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She stretched her limbs as the early morning light filtered through her blinds, feeling something solid next to her she smiled as she realized that Kyle was still in bed with her. She turned to snuggle close, not wanting to give up the warmth he provided. She let her eyes wander his sleeping form, barely covered with a sheet, his pecks rising with steady breaths. She softly stroked his rough chin as she pulled up to kiss his cheek. It was easy to forget how much trouble Blake and Mandy had caused recently as she stroked the sinewy curls on Kyle’s chest. Flicking her fingers over his hard pecks and then trailing across his stomach until his breathing shifted and he turned a sleepy smile to her.

With a sly grin she rubbed her lips against his chest as her fingers found his semi. Palming his dick and giving his chest a small nibble forced a soft groan out of him. “You know how to wake me up.” He grabbed her shoulders, flipping her in one swift motion as he shifted to settle between her legs. His mouth went for her neck and collar bone before sliding down to capture one of her soft breast. He sucked a large portion into his mouth and twirled his tongue over her nipple causing her body to arch for more as her hips moved back and forth against his hard penis. He stroked his bulbous tip across her clit repeatedly as he shifted from nipple to nipple with his mouth.

“Oh Kyle! Please!” She begged as her core began to throb for more. The teasing friction was almost painful.

He lifted his head to kiss her lips. "I love the sound of you begging." He whispered against the shell of her ear as he slid in to her slick hole.

Hailey felt a warm tremor causing her skin to goose up. Her whole body lifted to meet his wherever possible. This man made her feel things she'd never felt before. His tender caress and his demanding strokes sent her body into complete chaos. She looked into his eyes as his body rocked them back and forth with deep long strokes.

Hailey traced her fingertips over his shoulders, tentatively tracing his muscles. She could feel a significant difference between the two deltoids as her fingers traced over his scars from surgery. Her heart beat faster knowing she was to blame for the damage done. His physical therapy was bringing things back to normal and other than touching you couldn’t tell he’d been damaged but her heart raced as she traced the muscles on each side. He brought her focus back as he leaned in to kiss her lips. He could tell her eyes had shifted and she wasn’t matching him thrust for thrust. He considered stopping, feeling like he was doing something wrong. “Am I hurting you?” He shifted his weight trying to figure out how he’d lost her.

Her eyes grew big as she shook her head side to side. She slid her hands away from his shoulders and traced his pecks. He was just as fit here too.

She felt him shift as if pulling away but she quickly wrapped her legs around his waist.

"What happened? I feel like I lost you.” His paced slowed as he stared at her features.

She shook her head as her face grew red. “I... just... I could feel your shoulder.” She put her hand close by but didn’t touch the scar.

“It’s healing well, if it bothers you I can put a shirt on.” He frowned uncertain if that was the problem as he stalled mid thrust, feeling the slight loss of his erection.

She shook her head alarmed. “It doesn’t bother me. I’m sorry it happened.”

He studied her features as her eyes shifted from his shoulder to his face and back. He could see the guilt in her eyes. “Hailey. Honey.” He softly kissed her lips. “It’s not your fault.”

She nodded knowing she should believe that but she couldn’t stop herself from feeling the blame.

He lifted his lips into a wide grin as he thrusted to preserve his vanishing hard on. “You know what is your fault?”

She looked with wide eyes.

He pushed into her. “Waking me up like this.” He chuckled.

She giggled as he dipped down and softly kissed her neck. He wanted to suck hard on that skin and leave a mark to claim her as his own but he withdrew. “But I don’t plan to finish if you can’t get there with me.”

He pulled out and she grew alarmed that he was going to stop. Before she could protest he flipped her with surprising strength, pulling her up to her knees he entered her again. His fingers circled her waist and found her little bud, roaming back and forth until her body tensed. He’d found her sweet spot and moved his fingers as fast as they would go. His grip on her hips held her in place as he stroked until he felt her walls swallowing him.

Her face fell to the mattress as she stifled her moans, knowing her kids were just down the hall. She shook as her body gave in and let it go. She felt him tremble behind her as he emptied himself inside her.

After falling to the bed he shifted to pull her close kissing the shell of her ear. His heart hammered as he considered her guilt. “Hailey.” He softly kissed her neck. “You wear your heart on your sleeve and I find it an endearing quality but you have to know that this isn’t your fault.”

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I know.” She turned to face him. “I just wish it hadn’t happened. I feel terrible that it did happen.”

He nodded. “Me too but I’m on the mend and he’s in jail so we don’t have to dwell on the what if’s.” He used a finger to trace her cheek as he studied the depths of her eyes, hoping to ease her conscience.

