Got A Hold On Me

Got A Hold On Me

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Ezekiel has a dark past and promised his best friend he wouldn't get involved with his sister. Then he met her and everything changed. ::AN:: The beginning of this book starts in 2010. Won't necessarily make a big difference, but some things might make some more sense. Also if anyone is interested in the music that moves me while I write here is a link for an Apple Music playlist:


Ezekiel has a dark past and promised his best friend he wouldn't get involved with his sister. Then he met her and everything changed.
::AN:: The beginning of this book starts in 2010. Won't necessarily make a big difference, but some things might make some more sense.

Also if anyone is interested in the music that moves me while I write here is a link for an Apple Music playlist:

Chapter35 (v.1) - You Go To My Head

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 29, 2020




My mom comes home insanely excited.  First she tells me that her agency is hosting a gala in the Twin Cities and she’s inviting everyone.  That gets me eager to go shopping with Ari.

Then her and Neil show me her engagement ring and I get just as excited as they are.  “Why was this not the first thing you told me?”

“I’d never get to the gala news if I started with this,” my mom is giddy and it’s adorable.  I dislike Neil a little less if he can make my mom smile like that.

Then, mom tells me she’s moving to Los Angeles with Neil since that’s really where the talent is and that’s where he lives most of the time.  She’s already contacted a realtor and has a ton of moving boxes.  I’m not nearly as excited as I was and I can’t help but wonder how this all happened so fast.  Then, I realize she’s been planning this for months but never thought to tell me.  Now, I’m pissed as hell.

I tell them I need to study and give more hugs and say ‘congratulations’ about twenty more times so that they don’t see how upset I am.  

As always I end up at Ezekiel’s and I’m going to him when I need something.  This is becoming a habit and I’m not sure it’s good for either of us.  

He isn’t home anyway.  Dylan is working and Ari is studying with her phone off.  I let myself in and sit on the couch in the dark and pray that Ari is the first person to come home.  I watch it get darker and darker outside even though I can’t see the sun set.  

Finally, I hear the keys jingle and Ezekiel comes in and turns the light on.  He finally notices me on the couch and shrieks while grasping his chest.  “For fuck sakes, Mellie.  Jesus, Hell.”  He pants, heavily, then starts to laugh a little.  “You can’t break into someone’s house, not tell them, and sit in the fucking dark.  What is wrong with you?”  Then he looks at me and sees I’m crying and turns sober.  “What is wrong with you,” he asks again but in a completely different way.

I sit up on the couch and wipe my face with the back of my arm.  “Nothing.”

Ezekiel looks at me like he’s already bored with this conversation and I know he is, but I also know that he can tell I’m not ready to talk.  So he gets into comfortable clothes and sits next to me.

“Why were you so late coming home today,” I ask and if the word “Ashley” comes out of his mouth I really think I might go ballistic.

“Finishing the house.  I’m going to start looking into realtors tomorrow,” he replies, calmly, but the mention of realtors throws me into another fit of hysterics.  Ezekiel holds me while I cry.  He doesn’t attempt to question me again.

Once I calm down, Ezekiel leaves me long enough to get me some water.  “My mom is moving,” I say, but Ezekiel stares at me like that isn’t a big deal.  “I knew it was stupid that I’m upset.”

I stomp to my feet, but Ezekiel pulls me back down.  “It’s not stupid, I just don’t understand.  Explain what is upsetting you.”

I huff.  “I’ve spent most of my life away from my mom and I never thought twice about it.  I missed her a little, but my dad was a good enough mom and dad, that it didn’t really affect me.”

“I thought that when I came home she’d want to make up for all those years away from me,” I continue.  “But she was always gone for work.”  A familiar burn begins in the pit of my stomach.  “And I’m 17, going through my senior year, already took care of my dying dad, and she thinks I need people to watch me?  The fuck?  I’ve been independent since I was little.  I kept my dad and I alive most of the time.  Did she really think I couldn’t take care of myself?  But she didn’t care enough to take care of me herself!”

