Golden Boys of One Direction

Golden Boys of One Direction

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


The boys of One Direction submit to their desires and fantasies with one another while in the privacy of their hotel rooms.


The boys of One Direction submit to their desires and fantasies with one another while in the privacy of their hotel rooms.

Chapter4 (v.1) - Liam and Zayn

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 16, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 16, 2014



“Why aren’t you in your room?” Liam asked as he walked into his to find Zayn resting on the bed.  He didn’t intend for his question to come off the least bit rude.  The boys were now on the second day of their hotel stay.  Louis had returned to the room with Niall and Zayn a few minutes after the two fell asleep the night before, not even getting the slightest hint that something had happened between them.

“Oh,” he started, as though just noticing Liam, “Louis and Niall are watching Grease for about the millionth time.  I swore I’d never watch it again.  I hope you don’t mind me being in here.”  Liam shook his head.  “Where’s Harry?”

“Still down at the pool.”

“Yeah?  Would you maybe like me to switch places with him?” Zayn hinted with a smirk.  ‘What do you mean’ was what Liam’s look was telling him.  “I heard about you and Harry yesterday.”

“How’d you hear about that?”  Liam swore he would’ve been sweating if the air conditioner hadn’t been running.  But in truth, he was more nervous about what his friend would say rather than embarrassed about him and Harry.

“Niall told me.”  It amazed Liam how nonchalantly Zayn was talking as he walked around to the other side of the bed.

“How’d he know?”

“Harry fucked him.”

“Holy shit,” Liam nearly shouted.  He laughed a bit too after he realized that must’ve been between now and a day ago, shortly after Liam and Harry were together.  “Why’d he tell you?”

I fucked him.”

“Wow,” was all Liam could manage out at first.  “What the hell’s going on around here?” he asked rhetorically with a smile.

“I know, right?  I would’ve thought Louis would’ve been the one getting all the cock, but so far I haven’t heard anything about him.”  The younger boy chuckled at the Pakistani’s thought, but he somewhat wondered the same thought, making him chuckle a little harder now.

“Maybe he’s actually straight,” Liam said, only laughing a bit again as he did.

“Don’t think I didn’t think of that,” Zayn immediately responded.  He stood up and walked around to one of his duffel bags.  “I decided I’d do a little snooping earlier, I’m not quite sure what I was looking for, but that doesn’t matter cause I found this.”  As he finished speaking, he pulled out a thick, flesh-toned, eight-inch dildo.  At its base, directly behind the incredibly detailed ball sac was a suction cup for holding the toy steady against a surface.

Liam was visibly speechless with his eyes widened and his mouth slightly ajar.  “So whaddaya think?”  Zayn grinned as he slapped the incredible tool on his open palm.

“What do you mean?”  Liam’s face had changed in an instant as he looked to the boy who was now crawling on the bed towards him where he sat.

“Oh, come on.  Haven’t you ever wondered what it feels like to get fucked?”

“Why wouldn’t you just go for the real thing?”  Liam’s thought was sexy to the older boy even though his tone was more curious than anything.

“Well I’d have to work up to something that big,” Zayn purred as he peered down at Liam’s lap.  On his hands and knees, Zayn’s face was now only inches away from Liam’s whose torso was twisted so he could observe the older boy.  “So what do you say?  Am I gonna have to play alone?”  There was no way Liam was going to resist an offer like that.

It was hard to tell who initiated it, but a second later the two boys had their tongues twisting and turning over one another.  Without releasing Louis’ toy, Zayn guided Liam fully onto the bed with him.  Still holding onto the rubber length and now straddling the younger boy, Zayn unzipped Liam’s pants and yanked them off.  Their mouths only broke contact for a moment during this motion.

Deciding it would be easier, Zayn finally set the dildo aside before stripping his own pants off.  Again he took turns pulling their shirts off.  Zayn gave Liam one final kiss, or perhaps more depending on how many times a tongue can glide across another before it becomes a second, and then turned himself around on the boy who was lying flat.

Both friends had already been fully hard by this point, but Zayn wasn’t going to let Liam’s interest lie solely on his eight inches.  Instead, he pulled his hips forward and let his junk press against Liam’s chest, putting his ass in perfect range for the younger boy.

Liam’s hands reached around and his fingers pressed into the lightly haired crevice, pulling either cheek away from his goal.  His tongue pressed flatly against Zayn’s hole in the same instant that his cock was enveloped by the warmth of Zayn’s mouth.  Both boys gave a simultaneous moan.  Despite having told the truth about never being penetrated, the Pakistani boy wasn’t quite as clear about his oral skills, which were pretty damn great by Liam’s standards as half of his ten-inch cock was already being swallowed.

Zayn thought he heard Liam moan something near ‘fuck’ and ‘go deeper’, but it was hard to tell as Liam’s tongue mumbled his speech as it fought for entry into the virgin tightness.  Either way, Zayn was already on the path to taking the entirety of Liam’s hardness down his throat.  Every thrust down seemed to bring more of Liam inside.  What surprised him even more was that Zayn had probably only once gagged.

