Chapter 28: Changing Direction

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Scott walked into the Mexican cafe knowing Hailey would be working this evening after over hearing her conversation at Blake’s house. He didn’t miss the surprise smile she threw as the hostess pointed in his direction after he requested a table in her section. He threw up a small wave and watched her every move as she neared the small booth meant for two.

“Scott.” His blood rushed from the breathless way she said his name.

He took the opportunity to look her up and down, the uniform did not do her justice but he couldn’t help notice the way the buttons strained to hold together as her breast seemed to apply pressure from within. “Hey sexy.” He winked as he watched her face flush.

She smirked as she put a hand on her hip. “If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that this evening I wouldn’t even bother to serve meals.”

He chuckled at her teasing tone as she playfully rolled her eyes. “So you didn’t wear that shirt in hopes of getting bigger tips?” He teased back.

Her eyes became wide saucers as she looked down in shock. “What’s wrong with my shirt?”

He raised a skeptical brow and then realized she just had no idea. He leaned forward as he spoke, dropping his voice for her ears only. “Baby, that shirt is so tight your nipples are poking through.”

She looked down startled, unable to believe him but it was true, however he wasn’t going to point out that he noticed her nipples perk up only after he called her sexy.

He hooked a finger on the small waist apron, pulling her closer. “And these tight black trousers are just begging for me to grab a handful of your plump ass.”

“Scott!” She reprimanded under her breath as she looked around to make sure other customers couldn't hear.

He chuckled as her face turned red. “So what time do you get off work?”

She looked at her watch. “We close in thirty minutes so just depends on the customers after that.” She eyed him. “Why are you here so late?”

He gave a cheeky smile. “I came to pester my new best friend.”

She scoffed. “You did not.”

“Of course I did. I can watch you work and hopefully you'll let me walk you to your car when you’re done for the evening?”

She threw him a skeptical look as she posed her pen to take his order. “What can I get you to drink?”

He smiled as he gave his drink and dinner order. He was happy that aside from one other table he was her main focus. After his meal he left only to wait a few more minutes outside for her to finish up.

“Well how were your tips tonight?” He teased as he boldly traced the lapel just between her breast, daring to slip a finger in the small unintended opening between buttons and graze her soft skin.

“Sush!” She admonished as she slapped his hand away. “I had to borrow this shirt today.” She crossed her arms to cover the small indecency.

He laughed as he relaxed against her car, crossing his legs. “Did you get everything stored away this morning?”

She looked down as she untied her apron and removed her name tag. “Yeah.” She looked up to his eyes. “Thanks for all your help.”

“You're welcome, glad I could help.” He smiled as he watched the pulse in her neck beat hard, even in the dim parking lot he couldn’t miss it. “How much time do you have before you’re expected home?”

She shook her head as she picked at a stain on her apron. “I’m not expected home.”

He tilted his head to the side waiting for an explanation.

“Mom texted me earlier and said she and Daniel are taking the kids to the  movies tomorrow so I could have a break. So it’s just me tonight.” She looked up to his closed expression.

“Are you going to Kyle’s then?” He could only assume.

She looked down again as she swayed her head side to side. “I kind of broke up with Kyle.”

He straightened his torso, no longer able to relax as his mind whirled with the implications of what this could mean for him. He folded his arms across his chest to keep himself from scooping her up. “What do you mean kind of?”

She shrugged as she looked up through her lashes. “I think you were right. I need to stand on my own before I lean on someone else.”

His lips spread into a wide smile before he brought it back down to hide his excitement. Her words spoke volumes, he couldn’t expect her to lean on him either. “There is nothing wrong with some help.”

She nodded. “I know but I think things with Kyle were moving fast and with all that’s going on, I can’t get sucked into something I’m not prepared for.”

He pinched his lips together as he nodded, he opted for changing the subject as he watched other employees making their way to their cars. “Why don’t you follow me to my place and we can talk about it.”