I’m crying again and I only notice because Ezekiel is wiping away my tears.  “Like stop trying to be a mom now that I don’t need one, but why wasn’t I important enough to want to mother?  And now you’re moving to fucking L.A. a couple years after I come home?”  I groan and collapse in Ezekiel’s arms.  “I sound insane.  All contradictory and selfish.”

I relax while Ezekiel rubs my back.  “Oh, and the worst part other than not having a place to live is not having a place to live.”  Ezekiel humors me and nods as if he understands that, but it barely makes sense to me.  “Mom put the house up without even offering me to rent it or something, she’s just selling it.  That means that I don’t have a home to live in for college and living on campus is way too expensive, so I’m fucked.”

“You can live here,” Ezekiel offers rather quickly.

I bite my lips.  “Won’t that be weird?”

He shrugs.  “I think it’ll be more weird if you’re living on the street and I drive by you sitting by the I-29.”

I chuckle.  “Still…”

“Ok, you can stay here while you look for another solution.”  He holds his hands out as if he’s offering me something.  “Is that ok?”

I throw my arms around him.  Again I’m taking from him.  I hate it.  “I’ll consider it.” 


After about a week of solitude other than school and work, I’m at home studying, minding my own business, avoiding everyone and all my problems when Ariadne comes bursting through the door.  “Come on,” she says, tugging on my arm.

“Ari, I’m studying.”  I show her the psychology book of the class that we’re both supposed to be taking.

She raises an eyebrow, then turns the page a few chapters ahead.  “This is what the exam is on.  Good job paying attention.”  

I groan and lay my head in the book.  I can’t get Ezekiel out of my head long enough to study.  “Maybe osmosis will work.

“That’s not how that works.”  She smirks.  “Come on, I want to go ice skating.”

I glare up at her.  “It’s butt fucking freezing, Ari.”

She spreads her hands.  “That’s why we skate.  To warm up.”  I’m not convinced and she knows it.  “I’ll get you some hot chocolate…with caramel.”  She won.

“Fine.”  I grab my coat, gloves, and hat.  “Let’s go.”

We go to University Park, which is near campus.  And I’m actually kind of grateful Ari made me come skating with her.  It loosens me up and makes me feel free.  

I’m lost in my own world when I feel a pair of hands grab my waist.  I scream and try to whirl around, but only manage to twist awkwardly and hurt my ankle.

“Oh, Mellie.”  Ezekiel grabs my hand and helps me up.  “I’m sorry, baby.”

I lean on him for support.  “Do you always scare random girls while they’re ice skating?”

I know he’s smirking even though I can’t see him.  “Only the prettiest one.”

“Smooth.”  I try to put weight on my foot, but it hurts like hell and I yelp.

“Come on.”  He urges me off the ice and onto a chair.  “I’m sorry I hurt you.”  He unties my skates and pulls them off.

“It isn’t your fault,” I insist.  “I’m the clumsy one.”

He sits next to me and grabs my foot to rest across his lap.  “You definitely are that.”

I swat at him and he chuckles.  The sound is warm and familiar and heats me more than any hot chocolate could. 

“What happened,” Dylan asks, skating to us while holding Ari’s hand.

I huff at him.  “I hurt myself.”

Dylan clearly tries to cover his laugh and Ari smacks him for me even though she finds this humorous too.

“I hate all of you,” I declare.

“To be fair,” Ezekiel begins.  “I scared her.  This one is on me.”

Dylan shakes his head.  “Then you're banished to take care of her.”   He points in the general direction of the exit to the park.

“The torture.”  Ezekiel clutches his chest and pretends he’s in pain.  

I try to move my leg from Ezekiel’s lap, but he doesn’t let me.  “Seriously, you are the worst friends.”

“We love you.” Ari assures me with a kiss on the head then skates away.  Dylan points to her and follows.

I sigh and look at Ezekiel.  He looks cool and relaxed and I stare a second longer than I should.  “I’m sorry.  You can go skate.”

He looks over at me.  “I’m not missing out.”  He fingers the tips of my hair.  “I’ll be right back.”  He gingerly moves my leg and jogs off somewhere.  He returns with a cup of hot chocolate.

