Chapter 34: Negative Equity

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Hailey stared up at Kyle as he grabbed his clothes and started toward his bedroom, she scrambled for her own clothes to follow him. He was pissed and she wasn't sure she could do anything about it. She'd made a mistake listening to Scott but part of her wanted to believe that she didn't need to rush with either man, she could take her time, enjoy them both. She didn't need to be tied down to one man. Did she?

In his room, Kyle let his thoughts stew in the silence, he had to think hard about sharing and if he was willing because deep down he knew forcing Hailey to choose would only insure that she chose Scott. She wasn't one to deal with confrontation, maybe Blake had trained her that way. He needed to figure out how to untrain those thoughts or she would be someone else's next victim, maybe even Scott's.

He turned to face her as she hovered in the doorway uncertain of their situation. She looked like a cat about to flee. "Come here baby." He held out a hand, watching her smile appear in relief.

She reached out, grabbing his hand, giddy with anticipation. He removed the t-shirt making her bare again. Ignoring Scott's mark this time he pulled her close, kissing her as his hands kneaded and explored. Conveying his emotions physically, holding her close, kissing bare skin. He couldn't lose her, he couldn't give up and he couldn't give in either.

Pulling back he cupped her face. "Lay on the bed, on your back."

She followed his orders as he stepped into his closet looking for anything that would help him. He tried to recall the last time he'd done anything remotely kinky and knew it had been a while. He admitted to Hailey that he'd seen part of the video and he didn't lie when he said he turned it off after he realized her ex was in the room.

Several minutes of Hailey performing alone had his blood rushing, the images so vivid in his head. How his timid little Hailey had found the courage to pleasure herself and film it for him had his whole body buzzing until he heard a woman's voice offering commands, telling the nearly orgasmic Hailey to remove the toy, leaving her panting on edge, her vagina practically rubbing air for relief. "Please mistress..." Hailey's voice croaked out.

At this point his brain was in total chaos, trying to catch up and understand what the hell was going on. 

"Did I say you could come?" The woman's voice demanded. 

"No Mistress."

Kyle's blood rushed in jealously, who was watching his woman, who was interrupting his own moment with Hailey. From this point on his brain siphoned the blood from his dick to process what he was hearing. His eyes couldn't pull away from the way Hailey's body wiggled on the bed, seeking to finish her orgasm.

"Bad girls like you get punished! Don't they?"

"No Mandy, I didn't...."

"Shut the fuck up!" The woman replied. "Blake get my belt!"

"No please!" Hailey pleaded, almost crying. "I didn't come!"

Kyle had heard too much, he learned more than Hailey was willing to share and his questions had grown more than ever.

He walked to the bed where Hailey patiently waited, with two ties in his hand he asked. "Can I tie you up?"

Her lips parted, a breathe exhaled as she nodded.

"Say it Hailey. Don't leave me guessing, tell me what you want, tell me what you like."

She nodded, licked her lips. "You can tie me up."

"Blindfold?" He asked as he held up the second tie.

She started to nod but added. "Yes please."

He smiled as he tied her hands loosely to the head board just above her head and then wrapped the tie around her head to cover her eyes.

Staring down at her naked body he let his hands travel slowly over her chest, up the slight curve of her breast and took a nipple between his thumb and and finger, rolling back and forth until a hard peak formed. He watched as her other nipple began to peak, looking for a touch. He stripped and positioned himself above her, spreading her legs so that his knees were between her thighs and his hands on either side of her chest.

Her senses focused on the things she could feel, warm skin touched the inside of her legs. A shift in the mattress just before some thing warm and wet touched her nipple. A surprisesd gasp filled the room and then a small moan as the warmth spread.

His mouth took in more of her breast, the sucking and pulling sent currents to her core. Her legs attempted to squeeze only to be met with more of his muscular thighs. She wrapped her legs around his, hoping to pull that skin closer to her body.

He took his time, giving her right nipple an ample amount of attention, licking, sucking, a small nip between his teeth as he pulled up and then let it loose to spring down. Then he would blow air over it and wait a second before he would start the process all over again.