She twisted her head to the side with a pensive look in her eye.

He held up both hands in surrender. “My promise still stands. We’re just friends." He wiggled his eyebrows to tease her. "Until you make the first move.”

He watched the corner of her lips waver into a smile as she nodded.

He resisted the urge to do a fist pump in the air as he drove to his home with Hailey’s car behind him.


“I probably should have gone home to shower first. I smell like a burrito.” She stated as she looked around his clean and masculine home with soft lighting and white walls. A stone fire place was the center of attention in his living room.

He grinned. “You can shower here.”

And before she could protest, he had all but stripped her as she stood in his bathroom with a towel, t-shirt and sweats sitting on the counter.

Soon after, she giggled at her reflection as she dried her wet hair, his clothes swallowed her whole.

“Better?” He asked as she walked into his den where he waited in his own comfort clothing. It was apparent that he’d showered as well.

She nodded as she gave a nervous giggle.

“What would you like to drink?” He asked as he stood.

“What do you have?”

He nodded towards his kitchen. “Sodas or lemonade. I don’t keep wine or alcohol in the house.” He stated apologetically.

She looked up wide eyed. “That’s okay. I don’t usually drink.”

A pregnant silence filled the room as he watched her sip her drink. Sitting in his living room, his thoughts lingered  on his options for the evening. He wanted nothing more than to taste her again. His eyes held hers before they dropped down to her lips as her tongue slid across the bottom to capture the lemonade lingering. Fuck if that didn't add to the heat already building at his groin. He cleared his throat and pulled his eyes away, he needed to reign in his thoughts, there was no way she would go further than being naked in his shower this evening. 

“So how did Kyle take the news?” He opted for remaining in the friend zone as he had promised, he had a multitude of questions growing daily as he thought about her.

She shrugged as she set her drink down. “He wasn’t happy but I guess I still have a job because he said he would see me Monday.”

He nodded. “How do you think it will go Monday? Do you think he will treat you differently?”

She shook her head slightly, not really wanting to consider the possiblity of what might change at work. Lunch hour alone would feel different without the usual trip to Kyle's kitchen to share a meal. “I don’t think I want to talk about Kyle right now.” She stated as she looked past his shoulder to rid her brain of the what if's.

He couldn’t read her expression, her eyes drooped as if she was tired but the pulse beat erratically on her neck. He held out his arms and offered comfort and surprisingly she magnetized her body to his. He held her tight as she drew a deep breath and relaxed against him. 

“Do you want to put in a movie?” He suggested.

She reluctantly agreed not really sure she was interested but she couldn’t think of anything else to do.

As he browsed through the listings trying to convince her to pick one he could sense she wasn’t into it. He continued to browse as he spoke. “After you meet with Pops Monday, you should be able to meet with a realtor and start shopping for a house.”

He watched her lips spread wide as she nodded.

“Do you have any ideas as to what kind of house you're interested in?”

Her lips turned down as she considered she didn’t have a clue what to look for when house shopping. “I’ve never shopped for a house before. I’ve never shopped for anything bigger than clothes.” She frowned. “Blake.....” She let the explanation drop. Scott would know the rest.

He wrapped his fingers around her palm. "I have an idea." He suddenly sat up. “Let’s make a list.” He pulled a small notebook from the side table. “How many rooms would you like to see?”

She shrugged as she considered that more rooms might mean more money. “I think we’ll be fine with two or three, the boys can share.”

Scott locked eyes, his ears picking up on her doubts. He set the pen down to grab her hand. “This is just a list Hailey, dream big. Once we sit down with Pops and see what your options are, then we consider your budget and after that, if you think it’s too much, then we trim the list.” He squeezed her fingers before he picked up the pen again. “So. You have three kids, let’s start with a four bedroom and two bath, that’s not unreasonable. Do you want a big kitchen?”

