Did we have sex on March sixth?

Did we have sex on March sixth?

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


A car accident didn't only knock Jenifer Stratton right off of her feet, but it also knocked one year from her memory. After hearing of her sudden personality change during said year, she is quite happy to never regain the memories. Except for the fact that she is pregnant, and has no idea who the father is.


A car accident didn't only knock Jenifer Stratton right off of her feet, but it also knocked one year from her memory. After hearing of her sudden personality change during said year, she is quite happy to never regain the memories. Except for the fact that she is pregnant, and has no idea who the father is.

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Submitted: March 12, 2019



“Wow.” Luke said as I opened the door to the first apartment, the one in the worst state. “This is, nasty.” He laughed and put a gloved finger under his nose. “Let’s open the windows. To help clear some of the smell. Then let start bagging up the rubbish. The carpet with definitely have to go once clear.” Luke walked to the corner of the room and lifted the stained carpet that once was cream. He smiled. “Beneath the carpet is wooden flooring. And it looks in good shape. If we paint the walls and cleaning. This will actually be a nice place.”

“Well.” I smiled. “It’s for sale, can I interest you in a lovely spacious apartment, with good views and a wonderful neighbour?”

Luke laughed and behind me, his brother, Dan, laughed too.

“It’s a nice offer, and we love our Mother. But I don’t want to live next door to her.”

It was my turn to laugh.

“You rotten boys!” Sarah came in through the open door behind me. “Didn’t I teach you better than that?” She chastised but had a smile on her face so I knew she was teasing. “How are you, dear?” She turned to face me.

“I’m great. Thank you so much, for roping your sons into helping me. They’ve been here mere minutes and already have a plan.”

“That’s my boys.” She said with pride.

“We best get started.” Dan said and moved to stand with Luke. They were both good looking men, both tall, bulging with muscle and had dark hair. They were epitome of what a male was, and the tingling of butterflies that had fluttered around in my stomach when I had first seen them down stairs, hadn’t gone unnoticed. I knew I couldn’t pursue my attraction. But I could look. I was pregnant, not blind.

“They’re both single.” Sarah spoke quietly in my ear. Obviously my attraction hadn’t gone unnoticed. I chuckled. Not wanting to get into my story and why I wouldn’t be a match to one of her extremely attractive sons.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” was what I settled on saying.



Hours later, and the floor to the apartment clear, I glanced around, for the first time seeing the potential for the apartment. After a long look, I headed down the flights of stairs to meet Luke and Dan who had paused for lunch.

“We’ll rip up the carpet once finished, then we’ll head to the dump. The vans pretty loaded. I don’t want to make a start on the other apartment without a clean van.” Luke said between bites of his sandwich. I didn’t mean to look at the food so much, but my stomach made a noise in hunger.

“We have plenty of food, Jenifer. Sit. Our mother brought it out to us, and she is a feeder.”

I wanted to refuse, but the baby growing inside me made me extra hungry, and as he motioned towards the tray of sandwiches sat on the passenger seat my stomach growled again.

“I’ll try one.” I said. Intending for that to be so. But twenty minutes later, I leaned against the van, content that my stomach was full. After munching down three full sandwiches. One with bacon, lettuce and tomato. One with some delicious tasting meat paste, and one with cheese.

“A girl who can eat.” Dan chuckled. “I like it.” I laughed at his statement.

“How can you want to go back to work after eating all of that?” I may have eaten a lot, but the boys had demolished the rest of the sandwiches, chips and had each had a can of pop each.

“We like to eat.” Luke smiled his dazzling smile that made me feel a little week at the knees. “What made you get into this kind of work? Selling houses.”

I contemplated the question and smiled. “I like finding people their homes. I enjoy, imagining what a space can be turned into.”

“And what do you see for the apartment we’re cleaning now?”

“I’m thinking, a fresh coat of white paint to make the apartment appear more spacious. In the bedroom, a feature wall, with a dash of colour to make the room pop. In the lounge, a corner sofa, facing a TV that’s sat up on the wall, above an electric fireplace. Canvas’s or pictures, spaced about the walls. A dining room table in the corner, just a small one, for a couple to sit at and have a romantic meal. Rugs, covering the floor, so the apartment doesn’t feel so cold with just the hard floor.”

“You can see it all. Maybe you should have been an interior designer.” Luke chuckled.

“Maybe.” I smiled at him and yawned. What I’d eaten had made me want a nap. I was barely pregnant, but it was already taking a toll on me.

