Golden Boys of One Direction

Golden Boys of One Direction

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


The boys of One Direction submit to their desires and fantasies with one another while in the privacy of their hotel rooms.


The boys of One Direction submit to their desires and fantasies with one another while in the privacy of their hotel rooms.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Liam and Harry

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The boys of One Direction submit to their desires and fantasies with one another while in the privacy of their hotel rooms.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 13, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 13, 2013



“Is it finally over?” Liam Payne sighed as he collapsed into the blue loveseat of One Direction’s current hotel.Himself and Harry Styles had taken the one room while the other three members agreed to take the second adjoining room.

“Yeah, Liam, it’s finally over,” his younger friend answered with a laugh as he brushed his trademark wild hair out of his eyes.  He stood over by the vanity table as he kicked off his shoes and again adjusted his hair.  The group had just finished a roughly two and a half hour concert.

“Do you think you grabbed my crotch enough?” Liam noted with a laugh.  Harry chuckled in response.

“Oh, come on, they loved it out there.  Besides, are you gonna complain about someone touching your junk?”  The younger boy’s words were only accompanied by a look in the eyes and a tender hand over Liam’s denim-covered bulge.  Harry laughed a bit even though his hand gripped his band mate much more tenderly than the gentle pawing it had done before.

“I guess not,” was all Liam could get out before he felt himself beginning to harden.  He knew Harry could feel it too as his eyes broke away for a split-second as it twitched within his grip.  Regardless, the younger boy kept his hand in place as his gaze now began moving between Liam’s eyes and his barely open lips.

Finally, Harry worked up the nerve to lean his head in and press his lips against Liam’s.  Their mouths pressed against each other’s timidly at first, but as they proceeded their kisses became much more passionate.  Their tongues began sliding against each other as their hands held each other’s faces close.

Harry moved to straddle the now fully-hard boy beneath him.  He bounced up and down as his hips gyrated back and forth over the impressive length that was still being hidden away.  Liam had released his hold on Harry’s face and brought his hands down on either half of Harry’s ass to further help the boy grind against him.  “Oh, Liam,” was all the younger boy needed to mutter between kisses to drive his affection to strip his shirt off for him.

Liam broke off their kissing as he brought his attention to the now bare-chested boy’s nipple.  He wrapped his mouth around the boy’s left nipple and let his teeth gently hold it in place while his tongue darted over it again and again.  Harry threw his head back as his combined sensitivity along with his animalistic lust for Liam rushed through him.  He held the older boy’s head against him as he continued to grind down into his lap.

While the two could easily continue on this chair the entire night, Liam knew where it would be much more comfortable.  With his hands still on Harry’s cheeks, he braced the younger boy’s thighs under his own forearms and lifted him up, his mouth only slipping away from the boy’s chest for a second.  Liam swiftly maneuvered past the coffee table and another loveseat over to the king-sized bed where he collapsed onto Harry.

Before the two resumed their heated necking, Harry was able to slide the fully-clothed boy’s shirt off, now letting their bare chests press against one another’s.  Having already felt it underneath him, Harry was more than curious to know what Liam had hidden behind his black-denim jeans.  His hands were quick to work their way between the two pressing bodies and find the only obstacle in their way.

The older boy’s breathing became a bit halting as Harry quickly worked his way past the button and zipper.  Finally, the shaggy-haired boy was able to move his hand past the thick denim and feel the length through the flimsy boxers.  “Damn, Liam,” Harry chuckled as his hand stroked back and forth over the remarkable hardness.  Liam giggled in return, his cheeks beginning to blush as, even with his best of friends, he found it hard not to be shy.

Harry couldn’t help himself as he rolled the pair over, moved off the edge of the bed, and made quick work of disrobing Liam’s lower half.  The younger boy let out somewhat of a scoff as he now stared at the ten-inch erection with no barriers.  “Wow.”  Again, Harry couldn’t manage to get anything else out as he marveled at his friend in a new light.

Without saying a word, Harry gripped Liam’s length at the base and began stroking it, making it seem even bigger as his hand traveled up and down the entire shaft.  The younger boy would only stare at it for so much longer before he had to go further.

Liam let out a sharp gasp as he first felt Harry’s tongue glide across the head of his cock.  He continued to stroke the older boy as his tongue circled the head repeatedly.  Out of nowhere, Harry held his breath and let his gaping mouth take as much of the length in as he could.  He was able to get almost halfway down before the pressure on the back of his throat was too much.

He hastily came off of the colossal hardness with a few coughs.  “Are you okay?” Liam asked as his thumb and index finger stroked Harry’s chin.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Harry smiled a brief second before going back down on his friend.  He was more anticipating this time, which showed as he took his approach much more slowly.  With nearly half of Liam’s length inside his mouth, Harry closed his lips around him and began sucking. Liam’s hand instinctively threw forward and gripped Harry’s plentiful locks, unintentionally pushing him down a bit farther.

Harry proved how willing he was to please, or perhaps just how turned on he was, as he didn’t let the added length deter him.  He let his left hand wander up and cup Liam’s balls while he tugged them slightly.  His right hand moved away, giving his mouth more room to push closer to Liam’s pelvic bone.  Another harsh moan came out when Liam pushed even deeper down Harry’s throat.

Although Harry was again forced to come off of his older friend, he was quick to dive back down, this time, not holding himself in place.  As Harry’s head bobbed up and down on Liam, the older boy reached for his shoulders and pulled him up to the bed as he himself slid back too.