Hailey watched his handwriting slide across the page, she was mesmerized by his long fingers as her mind flashed an image of him licking them after he’d inserted them inside her. Her eyes flew up to his lips as the image continued to warm her neck and cheeks. A sudden heat at her mound made sitting straight uncomfortable. She tore her eyes away to look at her hands before he could see her thoughts.

“Are you okay?” His deep voice turned up the heat.

“I’m fine.” She breathed out as she pulled her legs onto the couch, squeezing her thighs together.

He lifted a curios brow still waiting for an answer to his earlier question. “Kitchen?”

She nodded. “Yes of course I’ll need a kitchen.”

A deep rumble from his chest vibrated through her pores and sent her heart racing.

“What’s so funny?” 

“I know you need a kitchen.” He set the pen and paper to the side and grabbed her hands. “My question was what size.” He licked his lips as he shifted to face her a bit more. “What’s on your mind Hailey. You don’t want to talk about Kyle. You shrugged a movie. You aren’t interested in ideas for your new house.” His eyes grew wide as he considered why she wouldn’t be excited about house shopping. “Are you afraid you won’t get it? My dad has you sorted. You’re getting a house with no worries and the government loan you qualify for is going to give you lots of options with a payment plan that fits your budget. It could even be less than the rent you’re paying now.”

She shook her head as she stared down at his hands covering hers. Her throat felt thick as she tried to think of what to say but her thoughts only held one image. She dared to look him in the eyes, she wanted to read his thoughts when she confessed hers. “I want to touch you....first.”

His eyes grew wide as the words sunk in. The corner of his mouth moved into a cautious smile. “Hailey.” His husky voice touched her clit all on its own. He lifted a hand to cup her cheek. “Are you sure. I mean you just broke up....” He shook his head confused, why wasn’t he stripping her here on this couch? He cleared his throat, shifting again as his penis tried to reach out to her through his bottoms. His eyes could only focus on her lips as he waited her answer and wondered what she was thinking.

She brought a hand to his cheek as she leaned forward to kiss him. Her lips leaving a soft impression, a tickle, an itch that needed to be scratched.

He couldn’t resist, he laced a palm around the nape of her neck, pressing his mouth to hers, rubbing that itch with both lips. A million questions formed but he would ask them later because once she parted for more; more is what he provided.

Heavy kissing and petting led to clothes scattered on his floor. He lifted her, carrying her to his room, his eyes roamed her beautiful body, dipping down and tasting every inch. His mouth outlined every luscious curve.

He paused as his tongue swirled her clit. Something wasn't right, he felt it. Her body responded to his kiss, her hips moved slightly to greet his tongue but something was missing. Lifting his head he could see her eyes focused on the ceiling, her hands gripping the sheets. He kissed his way back up to her mouth, putting his weight on his elbows as he tilted his head waiting for her to focus on him.

Her eyebrows lifted slightly as she silently questioned his stall tactics.

"You don't have to do that." He stated quietly.

"Don't have to do what?" She questioned worried.

"This." He indicated to her fisted hand that had a tight grip on his sheet. Uncurling her fingers he kissed the palm. "Don't refrain from participating. I'm not some dominate and you're not my plaything. I want to know what you like." He pushed her palm to his chest. "Don't be afraid to touch me or take what ever it is you want from this."

She nodded as she looked at her palm stretched over his chest, he wasn't as fit as Kyle or Blake, his chest was softer indicating lack of exercise. "I'm not afraid. It's just habit I guess." She looked back up to his grey eyes and sandy blonde hair.

He gave a small grin. "Let's play a little game then."

She knitted her brows.

"An interactive game." He clarified. "One where we both win...or lose."

She lightly chuckled still uncertain.

He picked up his phone and set a timer. "I'm going to lay here for two minutes and you're going to touch me. Anywhere and everywhere that you want." He shifted to lay on his back. "And when the time is up, we'll switch places only the challenge will be that I can only touch you in the same places that you've touched me." He kissed her neck. "So keep that in mind as you explore."

