Chapter 1: Little Matty: Katrina's Flustered Storyteller

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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Matt liked the beach. He really did. The sea, so vast and mysterious —and so good to swim in! —, the sun, shining brightly on one’s face, and unforgettably, the soft sand for one to lay on. Of course, the sixteen year old boy, would never admit to having thought such phrases. He was already regarded as a bit of a nerd or geek in school. Last he needed was to add “wanna-be poet” to the list…

But true to his thoughts, the teen was enjoying a walk on the beach. The first few warm days of spring had finally shown up in his tiny beach city, and he meant to make the most of them! As he usually did, he wore a loose-fitting white tee-shirt and a pair of red swimming trunks (with underwear underneath, of course! He never really understood those swimmers who chose to go commando…). His outfit was the standard for a beach-walking teen, and he found many a replicas on his little stroll, but he liked it nonetheless, it made him feel confident, quite an usual sensation to the shy guy.

Of course, Matt’s confidence wouldn’t last for long. As he neared the local lighthouse, he heard a distant yet distinctively feminine voice call out:

“Ooooh Matty…” The girl shouted in a sing-song voice.

Matthew’s heart sank, and he upped his pace. He shook his head discretely, trying to find who that had been and where it was coming from. If he had heard right—and he hoped against hope that he hadn’t—, that had been Katrina, and he wanted nothing more than to run away from her and her mischievous intentions. Nevertheless, the teenage girl persisted:

“Yoohoooo, Matty, over here!” She said waving from afar. She was sitting with a couple of her friends, and they were positioned right smack in the middle of his path.

Matt realized that he had an important decision to make right then and there. Did he turn around, a perfect one hundred and eighty degrees, and walk away, or did he continue forward and play into the teen’s games? He knew other beach-goers were staring at him, begging with their judgmental eyes that he did as he was told so the girl could stop shouting. But on the other hand, he also didn’t dare think what Katrina would do to him…

“Hey pal, over there.” Said a “helpful” local, whilst pointing at the teen. Oh, crap! And Matthew had just found enough mental fortitude to turn around!

“Ah, thank you, I couldn’t see her!” He lied. He knew he could still turn around, but after that little show with the stranger, and with quite a few pairs of eyes fixated on him, he knew he had no chance. He took a step in the same direction he’d been going.

“No problem pal.” Said Mr. Helpful, as he beckoned Matt once again.

Matt felt the weight of the stares of Katrina and her little group of friends before he was even close enough to hear their soft giggling. A pink blush rushed to his face as he awkwardly stood in front of the small crowd.

“Hi, Matty, come sit with us!” Said Katrina, a wild grin on her face. “I could’ve sworn you were avoiding us, Matty, acting like you couldn’t hear me. But you weren’t doing that at all, were you?”

The brunette spoke as she and her friends made space for Matthew to sit. In a clearly pre-palled manner, all the girls scooted away from the center of the towel they’d laid over the sand, and Katrina hit the empty spot, cheerfully inviting Matt to sit —as if he had any choice!—. Gracelessly, the sixteen year old sat in the middle of the girls. Katrina was sitting exactly to his right, and he could almost feel the girl’s eyes looming over him.

The teenage girl was, to put it bluntly, a looker. She had long, brunette hair that ran all the way down her face. She sported innocently fragile features, along with big, mischievous and mysterious deep blue eyes and a small, adorable mouth that seemed to have been made to grin at flustered boys. Though petite in frame, the teen’s proportions seemed to follow some sort of golden ratio, as she stunned almost every boy who saw her (and quite a few girls, too!).

Katrina knew all of that, of course, and she enjoyed the attention that her figure got her, so it was not uncommon for her to purposefully dress to… enhance that effect. That particular spring afternoon she was wearing an adorable pink bikini. It clung to her body where it needed to, and revealed as much of her tan skin as she wanted to. She found the garment quite appealing when she wanted to adopt a “Lolita”-type look, where she seemed like the naughtiest innocent girl a boy had ever seen.

“My my, little Matty, you look quite nervous, are you alright?” She teased. Her newest victim was rigid, his arms crossed tightly across his chest protectively, his back straight and his knees trembling, ready to make a run for it and his face a mess of pure worry. She may or may not have had an idea as to why he looked so miserable. “Girls, this is Matty Carrillo.”

“Oh yeah.” Said one of the girls. Matt was sure he didn’t know her name, but he had seen her at school a few times. She was a pretty blonde, her eyes green and her face freckled. “Your partner for your history assignment, isn’t he?”

“Ummm, yes.” Said Matty, fighting a stuttering tone, after he realized that Katrina wouldn’t answer that.

“Such a boring fucking task, isn’t it?” Another girl, this time black-haired and black-eyed, yet equally as pretty to Matty’s eyes, asked. “I just can’t concentrate and the third question is taking me a lifetime to write, ugh.”

