Chapter 3: Belle's Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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Life Is Cruel

Part 3


With lunch rapidly approaching and her eye blackened from her previous fight, Belle watched the hands of the clock tick away as her plan (or lack of one) was playing and replaying in her mind. In truth, there was really only one thing to do. She had to stand up to this Josie girl and make sure that it was known that her mother and sister were off limits. The first wasn’t exactly true due to her mother’s Perma-Nude Punishment but her sister was definitely off limits.


She had heard several stories of this Josie girl making life hell for some of the girls in her class but Emma swore that she had never gone after her until today. She remembered passing her in the hall and thinking that Josie looked more like a life sized Barbie Doll than a real person. Her tits might be real but the blonde hair probably wasn’t. It was too Barbie-ish.


The bell rang, announcing lunch, just as Belle considered the possibility that Josie’s hair was her achilles heel. Since next class was a study period, she left the classroom and headed for her locker. Instead of putting her book bag in her locker like normal, she proceeded to empty her backpack, stacking her books and notebooks on the bottom where she’d have an easier time collecting them afterwards.


She paused briefly to gaze at the 4x7 mirror hanging up on the inside door of her locker. She’d have preferred that her eyes showed not even a hint of fear but the truth was, they showed a lot more than that. There wasn’t just fear in her eyes-- she was terrified of what she was about to do. Her life would never be the same, that was for sure.


Closing her locker, she took a deep breath and turned on her heels. That was the point of no return. The book bag that hung limply from her hand was empty but it wouldn’t be when she made her way back. Nope. In fact, that book bag would be filled with clothes.


There were students all over the hallway, most of them heading to chow so she didn’t have a straight shot to get there quickly. Instead, she remained at her steady and slow pace, and her mind went over the plan one last time in her mind. She wasn’t sure exactly when she’d confront Josie but she’d rather it happen sooner rather than later.


As she entered the lunch room, she noticed that her sister’s class was already seated with their lunch. For a moment, Belle felt a little of her nerve disappear and considered just going over to get her lunch and eat. Just the sight of her sister sitting there with her lunch, looking pathetic and afraid, reinforced her nerves and made her resolute.


Walking towards Josie, Belle felt her anger rising. Dropping her book bag to the floor, she reached around Josie, grabbed her tray and pulled it up towards her before tossing it on the floor. Josie immediately jumped to her feet and came face to face with Belle. A pin could have been heard dropping in the large cafeteria, all eyes were focused on them. A few of the teachers were starting to take interest but weren’t about to interrupt their lunch for a little scuffle.


“I wasn’t finished eating,” Josie said.


“I don’t think you are going to have time to eat today. So, word has it that you gave my sister an ultimatum. I have a big friggin’ problem with that,” Belle said. “So we are going to take care of this right now.”


“Yeah, that figures,” Josie said. “The eighteen year old student who got held back because she was too dumb to pass her simple tests wants to fight someone a grade below her. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it? You are just like your mother. Go ahead and hit me. My family will file charges on you and you’ll be going around showing your nasty snatch to everyone just like mommy.”


“I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Belle asked with a smirk. “You are all about seeing naked girls, aren’t you? I mean, you are clearly a lesbian. There isn’t anything wrong with it unless you are too ashamed of being one.”


The look of surprise on Josie’s face told Belle that she wasn’t far from the truth. If Josie wasn’t gay, she was definitely bi. This was something that she could work with. Especially since Belle’s best kept secret was that she, herself, was a closet lesbian. The only problem was, she was so deep in the closet she doubted she would ever come out. Her mother and family members would probably disown her if she came out.


“I am… I mean… I don’t…” Josie stumbled over her words, her cheeks flushing.


“Oh really? You don’t? Is that why you decided you were coming over to my house to have my mom pose for your pictures? Is that why you offered to let my sister take her place? You want a naked girl. You don’t care who it is. Perhaps it started in the showers after gym class. You saw the first pair of tits that weren’t yours and you liked what you saw. I don’t know,” Belle paused, noting that Josie was a brand new shade of red.