With both boys now on the bed, Liam was able to move Harry again, this time getting him to straddle him backwards.  Now both boys had the other’s genitals staring them in the face, but that’s not where Liam was headed.  As his hands made their way out from underneath Harry, his head leaned in as his tongue darted out, swiping against Harry’s entrance.

Harry moaned around Liam’s cock as the sudden pleasure washed over him, causing the older boy to intensify his oral assault.  “Oh, Liam,” Harry cried out as he came off of Liam’s cock, grinding backwards as he did.

“Oh, Harry,” Liam moaned back.  “Stay like this,” he said as he suddenly began crawling out from under the messy-haired boy.  He walked over to one of his travel bags and pulled out a small tube of Astroglide.  He strolled back with a cheeky grin on his face as his intimidating ten inch erection swayed with his hips.

Liam didn’t say a word as he got on the bed again and positioned his hips directly behind Harry’s.  Just the sight of the boy’s perfectly round ass was enough to make him cum.  He opened the container in his hand a let a small stream of lube flow down the middle of Harry’s ass.  Liam could see the goosebumps appearing on Harry’s ass as the cold liquid passed over his entrance.  Before the lube was able to drip down past the younger boy’s balls, Liam’s first two fingers quickly scooped it up and rubbed them against Harry’s hole.

Harry let out a deep moan when Liam’s first finger pushed its way into him.  The digit probed as deeply as it could before it began wriggling around inside.  By this point, Harry had arched his back, pressing his chest into the cool sheets beneath him.  Throwing him into further ecstasy, Liam had pushed in another finger.  As Harry moaned and gyrated from the piercing force, Liam let a quick hand slap against the boy’s hairless ass.

“Liam,” Harry whimpered.

“Yeah, Harry?”

“I want you to fuck me.”

Liam was quick to oblige to the younger boy’s request.  He used a few more drops of the Astroglide on his hardness before tossing the bottle to the foot of the bed.  While one hand gripped his length, the other held him steady using the other boy’s waist.  He held his cock against the boy’s tight hole and began to press into him.

A few labored grunts came out from Harry as his hole stretched around the thick erection.  It wasn’t until he felt the head first push past his sphincter that he stopped believing it wouldn’t keep stretching.  “Are you okay?” Liam asked as he bent over Harry while a groan escaped from the boy beneath him.

Harry didn’t answer.  Instead, he just turned his head around and brought his lips against Liam’s, his hand reaching around and slapping the older boy’s ass.  A little string of spit quickly broke from their mouths as Liam erected his back again.  Liam took both his thumbs and pressed them against Harry’s ass where his cock was pushing in, pulling his cheeks apart so he could watch every inch disappear within him.

Before he knew it, over half of his cock had pushed its way in.  Liam bent over again, kissing the back of Harry’s neck and rubbing his thighs.  He pulled out as far as solely moving his hips would allow before bringing them forward again.  Liam wasn’t quite sure whether the moans he was hearing were those of pain or pleasure, but an ‘oh, yes’ from the younger boy clarified that.

Liam now supported himself using a hand over Harry’s tailbone with his opposite hand being right above his own.  His smooth thrusts were now beginning to accelerate which only further drew out moans from the boy on the receiving end.  “Does it feel alright?” Liam asked, not slowing his pace.

“It feels amazing,” Harry purred softly.  “I want it harder.”  Liam was quick to indulge him.  He moved his hands to either side of Harry’s hips and began tugging them towards him as his own hips pulsed forward.  “Oh, fuck yeah, Liam,” Harry nearly shouted as the assault on his prostate pushed him closer and closer to the edge.

“Harry,” Liam exhaled, “I’m gonna cum.”

“Shoot it inside me,” Harry instantly reacted.  Liam wanted to kiss him as he finished, but he knew he couldn’t give it to Harry as hard if he was bent over, and the groans coming from below him probably would’ve diminished in that event.

Liam felt himself tensing up as he prepared to cum.  He slammed in as far as he could when he first felt himself releasing.  Soon after, shot after shot of cum began coating Harry’s insides.  Liam resumed his previous thrusting as he filled his best friend up.  But he now heard moans that were reaching a higher volume than his.  Along with the rhythmic tightening of Harry’s opening, this signaled to Liam that his younger friend was releasing now too.

When Liam noticed that Harry’s hands hadn’t left the bed, the hands free orgasm of his friend managed to draw his out with one more intense shot.  Pulling out of him was even more intense than his orgasm as the head of his cock was squeezed out by Harry’s tightening hole.  “Oh, fuck, Liam,” Harry sighed as he rolled over, prompting Liam to lay over him.  “That felt so good.”

“I know,” Liam impishly smiled.He planted a few more kisses on Harry’s lips, letting their tongues intertwine a few more times.  Suddenly a knock came at the door.  Both boys prayed that whoever was there had only just walked up.

“Harry, Liam,” Louis said from the other side of the door, “We’re going down to get food.  Did you two want to come along?”  The two looked at each other first.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a second,” Liam said.  Harry on the other hand said he’d meet them in a while.  Despite their similar responses, Harry intended taking his time going down.  Liam pecked him once more on the nose before he washed off and redressed.  “I’ll see you later.”  Liam half-expected the boy wasn’t going to join them anytime soon, not blaming him for it either.  He left the room, leaving behind his friend who didn’t move until he felt a bit of cum leak onto the bed.

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