Chapter 2: Round Two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Erotica

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"Brit....nnnnyyyyy." He whispered in a strange grunt. The look on Ben's face was pure agony and his breath was ragged as I lightly stroked him with my vaginal walls.

For once I felt bad about torturing him and I had to let him have it. "Give it to me Ben!" I called out as I started pumping again. His arms were free of his tie in a blink and he grabbed my waist, bouncing us both as he pumped his hips off the couch. I had to giggle at the stallion that I had just freed, he grunted and pumped and then let out a long animalistic groan as he squirted inside me.

The sounds of Melody and Karen cheering us on sounded far off as I focused on Ben until he finally fell lax on the couch.

"Oh Fuck!" He groaned out as his hands rubbed my thighs. "Thank you." His head fell to the couch and for a few seconds I think he might have passed out. 

Us three girls decided to give him a minute to collect himself as we sat chatting and getting to know each other. We talked about everything that had transpired so far and what we liked, didn't like or might change in the next go around. But then we would look at Ben and joke that there might not be a next go around because after ten minutes he still hadn't moved.

He startled all three of us as he spoke without opening his eyes. "Oh we're going again, don't count me out, just give me another ten."

We giggled and allowed it.

I focused my attention on Melody, so far she hadn't been more than an onlooker and I was curious if she preferred to watch or if she was too shy to ask to join in. "Melody, you haven't had a turn yet. Anything you want to do?"

Melody stared at me wide eyed and her mouth moved but nothing came forth.

Karen chimed in with a soft smile for her friend. "Melody is actually new at this herself, she's only been here three times and I assure you this is probably the most excitement she's been involved in." She looked over to Melody giving her a soft smile and squeezing her leg. "I have a feeling she's ready for some real fun though?" She questioned in her statment.

Melody had the cutest smile, it had a shy twist as she tried to keep it composed. I was really beginning to like her soft personality.

Our conversation centered on Melody and as we talked we all but forgot Ben was still with us.

"So what are you interested in? Anything special you want to learn or do?" I questioned.

Melody looked at Karen with a questioning brow and I wondered if maybe she was too shy to say what she wanted, especially in front of a group of people. This only endured her to me further, I wanted to help her feel this same freedom I've been learning to feel all week.

"So what's the naughtiest thing you've done so far?" I questioned curiously.

Melody's cheeks grew bright red but she was determined to be a part of our group. She thought for a second. "I was pulled over by a cop one time and I offered him a blow job if he didn’t give me a ticket.” She bit her lip as she finished. “He accepted.”

Karen and I both smiled at her. We both had the same look that stated this girl needs to be broke in. I turned back to Melody. “Do you think you’re ready for some kinky stuff?” I asked with a lifted brow. 

Melody bit her lip and nodded slightly. 

“Good.” I stated with a new found inertia. I looked at Karen and she held a palm out as if offering me a gift. “Let’s see what you have in mind.” She stated letting me go first. 

I sat back in my seat and looked over at Ben. He was still useless for the moment. “Okay.” I grabbed Melody’s hand, a motion that implied standing as I stood. She shifted nervously from foot to foot and I walked around her petite form. She had a pink sheer shirt over a white cami and a grey pelted skirt. It screamed innocent. “What’s your favorite fruit?” 

She looked at me with slanted eyes and questioned. “Why?”

I leaned in close to her ear from behind, placing my hands on her hips to spin her around. I put my lips to hers giving her a solid kiss before I pulled her lip between my teeth. “Answer the question.”

I felt her fingers on my stomach, an attempt to create distance but I held firm not allowing it. I could see her mind whirling as she nervously answered. “I like blueberries.”

”Good girl.” I kissed her again, this time slipping my tongue across her bottoms lip. “Kiss me.” I demanded when she was reluctant to do the same. 

Slowly her lips parted and her tongue moved just enough to meet mine. I held her like this, darting my tongue across hers, wishing I had a visual as our pink tongues pressed together, mixing saliva and licking. 

I pulled free and locked her gaze with mine. She was already breathing heavy. This was going to be fun. “Your safe word is blueberries, got it?”

She nodded almost to eager to know there was a way out. I looked around our little private alcove with a circular couch and small round table. I grabbed a small pillow from the couch and pointed to the table. “Lay on your back, with your head here and your hands here. As she followed my instructions I grabbed Bens tie and secured her hands to the table leg closest to her head. Her small breast we’re going up and down as her breathing became labored from adrenaline or maybe she was scared and nervous. 

I looked over at Ben who now had an interest for our little show. 

I looked at Melody and challenged. “If you don’t want to do this just say your safe word. Do you want to say your safe word?”

She took a deep breath and rushed out. “No. I want to do this. Please.” I think she was begging for permission to continue but getting her to beg was my end goal so it was a good start.

I slowly, teasingly pushed her open shirt to the side and rubbed her belly through the cami she wore. My hands traced her breasts and I could feel a bra. She was wearing too many clothes. 

I pushed the cami up just as slow and got a jolt of excitement for myself as her breathing hitched. You would think this was her first experience with sex. Her white bra had the fortune of a front clasp and I was achingly slow in releasing the clasp, her breathing grew more ragged as she considered how exposed she would in a matter of seconds. 