She nodded.

“What do you want to do today?”

She shrugged. “I planned for a shift at Julio’s. With Christmas coming I could use some extra funds.”

He nodded. He wanted to discourage her from working too much but considering they were barely dating he didn’t think he could force that issue.

“What time is your shift?”

Hailey looked at her phone to pull up her text from Leslie at work. “I have a lunch shift its only three hours so 11:00-2:00.”

He smiled. “That’s a short day. After that can I take you guys out to the ranch?”

“What’s the ranch?”

“Nate’s uncle has a ranch about 45 minutes away. There are tons of things to do and he’s having a get together.”

“Are you sure they want me and three extra kids tagging along?” She frowned at the invite.

Kyle pursed his lips at her choice of words. "They won't mind at all. Nate extended the invite to you and your kids or I wouldn't have offered."

"Oh." She gave him a smile. "That was nice of him."

"He's a nice guy and you'll love his wife Carrie, she's pregnant at the moment."


"Kyle's here!" Someone shouted from the other side of the room as Pepper greeted them, leaning over to address Hailey’s kids. “Emma is in the playroom would you like me to show you where?” Kyle grabbed Hailey’s hand, grateful that he could show her some affection now that the kids were off to have fun.

“This is my wife Carrie.” Nate put a hand around a woman’s waist and a hand over her swollen bump. “And this is our bun in the oven.” He looked at his wife with a huge smile.

“Hi.” Carrie gave a welcoming smile. “It’s nice to meet you. My husband tells me you work with Kyle. How do you like the job?”

“I love the job. I’m looking forward to getting certified and Kyle has been so great in helping me.”

Nate nodded. “You won’t find anyone more thoughtful than Kyle. Too bad his three pointers can’t make it to the basket.” He teased.

Kyle scoffed. “Whatever. I still won didn’t I?”

Nate chuckled. “Only because you cheated and tripped me.”

Kyle laughed. “That was your own fault. Tie your shoes next time.”

The women watched the teasing back and forth with a small grin on their faces.

Carrie interrupted. “You two can go play outside. We’re going to find the girls.”

Hailey looked at Kyle with concern as Carrie dragged her away. He smiled and nodded his head as if to say she would be fine. She wasn’t sure where they were going.

In a large room she was greeted with four other women, learning their names and getting acquainted as they sat around a table looking at papers.

Carrie explained. “We usually grab all the sale papers and meet every weekend to discuss our budgets and brainstorm where to shop for the best deals.” She giggled. “It’s really just an excuse to hang out and drink mimosas and occasionally plan a shopping trip together.”

Hailey smiled and did her best to answer questions about herself while learning about the women in the room and how they were involved with each other and Kyle.

One of the women, named Melissa, asked her up out of the blue. “Okay, so no one wants to bring it up but I just can’t let it go.” All the other women gave her a startled look. Pepper held up a hand to shush the woman but she continued anyway. “Did you know your husband was out there doing that to all those women?”

Hailey's eyes grew wide as her mouth opened and closed in shock. The last thing she expected was to be confronted about Blake.

“You don’t have to answer that Hailey. Melissa is just being a bitch.” Pepper threw a mean look at the red head across the table.

Hailey shook her head in protest as her eyes suddenly pooled with emotion. “I didn’t know.” She stated in a whisper.

Melissa sat back with a smirk. “I don’t know how you couldn’t know. I mean surely you realized something was off with him. I think the total is at 22 women so far!”

“Melissa!” Pepper and Carrie both called her out.

Hailey didn’t know what to say. Should she have known? She shook her head as she stared down at the table. “He divorced.... we got a divorce.” She answered quietly feeling embarrassed by the sudden turn in conversation.

“I guess it’s lucky you weren’t one of his victims then!” Melissa threw a hard look at Hailey.

“That’s enough Mel!” Pepper grabbed Hailey’s hand and pulled her from her chair and then the room. In the hall she wrapped her arms around her in a full hug. “I’m sorry about Mel. She’s a bitch and she’s taking it personally. She doesn’t really mean to take it out on you.”

Hailey nodded and looked up. "Why does she take it personally?"

Pepper shook her head. "Her sister was one of his victims. I should have warned you but it didn't hit me till she started asking and I really wasn’t aware that she knew you were married to Blake."

"Oh." Hailey felt sick to her stomach. It never really hit her that other women were suffering at the hands of her ex. She knew how he could be in the bedroom and she had gone along with anything he told her to do out of fear. She couldn’t imagine what other women could have suffered compared to her, she was at least prepared for his abuse. She couldn’t imagine anyone being surprised by it and yet they were. Woman were assaulted and raped by Blake.

