Chapter 1: Choices

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: BDSM Erotica

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Jessica wiggled her bum feeling the cool vinyl cushion against the back of her thigh. Her loose skirt had shimmied up a bit and she hadn't bothered to correct it because it felt nice. Her boss gave a small smile as he sat across from her while they waited for three other coworkers to join them. She wondered if she would have to make small talk with him, not really knowing her new boss all that well, he'd been with the company for years and although she had been also, she had only recently been promoted to his department. She wondered if this new promotion would mean regular business lunches with her boss and coworkers. She smiled as the waitress put a glass of water in front of each of them.

Mr. Rowland gave the waitress a brief smile with perfect white teeth and a smooth voice he explained the large table he chose. "Thank you Stephanie, we will have three others joining us in fifteen minutes."

Jessica looked at Mr. Rowland with a raised brow. Was she that early?

She watched her handsome boss lift a box from beside him and set it on the table. "I called you a little early to discuss an issue with you."

Jessica gave a wary smile, she was new to the department and didn't know if the issue might involve something she could be doing wrong. Her heart began to plummet in doubt. "Okay." Her uncertain voice faltered.

He slid a box across the table and tapped the lid with one long finger before he withdrew his hand. "Please open this first."

She opened the package expecting a gift for her promotion but the contents were the last thing she could have expected and her cheeks burned red at what she saw. A slender pink dildo sat in the middle of the box in a clear casing as if it were a delicate item. She gave a quick glance to her boss trying to read his stoic features. She quickly shut the box and anger flared in her eyes. "What is the meaning of this?" 

His eyes formed daring slits as he silently slid a folder across the table. "We recently installed camera's in the store rooms due to theft."

When he said no more dread formed in her throat as she thought about the many times she had been in that store room when Luke had snuck her in for a quick kiss that turned into one of many fuck sessions that could rival a porn video. Her mind echoed those adventures as she opened the folder and spotted the first photo.

The incriminating photo did not match the fornicating images in her head because she had forgotten all about the one and only time she had stuffed a roll of toilet paper in her bag. Her heart took a nose dive as she realized she had never replaced the 'borrowed roll'. She had all intentions of replacing it, she just needed one for the night and didn't want to make an extra trip to the store on her way home. She really did plan to replace it but she had forgotten all about it. Even though it was the only thing she'd ever taken she knew he wouldn't believe her. "I was going to replace it..." Her voice croaked in a desperate attempt to defend herself. She shifted the photo as she swallowed the lump in her throat. 

Her breath hitched at second photo, she quickly covered it back up while looking around to make sure no one was looking over her shoulder. She peeked again, curiosity had her making sure she saw what she thought she saw. 

The second photo was more than just a compromising position. In full color, even her pink lipstick was vibrant as her lips wrapped around the head of Luke's penis. She felt the red creep up her face as she saw her face buried in Luke's waist. Her eyes looking up at the face of the man attached to the penis.

Sneaking a peak at the last picture brought even more heat to her face. It was even worse as she laid back on the empty desk stored in that room, her legs wrapped around Lukes head, her shirt hiked up showing off her C-cup breast and to make matters worse she looked like a hungry slut with her mouth draped open, eyes rolled back, one hand desperately squeezing her breast as the other held onto Lukes head. Even the still photo appeared to be alive with quailty pleasure for all to see. She could recall Lukes's fingers deep inside her as she looked at the photo. She squirmed in her seat, feeling exposed, she shifted her skirt as if to cover herself.

Quickly she slapped the folder closed and stared at it wondering what this meant for her, was she going to be fired, or even reported for theft? She spotted the 'gift' again. Her boss clearly had something on his mind and she feared what he could be thinking. 

She looked up to her boss with red flaring from her cheeks at the thought of what he'd seen. Was there video or just photos? She feared asking. "Am I fired?" She asked quietly already planning to scoot out of the booth to leave.

