Intolerant Competition

Intolerant Competition

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Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Jane works hard to save money, her lazy half sister causes more problems than solutions and Jane must deal with life while falling in love with a man whose already taken. When an abduction causes more struggles and her life is turned upside down she finds herself leaning on the man she's fallen for and it pains her to know she can never have him.


Jane works hard to save money, her lazy half sister causes more problems than solutions and Jane must deal with life while falling in love with a man whose already taken. When an abduction causes more struggles and her life is turned upside down she finds herself leaning on the man she's fallen for and it pains her to know she can never have him.

Chapter57 (v.1) - The call

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Tedder stared at the paper with Jane's number on it. He had spoken with Diane the previous night; he was having pleasant conversations with her and even picking up new information about Jane. He hadn't secured another date with Diane at the moment because he hoped that having Jane's info would lead to an opportunity to snatch her up. He had been excited to have a direct line of communication with Jane but as he stared at the number he knew he couldn't risk calling her for fear of her recognizing his voice and alerting the police. No, he had to come up with another plan to talk to Jane. He considered texting but feared she would back out of meeting him if she didn't talk to a live person first. 

He looked up from his booth as the waitress brought him a warm up for his coffee. It was becoming a custom to get coffee in the small town where the cabin he was renting was located and it was here that an unexpected gift fell in his lap, a way to communicate with Jane. After he thanked the waitress he watched her walk over to a young lady sitting alone in the booth across from him. His mind starting reeling possibilities as he contemplated asking the waitress if she would make the call but worried how she might react to an odd request. "You having any luck?" He overheard the waitress ask the young lady.

The customer shook her head and gave a dejected look. "No." He spotted the paper the young lady was reading.

"Don't give up honey. It won't take long to find something."

"You need a job?" He asked after the waitress had moved onto the next table.

The young customer looked up surprised. He pointed to her paper, open to the want ads.

She nodded.

"I could use an assistant for a few weeks, my current assistant is pregnant and I hate to ask her to follow me around. I just need someone to do the running around that she can’t do."

"It sounds great but i don’t have any experience as an assistant." The timid girl replied, her blonde hair was secured in a bun on top of her head and she wore no makeup. He had to guess she looked younger than eighteen.

"Do you know how to follow orders and get coffee?"

"Yes sir." The girl smiled brightly at the prospect of employment. 

"Good enough." He moved to her booth to sit across from her. He introduced himself as Blake and got her name. "Okay Ruby, Let’s take a little test and see how well you follow orders." He handed her his phone. "I am trying to hire a lady to take care of my ailing mother but I haven’t contacted her yet. How about you call and set it up for me."

He gave her a list of things to ask the nurse and to schedule a meeting.

"If you get her voicemail just say you’re Ruby with Blake Stevens and you would like to set up an appointment for me to meet her at her earliest convenience."

She smiled and did as instructed expertly.

"I thought you said you had no experience?" 

"I don’t."

"Then you’re a natural at following instruction."


"How old are you?" He questioned curious if she was under age.

"I'm nineteen." 

He felt the sting of disappointment, he hadn't had a young one in a while and although he hadn't really considered having one recently the thought of this one being young stroked his blood just a little. Still she was young enough to be tight assuming she hadn't given herself away too much by now.

"I’ll have to pay you cash out of my pocket, my company only allows me one employee through payroll and I can't let Jackie go just because she's pregnant." He pulled out a small amount of cash and handed it to her. "That’s for your time this morning. I will triple it if you can meet me here at four. Do you have nice clothes you can wear?"

"I can borrow some from a friend." She answered shame in her eyes. He knew there was more to her story but didn't really care to question at the moment. He extracted a few more bills from his wallet and handed them to her. "Here." She looked up bright eyed. "This will get you a few things for the week. Consider this advancement so don't go to crazy, this job is only for a few weeks but it will give you some experience to add to your resume."

"Yes sir." The girl smiled showing a set of white teeth. He found her cute and let his wicked thoughts wonder what he could do to her tied to his bed as he made his way back to his booth. The girl had left the building, rushing off exited. 

The waitress returned a few minutes later gushing about what a nice thing he had done. He accepted her praise with a smile. When he looked down at his bill later he saw 'no charge' scribbled across the bottom with the waitress' phone number. He chuckled to himself. That old woman had nothing of interest for him but he waved politely as he made his way to the door.