“Thank you.”  I blush and blow on the drink.  

Ezekiel runs his fingers across my sore ankle, pretty soon the pain is nonexistant.  I close my eyes and enjoy the tingles that shoot through my body.  He continues stroking my ankle with one hand and my hair with the other.  I feel his eyes on me, but it could be my imagination.  

“Zeke?”  My eyes shoot open and focus on the voice.  Some skinny little thing with pretty blond curls that I’ve never seen is staring at Ezekiel.  “Is this your girlfriend?”

“No, I don’t have a girlfriend.”  He doesn’t even hesitate.

“Aw.”  The sound is fake, she’s not upset that he’s single at all.  She tugs on his jacket zipper.  “Maybe we can get together like the other night?”  Her voice lowers as she leans into him.

Rage burns bright inside me.  Girlfriend or not, he’s clearly with someone and she’s ready to fuck him here.  I huff loudly and he starts to look in my direction, but seems like he realizes he shouldn’t and keeps his gaze on this girl.  “Absolutely.”

I don’t hear if he says anything else, I jump up to get as far from them as possible and ignore the jolt of pain that shoots up my leg.  My hot chocolate spills all over the place, but I ignore it and hobble to the parking lot.  A few seconds later, Ezekiel is jogging to me.  I turn my back to him, but he grabs me and makes me face him.  “What the hell?”

I turn my head away from him.  “I’m just waiting for Ari to take me home.”

“I’ll take you home.”  He grabs my arm but I jerk it away from him.

“No, no.”  My voice is clipped and sarcastic.  “You go have your fun.”

He narrows his eyes and leans in close to me.  Woods and rain and cinnamon invade my senses.  “Get in the car, Amelia.  I don’t want to make a scene.”

I raise my chin.  “You can’t make me.”  I hear myself and I know I’m acting like a brat but he’s pissing me off.

He picks me up and carries me to his car.  I don’t want to make a scene either, so I don’t scream, but I hadn’t been expecting that.  

The smell of his truck makes my eyes roll back.  It’s so good.  

We get to his house and he helps me out.  It agitates me that I can’t get to the door myself.  It also agitates me that he didn’t take me to my house.  “Why are we here?  I want to go back to my house.”

He rolls his eyes and I want to smack him.  “Stop being petulant.”  

I glare and cross my arms over his chest.  Even though he’s clearly angry with me, he brings me a bottle of water and some pain killers.  “Thank you,” I mumble.  

“You going to tell me why you’re acting like a brat?”  He shrugs off his coat and I’m briefly distracted by how good he looks in a dress shirt and tie. 

“You going to tell me why you were ice skating all dressed up,” I counter.

He runs his hands through his hair.  “I had to work today.”  He raises his eyebrow and waits for me.

I don’t want to admit how petty I am.  So we sit in silence.  It should be awkward, but even in anger we’re still comfortable around each other.

I speak when I’ve finally had enough of the silence.  “How many women are you fucking?”  His nostrils flare but he doesn’t answer me.  “Ashley, me, that other girl.  Any more?”

I watch a million different thoughts flit through his mind before he picks one.  “You broke up with me, remember?”  His eyes are filled with warning.



I watch her face closely.  I know she isn’t going to back down.  “You gave up the right to have a say in who I fuck when you ended this.”  

She only glares at me in response.  I run my hands through my hair.  She infuriates me sometimes.  

“I told you a long time ago this is who I am and what I do.  You’re just pissed that you’re finally seeing me for me,” I grind out.

Amelia’s jaw clenches and fingers twitch and I’m mildly concerned she’s going to slap me again.  “You’re full of shit.”

“If you don’t like it, feel free to leave.”  I point to the door, half expecting her to walk out.

Instead her eyes glaze over and her chin quivers.  The look on her face guts me.  I have to make it go away.  So I say the first thing I think of to distract her.  “Besides, if I remember correctly, you were the one that came to my door begging for my cock.”