The hall filled with Carrie and the two other women all apologizing for Mel and giving her hugs. She grew even more embarrassed by the attention. "I’m sorry I ruined your fun." She apologized in return.

Carried frowned. "You didn’t ruin anything. If anyone did that it was Mel."

"Still I shouldn’t have come. I would have stayed home if I knew it would upset her."

Pepper and Carrie threw odd looks at each other. They were both confused by her apology.

"Where can I find Kyle?" Hailey asked them. She needed to find a way out of here.

Pepper answered. "They’re on the dirt bikes at the moment."

She nodded. "I’m going to go check on my kids."

She wanted to get away from the group of women. She was beyond embarrassed that they all knew about Blake.

She found the large room that her children were in with several other children and a couple teenagers seemed to be overseeing them.

She didn’t want to go back with the adults; she wished she was a kid and could sit and play and ignore the world’s problems. She found Robin at a small table playing tea party with Emma.

"Momma, you want tea?" Robin asked as she held out a cup of air.

"Yes, sweetheart, tea sounds good." She smiled at her daughter as she joined in their tea party. A conversation with the kids about which dolls were having tea and hot chocolate was much more inviting than the guilt trip thrown at her with the adults. She decided she would stay in the back with the kids until Kyle was ready to leave.

When Kyle came into the room his concerned eyes were focused on hers as he sat beside her on the floor. She didn’t know if he’d been told what had happened or if he was just curious why she was in here with the kids and not with the adults.  Emma spoke up. "Do you want tea Uncle Kyle?"

He dipped his head in a bow as he answered. "Why yes. I believe I do my’ladies."

The girls giggled at his fake British accent. He reached over and put a hand on Hailey’s thigh giving it a light squeeze. She smiled in return as her eyes found doubt in his. He knew, she could see the pity. She turned her focus on the girls playing as she swallowed the lump in her throat..

A few minutes into the faux tea party a loud bell was heard ringing outside. “Dinners ready.” Kyle explained.

As they walked back to the dining area of the ranch home, Kyle pulled her back to let all the kids run ahead.

“Hey.” His soft voice pulled her attention. “Are you okay?”

After his sister told him what happened he felt awful that he hadn’t been there to stop Melissa. She was a friend of Nate’s family and even Nate apologized for her behavior.  He didn’t want Hailey to feel unwelcome.

She nodded as she continued to follow behind all the kids. He grabbed her hand to slow her progress, pulling her back just enough to avoid little ears. “I’m sorry about Mel. Nate is sorry too. If he’d known she was going to be so harsh he wouldn’t have invited her.”

Hailey looked up with sorrowful eyes. “I’m sure she wouldn’t want to be near someone associated with Blake.” She offered a shrug. “I just bring up a bad memory for her.”

He rubbed a thumb across her chin. “You’re being too kind. She shouldn’t have spoken to you like that. What Blake did wasn’t your fault.”

She nodded as she looked down but he lifted her chin. “I mean it. It’s not your fault and she had no right to attack you like it was.”

She pinched her lips together and nodded again. “Thank you.” She whispered lightly but she couldn’t bring herself to believe that she may be partly responsible. She should have told someone how abusive he was and maybe he would have been out in jail sooner, before he could hurt all those women.

She breathed a sigh of relief when it was apparent that Mel was gone. Whether she left or was just avoiding Hailey she had no clue but she didn’t see her the rest of the day.


“Are you going to stay the night again?” Kyle looked down at one of the boys asking him a question. He was certain it was Zane but the boys had just showered and changed into matching shorts for bed and he couldn’t tell them apart at the moment.

He tilted his head uncertain. “I don’t know. Is it okay with you if I do?”

Zane, or maybe it’s Zach, lifted his chin and eyed him. “Can we play basketball tomorrow?”

He smiled. If that’s all it took to win the boys over? “Of course. We can go to the park. If your mom is okay with it.”

“Okay.” The boy agreed with a grin.

“Zane.” Hailey interrupted their conversation. “Have you brushed your teeth yet?”

The boy’s eyes grew wide, with a small shake of his head he started to step back. “I’m going now.”

Kyle chuckled as the boy retreated. He wrapped his arms around her waist giving her a small peck in the lips. “Is it okay if I stay another night?”

Her lips lifted into a slight grin as she rubbed her hand against his chest. “Yes.”

“I think they’re warming up to me.” He stated softly as he placed a kiss on her forehead.

