Chapter 2: Emma's Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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Life is Cruel

Part 2


Emma was thankful that the bell rang and the hallways started to clear up. She wouldn’t mind being tardy to her next class as long as she got a few minutes to herself. The questions. The teasing. The laughter. It was almost too much for her to handle. Why she had listened to Belle about splitting up from her brother and sister was beyond her and a total mistake. There was strength in numbers. Without it, she was practically defenseless.


She was dreading her first class. If everything else had been horrible, that was nothing compared to what waited for her in her first class. Josie Sinclair was Dennis the Menace, Bart Simpson, and Nelly Olsen all rolled into one. For whatever reason, Josie actually left Emma alone for the most part. It was true, the nerd selection in their class was pretty impressive, Josie had the pick of the litter but she and Emma never really crossed paths.


Until today. There was no way in hell… not even a half of a half of a percent… that Josie was going to ignore this. She lived for searching out the juicy bits of beef about her classmates and using it to make their lives a living hell. Not only was this beef juicy but it was actually being served to Josie on a silver platter.


After collecting her books from her locker, she headed for her first class and stopped outside the door. With a sigh, she opened the door and stepped in. Her first period teacher, Ms. Clemmons frowned and stated the obvious fact that she was late. As she made her way towards her seat, she could feel Josie watching her with her cold blue eyes and platinum blonde hair.


“Well, I guess I lost that bet,” Josie said. “I was almost positive you’d be dressing like your mommy.”


Everyone in the class, save for Ms. Clemmons and Emma, thought that the joke was hilarious. There was no doubt in her mind now, well, there had never really been any doubt but this cemented it into stone, Josie was going to make her life a living hell.


As soon as she took her seat, Emma started to remove her text book from class only to hear more giggling coming from Josie’s area. Finally, the white haired teacher had enough of the laughter and demanded to know what was so funny. Josie held up her phone and chuckled loudly before turning towards Emma.


“So, not only is your mom going to be birthday suit bare for twenty-four months but she’ll be on a live stream every day, all day? Here that boys? You get to see it ALL whenever you want. All you have to do is go to homepage.pnp and look under live streams. They haven’t got it up yet but it shouldn’t be too long,” Josie cackled.


“Wait. What?” Emma cried, charging towards Josie.


“You didn’t know? The only rooms that are spared a camera are her childrens’ bedrooms and the shared bathroom. Every other room will have cameras everywhere,” Josie grinned.


“Oh my,” Ms. Clemmons said. “I had no idea that was involved.”


“Neither did I,” Emma said, shaking her head.


Emma grabbed Josie’s cell phone and her eyes darted over the text. Sure enough, there was an official statement saying that there would be cameras in all rooms except for the ones that Josie had mentioned. Emma wanted to die of embarrassment 100 times over. She figured the worst case scenario saw her mother skipping out on several events to keep her nudity hidden. Now, people were going to be watching her mother, completely naked, twenty-four seven.


“Ms. Clemmons, may I go to see the nurse? I don’t feel very well,” Emma said.


“Judging from the fact that you are as pale as a ghost, I think you better,” Ms. Clemmons said.


Emma set Josie’s cell phone on her desk and started walking towards the door but stopped when Josie called out to her.


“Wait for me after school. I think I’m going to come over to your house to hand out,” Josie said with a grin.


“What? Why?” Emma asked.


“Do you seriously need to ask that?” Josie asked. “Will you be wearing that when we get to your house? I’m trying to decide if I need to go home and change. Then again, it isn’t like I have to ‘dress to impress’ with your mom, is it?”


Emma clenched her fist and turned back to Josie. Ms. Clemmons seemed to figure out what she was about to do and stepped in between them. She heard Josie’s chair scrape the floor from behind Ms. Clemmons and heard the footsteps approaching.


“Let her hit me, teach. I’d love to see her prancing around the school in her birthday suit just like mommy,” Josie said with a grin.


“Miss Sinclair, please take your seat,” Ms. Clemmons said sternly.


“Did you know that mommy has to assume any pose that is requested of her? You should have just gone along with what I said. It wouldn’t have been that bad. Now, tomorrow, we’ll have a special little show & tell in class. How does it feel to know that after tomorrow, your mom won’t have any secrets from anyone in class? Just for kicks, I’m going to make her spread her slutty butt cheeks for the camera,” Josie said, pausing to grin at the rest of the class. “Tomorrow you will all be able to say you’ve seen the butthole of a classmate’s mom.”


“Please, Josie, don’t. Things are hard enough for my mom right now,” Emma pleaded.


“Okay. I’ll give you a break. Under one condition. Agree to stand in for the poses instead of your mom,” Josie said. “I’m still going to share the pictures tomorrow but it’ll be your butthole everyone is seeing. Think it over.”


Emma rushed out the door and headed for the nurses office. She couldn’t believe that this was happening. She was actually being given a choice. Either everyone was going to be examining her naked body or they’d be examining her mother’s. Why the hell anyone would want a picture of someone’s butthole was boggling. Not only that but it was kind of disgusting. That hole was private.


When Emma opened the door to the nurse’s office, she gasped. Sitting on chairs, opposite each other, was her sister Belle and some other girl that she’d never seen. The real surprise, however, was that both Belle and the other girl were holding cold compresses on their faces.


“Emma? What are you doing here? Why are you so pale?” Bella asked, lowering the cold compress and showing a black eye.


“It’s a long story. What happened to you?” Emma asked.


“She was talking shit about mom and I punched her. She punched me back. We kicked each others’ asses and got it out of our system. We’re good now,” Belle said.


“Language,” the nurse said from her desk. “What do you need, Miss Pierce?”


“I’m feeling a bit sick,” Emma answered. 


“You look like it. Sit down for a few minutes. I’ll get you something,” the nurse said.


“Fess up. What happened?” Belle asked.


“You know that bully in my class who left me alone up until now? She’s invited herself over and apparently there are a bunch of things about mom’s punishment we didn’t know. Like, there will be a 24/7 live stream and she has to pose the way anyone tells her. Josie invited herself over and she is going to make either me or mom pose for her. She is threatening that everyone in class is going to be looking at pictures of mom’s butthole or mine,” Emma blurted out.


“Your buttholes? That’s random, isn’t it? Okay, well, there isn’t anything I can do right now. I don’t have any classes with you. What did you tell her?” Belle asked.

“I didn’t tell her anything. She said I had some time to think about it,” Emma said.


“Well, I’m not going to have your class looking at your or mom’s butthole or anything else tomorrow. I’ll figure this out. Give me some time. I think we have lunch together, right? I’ll deal with it then,” Belle said. “Just keep your mouth shut until then.”


“Thanks, sis. I’m really scared here,” Emma said.


“Tell me the truth. As scared as you are, you are actually considering taking the bullet for mom, aren’t you?” Belle asked.


“Well, yeah. It’s mom. She thinks knee length skirts are skimpy,” Emma said.


Belle laughed.


“She isn’t that bad but I see what you are saying. Trust me, I’ll handle this. I promise you, by the end of lunch today, your problems will be over and mom won’t even be on anyone’s lips,” Belle said. “Trust your big sis.”


Submitted: March 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 The Controverser. All rights reserved.


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