"You have a choice." His thick voice rolled down her spine in a ominious warning. The images of her mouth wrapped around Luke's dick became hard warm lead in the pit of her stomach.

Her eyes darted to his and back to the white box. "What choice?" She squeaked.

His eyes gave nothing away as he stared into hers, his fingers neatly folded together as if sitting patiently. "You can leave on your own accord with no references from this company, hopefully you'll have more respect for your next employer or you can stay and do as your told." His eyes pointed to the box but he said no more.

"What do I have to do?" She swallowed the dreadful lump in her throat. She would do anything to save her job. 

"Take the contents of that box to the restroom, follow the instructions and return to sit beside me." He said all this with a face full of business. "If you make it through lunch we will discuss the rest of your punishment this evening."

She studied his features expecting a hint of humor or doubt from him but he remained all business. "That's it." She lifted a brow. "You want to play games on me?"

He gave the first hint of a wicked smile. "Oh honey, its so much more than that. I will be taking you home for the weekend and keeping you until I see fit to release you from your sins."

She eyed the box briefly contemplating the meaning of his words. "And I get to keep my job?"

"With a good reference." He added. "Assuming you can be a good girl from now on, of course."

"This is blackmail." She stated with a shaky voice. 

"No, this is an alternate choice. As of this moment you are fired, if you choose to be and you can go about your life, find another job and forget this happened. can choose to keep your job and repay me for your theavery and frollicking on company time. Seems a fair trade to me, seeing as you were paid to fuck in a closet like a true whore would be."

Her mouth fell open and her cheeks burned crimson, she never considered that she was on the clock when she fucked Luke and if her boss only knew how many times she'd been in that closet with her favorite fuck buddy. What if he did know? "What about Luke?" She suddenly worried for the fate of her friend.

"He's my best salesman, I have other options for him but you are forbidden to be anywhere near him on my time. If you so much as say hi to him you will be punished even further."

She swallowed the bile in her throat. Walk away! Her brain screamed but something about her bosses proposition sounded intriguing, even more sinful than a romp in the closet. What's the worst that could happen? She'd have to give him a blow job when he wanted or go to his house to be his personal slut? Ironically both of those thoughts already entered her mind before today, the man was built and while she never thought she would have a chance with her superior she always imagined the possiblities.

After a few minutes of silence he spoke up. "Pick up the box and walk away, either to the ladies room and back or leave the building and never come back. Your choice, you have four more minutes before the rest arrive so think quickly."

She grabbed the box and made her way to the front where the door and the bathrooms both resided. She stood in the foyer for a good minute in mental debate. When she saw Theresa, Luke and Drew approaching the front door she darted to the bathroom. 

In a stall she still sat undecided. She opened the box and found a slender dildo, it was too small to be of great use. With a note attached that said 'turn on and insert in your vagina'. She pulled it from the box and turned it in her hand several times. She flipped the switch and noticed nothing happened but it was on. Maybe he forgot to put batteries in it. She noticed another paper under the clear casing. Pulling everything apart she stared at two more items; a pair of nipple clamps and a small butt plug. "No way!" She thought out loud. Maybe the dildo or the clamps were doable but the thought of putting anything in her ass was a hard no. She couldn't do it. She debated throwing it all away and running but she had rent and bills and finding a new job without a reference would be hard. She had worked for Staggard House for the last six years. She would need a reference or no one would believe she had a job or wasn't fired. "Shit!" She hissed. 

She swallowed hard and decided a day or two of sexual torture would be worth keeping her job. She hiked up her skirt and pushed her panties down. Expecting to be dry as a desert down there she stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of the rubber tasting dildo. She slid it in to her vagina, finding she was a little more prepared than expected. Holding it in place as she picked up the bullet and prepared for the second object of regret. Studying the object for a few seconds she cringed at the thought of licking something that would be going up her ass but she had to add lube. Testing the thought she ran her finger over her own puckered hole, no one had ever been inside this hole, she wouldn't allow it, didn't think it was necessary, even thought it could be disgusting. She pushed against the hole and thought of all the times men had begged for entrance. A firm no had been her motto. She pushed on the hole and held her breath thinking it would be too weird. The hole gave way a little.

