Common Duty

Common Duty

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Carrie has sole custody of her younger brother, a twelve year old in a twenty-two year old body. Caleb struggles with daily life and acceptance and Carrie struggles with keeping him out of trouble. Can an unlikely source help her straighten things out with her brother and help her see that men aren't out to break her heart at the same time? This is one of my lighter stories, nothing too crazy just a simple romance to take my mind out of the gutter for a while. I hope you enjoy.


Carrie has sole custody of her younger brother, a twelve year old in a twenty-two year old body. Caleb struggles with daily life and acceptance and Carrie struggles with keeping him out of trouble. Can an unlikely source help her straighten things out with her brother and help her see that men aren't out to break her heart at the same time?
This is one of my lighter stories, nothing too crazy just a simple romance to take my mind out of the gutter for a while. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter19 (v.1) - Future Fiance

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 20, 2018



Carrie  worried about running into Jordan and whether she could continue to act like he didn’t still have a piece of her heart. When another bouquet of flowers arrived with his name and number again she knew he wasn’t planning to give up. She threw them away and tried to ignore the way she felt. She hated him and yet she knew she still loved him but she had Nate and he was a great guy and he was good to her and he was the reason she hadn’t fallen into Jordan’s arms the second she saw him at the grocery store.

She let her thoughts focus on Nate and all his great qualities, there wasn’t a thing she didn’t like about him and she wondered if he would ever do something she didn’t like, isn’t that what eventually happens in a relationship. It’s not always great, there is supposed to be some bad times right? So isn’t that what Jordan is trying to say, they had a bad time and now he wants to make it better again. Maybe, but Jordan left for two years and that’s more than just a bad time. Why did she have to think about him again? What happened to Nate? Ugh!

The evening came and Nate picked her up for the night at his parents. They pulled up to a brick home with several cars parked out front. Carrie didn’t think too much about the fact that Nate just walked in until they were in the large living room full of people that greeted Nate with warmth, especially an older woman who hugged him tight.

“Hi Mom.” He turned to Carrie and introduced her with a teasing glint he stated. “This is…” he paused as if looking for the right definition since they hadn’t really clarified and he knew she wasn’t big on moving forward. “...My friend. Carrie.”

His mother was excited to meet her but Carrie found herself confused, she thought she was meeting his friends, she never expected to meet his family so soon. She worked hard to squash the rolling nerves in her stomach. What if they didn’t like her? What would she say? She hadn’t prepared to meet his family.

“This is my mom. Glenda.”

Glenda beamed at the introduction as she looked at her son and then Carrie before she hugged Carrie and greeted her kindly. “It’s so wonderful to meet you.” The older woman smiled as she looked at Carrie with more than just a passing interest in meeting someone new. 

Carrie did her best to return the hug and look at Nate for some sort of clarification but he only grinned and winked at her. Then he turned to introduce his father and then two brothers. His sister, Roni, smiled and greeted her with a hug. She greeted his partner  and a couple more friends, nine people in all. Nate grabbed her hand and found a spot to sit as they all sat in the large room. He pulled her close and whispered against her ear. “You Okay?”

She gave a tense smile and nodded.

“It’s just my family, no reason to be so nervous.” He put a hand over her fidgety fingers.

She turned to look at him with a lifted brow and a smirk. “You set me up.”

He gave a mock frown. “Only because I know they are going to love you.”

Nate’s attention was pulled away as someone started a conversation with him and he wondered if he had upset Carrie, it wasn’t a big deal to him but maybe he hadn’t thought it through, he could see she was nervous and he really didn’t think she would be, his family had been thrilled to learn he had met someoneor at least his mom had but he knew the rest of his family would be happy for them. Still maybe he shouldn’t have sprung it on her like this. She took it in stride throughout the evening and she seemed to warm up to his mother and his siblings so he hoped that would redeem him.

When her phone rang he knew it was Caleb and guided her to a peaceful room so she could talk in quiet. He went back to the den and found himself bombarded by questions as everyone asked about Carrie until she came back. He could see the smile in her eyes, she was happy to hear from Caleb.

As promised they left shortly after the call from Caleb, and he drove to her house, he grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips. “My family really likes you.” He stated while trying to figure out if she was mad at him for the surprise visit. When she turned to look at him she smiled and his fears eased a little.

“I like them too, but you should know that I am not a big fan of surprises.”

He chuckled relieved that she wasn’t yelling at him. “Duly noted. I’ll have to keep that in mind for your birthday.” He looked over at her. “When is your birthday?”

“Uhn uh, nope.” She shook her head. “I’m not telling.” She giggled at his mischievous grin and quickly realized he had the means to figure it out in a heartbeat.

At her house he walked her to the door.

“So I’m just a friend?” She questioned lightly, recalling his introduction.

He turned to her with shocked eyes as he worried if she was offended. He grabbed her hand to kiss her knuckles. “I wasn’t sure what you were comfortable with. I don’t want you to feel rushed.”

She looked down at their entwined fingers and softly answered. “I told Jordan that I had a boyfriend.”

His lips formed a smile as he cupped her face between his hands. The news sent his heart soaring. “Well I should confess that I told everyone you were my future fiancé.”

Her eyes grew wide as saucers. “What? When?”

“When you were on the phone with Caleb.”

She shook her head slightly. “You’re so sure?”

“I told you.” He gave a lopsided grin. “I’m hopelessly optimistic.”

She had to remind herself to breath as he pulled her into his embrace. What a mess she was in, so much for just using Nate to keep Jordan away. Here’s Nate planning their future together but they’ve only been dating less than a month, how can he be so sure so soon? “What if we never plan to get married?”

