Standard Deduction

Standard Deduction

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


A simple romance story. Kyle needs an assistant and picks the most unlikely candidate against his better judgement in hopes that his good deed will help Hailey get on her feet. His attraction to her isn't the only thing that turns his world upside down. I hope you enjoy, this is a mild story, or at least that's my plan, we all know how things change once I start posting, so no promises in either direction. Seriously, I'm just having fun with this book!


A simple romance story. Kyle needs an assistant and picks the most unlikely candidate against his better judgement in hopes that his good deed will help Hailey get on her feet. His attraction to her isn't the only thing that turns his world upside down. I hope you enjoy, this is a mild story, or at least that's my plan, we all know how things change once I start posting, so no promises in either direction.
Seriously, I'm just having fun with this book!

Chapter18 (v.1) - Gross Miscalculation

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 18, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 18, 2020



Hailey didn’t go to Kyle’s as planned, she couldn’t face him knowing she was going to be giving up so much to gain peace with Blake but it was the only option she could see. After a restless night of back and forth turmoil she woke with anguish in her heart, the thought of giving up Kyle was the worst of all. She was going to miss so much of him and she dreaded the thought of telling him that she had to end things, she had to end everything.

A phone call from a police officer asking her to come in the following morning filled her gut with lead. Blake had wasted no time getting what he wanted, it was just as well she wouldn’t have to bother telling Kyle and she knew after today she would break up with him and quit her job. She couldn’t keep working for him. After she was done admitting she lied she would no longer be a candidate to get certified. She may as well give up now, she was never really going to get it anyway. If Blake didn’t want her working she couldn’t fight him anymore. Why did she ever think she could make it on her own?

Stepping into the police station to find the officer that requested her, she took a deep breath looking for courage to keep her composure. The officer guided her to a quiet room where a female officer joined them. She looked at both as they settled, one with a file folder in front of him and the other with a notepad.

“Ms. Cummings, we called you in today to go over some details of the night your ex-husband attacked you.”

She shifted her focus from one officer to the other. She shook her head, ready to do what she needed to do. Her eyes watered as she thought of everything she would lose and what little she would gain, it wasn’t fair but it’s what she needed to do for her kids and for her life in general.

The female officer gave a timid smile. “Officer Drake can leave the room if you are more comfortable with talking to me only.”

Hailey shook her head from side to side, she didn’t know how to start. “It’s okay. I just don’t know what to say.”

Officer Drake flipped open his folder. “Let us talk then. We have reason to believe you’re ex has been involved in other rape cases.”

Hailey eyed the burly officer, his words didn’t match up with what she had come here to do, maybe they had the information confused.

Officer Espinoza’s lips turned down. “The rape kit you submitted was a match to other rape kits already on file, until now we didn’t have a suspect. You have provided the missing link to a handful of unsolved rape cases over the last three years.”

“That can’t be.” She stammered. “Blake is an asshole but I don’t think he’d do something like that.”

“If you wouldn’t mind answering some questions we can determine for sure.” Drake pressed.

“Okay.” She nodded confused.

“At the time Mr. Cummings attacked you, did you have any other sexual partners prior to or immediately after?”

“NO!” She choked.

“Then it’s not likely to be anyone else who left evidence on your body?” He confirmed.

Hailey stared at the officer in confusion and doubt, there was no way Blake could have raped anyone. He was rough but not like that. Her mind went blank as she tried to fathom the accusation.

“We would like for you to tell us in as much detail as possible what happened that night, I know its uncomfortable but the pictures we have so far mimic our other cases and if there is anything else that can help us tie any other cases together we would like to know. Our suspect didn’t always leave behind DNA, he used condoms and wore gloves, it’s been a difficult one to hunt down. The more information that links cases the better for our victims.”

After an hour of talking with the two officers and feeling the turmoil of that night all over again she stumbled as she told them about her encounter with Blake the night before and her fears that it was her word against his and admitted she was supposed to come in and tell them she lied about what happened, she even admitted he had those tapes.

“I can see how you are worried.” Espinoza offered softly. “But what he did was wrong and anything that happened during your marriage is irrelevant to what he’s done recently. With all the other cases against him, no one is going to believe you lied once this goes to court, all you have to do is tell the truth. We have enough against him that it’s possible he’ll be looking for a plea bargain but he’ll be hard pressed to get anything light, we have a lot of victims, a domestic violence case against you will be the least of his worries in a few days.”