“Well, actually, we had quite a good time writing that paper, didn’t we Matty?” Katrina said, her eyes shining with mirth.

“I… Um… Y-yes, sure.”

“Well, c’mon, don’t just say that.” One of the girls urged him. “Tell us why!”

“That’s right, Matty, why won’t you tell that story?” Katrina said.

“Well, I… I don’t know, I wouldn’t want to bore you girls…” The flustered boy lied.

“Oh, don’t be like that, Matty!” Said the blonde.

“Yes, Matty, please, do tell us” Katrina reaffirmed. Both she and Matt knew that even though her words spelled out a suggestion, her tone meant it as an order. “Here I’ll start: I got to your place a touch earlier than we’d agreed, but since your mom was just going out as I was about to ring the bell, she let me in and told me you were in your room. So I went upstairs and…” She trialed off.

Matthew gulped. His mouth felt dry, and he was already blushing, and he hadn’t even started speaking! He was completely and utterly surrounded, though, so he knew he had no chance but to continue the story…

“Well, you got to my room and… very silently opened the door.” Matt said, pleading eyes looking for some sort of mercy in Katrina’s face, but finding none. “You were so stealthy that I didn’t hear you, so I went on with what I was doing.”

“And that was…, Matty?”

“I… I, um, was getting dressed, and I didn’t notice you until I heard your phone’s camera noise.”

The girls histrionically gasped and remarked on the story as though it was the evening’s soap opera. “No way!” One of them said giggling. Of course, Katrina had told them the story mere minutes after it’d happened, but to hear it from the boy himself? Oh that was such a luxury.

“So, tell us, Matty, what were you wearing?”

“I… Well, I was wearing… Katrina, do I really have to?”

“Yes, Matty, you do. You started a story and now it’d be awfully disrespectful not to finish it.” She said with the most disciplinarian tone she could muster, as she fought the laughter that the begging of the poor boy had incited in her. “No, Matty, you better be a good obedient young man and finish that story.”

“I… yes, Katrina” His voice was but a whisper, and he even seemed to unconsciously have bowed before her. “Well, I was wearing… a t-shirt a-and… and my underwear.”

“And only his underwear.” Katrina remarked.

“What type of underwear, Matty?” Said one of the girls.

“They uh… they were white tighties.” The response, of course, made the little crowd burst into a roar of laughter. Matt tried his best to make himself small, clenched his fists tightly and hoped he could simply pop out and disappear from the mortifying situation. God! His face felt so steamy and red.

But disappear he did not, and after the initial outburst, he soon felt Katrina’s “encouragement” to continue with the story, that time not through words, but through a discreet elbow to the side.

“Ow, ow, ok, I’ll continue!” Said Matt, much to the delight of his tormentors. “After that you… you didn’t let me put on pants, and told me I was a very… naughty by for waiting for a girl in just my just underwear. And then you… um… you made me uncover and… and you had a little photo-shoot of me in my undies and tee.” That had been hard to say! The memory of being made to stand with his hands at his sides, or lifting his own shirt to expose as much of his underwear as possible was still vivid.

“Well, I, for one, think it was a fair punishment.” Said the girl with the jet-black hair. She grinned before adding: “Do you still have the pictures, Kat?”

“Oh, yes I do. Would you like to see them?”

“Noooo!” Said Matt, before the little group of girls could burst out in agreement. Surprisingly, they all stayed quiet after such display from the boy.

“Matty, Matty, I asked the girls a question, not you… And they definitely want to see you in just a shirt and undies, so, why don’t you go ahead and take off those trunks of yours?”

Matt was hit by a wave of newfound shame. To strip? In front of them? At a public place? Oh he was mortified of the idea, let alone actually doing it. With his shame proudly shining bright red on his face he tried to negotiate.

”I… Ok, ok, it’s fine, you can show them the picture, Katrina, I’m sorry.” He gulped, bracing himself for the imminent outburst of laughter. A group of girls his age would see a picture of him nearly divested! How would he live that down?

“Well, I wouldn’t want to just show it to them, I’d send it to them, silly. And you know how clumsy I am with my fingers, don’t you, Matty? I may slip and select a few too many contacts when sharing your cute flustered undie-clad photos.” Matt felt a bitter taste. He did not like where that was going. “So, you tell us, little Matty, if only we had a model here to give us a visual of how I caught you… Or will I have to send the school… I mean, these girls, whom I know from school, your picture?”

Matthew’s heart skipped a beat. Had Katrina really casually threatened to expose him to every girl in school? Just like that? His mouth was agape and it felt dry, the image of stripping there running wild in his mind. He shook his head and got rid of it, only to find the visual of small groups of teenage girls, much like the one that surrounded him right then, pointing and giggling at him in school, having seen him in quite various states of undress.