He pulled back to smirk at her. “I plan to get married, I even plan to marry you, but I promise I won’t ask till after you start introducing me as YOUR future fiancé.”

She looked down at his shirt as her mind wondered. “So you’re leaving it up to me to decide?”

“No. We’ll decide together. I am leaving it up to you to tell me when you’re ready to think about it.”

“What if I’m never ready?” She whispered.

He gently kissed her lips. “Then I’ll stick to calling you my girlfriend for eternity.”

She smiled again and accepted his lips as he kissed her. His playfulness always warmed her and somehow comforted her. She was falling for him, she was scared as hell that something would happen and it would all end and that fear kept her heart guarded and slowed her fall but nothing was stopping it altogether, nothing except the ex at the back of her mind, at least when it ended with Nate she would have Jordan.

Nate pulled her close, his lips trailed her neck as he pushed her against the wall, her breathing became erratic as he woke all her senses. He lifted her, wrapping her legs around his torso. His husky voice washed through her. His desire to take her consumed him. “I don’t want to leave.” He groaned into her ear.

She smiled and arched her back to look at him. She wanted what he wanted. “I don’t want you to leave.”

He smiled as he claimed her lips again. He carried her to her room as he devoured her. It had been so long since he’d had more than a one night stand with a woman he’d forgotten how great it was to expect some things. Like knowing if he slipped his finger inside her he would be rewarded with a small groan and a nibble on his shoulder and if he teased her for too long with his hard penis rubbing against her clit she would grow impatient and wiggle her hips until he slipped into her hole, her breathing would instantly turn ragged as he stroked her, he could control her breath with the speed of his own hips. He loved that he had control with her, he loved that he could take it from her. Each new night he explored more, pushed his boundaries. Tonight he stroked her to orgasm and held off long enough to roll her over and test another new boundary.

Her breathing became labored as she realized his plan, she quickly grabbed a pillow and pushed it under her hips and offered her ass to him. He nearly came with that alone. Fuck! She had no problem giving him anything he wanted. He leaned over and kissed her shoulder as he pushed against her crevice. “Have you done this before?” He had to guess she had but he wasn’t going to risk hurting her if she hadn’t.

She nodded slightly as she pushed her ass against his penis.

He slid two fingers into her soaking vagina and trailed to her puckered hole, the moisture was enough for his fingers but he feared the friction would be too great with his penis. He put his weight on top of her as he leaned forward and grabbed her bottle of peach lotion. It would have to do because he wasn’t stopping to look for anything else. He squirted an ample amount on his hand and coated his penis and then proceeded to stroke her hole with the bulbous head to spread the smooth cream further. Her sphincter muscles already reacting to his teasing motions.

“Relax.” He instructed as he pushed against the tight hole. “Let me in.”

Her puckered  hole relaxed, allowing his penis some entrance. The tight fit taking him in before squeezing around him as he intruded more space. He watched her fingers grip the sheets in anticipation. He took his time slowly letting her hole retract around his head, a small push as he rubbed her ass cheeks and a groan as he reined in his own desire. Another small push and he felt her tight hole let his head through, a tight sensation wrapped around the neck of his penis and he gripped her ass to hold himself back even as it felt she was pulling him in.

The moment wasn’t without her own cries and deep breaths but he couldn’t seem to focus on that, all he could do is slowly enter and wait for her to relax each time until he finally felt his balls against her labia. He rotated his hips to be sure, letting her slick moisture coat his sack and his penis stretch her hole. Her breathing grew deeper and her ass moved with him and he knew she was ready. He pulled back to the head and pushed in again, her gratifying cries only fueling his momentum, picking up speed with each new thrust. When her ass pushed against him he grabbed her hips and pounded flesh against flesh until her spasms threw him over the edge and he filled her with his semen. He fell on top of her as all his energy drained into her ass. He had just enough to keep from squishing her as he pulled out and rolled to the side and listened to their heavy breathing fill the room.

He had exhausted himself and fell asleep lying next to her until a loud buzzing sound broke through their foggy minds.

In the dark room Carrie rolled over to reach across Nate for her alarm clock. She was exhausted but she smiled as he rubbed her arm before she pulled it back. “I’ll start coffee.” He whispered as he kissed her neck.

She smiled as she pulled him close. She wasn’t ready to give up this warmth.


Another bouquet of flowers arrived and Carrie threw them away again. She called Jordan’s phone this time. His pleasant voice was surprised to hear her but she wasted no time getting to her point. “Stop sending flowers.” She stated. “I’m just throwing them away.” She hung up before he could respond. She didn’t know how long it would take Jordan to give up.

Wednesday night Nate took Carrie to an early dinner and stated he would take her home so she could sleep. He decided they should spend the night apart because he feared she wouldn’t get enough sleep but as he laid in his own bed alone he questioned his sanity. He had no idea how long Carrie was going to let him keep hanging around, he wanted forever but every minute that he wasn’t with her felt like a minute wasted.

Carrie fell asleep with no problem that night but she missed Nate as she rolled over and felt the empty bed while shutting off her alarm. She groaned out as it hit her that she didn’t like being alone.  Her thoughts conflicted with the idea that this relationship was getting a little more serious with each passing day.

When her phone flashed a text notification she smiled as she read it. ‘Come open the door and I’ll make coffee.’

She giggled and hurried to the door. She threw it wide open and jumped into his arms.

“How did you sleep?” He asked.

“Good.” She grinned as she thought about the night and the fact that she had been too exhausted to miss him till this morning. “And you?”

“Mmmm.” He started as he kissed her neck. “I had a good night till I rolled over and missed you this morning.”

She giggled. “Me too.”

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