Hailey left the police station with the weight of the world dragging behind her. She couldn’t imagine Blake being responsible for all that he was being accused of. She felt her lungs fall to her knees. Her eyes filled with tears as she thought about explaining this to her kids. He was going to go to jail, if any of it was true he was going to be in a lot of trouble. “No.” She cried as the heavy weight crashed down on her, cowering on the steps of the police station she had no energy to move.


‘I have to go to the police station before work and then I’ll come in to talk.’

Kyle stared at the cryptic text from Hailey first thing this morning, he’d been calling her phone but she hadn’t answered and he grew worried with each passing minute. The message felt ominous, like it meant more than it appeared. He worried what could be going on and if something had happened during the night. He hadn’t thought much about her refusal to come over because they had been spending a lot of time together, he thought maybe she just wanted a break. Now he was worried her ex-husband had done something and he worried even more if Blake had convinced her to quit her job again.

Once she was back at the office she explained her visit to the police station. She purposefully left out the fact that she had intended to go and recant her story, she did not want him to know. His anger rose when she confirmed how dangerous Blake actually was.

“Do you really think he hurt those women?” Kyle asked.

“I don’t know why they would lie about it?”

“I can’t take no for an answer now. Either you take the gun home or I am moving in with you.” He asserted.

“Kyle?” Her brows drew together.

“I mean it, it’s the gun or it’s me and the gun. Pick one.” He demanded.

She giggled at the surreal feeling she had, even though he sounded demanding she knew if she told him no he would relent. She kissed his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck. A relationship with no fear was the most amazing feeling in the world right now. After the turmoil of the night and the thought of giving all this up, she was relieved that she wouldn’t have to do either of those things.

“I’m not kidding.” He tried to assure her.

She only giggled further. “I know. You can’t move in with me though, that would confuse my kids but I’ll take the gun home.” She was prepared to make him feel more comfortable if that’s what it would take. She would be careful and put it someplace high and out of reach of her kids.

She tried to stay focused that morning as she worked but it was near impossible once the police arrested Blake. She only knew because Mandy blew up her phone calling her every name in the book and cussing her out because she had no idea what Blake had done, she hadn’t yet figured out that the rape charges against him were not because of Hailey.

“How do you think she’s going to take it when she finds out what he’s done?” Kyle asked.

Hailey shrugged. “I don’t know.” She looked at her phone with another text from Mandy.

‘You fucking whore! When Blake gets out and the truth comes out you will be the one to suffer!’

Hailey’s eyes watered, she thought of those videos and worried that Blake could still use them against her.

Kyle took her phone and read the text. His lips pinched together as he scrolled through the other half dozen texts the woman had left. “That’s enough of her!” He typed fast, leaving a message for Mandy.

‘That’s terroristic threatening and I’m showing this to the police. Do not text this phone again!’ He blocked the number. He had a lot more he wanted to say but he wouldn’t do it from Hailey’s phone.

“Don’t talk to her again.” He asserted.

Hailey nodded in agreement, but her worries didn’t falter. “It’s still Blake’s week.” She stated aloud as she considered her kids were still at school. “I have to go!” She stood quickly.

“Where are you going?” Kyle asked confused.

“My kids! I have to go get my kids before she does!” She stressed as she made her way to the door. “I’ll call you later, I’m sorry about work today.”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her close. “Everything is going to be okay.” He offered as he cupped her cheek and lightly kissed her lips. “Would you mind if I come with you?”

She shook her head. “I think I should take them home, I have to figure out what I am going to say to them.”

Kyle nodded feeling a little worried that she was tackling this on her own. “Let me know if you want me to come over and help you with anything.”

She did her best to keep her evening as normal as possible for her kids, she hoped they couldn’t see the fear she felt. She had no idea what would happen now that Blake was in a whole lot more trouble. Her mind whirled so much information, for three years Blake had been causing other women harm. Her heart fell at the thought that they were still married when he started raping other women. Why didn’t she notice? How could she not know? How does Mandy not know? So many questions formed and doubts raised, she stayed lost in turmoil.

“Why didn’t we go to dad’s today?” Zach asked eventually.

She looked at Zach and Zane with a sympathetic tilt, she couldn’t help but feel guilty for what they would have to go through. “I have to talk to you guys.” She tried to minimize the news to a nine year old level. “Daddy is in time out.” She started. “Grown up, time out. He did something he wasn’t supposed to do and the police are asking him a bunch of questions until they get to the bottom of what happened.”