“Stop,” Josie said.


“So, what I am going to do is make you an offer. Well, let me take that back. I’m going to give you an ultimatum. You can keep going after my sister or my mom, in which case I’m going to have to kick your ass-- right here and right now-- or…” Belle paused as Josie stepped forward.


“Go ahead and hit me. Like I said, you’ll be joining your mom,” Josie said.


“Are you still on that? You think I care about getting a Perma-Nude Punishment?” Belle asked.


“Like we are going to believe you wouldn’t be embarrassed being naked,” Josie said.


Belle rolled her eyes and reached down to pick up her bag. Thrusting the bag towards Josie, she demanded that she hold it open. There was a collective gasp as Belle unzipped her leather jacket and dropped it into the bag. Balancing on her right foot, she brought her left foot up as high as she could and started pulling off her shoe.


“Belle! Stop!” Emma cried, jumping up and rushing to her sister.


“Emma, let me handle this,” Belle said, dropping her left shoe in the bag.


“No! Stop!” Emma shouted. “I mean it!”


Belle ignored her sister’s complaints and a minute or two later, both socks as well as her right shoe dropped into the bag. Without missing a beat, Belle peeled her black skater t-shirt up her body and over her head before dropping it into the bag. She noted the mixed look of surprise and lust in Josie’s eyes but said nothing.


Emma suddenly ran past her and out of the cafeteria. Belle whispered a silent prayer of thanks because Emma was making this much harder than it had to be. If she would have kept insisting that she stop, Belle might have lost her nerve completely.


Unbuttoning her jeans, she quickly yanked them down and stepped out of them. They joined the rest of her outer clothing in the bag. A part of Belle couldn’t believe she was standing in the middle of the cafeteria, in front of all of these students, in her bra and panties. She chose not to dwell on it and reached behind her back to find the clasp of her bra.


“Are you really going to take your bra off?” Josie asked, looking stunned.


“Panties too,” Belle said.


Before anything else could be said, Belle unclasped her bra and pulled it free, allowing her modest sized breasts to bounce free. The silence was over because comments, whistles, and obscenities were flying left and right. Amid the chaos, Belle yanked her panties down and dropped the last item into the bag, leaving her completely bare and exposed. She held up her hand, calling for silence which surprisingly was granted.


“As you can see, there isn’t anything stopping me from kicking your ass right now. If your family files charges then the worst case scenario is that I am standing here, in the middle of the cafeteria, butt naked-- just like I am right now. Everyone here will be seeing the same amount of me that they are right now. And as you can see,” she pauses and points to her blackened eye. “I’ve already been in a fight today. Another one won’t hurt me. So, think about the other end of this ultimatum before you answer. If you want to avoid getting your ass kicked-- leave my sister and mother alone and stop bullying your classmates. You do that and I’ll pose for you as often as you want. You want to get a selfie with her or snap a few photos, I can’t stop you. It’s legal. It’s even legal to go on and watch the live stream. If you go out of your way to make her life or Emma’s life a living hell, I’ll kick your ass. That goes for everyone here. My mom made a mistake. It was a big one but it was a MISTAKE none-the-less. She is paying a hefty price for it and she doesn’t need anyone else adding on to it.”


To her surprise, more than a handful of students as well as teachers were clapping and cheering for her statement. Two people that were not cheering, however, were Emma and Cameron who were standing there with angered looks on their faces. Cameron shook his head slightly, walked over to Josie and started to take off his jacket. There was a bit of mumbling about him joining Belle in her naked state but that died the second he put his jacket around her.


“What made this sound like a good idea?” Cameron asked, shaking his head. “Are the three of you trying to kill me? It’s bad enough that I go home and my step-mom is going to be naked but now I get pulled out of class by one step-sister who is telling me that my other step-sister is getting naked in the cafeteria by her own volition. If I hadn’t promised my father to always be there for you three and to take care of you, I’d be gone.”