Amelia dips her head and I feel mildly better that she isn’t about to cry.  That is, until she looks back up at me.  Her whole demeanor shifts, her eyes are hooded, she licks her lips.  I know this look from the many nights of teasing and torture she’s made me endure.

Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuckfuckfuck.  Danger, Will Robinson, Danger.  Abort mission, I repeat, abort mission.

I just handed her the upper hand in this argument on a silver platter.  I almost wish she’d go back to crying.

She steps closer to me and I take a small step back.  She pouts her lips and looks at me all innocent from under her lashes.  I know better.  She’s a goddamn devil woman.

Amelia grabs my tie and wraps it around her fist, then tugs which brings me to her eye level.  Her eyes are this beautiful, deep forest green.  The same color they are when she’s about to come.  

My body immediately reacts.  She’s got me trained like one of Pavlov’s dogs. 

She blinks slowly and chews on her bottom lip for just a moment.  “You don’t want me?”  Her voice is low and raspy and fuck, yes, I want her.  I don’t tell her that.  I don’t do anything.  She nuzzles just under my ear lobe.  “You don’t want to feel my hot, wet pussy?”

I’m grateful she can’t see my face from where she’s standing because my eyes roll back and I have to bite the inside of my cheek to stifle a moan.  

She lets go of my tie and I back up to put more space between us, but I bump into the couch and fall onto it.  I have no where to go.

Amelia undoes her pants and slides them down her smooth, pale legs.  I should stop this.  I should tell her to leave and give her the keys to my truck.  I should close my eyes and not intently watch every move she makes.  But I don’t, because I want to see this.  I want to see all of it.

Once her pants are on the floor, she straddles me.  She undoes my tie and the first couple buttons on my shirt.  She licks my neck and nips at my ear.  “Tell me you don’t want to feel deep inside me.”  She moans softly in my ear and I have to grip to couch so I don’t do something stupid.  “Feel my pussy pulse around your thick cock.”

I close my eyes and try to ignore the way she smells and sounds and feels.  I don’t want to give in to this, even though I really do.  

Amelia pulls her shirt off.  I try really hard not to notice how full her breasts look in this black, lacy bra.  Her hand dips below her panties and every muscle in my body is shaking with the strength it takes to not give into this.

She removes her fingers and places them just out of my reach unless I move closer to her.  “Want a taste?”  She knows I fucking do.  “It’s so good.”  I don’t move and she shrugs and sucks her fingers clean before sliding her hand back into her panties.  “I’m so ripe.”  I know she’s ripe for me, I can fucking smell how ripe she is and I clench my jaw so I don’t beg like a bitch in heat.

She pulls down one cup of her bra and spreads her juices all over her nipple.  I would barely need to lean forward to have a taste.  I know I’ve lost, Amelia fucking owns me.  “Just ask for one little taste.”

I’m fucking delirious with lust.  “Please, Mellie,” I beg.  I barely recognize my own voice.

In a move that is way too graceful on an injured ankle, Amelia is off my lap and putting on her shirt.  She turns a disdainful eye to me as she pulls up her pants.  “Now who’s begging, Ezekiel?”

It takes my brain far too long to comprehend what’s happening and she’s halfway out the door before I get my horny ass off the couch.  I reach her before she walks out, pull her back to me, and slam my door shut.  “The fuck are you doing, Amelia?”

“Walking away from you.”  She gently shoves passed me.

I fist her hair and crash my mouth to hers, her fingers dance under my shirt.  “Get on your knees,” I whisper without taking my mouth away from hers.

She slowly moves to her knees.  Even though she doesn’t give anything away, I can see the excitement in her eyes as I unbuckle my jeans.  Somewhere in the back of my mind it dawns on me that this was her plan the whole time and I fell right into it.  I find it difficult to care when she’s on her knees waiting to suck my cock.

As soon as my boxers drop to the floor, Amelia opens her mouth.  I pull her hair back, harshly.  “What a good girl, all ready for my cock.”  I smirk.  “You’re so greedy, aren’t you?”  She tries to nod, but my grip on her hair makes it difficult.