Both boys looked at each other and then their mom. They didn’t grasp the severity and she was grateful, hopefully they could ease into this situation and not be traumatized by it. They started asking questions she couldn’t answer and she worried she would say the wrong thing. She had no idea what was going to happen now.

“When will he be done with timeout?” Robin asked curiously.

“I don’t know baby, we wait and see but it could be a while.”

Robin was quick to dismiss the news but both her boys continued to question, their age making them a little bit wiser to what might be happening.

“Is he in trouble because of Kyle?” Zane asked.

Hailey shook her head. “No, of course not. Why would you think that?”

Zane shrugged a shoulder. “I don’t know, I thought maybe because he hurt Kyle.”

“We don’t know that he did that sweetheart.” She was amazed at the insight of her child, he assumed his father’s sins even though no one had told him but she couldn’t let him believe that Blake was in jail because of Kyle. “He’s in trouble because he might have hurt someone else. I don’t want you to worry too much about Daddy, we don’t know enough to say what could or could not happen so we will just have to wait and see. Okay?”

Both boys nodded, her stomach churned as she worried what she would say in the coming months, if the charges were true and the scope of the crimes committed stuck, her ex-husband could be behind bars for a long time.

She opted to stay home with her kids the following day as well. She was afraid to let them out of her sight. Kyle was understanding and worked without her, she smiled when he called several times to ask her questions about certain files. He’d grown accustomed to letting her handle everything and now he was lost in his own office.


Kyle stepped into her tiny home, although she was in one of the best districts it was apparent that she was in nothing more than a mother-in-law addition to a larger home that someone decided to rent out.

“I’ve been worried about you today.” He stated as he wrapped her in a hug as much as his cast would let him. His desire to kiss her was buried away in front of her kids but he looked forward to the day they could progress their relationship.

With a small shake of her head, she offered her concerns. “I don’t know what to tell my kids and I don’t know what’s going to happen now.”

He nodded. “I wish I had an answer for you.”

He spent the evening in their home, listening to her kids try to explain what they knew about their father, eating dinner and just trying to help keep her kids from worrying about Blake. He was grateful the man was behind bars at the moment. When her kids were settled down for the night he sat beside her on the couch. “Have you heard if he will be able to post bail or anything?” He worried Blake would come looking for her if he got out, she’s the only reason they discovered his crimes.

“I don’t know. He can certainly afford it.” She scooted closer leaning in his comfort as he wrapped his only good arm around her. She smiled as she felt his lips kiss her temple, lifting her head to meet him she offered her lips to his kiss granting him permission to take advantage of their alone time.

He smiled as he lightly kissed her.

She sighed in contentment, she couldn’t explain the comfort she felt. A feeling she had never had before, to be tenderly held by someone who wasn’t using her for self-gratification was unusual. They talked, they kissed and when things became heated she giggled and teased him further. Shifting enough to settle her lips at the base of his neck she rubbed her teeth against his skin and teased him further. “Can I bite you?” She whispered against his skin.

He chuckled. “You can do anything you want. Just keep in mind I still have to walk out of here unless you have plans for me to stay the night.” He lifted a brow in question, curious of her answer since her kids were home.

She sat back to look him in the eyes. Oh how she would love for him to stay the night, to snuggle and keep her safe and content. She could imagine the whole night in her bed with him next to her.

He shook his head and he saw her thoughts wage out. “We should probably not shock them too much.” He kissed her lips. “We can take this slow and let them adjust.”

She nodded as her lips turned down, logically he was right but she didn’t like it.

Kyle went home that night wishing he could stay the night, even debating staying on her couch but in the end it was decided that anything to add to the confusion would only hurt her kids right now. Their relationship was too new to move too fast and he didn’t want to give her kids any more to question. They would have a lot to process in the coming months.


After a few days, word of Blake’s arraignment was passed onto her from the Prosecuting Attorney. “He hasn’t been able to post bail, the judge has it set at $300,000.00 but your ex-husband has nothing to back it up. Apparently his girlfriend…?” The attorney looked to Hailey for confirmation.

She nodded. “They never married, they just told everyone they were married.”

He nodded. “Well, that’s not helping him right now because she is refusing to answer his calls and word is that his attorney isn’t even being paid so he may be stuck with a court appointed one.”

“That doesn’t sound like Mandy.” She offered.

The attorney lifted a brow. “With the charges against him, I can’t imagine she hasn’t taken the chance to cut ties and run. Your ex-husband is a violent man, he had to have taken that out on her too.”