“Why don’t you head home? Leave us the keys to the apartments, give us the rest of today and tomorrow to clear out. You work on advertising the place, and we’ll do our best to make it picture worthy.”

Luke was a sweetheart. A dream guy if I wasn’t in such a bad situation. If I wasn’t up the shoot with a strangers baby and missing a year from my memory. I’d be begging for a date with him.

“Thank you guys. So much.” My bed called as I said my goodbyes and settled into my car. As I turned the key in the ignition my phone rang, I chuckled and answered Carla’s call.

“I’m just heading home.” I told her.

“Good, because I’m coming to pick you up, I have a lead on a potential baby daddy.”

I groaned. “I’m in real need of a cat nap, Carla. Can we head out later? Go on a search, then head for some dinner maybe?”

“Sure, call me when you wake up.”

I ended the call, and headed home.


Two days passed by quickly. I’d had some interest and calls about the apartments, but no one was interested without seeing pictures, or being able to view the properties in person. I’d called Luke and Dan multiple times who kept saying the property was still a mess. By the Thursday my patience was wearing thin. Without calling, I headed off to the apartments, intent on getting some kind of pictures. Even if I sold the properties as fixer uppers, at least they’d still be sold. I pulled up behind the guys van and was surprised to see Dan standing by the driver’s side door. As I got out he smiled and said.

“All done,”

Relief washed over me. “Thank god.” I returned the smile. “Can I go take a look?”

“Sure, Luke is up there now clearing the last few scraps. He was about to call you.”

I headed up to the apartment and found the door to the first apartment slightly a jar, a fresh scent filled my senses. I inhaled deeply and sighed as I opened the door. The first thing I noticed was the hard wood floor. It was stunning, making me wonder why it was ever covered. The second was the crisp fresh white, stain free walls, and the third, made me gasp. The apartment appeared to be fully furnished. The exact way I had described it to Luke and Dan days ago. Tears filled my eyes and I took in the sight of my imagination that had become a reality. Out of the bedroom to my left, came Luke, he saw me and murmured in surprise. Not expecting to find me.

“I was about to call you.” He said quietly. A tear ran down my cheek and his shoulders slumped. “You hate it.”

“No!” I assured him, albeit a little too loudly. “No,” I repeated. “It’s beautiful, it’s perfect, it’s exactly how I pictured it.” A wide grin split his lips.

“Good.” He said.

“But why? I know I’m not going to have any trouble selling the place now. But where did all this come from?” I stared at the Grey corner sofa covered in plush cushions, facing a TV set high on the wall, beneath sat a lit electric fire place.

“Well, I’ve decided. If you’ll agree, and the owner of course. That I’d like to buy this place. Both of the flats actually.”

I was speechless. Which made him chuckle.

“Dan and I. The past couple of days, we’ve loved this project. The renovating. And when you described how you saw this place, I wanted to see it for myself. We’d like to buy the apartments. Decorate, and sell them on. To good people, at my mother’s request.”

The realization of what he was saying hit me. The flats would be sold. To him and his brother, meaning that I had done it, I had sold the apartments within a week. The Denman case was mine.

“Thank you,” was all I managed to get out.

He chuckled. “Jenifer, thank you. I think you introduced me and my brother to our true calling. To turn grubby spaces to this within a matter of days. It’s amazing, and more fulfilling than just laying floor or tiling walls.” He glanced around. “So, do we have a deal? Will you call the owner?”

My hand was reaching for my phone before he’d finished talking. I dialled the owner and after a brief chat, the offers were accepted. The apartments would be Luke and Dan’s.

“I don’t know how to thank you.”

He shook his head. “You don’t need to thank me. But how about dinner. I never asked whether or not you were single, so shoot me down if you’re not.”

“I’m single,” I started.


I sighed and his shoulders slumped in disappointment again.

“You are, probably the most attractive guy I’ve ever met, and the thought of you wanted to go out with me, makes me ridiculously happy. But,”

“There it is.”

“But, I’m going through some stuff, some crazy stuff. That’s way too complicated, and I don’t want to start anything right now.”

“I understand, bad timing.” He walked closer to me.

“Such bad timing.” The thought of never seeing him again made me sad. “I hope to work with you again. You’ll be the first one I call if I see any properties at auction price or are in need of a bit of renovation.”

“That would be good. Thank you.”

He made a move to leave, when he reached the door I called him back. He halted and turned to me.

“I have a friend, Carla. I have a feeling the two of you would get along.”

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