Chapter 1: Cameron's Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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Life Is Cruel

Part One


Cameron stood on the sidewalk with his two sisters Belle and Emma, facing their school, unable to will themselves to move any further. For as soon as they stepped off the sidewalk, students would swarm around them like vultures seeking a delicious piece of meat. None of the three wanted to be in the spotlight but thanks to their mom, they were smack dab in the center of it. All three of them had been forced to disable their Facebook and Instagram accounts because of the sheer number of messages they received within twenty-four hours of it happening.


“Can we just skip today?” Cameron asked.


“Because tomorrow will be so great?” Emma asked, rolling her eyes. “We have to face the music some time.”


“Fuck them. Don’t let them give you any shit,” Belle said, unzipping her pink leather jacket. “I’ll kick their asses.”


“Well, mom will have company if that happens…” Emma said.


Cameron sighed and fiddled with the zipper of his denim jacket. He knew that Emma was right but that didn’t make going to school any better for them. Sure enough, as soon as they stepped onto the grass, people started noticing them and started to flock towards them at an alarming rate.


“We better split up,” Belle said, her eyes widening. “If we don’t, we’ll get swallowed up by a giant mob instead of three smaller mobs.”


Cameron didn’t relish the idea of splitting up but he supposed Belle was right. Besides, Belle and Emma had it much worse than he did. They were Valorie’s biological children. He was just the step-son. His father was a Marine who both lived and died with the same honor that he tried to keep alive every day so there wouldn’t be any questions of whether he would be next on the chopping block. He kept his nose clean and his head down.


When they split up, the crowd seemed to split as well. Cameron’s five best friends, Kim, Deb, Alan, Vic, and Rejon came rushing towards him. They were being followed by three or four other people-- Cameron couldn’t even begin to tell you their names-- but Rejon turned around and stood his ground. The others lost their nerve due to Rejon’s size and scary demeanor and went off to join one of Cameron’s sisters’ groups.


“I can’t believe you came to school today,” Kim said, toying with her long, auburn locks. “You’ve got balls.”


“I mean like my sister said, tomorrow won’t be any better. I could stay home for a week and this ain’t going to die down,” Cameron said with a shrug.


“I guess that’s true,” Alan said before waving Rejon over. “Yo, Ray.”


Cameron waited for Rejon to come back before holding up his hand. Even though they were his friends and they would go easy on him, they still had burning questions and they weren’t likely to back off until he answered at least a few of them. Hell, if it was one of their mothers, he’d probably be asking questions left and right as well.


“Just go easy on me. One question at a time,” Cameron said.


“Is it true that your mom punched a cop?” Kim asked.


“Completely false,” Cameron said, shaking his head. “She got into a fight with one of the baristas at the All Nite Cafe on Andrews Street. The waitress got burned by a cup of coffee and someone came to the woman’s aid and pushed my mom to the floor. My mom attacked her and that’s where everything really went wrong.


Everyone looked confused except for Rejon. He was the most athletic student in the entire school by far but that didn’t mean he wasn’t also intelligent. He was quick witted and Cameron could see him connecting dots at an incredible rate.


“Did you mom attack The Bitch?” Rejon asked, his eyes widening. “Please tell me she did.”


“Yeah. It was Judge Rebecca Rich,” Cameron said, nodding his head.


“Hot damn! I knew the two didn’t like each other but wow!” Vic said, slamming his fist into his open palm.


That was an understatement. When Judge Rich started to campaign to bring Perma-Nude Punishment (PNP) to their town, his mom went to extreme lengths to oppose her. The idea of using nudity as a punishment was absurd, lewd, immodest, and obscene and those points were agreed upon by a lot of people. Unfortunately, more people thought otherwise and Judge Rich got her way.


By the time PNP was officially introduced, Cameron’s mom and Judge Rich officially hated each other. They were constantly bashing each other on twitter and according to Judge Rich, his mom was nothing more than an uptight, prudish bimbo who wanted to body shame everyone into having low self esteem.


