lay down,” she stammered.  I felt smug.  “I feel kind of blah.”  Her words were slurred and she lost her balance when she stood up.  I didn’t feel as smug then.  

“Whoa, there.”  I caught her hips to keep her from falling.  A, not entirely unwanted, image of her under me bombarded my mind and I gripped her hips harder.  “Are you ok?”  Despite my inappropriate arousal, I was concerned.  Sure, she was always clumsy, but I’ve never heard her words slur and she looked awfully flushed.  I helped her walk to the door.  That didn’t make me feel any better.  I would’ve liked to have taken credit for how off she acted, but she seemed legitimately out of it.  

After watching her trudge up the stairs, I went back outside.  “What was that about,” my mother asked me.

I shrugged.  “It’s pretty warm out here, she probably hasn’t had enough water to drink.”

Nora went home to check on Margo and came back a few minutes later.  “She’s already passed out.  I didn’t take her temperature, but she felt a little warm.”

“We’ve been outside most of the day, she probably got burnt,” Jordyn said.  “She never puts on sunscreen, stupid girl.”

Everyone spent the rest of the evening having fun and joking, but my mind kept going back to Margo.  She had acted truly out of character, even for getting a little too much sun.  I worried about her the entire evening.  I even snuck away to go check on her myself.  She was flushed, but it didn’t look like any kind of sunburn I’d ever seen.  I leaned down to kiss her forehead, but pulled back quickly.  Her skin was so hot I felt like my lips had melted.  I brushed the hair away from her face.  She sighed and turned in closer to me.  Despite the fact that she continued getting hotter, I enjoyed her finding comfort in my touch.  

I reluctantly left her side and went back to our families.  I didn’t want anyone to ask questions and worry even more, so I made it look like I had only gone into my house.  No one noticed anything, except my mother.  She gave me a knowing look and I shook my head.  

We stayed outside until close to midnight.  I stayed up a little longer to write some music.  When I went to turn off my nightside table, I noticed light shining into Margo’s room.  I figured it was from the bathroom and hoped she was feeling better.

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Lena MGB

Read this chapter. Loved it! Your words compelled me to actually read every line! Normally for many works I've seen I would just scroll through to find the highlights, but I'm impressed by how you weave the narrative along with the friendship dynamics! Just added this series into my reading list!

Wed, October 18th, 2017 7:04pm


Omg. Thank you so much. Best compliment.

Wed, October 18th, 2017 4:14pm

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