She shook her head confused, not really certain how this game would play out.

He started the timer and laid on the bed putting his hands on her shoulder and guiding her closer. "Your time is ticking."

She giggled with uncertainty as she timidly started kissing him as she laid beside him. She laid light kisses on his neck and chest, timidly scraping his skin with her teeth.She lightly brushed her fingers over his skin, tracing an outline of his pecks. She made it as far as his waist when the timer went off.

"My turn." He stated as he flipped her to the bed and hit the timer again. As he stated he mimicked her movements. He kissed her neck and chest, skimming past her nipples. His fingers traveled the same exact path as hers had and she found herself disappointed that he wasn't touching anything that would promote her arousal. She squirmed a little as he tickled her with his fingers and kisses but not once did he do anything to escalate her desire.

When the timer dinged again, he sat up and smiled at her. "On a level of one to ten, how turned on are you? Ten being the most you've ever been and one being the least"

She eyed him warily. "Like a two." She answered honestly.

"How turned on do you want to be?" He gave sexy smile.

She scoffed. "A ten of course."

He grabbed the timer again. "Me too. I'm going to do three minutes this time." He stated as he started the timer. "Your turn, keep in mind that we are both only going to get what you give us."

She lifted a brow, slightly annoyed by his little game. There wasn't much pleasure in it for her and she couldn't imagine there was any for him. She felt like she was missing the point of the game but not wanting to give up without some effort she sat up and straddled his waist, his naked torso under her, she could easily slip him inside of her. He was hard enough but she didn't think that was part of the rules of his games. She shifted and kissed him, pushing her tongue in his mouth and then trailing her lips down his neck and to his chest. This time she took each of his nipples, one in her mouth and the other with her hand as she tried to imagine what she would like done to her on his turn. She could feel his hands on her shoulders and rubbing up and down her arms. She worked her way down his torso to his penis, the thickness standing almost straight up. She wrapped her mouth around the head and ran her tongue along the base until the timer went off again.

He pulled her up with a reluctant groan as he flipped her on the bed and reset the timer. "I'd say I'm about a five now. Let’s see if I can get you there." He kissed her as she had kissed him, mimicked her previous movements, capturing a nipple with his mouth and twisting the other with his finger. She was much more pleased this time around as he made his way to her waist. She was curious how he planned to mimic what she did considering the anatomy was opposite his but he didn't fail her. His mouth sucked in her clit as his tongue traveled up and down her slit. A burst of energy flowed through her as she hoped he would do more like put a finger inside her. 

She let out a frustrated groan as the timer went off again. "Don't stop!" She pleaded as he pulled away.

He chuckled as he flopped on the bed beside her reaching for the timer. "I can only do what you do. That's the rules." He stated as he started the timer again and relaxed on the bed. "Are you at a five yet?" He grinned.

She let out a frustrated growl as she crawled on top of him, not wasting any time with kissing him, she engulfed his penis in her mouth. She smiled as he let out a surprised hiss. Wrapping her dainty fingers around the base she squeezed and pulled up as she sucked him hard. He wanted to be teased and if she was honest with herself she had plenty of knowledge when it came to being teased. Blake was a relentless torturer. Her second hand wrapped around his balls, lightly squeezing and then shifting her palm so that her thumb could graze his perineal and then she pushed further down circling his tight bud. She didn’t stop to think if this was a forbidden area, she went with what she knew, what Blake had demanded of her time and time again. It never occurred to her that it might be unwelcome. She stroked his penis while her thumb stroked his sphincter, applying enough pressure to warrant an entrance if she turned her thumb just right. She could hear the effect she had on him, his breathing was sporadic and his fingers gripped her shoulders.

“Oh fuck me!” He growled as the timer went off.

She giggled as she pulled back, pleased that she could aggravate him as he had her.