I slowly push my cock down her throat, wait for her to relax, then pull out.  “Brace yourself,” I warn, just before I roughly push back into her mouth.  I rarely take control when getting oral because I don’t want to hurt someone, but I can’t stop myself.  I hold her head and pound into her as hard as she can take.  The sound of her gagging and choking back spit should alarm me and make me stop, but I only want more.

Amelia taps my thigh rapidly and I stop even though I can’t even see straight.  She pushes away from me and falls onto her butt.  Her eyes wide as she continues to move away from me.  I stalk her while stoking my cock.  If I didn’t know her so well, I’d worry I scared her.  But I do know her, very well.

I yank her hair to the side and she whimpers.  I smirk.  I know that whimper.  I lick her bottom lip and she spreads her legs unconciously.  “Only dirty fucking sluts tease.”

She feigns fear, but her words tell me otherwise.  “I guess I’m a dirty fucking slut.”

I pull off her pants and underwear in one swift motion and rip her shirt over her head.  I tug the cups of her bra under her breasts and wrap my lips around the nipple with all her juices.  Once I’m satisfied I’ve gotten every bit of her, I bite down.  Kind of gently.  She’s squeals then moans when I lave my tongue over it.  

I move away from her and flip her onto her stomach then swiftly spank her.  “Do you know what happens to sluts that tease?”

She looks over her shoulder at me with a playful smile.  “We get fucked?”

I wink just before I slam into her.  We both moan.  Fuck, the way her body takes me.  I relish the feel of her around me, then pull out.  I bend over her body and nip her ear.  “All sluts get fucked, baby.”  I slam back into her.  “Teasing sluts don’t get to come.”

She squeaks but before she can make another sound, I’m pounding into her, taking everything she offered me.  I feel her fingers brush my cock and pull out.  “Don’t try to make yourself come, baby.”  I pull her to stand with me and kiss her roughly.  We stumble back into the wall.   “I know all your tricks, remember?”

Amelia ignores me and pushes my shirt up but she isn’t tall enough to get it off, so I do.  She wraps her hand around my cock and slowly pumps while she wraps her mouth around my nipple ring and adds suction.  She swirls her tongue around it while her eyes stay on mine.  I have to focus not to come.

I grab my tie then pull Amelia into my room. I wrap the tie around her wrists tight enough that she can’t undo it.  “Does that hurt?”  I tug gently on the tie so she knows what I'm asking.  She shakes her head.  “Good.”  I walk to my bed and pull her behind me then knot the tie to my headboard.  “You ok?”  I run my hand down her stomach.  I’ve never done this and I want her safe.  She nods.  “Tell me if you aren’t,” I command and she nods again.

I lick and suck all her juices off her thighs.  “Suck my clit.”  She demands it, but it really comes off sounding weak and needy.I move up her body and lick her bottom lip before burying my fair in her hair.  “Only good girls get what they want.”  I push my finger inside her as deep as I can and roughly rub her g spot.  She groans and pushes her hips up to get me deeper. 

As soon as her body begins to tense and she starts to hold her breath, I remove my finger.  She whimpers.  “Aw, baby, you want to come?”  

She nods and tugs at her restraints then pouts.  

“Poor baby,” I mock. 

I enter her swiftly, but stop my movements every time she gets close.  “Damn it, Zeke.”

I grab her jaw in my hand and lean close while still moving inside her.  “You started this, little girl.”  She snaps at my hand, but I move before she can bite me.  “So feisty.”

I hold her bra under her breasts, but it doesn’t do anything for leverage, she just looks amazing like this.

Despite my teasing, I would never deny her an orgasm and I push her body to give me one.  She’s so close.  I rub my thumb in hard circles around her clit and suck a nipple into my mouth.  Her body pulses around me, pulling my own orgasm out.  “Fuck, baby, I love you.”  I hold her hips too tight and slam into her too hard, but I know her body can take it.

I untie the tie and collapse next to her.  I kiss her wrists and make sure she isn’t actually hurt then we lay next to each other, catching our breath.  Amelia starts to move like she’s going to leave and panic builds inside me.  “Please, stay,” I whisper and touch her back.  “Stay with me.”

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