Chapter 1: First time out

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Erotica

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I stood in the kitchen waiting for him to come home for the evening. My short stay at his place was coming to an end and I've enjoyed myself immensely. I ended up here on a whim, answering an ad for a part time domme/mistress and boy have I done a lot since then. More than I ever thought I was capable of. I was scared at first, worried even, I mean what did I possible know about him and I was leaving everything behind to meet him. Of course there were some protocols in place to be certain I wasn't risking everything but even the best protocols can miss something so it was still a major risk. 

Anyway, all of that really has nothing to do with my story. Maybe someday I'll tell you the whole thing but right now I want to commit the best night of my life to memory and theres no better way than sharing with all my friends.

You see Ben, the man who hired me, loves to have someone tell him what to do. I guess his job has him calling the shots all day and he likes to let it all go, maybe, I don't really know, next time I come to visit I think we may get a little more personal. I didn't think I would like this kind of control but man have I figured that wrong.

As I stood in the kitchen, Ben, who was exactly one minute late stepped through the door. He could tell I was already prepared for the evening because I was dressed in this hot red short thing he'd bought me during the week. He probably thought I never actually planned to wear it but he was wrong. "You're late!" I scolded.

His eyes immediately hit the floor. "I aplogize mistress." 

After a week he knew not to give me lame excuses. 

"I'm sure you do." I could punish him right now but I truly didn't want to miss our reservations. "It's seems we'll have to speed things along. I've set out a suit for you to wear to dinner, go to the laundry room and strip what you have and meet me in the bedroom." I loved making walk through the house naked, no one would see but I know it made him feel a little inferior to me when he was naked and I was not. 

As I waited in the bedroom with his suit hanging from the bed post I smiled at the torment I have planned. 

Watching him step into the room completely naked and already sporting a partially excited penis sent my stomach to fluttering. He was already gearing up for our last night together and no doubt had predicted a good night. 

"I regret that I have to leave in the morning."

"Me too." He answered unexpectedly but I let it slip. 

"While I am gone I will expect two things from you."

He stifled a smile.

"First, everynight you will bring your penis to full attention, not just hard, I want to see it pulsing and leaking for attention."

He smiled. "Yes ma'am."

"And then you will leave it alone until it goes back down, you will not give into the urge to masterbate while I am gone." I lifted a questioning brow. I had no idea if he actually planned to obey my orders but while I was here I would make the demands and punish him later when I find out he disobeyed.

He lost a little spark in his smile. "Yes ma'am."

"Good." I lifted a box from the bed. "Tonight I have a new item for you." I pulled out the latex cock skin and looked for signs of denial on his face. His eyes sparked again as he no longer thought about my demand from earlier. "Put your hands behind your back. I don't want you touching me right now."

His penis twitched, he loved it when I took control and he always grew harder when I mentioned he would be denied touching me. I wrapped my fingers around his length, stroking to give it a little more girth, then I applied the cock skin, with a small ring that wrapped around his balls. "This should help keep you hard while we are out this evening and for my own added pleasure..." I paused to pick up the remote and turned on the pulsing bullet attached to the top. 

I grinned at his surprised umphf. He wasn't expecting it. 

I liked this particular skin because it left a hole for his head to be poked through, his penis was stretched long to accomodate the tight wrap.

"Get dressed." I ordered.

I watched him dress, I didn't allow him underwear of any sort, he would be wearing those thin trousers with that hard on for the world to see. I was willing to let him think that he was going to be seen by a lot of people for the moment. I could tell from the look on his face that he was extremly worried to be walking around with an extended boner. 

The best part was making him drive while I played with the buttons on the remote. He didn't protest which surprised me. As he pulled into the parking garage I could see his apprehension growing, we were at a popular club but still he hadn't protested.

As we walked to the front door of the restrurant I could sense he was trying to walk behind me to hide himself but I wasn't having it. I waited until he was beside me and then looped my arm in his. Walking side by side, a few glances from others walking by prompted his cheeks to turn red but still he managed to keep his eyes down and his protests to himself. 

Dinner was uneventful for the most part, it was much like all our other nights out where I would tease him relentlessly, talk about all the dirty punishments I had planned for him and watch him squirm with the new toy for which I had control. At one point I believe I had him to the brink of an explosion as his breathing hitched and his back arched in his seat. He held onto the table and forced the air in and out of his lungs. I looked down to see his trousers twitching back and forth from the movement of his penis. I decided to slow the vibrations down and give him time to collect himself and then I asked for the check from the waiter. Ben seemed pleased with the fact we were leaving.

Our next stop was unexpected for him as I directed him through traffic and away from his home. He glanced my way with curiosity but I left him wondering. We parked and made our way into a large building and I was willing to further his embarrasment as we waited in the elevator, with silver all around everyone was reflected and the others couldn't help but notice as I bumped my hips to his groin, gaining a hiss as I am sure the items attached to his penis were allowing for extra sensitivity.