She lifted her chin to return his kiss but he stepped back when he heard little feet running down the hallway.

Robin put both arms up in Kyle’s direction. “Can you carry me to bed?” The little voice pleaded.

Kyle’s brows lifted in surprise but he wasted no time picking her up as he looked at Hailey for direction.

Hailey smiled and nodded towards the room that all three kids shared in the small home. He wondered if he couldn’t convince her to move to a larger home so her kids wouldn’t have to share rooms. He wanted to mention his thoughts but decided to wait and see if he could even find a big enough home that she could afford and then he wondered if it was too soon to ask if she’d be willing to share a home with him. He stalled his steps as the thought hit him and he wondered how he could consider moving in so swiftly. He shook his head briefly as he realized how much of his life he was investing in Hailey’s and the thought hit him in the gut. He was falling hard and fast for her. His lips lifted at the corner. It didn’t seem like a bad thing.

Submitted: June 09, 2021

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She let her eyes wonder his sleeping form, barely covered with a sheet, his pecks rising with steady breaths.

This is your first paragraph....change "wonder" to "let her eyes wander over his sleeping form,"

“It’s healing well.” He mentioned as he pushed inside her holding on to the hard on threatening to vanish. “If it bothers you I can put a shirt on.” He frowned uncertain if that was the problem.


"It's healing well," he mentioned, thrusting deeper in hopes of preserving the erection that threatened to vanish. "If it bothers you, I can put on a shirt."

Kyle frowned, uncertain if his shoulder was really the issue.

(I'm playing with your words and structure here. The last line is emphatic, and I think it needs to stand alone) check commas.

She shook her head, alarmed. "It doesn't bother me. I'm sorry it happened."

Next line...He studied her features....(pleural)

"Yes, sweetheart, tea sounds good." She smiled at her daughter as she joined in their tea party. The conversation about which dolls were having tea and which were having hot chocolate was much more interesting that the one she was having earlier.

"Yes, sweetheart. Tea sounds good." Hailey smiled at her daughter as she joined their party. A conversation with the kids about dolls having tea and hot chocolate was much more inviting than the one she was having earlier with the adults.

Fri, June 11th, 2021 2:18am


Thank you for the suggestions, I've considered them and made adjustments accordingly.

Tue, June 15th, 2021 12:07pm


So, just some housekeeping above...

I like the direction of the story, particularly how the kids are warming to Kyle. The sex scene was nice. I like how you mentioned keeping it down because of the kids (so completely true)

The main thrust of the chapter is Hailey's guilt over Blake. It's misplaced and completely inappropriate, but Hailey's personality is such that the reader completely buys into her self condemnation. Certainly, it's true that Kyle would not have been attacked had it not been for his relationship with Hailey, but that doesn't equate to her being responsible for Blake's actions any more than she's responsible for him raping 20 women. Hailey's low self esteem provokes her to assume undue credit for events she could not control...guilt by association. She'd benefit from professional counseling. Perhaps Kyle will recognize that.

Mel has displaced aggression, but I like how you did that with her sister. I'm not sure I even recall reading how many women had been attacked or were presumed to be victims. One of the challenges in your piece might be the transformation of Hailey's personality into a more confident and assertive young lady. She's downtrodden for sure, but she's meek and submissive by nature. If you take on that task, make every effort to proceed slowly. These things take time.

Kyle is contemplating his next move without realizing he may have competition. Otherwise, he'd be in more of a rush. There may be more issues to come than Blake when it comes to a guilty conscience. That would be a curious development for Hailey to manage.

A lot of what we see with Hailey is simply a result of limited social experience. Blake was like an abusive parent. Hailey has never really lived her own life. She's just now spreading her wings and making her own way. She doesn't just lack self assurance, she lacks identity. She's smart. She has a plan for the future. Still, in many ways she's like a child, and the men who approach her sense her vulnerability. It's always a surprise if she's aggressive or demanding in any way. By virtue of that, any sexual advance she might make would be all the more alluring. Any outburst would be all the more stifling.

Good chapter

Fri, June 11th, 2021 2:58am


I am with you on Hailey's personality needing some serious refinement and hopefully she can grow. I am sure I will need some defining moment, perhaps a reason for her to fight and stand up for what she wants. So many things are hitting her at once and there is still more to come so lets hope she can keep her head up.

I hope I can work this one out without going off the rails (which is what I usually end up doing).

Thanks for reading and the comment and hopefully my time constraints will ease up so that I can focus on what I love to do.

I hope you are having a great summer!

Tue, June 15th, 2021 12:11pm

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