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He smiled, and his fingers caressed her skin, as he slid her panties down her hips.

"You've been a good girl. So... Daddy is going to make you feel good."

She moaned as he slipped his fingers into her folds and started to thrust in and out of her.

His body throbbed for her as he watched her underneath him.

"Daddy." She breathed out between her sinful moans. "I thought you were going to...Daddy. I..."

He smiled.

"Yes," he assured her. "Angel, you're so fucking tight, that I'll tear you apart, if I fuck you, now. But... Yes. "

"Tear me apart?"

His fingers thrusted into her; ruthlessly and relentlessly.

Her eyes closed in pleasure.

He hated that.

He hated that she closed her eyes.

He wanted her eyes on him at him when he touched her.

"Angel," he growled. "Look into my eyes, Angel."

And she did.

Her caramel eyes were consumed by lust as they watched him.

"Do you lust for me, Angel?"

"Yes," she moaned.


"Daddy... Yes."

"And does it feel good to be defiled by your Daddy."

"Oh... Yes."

His stopped fucking her with his fingers.

"In words, Angel."

"Good... So fucking good." She grinded onto his fingers as though she was desperate for him. "Please... You can't stop. It feels good, Daddy. Please."

He could feel his cock twitch at that.

"What do you want, Angel?"

She only answered in whimpers.

"Angel," he threatened.

"You," she whispered. "Only you, Daddy."

He started to thrust his fingers into her, again, as he lowered himself to between her thighs and bit down on her clitoris.

She screamed out in pleasure, as she grabbed his shoulders with her hands and arched her body, to grind onto his face.

He continued to lick and suck on her pussy, with her body trembling, until she couldn't help herself and screamed out her name for him, with her pussy clenched around his tongue and fingers; a moaning, whimpering, twitching woman, that couldn't help but desire him.

And then, as her pussy pulsated against his tongue, he stopped and let his eyes roam her body.

"Please. I want to come, Daddy," she said. "Please, Daddy. Please."

He gave her a mischevious smile. "No."


She was so lustful and sinful, as she looked him, with her caramel eyes burning for him.

"I want you to cum all over my cock while I'm in you."


Though, she had not cum, he could feel that the bed was drenched and soaked by her arousal.

"You're so fucking wet for me, Angel."

"Only you, Daddy."

And he knew that.

He knew that she was so tainted by him that she would only want and need him

She was his Angel.

And with that, his voice softened for her.

"I want you to believe me. I may hurt you, Angel, but I want you to believe, that I will pleasure you."

She nodded.

He pulled her into him and made their lips meet in a soft and sensual kiss.

"I love you."

His looked at her in desire.

"I love you, too, Angel."

His beautiful Angel.

His sinfully beautiful Angel.



"Angel... I don't want to hurt you."

He reached out to hold her hand.

"I know you won't hurt me."

He loved the look of love in her eyes.

It was from it, that he knew that she, too, could feel his love, for her.

He was not a man that was using her.

He loved her.

And she knew that.

Again, he kissed her.

It was a kiss so gentle that he did not recognise it himself.

And as he did, his cock teased her pussy, rubbing against her and her wet folds.

"Angel?" he asked, as she tensed and her fingers tightened around him. "Are you alright, Angel?"

She let out a moan as her answer.

He smiled.

He grabbed her thigh with his hand.

He could feel the veins in his cock pulsing from the tightness of her pussy and her resistance, as he started to move into her.

She bit her lip, as he did, so hard, that blood trickled from her lips.

"Look at me." he reminded her. "Angel... Look at me."

He watched, as the expression on her face turned from pain to pleasure to pain, again, as he took his sweet time to thrust into her.

Her other hand - the hand that wasn't holding him - tangled into his hair.

It was this, again.

He loved to do this to her.

Again. And again. And again.

He would give her enough of what nshe wanted and needed to torture her but not enough to satisfy her.

She screamed out for him to stop his torture as he took is sweet time.


He hesitated.

And then, he pushed into her and paused, when she winced underneath him, as her blood seeped onto the sheets, of the bed.

"Tell me when the pain isn't too bad, Angel."

"It isn't too bad," she told him.

"Angel," he repeated. "Tell me when the pain isn't too bad, Angel."

He waited.

He stared into her caramel eyes and waited for minutes, until her hand trailed from his hair, to his face, his lips and to his shoulders, before she smiled at him.

"I can't lie to you."

"No, you can't, Angel."

She brushed her fingers against his throat.

"The pain isn't too bad, now, Daddy."

"Is that so?"

"Please... Daddy. I need you. I want you. Please..."

He was rough but thorough as he continued to thrust into his pussy.

"Daddy... My Daddy."

The pain was gone.

He could tell, from the expression on her face, that the pain was gone.

"Do you feel good, Angel?"

She moaned in response as his cock reached deep into her pussy.


He slid his hand up her body to tease her nipples.

"I want you to feel good."

"Good... So fucking good."

She wrapped her legs around his waist.

"I love you..." she murmured against him. "Daniel. I love you..."

Submitted: September 08, 2021

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