A chill went down the teen boy’s back and he couldn’t help but shudder. He knew it wasn’t a choice, he couldn’t let Kat spread those pictures around, he knew would never live that down. But at the same time… He’d have to strip! In front of girls his age no less! It took seeing Katrina’s forefinger, teasingly hovering the screen of her phone, for Matthew to react.

“Nononono!” He said in a rush. “No, please, don’t send those, I’ll do it.”

“Do what, my little Matty?”

“I’ll… give you a-a… visual…”

“Be more specific, Matty…” Katrina lowered her finger and stared coldly at her victim, grinning all the while.

“I’ll. I’ll strip…” He said, more an incoherent whisper than a phrase. “Look, I’m doing it!”

Katrina smirked as she heard the boy eagerly volunteer to take off his swimming trunks in the middle of a beach. He was practically begging her to let him take off his clothes instead of sending the picture. Music to her ears. Oh the power she had over him was intoxicating! She knew she had Matty completely and utterly under her thumb then.

“There we go, that’s the submissive little Matty I remember.” She said mockingly. She let her hand ruffle his dark-blonde hair for a few seconds, merely because she knew he wouldn’t dare stop her, and went on. “Now, please, Matty, give us a visual of how you looked in just your undies and shirt, please.”

The sixteen year old prey reluctantly let his hands fall all the way down to his waistband. He had intended to pull and get it over quickly, Katrina had realized, but soon he found that he couldn’t do it without undoing the little knot on the front of his swimsuit. With shaky, pale hands, he fumbled for a few seconds —all of which felt like an eternity to the poor, red-faced victim— before finally managing to deal with the inconvenience.

“Go on Matty, we are all very eager to see your choice of underwear today” Teasingly remarked the blonde girl, her light eyes meeting Matty’s terrified gaze before breaking out in the unequivocal giggles of a schoolgirl doing something naughty.

Katrina looked with great mirth how Matty once again dug his thumbs in between the soft fabric of his underwear and the red fibers of his swimsuit. He looked to the sky and then to the girls, pleading for mercy, yet finding none before sighing and slowly —torturously slowly— pushing down.

Matt felt like his face was hotter than the sun shining on them —quite possibly equally as bright, too!—. He felt conscious of every cell in his body, and against his every wish, he kept on pushing. He originally had tried to make it quick and painless, but something in his shy, nerdy conscience wouldn’t allow him to strip too quickly. He needed the safety that his clothing had offered against the preying eyes of the girls. After nearly a minute —a dreadful  minute—, his swimwear hit his ankles, and he left it there, hands rushing back towards his waist and crotch, pulling his shirt in order to obscure as much of his undergarments as he could possibly manage.

“Allow me to help with that, Matty” Katrina said as she leaned over the embarrassed teen and reached for his nearly-off pair of trunks. At first, he resisted her prying grasp, his feet crossing and his legs bending, but eventually, he gave up. “As you told us, you were wearing nothing but your shirt and underwear, so you shouldn’t wear those, Matty. It’s only fair to the girls, so they can visualize the story as it was.” That comment seemed to have made him realize that he didn’t really have a choice regarding his state of undress. Silly boy Katrina though still thinking he has a choice over anything.

“Ummm… Matty” Matthew heard the blonde girl speak. “You said Katty had had you uncover, right? Because we want to see your silly little undies, but we can’t if you keep pulling that shirt over them…”

“I… Um… Yes, she had me uncover but… um... could I please stay like this?”

“I know what we could do!” Said the black-haired girl. “Sammy, scoot over, and Kat, move just a bit… there we go!”

Matthew looked around him confused. What were they doing?!

“There, Matty, now you can lay back, like this.” With grace and quite a bit of force, the girl put his hand on Matthew’s chest and pushed. He quickly found himself ahold of nothing, and softly fell on his back. The warm towel-covered sand embraced him, and he felt with quite a bit of terror how both his arms had been put in an awkward position: to move them, he’d practically have to sit up straight, giving the girls ample time to object. He gulped.

Katrina smirked triumphantly as she saw how expertly her friend had executed the maneuver she’d mentioned a few hours ago. Crimson-faced Matty now would be having quite a hard time covering up without her and Sammy’s —her blonde friend—permission.

Deviously, and not content with how much Matty’s shirt had ridden up during his moving, Katrina idly started to fiddle with the hem of the garment, slowly rising it in short bursts. She let her fingers dangle and touch Matty’s flat stomach, even tickling the boy. She stopped only when his shirt was about half-way up; covering nothing beneath his pectorals.