Another fortunate turn of events happened at that same moment. Our waitress came back with another refill. Without waiting any longer I flicked the clasp, letting her pert little breast have only a second of cover as I used both palms to push the bra aside and rub the soft skin.

”Oh god!” Melody breathed out. I am certain this was more than she expected tonight.

”Is this turning you on?” I questioned as I looked up at our waitress getting empty glasses.

”Yes.” Melody hissed quietly.

I leaned forward with my head twisted sideways. “Sorry. I didn’t hear that. Did you say blueberries?”

"No!" She croaked out. 

"What did you say dear?"

"I said yes, this is turning me on."

"What is?" I questioned prolonging my torment.

"You touching me." She whispered again.

"Oh this?" I squeezed her breast in each palm.

Her eyes shot to the waitress as recognition of a new onlooker caught her eye, her face flushed crimson and she could barely breath as she answered with a slow hiss. "Yesss."

Our red headed waitress took her time retreiving our glasses as she witnessed Melody on the table. It was a beautiful sight, her creamy skin with taut nipples pointing up like little grade school erasers. 

I have to give you a little insight into my own life at this point because as I look around and see the waitress and Karen smiling profusely at Melody's luscious body I am suddenly hit by how bold I've been this evening.  My life was pretty vanilla until this week. I looked over at Ben, checking to make sure he was getting a good view of the action and I was floored to find he was staring at me. Here was this half naked, beautiful woman, shaking in need, begging for more laying before him and his eyes were on my body. I'm certain he was surprised by the turn of events because our week had consisted of only him and I in our adventures. Our talks centered around doing something of this nature, he was ready to go anytime however he knew I wasn't so we agreed to wait. Looking at his lustful eyes as he shifted his gaze to Meldody I decided that I was glad I didn't wait any longer. This was going to be a night to remember.

I shifted my position so that I was standing over Melody with my legs on either side of the table above her waist. Mind you I'm still naked as she looks up at me. With her hands restricted above her head she can't move too far and I watch her eyes take in everything until she timidly swallows and then averts her gaze as her cheeks burn bright red. I twisted to look over my shoulder, with Ben now recovered I decided to use him again. I bent over at the waist, with my legs spread giving Ben a view of my dripping pussy, with my hands on either side of Melody's shoulders I lean down and kiss her lips. I was pleased when she responded. I kissed her neck and then trailed her breast again, giving them more than an ample amount of attention. I trailed a bit further south but took a moment to illicit more help. I looked up at Karen and our waitress. "Don't let me have all the fun." I looked back down at Melody. "There is plenty to share."

This was enough for Karen and the waitress to flank either side of the table and each grab a breast. With her upper half in full distraction I scooted even further down, grabbing her skirt and panties I shimmied them down swiftly. A rough gasp filled our area as the cool air hit her bare skin. I leaned over again and positioned my mouth just above her mound. I've always wanted to taste another woman. I dipped my head. Another gasp as her hips twisted in surprise. It occurred to me that Melody couldn't see with the two women blocking her view and as I look up I can see Karen has a breast in her hand and she is passionately kissing Melody. Both women are breathing erratic and groaning.

I grabbed Melody's thighs and pushed her legs apart. I could feel resistance but as I moved my hands up and down her thighs she gave in, allowing me to part them. I snaked my tongue out, tasting her skin. Soft, warm and wet. I slid my tongue down the length of her fold, her hips lifted slightly and her soft curls tickeled my nose. I must admit at this point I forgot all about Ben and I sense he realized this because as I lowered my self for a more advantageous position, I felt his body take up a position behind mine. I could feel the heat from his torso as he laid light kisses on my neck. His warm breath in my ear as he offered assistance. "Whatever I do to you...." He kissed my ear as his hands found my thigh and pried my leg aside. "'ll do to her." 

I looked over my shoulder surprised, I was normally the one in control and calling the shots. He winked and I knew he was only trying to encourage me further. 

I nodded. Whatever he had planned I knew he wouldn't disappoint. 

As we shifted for optimum position I sunk my mouth into Melody's labia. I paused momentarily to focus on Ben, I had to decipher what he was doing before I could repeat it. I mimicked his movements as his tongue traced an outline around my thick lips, slowly circling, licking and sucking. His teeth pulled at my skin with an occassional nip and then he found my bud and sucked it hard. I lost focus for a second before I thought to catch up and repeat this same action on Melody. Her body arched as she screeched out in surprise and then a long slow moan came from her lips only to be captured by Karen's mouth. From this point on Melody was lost to need, her hips lifted, twisted and pulled away as she sought it all and retracted from sensitivity. Karen's fingers slithered down to meet my mouth and spread Melody's wet lips so far apart her little bud popped out. I passed my tongue over it repeatedly as Melody thrashed about on the table. It was a lovely sight as she couldn't control anything her body was doing nor could she control anything I was doing to her body. I'd never felt so much power then I did at that moment. Flicking her sensitive bud and pushing my fingers deep inside her hole, just like Ben was doing to mine. It was all so erotic for me. I continued my pace so long that Melody eventually relaxed from exhaustion with only little tweaks from my ministrations.

Feeling pleased with my accomplishments I turned to kiss Ben with Melody's juices all over my face and mine all over his. 


Submitted: May 06, 2020

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I'll give you ten...but your ass better be ready to go again soon!

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