I won't go into too many boring details but one day while I was in town shopping for more toys at an adult store I bumped into this woman who spoke of a private club and offered to let us enter as her guest one night to check it out. Ben had no clue where we were going, he probably assumed the same club as the rest of the riders of the elevator. when it stopped on the 4th floor he stepped forward to get off but I held his hand and he gave me a curious look and that handsome smile. Maybe he thought we were going to get a little frisky in the elevator. I pushed the button for the fifth floor and offered the guest tickets to the doorman. 

Ben was quiet as he walked beside me. The club was a lot softer than the loud ones we'd been too all week, this one played light jazz and the lights were dim. I met my new friend at the bar and introduced her to Ben. 

Karen looked him over, smiling at the tent in his trousers. I pressed the button in my hand to give her more to see, he visibly flinched. "My this is quite the pet you have." Karen appreciated him. 

I could see the wonder in Ben's eyes, he was curious how I knew Karen and how I came to find out about this particular location but he was doing good to keep our game going. Karen offered us a drink and showed us to a table along with another friend of hers. 

I don't know how Ben was doing mentally, he seemed a little less stressed as he took in the surroundings of the club. He tried to hide his protruding erection as we sat on a couch in a semi circle area with a small coffee table for our drinks. After catching him adjusting to hide himself I finally had to put an end to it. I decided a little exposure would do him some good. As I started to uncbuckle his belt I could hear Karen giggle. One look at Ben and I could see the alarm on his face amused her. This only fueled my desire to continue. Freeing his penis of the confines of clothing, I couldn't help but giggle myself. I'd never behave this way at home. 

Determined to uphold my end of the bargain, I forced a straight face as I exposed him to our little group. Karen and her friend Melody were quite impressed. I'm sure the device currently hugging his penis was helping with his girth. I ran my fingertips over the swollen purple head. He was harder than I'd seen so far. I was quite pleased. The three of us took turns admiring his thick cock, even speaking to it as if the rest of Ben's body was no longer in the room with us. 

Karen had a bit of fun as she decided to study the specimin up close. I'm sure her hot breath fanned his penis as she was a mere hairs breath a way, but she never touched him, which seemed likely with the way Ben's penis was twitching, as if it was trying to reach out for attention. Karen managed to stay away no matter which way it bounced. 

I was further impressed with Karen's skills as she started speaking to Ben's penis in a teasing manner, of course Ben could hear every word and his penis danced around looking for attention. "I bet your little friend here would love to punish my tight cunt, its so wet, you could easily push your way in and force me wide apart. I bet I'd scream in pleasure as you took me to heaven. What a joyous thing it would be to have you inside me, so full, so tight, so aching. I would explode immediately, I would cream your penis, soak your thighs and ride you for hours."

Hell I wanted to be inside her now, she made it sound so glorious. I was soaking my own panties at the thought. I looked up, this man was taking it all in, it was comical as he bit his fist to keep his composure and his other hand dug into the soft cushion beside him. 

"What do you think Madam?" Karen looked at me. "Do you think his penis would last for hours?"

Suddenly remembering I had a tool in my pocket I pulled out the remote, turning on the vibrations caused Ben's whole body to flench, his ass cheeks tightened as his hips lifted off the seat. He drew in long deep breaths as he struggled. His desire to fuck something was beyond anything I'd ever seen before. I took this moment to give him a break, afterall a man can only handle so much. "I don't know about his penis but I do know his tongue can go for hours."

Karen's smile spread her cheeks wide apart. "Is that so?" She looked at Ben, studying him for something and then she looked at me. "May I?"

"Yes please." I was finding her assistance most helpful. It had been a good week but to be honest my imagination was limited. I planned to have a lot more up my sleeve on my next visit. I would be studying a lot of erotica books, gaining ideas and planning more torture for Ben but for now it was nice to sit back and watch. 

Karen stood in front of Ben, his breathing was starting to slow down as he watched her lift her skirt enough to reach her panties. Removing them, she stretched out the green lace to show him the wet crotch. "All you big boy, look what you did to my panties. I'm afraid it's a little messy down there. I'm going to need you to do a little cleaning up for me. I have a date later with that cock of yours." She wiggled her eyebrows which made me chuckle.

I sipped my drink as I watched Karen enjoy Ben's magnificient ability to lick pussy. His head and hands were buried under her skirt as he gripped her ass to help steady her on the couch. Without a visual I could only imagine what her soaking wet pussy was doing to his face, her hips were constantly moving, rotating. She started rocking hard against his face as her moans filled our small space. "Oh fuck Ben!" She cried out as her hands gripped his hair.

Karen took a moment to gather her senses before she pulled away from Ben's mouth. His face was glistening from her juice. Karen dipped down to kiss him. "Thanks Ben, that was absolutely amazing." She was breathless as she settled on the couch next to him. 