He avoided her left nipple, letting his hand rub and tease the full breast but ignore the peak. He could feel the shift in her chest, trying to reach for his touch. He denied it, let the marked breast be ignored. Maybe his anger wasn't the best in this situation but he didn't care at the moment. Her legs tightened around his, trying to pull him closer, with each nip and pull of her nipple her hips would rise, twist and search but he maintained space, keeping her mound exposed but unable to find friction on anything. Occasionally letting his extended head bounce against it for a brief second. This would send her hips into a frantic search which lead to vacant air and an audible groan of frustration.

His chuckle in her ear led her to believe he was enjoying her struggle and even as it angered her she couldn't stop her body from begging for more. Everything was so heightened. The liquid pooling between her labia dribbled down the crease of her ass.

She felt the shift, a repositioning that resulted in nips against her skin, traveling south, getting closer to her mound.

"I'm so fucking hard for you Hailey." His forced voice above her aching mound sounded reprimanding. Just when she thought he was going to put his mouth on her the bed shifted again.

He slid his length against her labia, coating the underside of his dick. "You're wet baby." He slid his length, nesting between her soft skin and wetting her clit. "I want to fill you, I want to fuck you so hard."

She could only moan her consent as she aches for him to do more than tease and talk. "Please." She added as she rubbed herself against his length. Her hips moving high off the bed searching for his bulbous head with her eager hole.

Then he shifted again, pulling his heat and hardness away.

She let out a frustrated groan followed by a small chuckle, he was definitely enjoying her tortured position.

She could hear the skin on skin pumping, his hand sliding sloppily up and down his length. And she could feel his thumb slid the length of her wet slit then traveled up to her clit, the tiny bead exposed and begging for a touch. "Do you want me to take you?"

"Yes!" She moaned out.

He pressed his thumb against that little bead of pleasure, then slowly circled it getting further away in a spiral motion.

His hands moved, her clit rubbed in time to his strokes but his voice dominated her ears. "I should mark you, I should make sure that the next time you're with him you are reminded that you belong to me."

He looked up to her head as she shifted side to side, her body rigid for a slight moment.

"I don't want to hurt you." He reassured her. His thumb continued to fiddle her clit, watching her hips bounce as she became wound tight, knowing this little bud could help her come apart. He slowed his movements and began to stroke her labia, slide his thumb down to her puckered ass and back up. He did this as he continued to stroke himself. The sight of her pussy begging for touch, that shiny slit flexing, mimicking his stokes.

"I can see how much you want me. How much you need me." His husky voice gave away how close he was to losing himself. "I'm ready to take you." He slid his thimb down to her slit. "I could fill you now. I could fill this tight hole and leave part of myself inside you."

He shifted enough to tease her clit with the head of his penis.

"Would that be enough to remind you?" His question required no answer, she wasn't sure what he wanted to hear and honestly she couldn't focus on anything but the pressure begging for release. Her muscles were beginning to ache from all the work it required to follow his thumb, to chase the orgasm she needed. She nodded hoping that he only needed confirmation.

"No." He continued to stroke and tease, her begging whimpers were filling the room, he could touch her clit and control the sound coming from her throat. Stroke after stroke, but not enough to satisfy her needs.

"No. You need to know that every orgasm you give him belonged to me first."

She could hear him pumping faster causing the bed to lightly bounce. Her hips following the sound hoping to gain some of that rhythm. His ragged grunts a sure sign that he was about to lose it. 

"Oh fuck Hailey!"

She felt the pause, then the hot cream shot across her belly. The unmistakable sounds as he slowed and finished emptying himself on her stomach.

Kyle closed his eyes as the release rushed through him. His hand still pumping his dick to hold on to the feeling. He opened his eyes and took in the mess he'd created, Hailey's arms above her head, the blindfold still in place. Her chest rising, her hips still searching as her glistening pussy spread wide, waiting for something, struggling to search for that elusive orgasm.

His sloppy streams of cum thrown across her belly. "Looks like I made a mess." He ran his finger through it, tracing and spreading it. He moved his cream covered finger to her lips. "Taste me."

She obediently opened her mouth for his finger.

His other hand found her eager clit, a few strokes and she was quickly at the edge again. He slid two fingers inside her hungry hole along with his thumb across her bud, she sucked on his finger as if that was the only way to maintain control.

He felt her getting close, her body getting tense. He pulled his finger from her mouth and her vagina.

"Nooo!" She pleaded. "Please, I'm so close."