Jane woke the following morning finding an empty bed. She picked up her phone to check the time and saw a missed call from an unknown number. She started to ignore it for now but a voicemail had her curious so she listened. She smiled as she realized it was from Diane's new love interest and curious to find out more about him she tried to call back. She received a text from the same number with an apology and a promise to call later in the day. Her new found freedom with Joel and the possibility of a new job and a chance to leave the stress at the hospital gave her a little more energy for the morning. She made her way down the stairs to the kitchen looking for Joel and found herself disappointed that he was in the kitchen with Abby.

He greeted her with a warm smile and a kiss on the lips as he asked how she was doing.

She responded with a tight lipped smile and a nod before she poured herself coffee.

"Are you going to say good morning to your sister?" He asked thinking she wouldn't be rude if she had been called out.

"No." Jane gave a curt reply and went about her task of fixing her drink.

"Jane." Joel reprimanded her.

"It’s okay Joel." Abby interrupted. "I’m going to the office." Joel watched Abby head for the door and wave bye before she slipped out.

Aggravated by Jane's behavior he turned to her. "Your sister is a guest in my home, be polite to her."


He twisted his head to the side at her odd question. "Why what?"

"Why is she a guest here, she has her own home."

He took a deep breath to calm his frustration. "You can’t be a bitch to your sister, it’s not her fault, what happened to you was not anything she wanted, you can’t blame her."

"I don’t blame her." She shrugged. "It’s my own fault for having a sister like her." She bit out. "She just uses people, she’s using you too you just refuse to see it."

"In what way?" He chuckled. Abby had been earning her keep at his business and was starting to save the money to pay Jane back for her taxes but she didn't want to tell Jane until she had it all to give back to her. Although he didn't know Abby prior to Jane’s abduction he knew how hard she was working to recover from her past mistakes and he was proud of her.

Jane shook her head. "She just wants to get close to you so she can find another man to freeload her life."

Joel shook his head at the notion. "It’s funny; Christa said the same thing about you." 

He was trying to point out that Christa had been wrong and so was Jane but she didn’t give him the opportunity. 

"I pay my own way Joel! Always have and always will." She dumped her coffee into the sink and went upstairs to dress.

He ran a hand through his hair kicking himself for screwing up. He made his way to the room and watched as she started to dress in her clothes from yesterday.

"I was planning to take the day off with you." He tried to switch gears and convince her to stay with him.

"I have to work later and I have to meet a new client and his mom today." Even though she hadn't made the plans yet she had hopes that she could get on it today and start the new job soon.

"I'll come with you."

"No, I can’t have you following me to all my jobs."

"Okay, so can we get together when you’re done?"

"I don’t know." She let her shoulders fall, her heart rushing at the thought of arguing with Joel, worried she might lose him and at the same time being upset that he was defending Abby.

"Jane?" He pleaded as he grabbed her and forced his lips over hers.

Her anger washed away at the touch of his lips, all she wanted in this world was to be held by Joel. He pulled on her outfit and started undressing her, making sweet love to her as he held her and his warm strong muscles swallowed her up, he stroked her with a stiff penis and brought her climax oh so swiftly, she melted into him as she remained relaxed while he stroked himself to an orgasm. He took his time as each stroke was just one more moment he would cherish with her; he prolonged his need for that purpose. He spoke softly in her ear, reassurance of his love, her beauty, her ability to hold his world in the palm of her hands and she loved every second of it.

As he lay with her he suckled on her skin and her beautiful nipples as she stroked her fingers over his skin, tracing muscle and pushing them through his soft hair. She moaned as he took from her repeatedly. He kept her confined to the bed for as long as possible.


Tedder smiled as he listened to Jane's voice on his voicemail again. He hadn't bothered to replace the generic greeting on the throw away phone and now he was happy he hadn't otherwise Jane may have recognized his voice. Her greeting was warm and friendly and sent his blood flowing. He knew he couldn't risk calling her back so he sent a text to respond. He kept it simple stating he was in a meeting for the day but would love to meet up later and discuss his mother's condition. He was excited that he had a chance to get her alone and take her before anyone could be the wiser. He sat with Tank as they discussed the options they could consider.


Joel did not stay home after Jane left his house he made his way to work, finding Abby so he could apologize for Jane's behavior.

"I don't think I should stay at your house, I don't want Jane upset with you because of me." Abby concluded.

He shook his head. "It doesn't matter; you can't go home untill we know who the hell is following you."

"Jane is probably right; it’s probably someone who saw one of my videos, just too scared to approach me. I'll be fine, I'll go straight home and lock my doors and if I see anyone following me I'll go to your house instead."

Joel lost the argument with Abby, he didn't want her going home but she wasn't budging.

"I have security remember, you put it in. I'll be fine; I just won’t go anywhere alone. The guy will lose interest and we'll move on. No big deal."

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