Belle’s eyes widened and they immediately started to water. She hadn’t thought about Cameron through this entire ordeal. She had been thinking of her mother and Emma but never how any of their actions impacted him. She just assumed that he wouldn’t have any objections to a grown naked woman being around all the time even if it was his step-mother. Apparently, he had quite a few objections and he just showed her that he was barely dealing with it himself.


“Cam, I’m sorry. I didn’t think,” she sobbed.


“No. You didn’t. You didn’t think. If you had, you would realize that no one in this room has to wonder what you look like naked anymore. Every time they see you, they are going to be picturing your breasts, your butt or your… sex…” Cameron said.


Several people chuckled and someone even shouted out the word “pussy” to which everyone laughed.


“Emma,” Josie said suddenly, looking really flushed.


“What?” Emma asked, still sounding cold.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize what you guys were going through. I mean, I knew that you were going to get teased and I knew from the start that I was going to tease you but I didn’t think it was affecting you guys so much. I won’t come over, I promise,” Josie said.


“You might as well,” Emma said, turning away slightly.


“What?” Belle and Cameron asked at the same time.

“Come on, guys. This isn’t going to end for two years. Within two years, I’m sure everyone at school is going to be stopping by to visit one of the three of us and I’ll bet you everything I own that everyone who stops by is going to bring their digital cameras or their smartphones with them. Josie was just acting the way and saying the stuff that everyone else is secretly thinking. Plus, they’ll get to watch the live feed so it isn’t like mom will have very many secrets left anyway,” Emma explained.


“You guys know about the live stream?” Cameron asked.


“I found out from Josie,” Emma said with a nod.


“I found out from Emma,” Belle added. “Wait, you knew?”


“Yeah, I told mom I’d tell you before we got home. She thought that if she told you before school you’d never get to school,” Cameron said before looking down to see Belle’s lower naked half. “Please! Put some clothes on!”


Suddenly, the teachers became animated and rushed over, scolding Belle for her state of undress as if they had just noticed. Belle turned towards the door to the cafeteria and found the reason for their sudden “call to arms”. Principal Figora was standing in the doorway with her hands on the hips of her charcoal gray skirt, a stern glare in her direction.


“I.. uh…” Bella stammered.


“Miss?” Cameron called out walking towards her.


“Cameron? What are you doing here? Your lunch period isn’t for another thirty minutes,” the principal said with a frown.


Belle watched as Cameron cupped his hands around the principal’s ear and whispered something to her. The entire time he was whispering in her ear, the principal never once took her eyes off of Belle. Finally, when Cameron broke away, the principal’s expression softened slightly.


“Cameron, I want you to get your lunch and bring it to my office. We will discuss this further. As for you, young lady, the next time you are naked in my school, you had better have a PNP. If you do not, you can bet your currently bare butt that I will file one against you. Are we clear?” she asked Belle.


“Crystal, ma’am,” Belle said, sighing with relief. “Thank you, ma’am.”


“Don’t thank me. Thank your brother. My first instinct was to take that jacket off of you and send you to the rest of your classes in your birthday suit while I filed a PNP on you. Now unless you’d like me to go through with my original plan, I suggest you get dressed and fast,” the principal ordered.


“Yes, ma’am,” Belle said, reaching for her panties. “Thank you, Cameron.”


Thank you, Cameron. That was becoming the most overused three words in her vocabulary. When wasn’t she thanking him? When wasn’t Emma thanking him? When wasn’t their mother thanking him? Everything he had said to her was true. Well, she didn’t know that his father had asked him to stick with her, Emma, and their mom but he had. Through thick and thin. He’d helped them every way that he possibly could. He even took a part time job to help when bills mounted up.


The debt just got a little higher. As she got dressed, she was acutely aware that all eyes were focused on her. He was right (yet again). She hadn’t thought this through. Everyone in the room knew what her bare boobs looked like. Her areolas and her nipples. They knew the exact size. Most of them had seen her bare butt and the ones that hadn’t seen her butt got to see her completely bare vagina. If she wasn’t already crying from the dressing down Cameron had given her, she’d have started as this new realization started to hit.


Emma was right.


Life is Cruel.


Submitted: March 17, 2021

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