"In for a penny, in for a pound." She repeated her mothers words aloud to no one in particular. She leaned her forehead against the stall door and used one hand to hold a cheek out of the way and the other to force the slightly damp object around her hole. Pushing against it felt wrong, tight, uncomfortable. She mentally counted to three and on three she pushed hard to force the object in. Letting out a surprised yelp as she did so. She took hard deep breaths as she tried to grow accustomed to the object in her ass. She stood up and felt her face turn instant crimson, there was no way she could walk around with this thing in her ass. But she had to if she wanted to keep her job. Pulling up her panties she hoped that nothing worked its way free. She felt that the bullet was going no where but the dildo seemed to slip around. She pushed on it with her finger through her panties for good measure and hoped that it made the walk back to the table. She put the lid down on the commode and sat, feeling the objects move she released an unexpected yelp. She would have to remember to sit tenderly. The nipple clamps were next and they were easy to apply. She didn't think these would be on her mind as much as the bullet or the dildo. She put her bra over the clamps and immediately felt a small spark from her nipples to her clit. Shit, this was going to take a lot to get use to. She dared to take a few steps in the small bathroom to test the objects and with a little confidence she made her way out the door.

She swore everyone in the resturarant was staring at her as she walked with slow small steps to the table. Items were slipping around and felt completely out of place. She feared they would fall to the ground. Today would have been a good day for trousers!

At the table she greeted her fellow coworkers, trying to avoid eye contact with her boss but he gave her a wicked smile as he vacated his spot to allow her to sit next to him in the rounded booth. This garnished a confused look from Luke who had a vacant spot next to him. She grew even more embarrased as everyone had to shift to allow her room in the booth next to their boss. She slowly lowered to her seat and hoped no one would notice. Luke gave her a quizzical look but she shook her head as if to say don't ask and then lowered her eyes to her menu to avoid getting them both in further trouble. 

"Shall we order?" Mr. Rowland asked of everyone around the table giving her a wink when she looked up.

Submitted: September 09, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Trixie. All rights reserved.


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Starting out pretty well, going for sizzle factor to ramp up the second chapter!

Thu, November 25th, 2021 1:21am

Harriet-Jacqui Furl

Excellent writing in that eloquent, pleasant, is-this-really-happening-to-me style you innocently employ. A sophisticated, entertaining and thoroughly researched read! Loved it.

Sat, November 27th, 2021 2:41pm


Oh, I love this! Sorry it took a while to get to it.
Certainly these 'toys' are remote control operated and the boss is chomping at the bit to punch some buttons right there in front of Luke! How will Jessica handle all that 'stimulation' at the table? I can't wait to find out.

Well written as always, and I love the suspense you've built into this chapter from the very start. It's adequately explicit where it needs to be while still focusing on the situation and character development.

Since Luke is just a 'friend with benefits', he doesn't pose a threat to harm if Jessica avoids him or even trades his 'benefits' for those of her boss. I suppose the situation could be all the more interesting if Luke actually meant something to Jessica or vice versa. You're a love triangle writer, so I'm sort of expecting some emotional ties elsewhere, but Jess seems to like her sex with no strings attached based on our first impression. Her boss is hot, and she has already been fantasizing about him. Love the photos.

I'm curious to see what the boss is actually like behind closed doors. This is going to be punishment, so the situation lends itself to some pretty rank and depraved demands to which Jessica may not be accustomed. I don't think Mr. Rowland is some prince living in a castle who plans to romantically seduce Jessica into heavenly bliss. I would expect him to use and abuse her for his own amusement...perhaps humiliate her or embarrass her. He could have all kinds of crazy plans ahead, and the further she steps into his web, the more tangled and trapped she becomes.

Sun, November 28th, 2021 11:40pm

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