“So then the punishment is true?” Deb asked. “I mean it has to be, right?”


“Yeah, unfortunately. Judge Rich hit mom where it really hurt. For the next twenty-four months, she is not allowed any privacy what-so-ever,” Cameron answered.


“Wait.. what? We heard she had to be you know… nude… for two years. We didn’t hear anything about privacy,” Kim said, bringing her hand up to her mouth.


“Yeah, the privacy thing I guess is a much more extreme level of PNP. There is a continuous live stream set up on the PNP website-- anyone can access it-- of our living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. I feel bad for her. Neither Emma or Belle know yet. I’m going to tell them before we leave. The cameras are probably being installed right now,” Cameron said with a shrug.


“Yeah. That has to be awkward as all hell. Having to see your mom nude,” Vic said.


“She isn’t really my mom. I mean, she’s been my mom for the last six years but I don’t really get ‘mom vibes’ from her. Still, she treated my dad really well so I refer to her as mom out of respect. While seeing her naked doesn’t bother me in the slightest bit, it also does nothing for me. I’ve never seen her in an attractive light,” Cameron answered.


“Dude, your mom is hot as fuck… how can you not consider her attractive. She’s got big tits and a nice ass. Her face is gorgeous,” Rejon said, shaking his head.


“It is true, I am a rare breed. I guess I don’t objectify women as much as other people do. Looks can only get you so far. I’d like her to be energetic, have an outgoing personality, and to have a little wild side. But hey, by all means, you’ll have two years to get your fill of seeing every square inch of my mom. Go nuts,” Cameron told them.


“I’m glad Cameron isn’t as perverted as you three are. I bet you won’t waste any time going over for a visit,” Deb said, her face contorted to show disgust.


“Actually, you are all coming over today. We have a project due at the end of the week, remember?” I asked.


“I forgot about that. Maybe we should do it over at my house and give your mom some privacy?” Deb offered.


“Are you guys going to avoid coming over for the next two years? If not, you might as well rip the bandaid off and get it over with. There are no cameras in my room or the room my sisters share. There is no camera in the downstairs bathroom either so we’ll have plenty of privacy to get our work done,” I told them.


“Won’t your mom mind us coming over? I heard she isn’t allowed to cover up at all,” Kim said thoughtfully.


“Of course she’ll mind. She is the shiest, most modest and, dare I agree with Judge Rich, the most Prudish woman in the world. She is beyond humiliated, knowing that hundreds if not thousands are accessing the live stream and she can’t do anything about it. Out of respect for her, I try to look the other way whenever possible. Deb and Kim, you might want to take that route. Just try to look her in the eyes. Vic, Rejon, and Alan, I’d tell you the same but I’d have a better chance of convincing a brick wall to fall down on its own,” Cameron said, shaking his head.


“Um, no offense but your mom’s boobs are quite big. I don’t know if I’ll be able to avoid looking at them but I’ll try,” Deb said.


“Same for me,” Kim agreed. “I think we’d be better off staring at the floor.”


“Do what you’d like,” Alam said to the girls before turning to Cameron. “Are there any other rules to the PNP?”


“Loads. I would say that it’s private but for two years nothing is private. She has to shave all the hair below her neck daily. She has to agree to anyone asking for a selfie or asking for her to pose for them. No pose is off limits. Anyone can touch her as well… but not her… I mean…” Cameron felt himself blush.


“Wow. You look like a tomato right now,” Deb said laughing. “Let me guess, you can touch her anywhere you want except her vagina?”


“Yes,” Cameron said, turning away.


“Nice,” all three of my guy friends said in almost the same tone.


“Well, I guess that settles it. Cameron is right. We aren’t going to avoid going over to his house, especially since he has the Playstation 5. So, we’ll just have to deal with seeing his mom in the all together. It’ll be more awkward for her, I’m sure,” Kim said.


“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Cameron said with a nod before scanning the front of the school for any traces of his sisters. “I wonder how Emma is making out right now.”


Submitted: March 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 The Controverser. All rights reserved.


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