The two now had a perfect motion built up: Zayn would bob up and down as he intensely sucked, his nose being forced against the perfectly rounded ball sac; Liam would swirl his tongue every which way over Zayn’s slightly furry hole, lubing it as best as he naturally could.  Liam had spit out the excess saliva that was beginning to pool at the back of his tongue.  His index finger was immediately brought up before the fluid could trail away.

There was a bit of resistance as Liam pushed his finger in, but the ample supply of saliva easily helped the entirety of the digit enter after initially pushing past his sphincter.  He continued to work this one finger in and out, occasionally letting his tongue taste the sweetness that was Zayn’s ass.  Just after a familiar rhythm was built, a second finger joined in the stretching.

Zayn himself couldn’t believe how professionally he’d been working on Liam.  After coming up just to hold the head in his mouth, Zayn would descend, gingerly taking all ten inches into his mouth and down his throat.  He would then glide his lips back up the entire hard, impressive length leaving a fresh layer of saliva coating it.

Zayn had somewhat unconsciously inhaled through his nose as he went down again, taking in the musky aroma.  He appreciated that Liam, like himself, was trimmed, but not completely bare.  He also enjoyed the now four fingers pushing inside him, forcing him to stretch around them.  Between the gentle thrusts of the digits, Zayn could’ve sworn he felt Liam’s tongue darting across his stretched opening.

Even though the plunging fingers were one of the most intense feelings Zayn had experienced without touching his cock, which was still rock hard and now creating a small pool in a dip in Liam’s chest, he burned for something bigger and deeper.  After reaching back and pushing the other boy’s hand away, he Pakistani boy flipped his leg over Liam, letting him up.

Zayn crawled over to where he tossed the dildo and brought it back over to Liam.  He then turned his back to him, returning to his hands and knees.  He pushed his chest into the bed and lifted his ass as high as he could, his hands reached back to hold himself apart while Liam took turns slathering spit on Zayn’s hole and the toy.

Liam licked at Zayn’s opening one more time before he sat up fully on his knees, holding Louis’ dildo in both hands.  As he first pressed the toy against Zayn’s hole he swirled it in small circles, teasing the older boy who near silently cried for more.  Finally, the phallic apparatus created pressure against the lubed up hole.

“Fuck.  Me,” Zayn exhaled under his breath as the head of the cock was now inside.  His small, sexy panting only drove Liam to want to toss the dildo aside now and let his own, bigger cock take over, but he held back, continually to regret his decision as Zayn’s hips bucked in response to the toy filling him.

Liam continued pushing the toy in, not once resting or pulling it back.  However, the harsh moans never ceased, but only intensified as inch after inch of the toy disappeared within Zayn.  By the time the balls of the dildo had firmly pressed against the soft cheeks of Zayn’s backside, the words ‘fuck’, ‘yeah’, and ‘Liam’ were being thrown out every second.

The younger boy pushed a little harder one more time before pulling the toy back almost the entire length.  “Give it here,” Zayn sighed.  Liam held it near the other boy’s hand, but it was quickly directed up to his mouth where his tongue ran across the length.  Zayn moaned as the swallowed the sweet taste in his mouth, flashing his eyebrows at the toy then Liam’s face as the younger boy watched him in sheer ecstasy.

“Taste it,” Zayn insisted when Liam didn’t follow his initial hint.  Timidly, the younger boy did as he was told.  “So?  How is it?” Zayn purred as he swallowed.  Liam licked it again.

“Incredible.”  Zayn smiled at him as he watched the toy disappear from his sight.  The smile quickly faded into a closed-eyes/open-mouth focus as the dildo pressed into him.  Again, the dildo made it all the way to the balls before pulling back out and repeating the descent.  Liam had barely done this a third time when Zayn spoke up again.

“Fuck me with it.”  Liam picked up his pace.  “Fuck me hard,” he almost yelled.  Liam gripped the toy’s balls firmly and then began thrusting his arm forward harder and harder, agreeing to himself only to slow down if Zayn showed the slightest bit of discomfort.  But he didn’t.  Instead, the older boy shouted each time the toy reached full hilt.

Liam momentarily halted his motion as he bent over Zayn and nipped at his ear.  “Careful,” he quietly spoke, “we don’t want Louis and Niall hearing.”

“I don’t?” Zayn grinned, “Are you worried they might join us?”

“Yeah,” Liam caught him off-guard as he joined in his sexy vibrating tone, “this asshole is mine tonight.”  Zayn looked back at him and glanced up and down his sweat glistened chest, immediately noticing the hardness of his nipples and how much he wanted to nibble them.

“Then get rid of that thing and fuck my ass right.”  Liam gently but quickly slipped the dildo out of Zayn and tossed it at the loveseat.  He hadn’t noticed if it landed there.  He then rolled Zayn over and straddled him, again showing off his muscular chest than shined with sweat.  Zayn bent himself up and wrapped his arms around Liam’s back.  His tongue licked at Liam’s nipples one at a time while a hand ventured down and tenderly stroked circles around Liam’s untouched hole.