"I know baby." He chuckled. "But we need to make sure you understand." He lightly touched her mound. His finger slid across her belly, gathering the now sticky mess he'd created. "This is my cum, my scent." He took the sticky mess to her lips. "Mixed with yours. This is ours." His hand traced back down her chest, circling the peak he'd been ignoring all night. "I'm not going to mark you with bruises. You can let him do this if you want" he pushed on her hickey like it was a button, "but when you do I hope you remember that I've marked you with my scent." His hand continued down her belly, ran one last loop through his mess. "Our scent." He clarified. The bed shifted and he untied her hands. "I don't think you've earned the right to get an orgasm from me. However I won't leave you hanging. Leave the blind fold on." He brought her hands to her belly, running them through the mess and then pulled them to her mound. "I will enjoy watching you find your own orgasm."

To make sure she knew what he was telling her, he moved her fingers across her vagina, played them back and forth until she found what she needed and took over. That elusive orgasm finally finding the friction it needed. A sense of loss that it wasn't Kyle's fingers giving it to her made it harder to grasp. Knowing he may be watching gave her mixed feelings of embarrassment and erotica at once. Her body felt warm as her fingers began the back and forth motion across her clit. Feeling empty she stretched her second hand to pump her fingers in and out.

Kyle watched Hailey's hands move, sporadic at best but she found a rhythm that suited her needs and slowly her body began to coil, tighten. He began pumping himself, he couldn't resist and the urge to pull her hands away and fill her completely was hard to curb. Reminding himself that this was payback, his eyes landed on that hickey again, the mark another man left on her.

Her bouncing hips stole his attention back to her wet fingers, she was losing it, her rhythm losing traction as her body sprung apart. When she completely relaxed, her fingers going slack he pushed her blindfold away and held himself above her as he kissed.

She couldn't move, her body tired from all the tension. She opened her eyes adjusting to the light and lazily accepting his kisses.

He was full of energy, a product of being angry and confused. Sharing his woman was going to be hard to accept but losing her seemed even harder. "I don't know how long I can do this Hailey." He spoke softly, not wanting to fight but needing to say some things.

Her eyes found focus on his face. That fear that she'd done something wrong back in full force. She couldn't respond, she had no idea what to say.

"I'll go until I can't anymore but I don't know how I'm going to handle it." He shifted so that his dick was resting on her mound again, adjusting his arms so that she was trapped beneath him. "I don't like sharing, I don't like that you're letting him touch you." He slid his rigid penis into her hole.

She whimpered as he stroked inside her, she didn't have the energy for another orgasm.

As if reading her mind he spoke. "Give me one more and then I'll let you rest." He pushed hard against her  vagina. Then added with a chuckle. "Maybe."

She couldn't find the humor, she was beyond tired and nearly comatose but her legs moved apart, granting him more access as he pumped long slow strokes inside her. His pelvis hitting her clit and his dick so deep inside her, pressing, rotating and then pulling back.

Each stroke a slow build of energy, waking her senses and bringing her to the edge and then a sense of urgency as she thought he might pull away to punish her again she scrambled to wrap her arms and legs around him, pulling him close and meeting his strokes.

"Take what you need baby." He held himself rigid, feeling her gain momentum until his balls began to coil.

He grabbed her hips, held her down and began to pound his anger and jealousy into her core. A punishment in his mind, but her body took it so well as she cried out with wave after wave of release. She gripped his dick tighter with each angry thrust until he exploded and then drained himself inside her.

"Fuck!" He groaned out as he collapsed beside her, pulling her close and instantly falling asleep with their  sticky bodies clinging together.


Submitted: March 04, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Trixie. All rights reserved.


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This was sweet torture, loved it, not as much as she did, but I loved it. Dynamite writing.

Sun, March 19th, 2023 8:55pm


Thank you. So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.

Tue, March 21st, 2023 4:26am


HOT as FUCK! OMG, Trix. Just fantastic, and it's really getting complicated - this love triangle. It's getting so good! I love what you're developing, and love that you're bringing in the video. It's like Pandora's box (pun intended). I can't believe Kyle was able to hold back from watching it all. Scott has it too, right? You're writing is amazing. This sizzles.

Sat, March 25th, 2023 3:35am

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