Hailey shook her head, Mandy never showed signs of being abused but her mind wondered if maybe Mandy learned to hide it like she did. “I don’t think he ever did anything to Mandy.” She stated uncertain.

Howards pinched his lips together, his disbelief evident. “Well either way, she’s not helping him so he’s in a tight spot.”


“When can we see Daddy and Aaron?” Zane asked one evening as she served them dinner in her kitchen.

She stopped in her tracks uncertain of what to say. “I don’t know. Daddy may be in trouble for a really long time and Mandy and Aaron aren’t home.” She considered that she hadn’t spoken to Mandy since the day Blake was arrested, she could only imagine what Mandy was going through now that she had to know why Blake was really in jail.

It had been two weeks since Blake had been arrested and it had been a hard two weeks. Her kids were confused about everything, especially the boys who were used to riding the bus to their dads on certain days. Every day they asked for their dad, her heart broke at the thought of what they would go through when reality really sunk in for them.

“What does rape mean?” Zane asked at the dinner table.

Hailey looked at her young son startled to hear such a word from his mouth. “Why do you want to know that?” She worried he had overheard her talking with her mom or Kyle.

“Lucas says dad’s in trouble because he raped a bunch of girls and that he was going to be in prison for a long time.” Zane’s eyes watered at the thought of not seeing his dad.

“Oh honey.” She set her fork down and looked at all three of her children. “I don’t know what to say but I do know that Lucas doesn’t know anything more than we do, he is only speculating and God only knows where he is hearing this stuff. Your daddy is in a lot of trouble and he could be in jail for a while but we don’t know how long until he goes to court or works something out with the judge.” She hated the thought of her kids dealing with the struggles at school. “We are just going to have to take it one day at a time and don’t let the things that kids at school tell you bother you. It’s not their business to talk about it and you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

The following morning she stepped into the building to find Kyle waiting on her. Her reluctance to have him over in the evenings was beginning to strain their time together but she feared confusing her kids further. He gave a soft smile and a kiss on the lips which she lovingly reciprocated. “How was your evening?” He questioned.

She shook her head as she told him about her conversation with her kids. “I think I should take them out of school, maybe transfer them or homeschool them?” She wanted his advice.

He was silent, contemplating either of those options and not certain he could give sound advice. He voiced his opinion on either option and hoped he was helpful but without children of his own he couldn’t be sure he knew what he was talking about. All he could do was hope that they could get past this without injury but it was seemingly impossible. Even his relationship with Hailey was starting to feel the effects of their time apart, only seeing each other at work most days, she was reluctant to let him have too many of their family evenings together with her kids already strained by so much. Today he wanted to hold her, he wanted to be the rock she could lean on. He wrapped an arm around her and held her tight. “I wish I could do more but I don’t know what to do.”

She sighed. “That makes two of us.” She lifted her chin to kiss his lips.


“I think I should go see Blake.” She stated to her mom as she helped to clean up after an evening meal at her parent’s home.

“Why bother?” Her mom was obviously against it.

Hailey shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess I need to know what he wants me to tell the kids, what his plans are or if I should try to find Mandy for him. The kids are asking about Aaron, they don’t understand not seeing their little brother.”

“You need to ask where is all his money? How are you going to raise these kids without his help?” Renee questioned.

“It’s not like he really contributed a lot. I can move to find a cheaper place to rent. I’ll figure it out.” She stressed. Blake may not have offered a lot of money but with the kids gone half the month she was free to work more and save money on groceries. Now she had them full time she feared her utilities would go up, plus she would be using more gas to get them to school and any other activities they were in and the opportunity to work later on the days she didn’t have her kids were now gone. She wasn’t sure what she would do.

Her mom only shook her head in doubt. “You know I’ll watch the kids when you need to work and we can help with picking them up after school.”

“I know but I don’t want to stress you out. I know it’s hard on you to watch them after you and Daniel have been at work all day.”

“It’s so much easier now that they’re all grown out of diapers and can feed themselves.” Her mom smiled. “They are just growing too fast.”

Hailey agreed. She wondered what would happen if they keep growing and didn’t have a dad, she grew up without one and it was a hard life to live. She hated the thought of her children growing up without theirs. She had no memories of her dad, at least her kids would have some memories and quite possibly Blake wouldn’t be in jail forever. They would get to see him again someday. She shook her head as she tried to imagine the future for her kids.

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