Just as a finger began pressing against the fantastic tightness, another hand came around, off of the back of Zayn’s head, and pushed it away.  “I thought you wanted to get fucked.”  Liam smiled at him, letting Zayn know he was teasing innocently, but serious enough.

“Well maybe I thought you were taking too much time,” Zayn grinned again, kissing the impressive muscles of Liam’s chest, followed by his equally impressive biceps.  Liam gently tugged at the hair on the back of Zayn’s head, tilting his head up for a kiss.  His tongue pushed down into the Pakistani’s mouth and entangled itself with its counterpart for a few seconds before withdrawing.

Zayn turned back over and crawled to the end of the bed, his ass getting a slap as he wiggled past Liam.  Using his hands to brace himself, Zayn rotated and slid down until his shoulders were on the ground and his back curved up the side of the bed.  His legs bent and pulled down towards his chest.  This gave Liam, who still kneeled on the bed, the perfect view of Zayn’s ass held in the air.

Liam brought another slap to Zayn’s rear from the side followed by a finger gently sliding along the slight trail on hair down his crack.  The digit easily slipped in to the already loosened hole and twisted around inside.  The younger boy gazed into the other’s eyes and they begged him to fuck him.  Liam was quick to comply.

Both of Liam’s legs came off the bed and brought his feet next to either of Zayn’s shoulders.  He stood off the bed and used three fingers to push down at the base of his aching cock.  With his thickness aimed downward, Liam began his descent.  His knees bent as the squatting motion pushed his cock into Zayn’s sweet hole.

Straightaway, Zayn’s mouth gaped as his eyes held tightly shut.  Inch after inch was swallowed by Zayn’s opening.  It wasn’t until Liam was almost entirely inside that he was met with an even tighter resistance than that of before and Zayn felt a deepness that Louis’ dildo couldn’t reach.

Being as deep as he could go, Liam pulled out until he saw the head of his dick, at which point he plunged back in.  It took all Zayn could do to hold back from shouting out.  His cock had been dripping precum which tickled as it steadily rolled up his chest.

Liam had now settled on a pace, dipping as deep as he could before pulling nearly all the way out and repeating.  His hands ran along the underside of Zayn’s thighs as he continued to slide inside him.  The view to Liam was nearly as incredible as the feeling.  The way his bandmate’s hole stretched around his hard length looked amazing and it was only bringing Liam to his finish even quicker.

Zayn had an idea as he felt the ecstasy that coincided with Liam’s pole inside him.  He pointed his finger up towards Liam and asked his to suck it.  Even with a strange idea of what was to come, the younger boy obliged and moistened Zayn’s finger as best he could without sacrificing and force from his hips.  “Turn around,” Zayn moaned when he was satisfied with Liam’s work.

Almost hesitantly Liam pulled out of Zayn and turned to face the bed.  He dipped his cock back into Zayn’s hole and slowly built back up to his former pace.  The boy being stretched reached his wet finger up and swirled it around the other boy’s hole.  His hand struggled a bit to stay level with Liam’s bucking hips, but he was able to push his finger in through the intense tightness.

Liam must have gasped a bit, at least Zayn assumed it was from the digit now probing his virgin hole.  Zayn’s free hand came up to give a firm smack to Liam’s rosy behind as his own soft brown ass continued to be stretched open by the ten-inch tool.

The boy on top, who until now had bent over with his hands resting on the bed, now pushed his chest down to the cool sheets as well.  This new vantage point made it much easier for his hips to thrust back and forth as his orgasm was quickly approaching.

Zayn pulled his finger out and sucked on it in addition to another finger.  The sweet taste of Liam’s untouched hole would later give him fantasies about reversing their current roles.  With one hand pushing Liam’s cheek to the side, Zayn pressed the two lubricated fingers into the acutely loosened hole.  He gave Liam two more slaps on the ass and brought one of legs down to try and push Liam’s hips even farther down.

“I’m getting close, Zayn,” Liam quietly panted, still aware that two of his friends were only a thin wall away from the action.

“Cum in me, baby,” Zayn groaned back, softly cradling Liam’s balls as he did.  “I want you to fucking cum in my asshole.”  The soft purr of Zayn’s voice always brought a little seductive twang with it, but it was fully-charged with desire as he intentionally squeezed his ass.

“Ohh, Zayn,” Liam nearly cried out.  Zayn could see Liam’s cock pumping shot after shot of cum into him and he soon felt it as well.  He took his hands off Liam’s balls and wrapped it around his own hard cock.  Liam gave one last thrust as he pushed his cum in as deeply as he could.  Two fingers still probed his hole while Zayn pumped his cock, already nearing his orgasm as well.

Liam gave a few more thrusts that were ecstasy-filled for both of them before Zayn’s asshole tightened around him in a rhythmic fashion.  Each shot of cum tightened his hole again and again until he completely emptied himself on his chest, chin, and face.  Liam laughed a bit as he offered to grab him a washcloth.

He pulled out of Zayn and helped him stand up.  The two shared a kiss even with Zayn’s cum on his lip and Liam pulled him in for a deep embrace.  Their hug ended and the two shared another laugh before they left to the bathroom to share a shower. 

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