I was momentairly at a loss for what to do. A slim attendant came by offering to freshen our drinks. She stared at Ben's penis, this made me smile as he turned slightly red at the realization he was still exposed. His penis was still at attention for all to see. I also didn't miss how his eyes focused on her rather large breast as she bent to retrieve our empty glasses. This gave me an idea as I thought of an old drinking game we played in college. 

When the waitress came back I asked if she wouldn't mind serving Ben a drink between her voluptous boobs, she smiled eager to play along as she eyed his throbbing penis. I took his tie and used it to secure his hands behind his back. With a shot between her breast we all watched Ben struggle to grasp the drink and tilt it back to swallow. The waitress giggled as she looked down at the liquor coating her chest. I took the glass from Ben's lips and then admonished him for making a mess. "You'll have to clean that up."

Tilting his head he proceeded to lick at the split liquor. The waitress had no qualms pulling her tshirt down to expose her nipples and then she tilted a second shot glass to coat even more alcohol over her breast. We all giggled as he struggled to lick it all up. I found this to be the perfect opportunity to turn the vibrator on his penis back on which extracted a suprise umph and another fit of giggles from the rest of us. After having her tits licked cleaned the waitress left our area. Ben sank back to the couch, I can only assume the deep breaths he was taking was to control the tension building within him.

I noticed Ben's eyes watching me as he wondered what might happen next. He smiled and I knew he was enjoying our evening, not wanting to disappoint I offered more fun. He still had his hands tied behind his back and I stood in front of him. I slowly unzipped my dress and let it slide to the floor, exposing my nakedness to our group. Karen whistled in appreciation as she noted my lack of underwear. Ben's eyes grew wide as he realized the same. His eyes darted to Karen and Melody's before they took in the sight before him. 

He licked his lips in anticipation as I leaned over and his body. I took the time to unbotton his shirt and push the sides away to expose more of his chest, then I grabbed his trousers and pulled them further down his thighs. He twisted to help me with this which caused his penis to sway for our little group. I licked the precum dribble and wrapped my lips around the head. I gather from the groan that he was enjoying my antics. I was hot and horny and ready for some release. All this adventure had me at the brink of an amazing explosion. I straddled his hips and leaned over to kiss him. "I'm going to use you." I instructed. "But you are not done so don't you dare cum." 

I didn't miss the slight smirk before he agreed. I never knew a man who loved to be told to hold it in. I think he was more turned on by the challenge than the sex sometimes. It didn't matter because it was all to my benefit. My slippery wet hole took him in. I wrapped my hands around his neck to provide leverage as I rode him hard. I was too ready to waste time, I wanted my peak and I would probably get about three more before we decided to leave this evening. As I rode him I felt his body tense, he worked hard to hold back and that only added to my benefit. How that man could keep from exploding was beyond me. I stroked my tight walls around his penis as my orgasm massaged his penis. Even after my high was coming down I kept stroking, it felt too good to stop. Eventually my limps gave out and I collapsed on top of him. 

Submitted: May 04, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Trixie. All rights reserved.


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Wow - considering how titillating this is, I can't imagine what transpired "the previous week", but I'd sure like the details. This was magnificent, creative and slightly different than I expected. Surprisingly erotic and clever of you. Of course, you know I want more......

Mon, May 4th, 2020 1:08pm


I am working on the details, hopefully I don't disappoint. Thank you for the idea and the read. I plan to post more, I imagine this will be a long slow post for me because unlike my other stories I am posting as I go rather than completing offsite and posting after I am done or close to done. I look forward to entertaining you further.
Thanks for reading and the comment.

Mon, June 1st, 2020 10:00am

Kitty Hall

That was good, lol That poor man is suffering while you have your fun lol. I'd like to read more adventures, please :)

Mon, May 4th, 2020 5:10pm


Thank you, I hope to post the next chapter soon. Glad you enjoyed it.

Mon, June 1st, 2020 10:02am

Amy F. Turner

Quite the sexy romp my dear and Ben must have been thrilled with so much attention. Yes indeed we would all love to hear more about these adventures of domme and sub. She is so creative bearing in mind that anything she thinks up would not be torture at all. How exciting!

Tue, May 5th, 2020 1:42am


Thanks for reading and the comment. I hope to post more soon. So glad you enjoyed it and I think Ben might have as well.

Mon, June 1st, 2020 10:02am


Trixie, you’re like one big amusement park for Ben, and it’s clear that you know all his secrets. What an elaborate adventure you’ve put together here to satisfy his special needs and desires! I’m sure he enjoyed being shared at the club, and of course you know how to give him that undivided attention when he’s finally on the edge. I’m impressed that you know how to use his ‘gifts’.

Tue, May 5th, 2020 10:10pm


Well it took a week of playing to get where we are but I think I will learn a whole lot more before the end of this trip and hopefully on my next one as well. I look forward to posting all about it.
Thanks for reading and the comment.

Mon, June 1st, 2020 10:04am

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