He didn’t move as he tried to gain control. He was on the verge of taking her completely but he wanted to see how much he could get out of her. Suddenly he flipped on top of her and pushed her to the bed as his mouth went for her mound. Mimicking every move as per the rules, he slid a finger inside her with one hand and used his thumb of the other to press against her tight bud, applying the same amount of pressure as she had him. Her body began to soar, she gripped the sheets again, he stopped to look at her. “Hands on me.” He demanded. Her hands flew to the sides of his head as she gripped his hair while his tongue rolled her clit, his fingers stroked her inner walls and his thumb all but entered her tight bud. She was panting and cried in agony when the timer went off again.

"This game sucks!" She groaned out.

He chuckled. "Are you at a ten?"

She looked at his satisfied grin. "Yesssss!"

He pinched his lips together. "Hmmmm...I don't know. Maybe one more round should do it." He set the timer again as he laid on the bed.

She growled in frustration as she straddled his waist and lined her wet slit with his hard penis, stroking him between her labia lips only. He smiled at her as he put his hands on her hips. She grabbed his hands and guided them to her breast, she wanted his touch. For a full minute she glided her pussy over his hard penis and then she lifted her hips and let his thick penis line up with her hole, sliding down his length.

He let out a long slow hiss as she took him in.

She arched her back and slipped her hand behind her, reaching for his balls and squeezing before running her fingers along his tight sphincter. Lifting her hips until only the head of his penis was inside her she swiftly sunk back down as she pushed a finger into his ass.

“Oh! Son of a bitch!” He cried out as his fingers dug into her hips. Deep ragged breaths followed between his words. “My. God. Hailey!” His eyes drilled into hers and for a moment she was startled and afraid. She started to pull away but he forced her hips back down as he shook his head from side to side. "Don’t stop baby! No one has ever done that before."

She breathed out relieved, positioned herself at the right angle to continue.

She slowly stroked him with her tight walls while she pushed her finger in his ass, gaining momentum and speed until the timer interrupted.

"Oh don’t stop!" He pleaded as she pulled away. His hands gripped her thighs, holding her in place.

She giggled. "I have to. Those are the rules."

He flipped her back to the bed as he maintained his position inside her. "I’m definitely at a ten now."

She giggled as he continued where she’d left off, long slow strokes from his meaty flesh rubbing her inner walls.

He gripped her ass cheeks rubbing his finger between the crack of her bubble ass, sliding one finger into that tight hole. Her body arched to his, he forced himself deep inside her as she exploded, her pussy milking his penis, making it impossible to control himself any longer.

Submitted: July 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Trixie. All rights reserved.


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That's absolutely the best sex scene I've ever read from you. Just wow on all that! Love how you bring Blake into the picture of learning and experience...Hailey comes across as innocent because she's inexperienced in life, but she's really not inexperienced in sex (quite the opposite). It's a paradox that you are emphasizing here, and I really like it. She actually takes Scott by surprise with the anal.

I also absolutely love 'the game'. It's brilliant of Scott because it provides Hailey with control over the situation. That's a big deal. She's experienced abuse, so she needs that control to relax. It also allows her initiative. I think you've alluded to Scott having some 'dark' interests that might mirror Blake's. He would never get Hailey to travel back down that path unless she were willing to do it herself. Still, BDSM is something with which she is familiar, and she may ultimately want to explore that again as long as she can feel in control.

I like the comparison contrast (however brief) of Scott's physique to that of Kyle and Blake. This 'game' is beyond anything Kyle would do based on his character development thus far. My impression of Scott is he is more sexually experienced and inventive than Kyle. That's what you've established for me, and I like it. Kyle is the more conservative of the two, but probably the more amicable when it comes to a lasting relationship.

We're not using a condom. Interesting. Makes it hot. Worth emphasizing. I love where you are going with this, and I love this awakening with your main character...

Sun, July 25th, 2021 6:04pm

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