Matthew could do nothing but lay, blinded by both his utter shame and the sunlight hitting him directly in his face as he heard the laughter grow around him. Of course he had noticed what Katrina was doing, but save for involuntarily letting out a few high-pitched yelps and cries —all of which his lead-tormentor seemed to thoroughly enjoy—, he could do nothing but let the girls take in his near-naked sight. It was all so… the word embarrassing didn’t cut it. It was humiliating; Matty was, dreadfully, also feeling that soon the word wouldn’t do justice to his ordeal.

Katrina hadn’t been mentally prepared for what her shirt-moving had revealed. He had expected the boy to be wearing briefs —he had been wearing white-tighties last time after all— but Matty’s choice of underwear had been particularly good for that day. His undergarment was somehow skimpier than the average pair of briefs; not only clinging tightly to his barely-there bulge and balls, but also somehow sporting even less fabric that the other pair of underwear she’d seen him in. She knew it was proably an old pair he hadn’t quite outgrown yet, but it was ridiculously childish, oh the pleasure that gave her. The fact that it was white and dotted with small, lime green balls, didn’t help his look either. She tried to hold her laughter for as long as possible —she had been putting up a femme-fatale act, trying to seem in-control whilst she tormented her poor classmate—, but as soon as she caught a good glimpse, she —and her friends— lost control of themselves and burst out in a showy roar of laughter.

“Please, can I… Can I go?” Pleaded an embarrassed sixteen year old boy. “You’ve had your fun, girls, please!”

“Well, I for one, would like to hear how the story ended, am I alone in this, girls?” Said the black-haired girl. Matthew remembered she was named Jen. Oh how he hated Jen right then and there…

“Yes, Matty, I told you you had to finish the story, didn’t I?” Katrina.

“Yes, you did.” Muttered the boy, a mixture of anger and shame clogging his speech until it was an incoherent mess.

“What’s that, little Matty, speak clearly, please.” Katrina replied. She seemed honestly offended at the defiance.

“Yes, you did.” He said, this time more clearly.

“I thought so. Apologize to me, then.”

“Sorry.” He said curtly.

“Nu-uh, really apologize like you mean it.”

“Sorry, Katrina.” He said, again.

“Try this: ‘Sorry I tried to leave without finishing the story, Katrina.’” She said.

“Sorry I tried to leave without finishing the story, Katrina.” The boy repeated tamely. Oh Katrina was loving every second of it.

“’It’s just what naughty little boys like me do, Katrina. I can’t help it, I’m such a silly boy’”

“Do I… Do I really have to?” Matty pleaded. The only reply he got was an expectant, anxious silence from the girls, and a terrifyingly cold glare from Katrina. So, degrading as it was, he repeated: “It’s just what naughty little boys like me do, Katrina. I can’t help it, I’m such a silly boy.”

“Much better, little Matty. Now, go ahead and continue with the story. We left off after our little photo-shoot.”

“I… Uh… Yes, of course. After that you… uh… you told me that you didn’t think it had been a good enough punishment. And that uh… you still needed to do something before we started working…”

“She did?” Asked Sammy, falsely incredulous. “No way! Why wouldn’t she think it was a good enough punishment? What a cruel girl you are, Kat!”

“Well, ummm…” Matty said. Katrina took in the expression of cringe the boy had. He seemed to repeat every time he got to a point in the story he found particularly appalling. His eyes shut strongly and his frown looked quite silly when his face had such a crimson tone to it, especially when contrasted to the pale-yellow sand near it. “She, uh, said she’d realized I was a little boy —”

“Which you just admitted you are…” Interrupted Jen, causing a short outburst of giggles.

“Well, and that little boys shouldn’t be punished with pictures but with…” There it was again, Katrina noted. Oh she was thirsty for this next part. But she paced herself, feeling the need to torment the boy a bit further before he went on.

“Oh my god! With what?” Asked Sammy, playing her part perfectly.

“Wait a second, Sam, I think our little guy here is pausing so much because he is feeling very hot, I mean, look at his face!” Said Katrina, a smirk on his face. “Must be the sun hitting his pretty, bare legs and exposed tummy.”

“I’m… I’m quite fine.” Said Matty, softly. Wherever the teen was going with that, he did not like it.

“Oh, don’t be silly, you are so red!” Said Sammy, seconding her friend. “Here, let me help you off that t-shirt of yours. That should do the trick.”

“No, thanks, I’m fine, really!” Matthew had wanted to say. However, before he could even twitch his lips to speak, he felt intrusive hands that “helped” —forced— him out of T-shirt. It was quite shocking, to suddenly be naked save for his tight, tight pair of briefs. A new wave of shame ran through his body as the girls took in the sight of their cover-less victim. Sammy expertly positioned his arms in the same places before, where he couldn’t struggle for cover without alerting the girls beforehand. He felt so vulnerable! Bare-chested in mere seconds, he didn’t even get used to the idea!

“There, there, nice and nearly naked for us, big girls.” Said Katrina running her soft fingers teasingly through Matty’s smooth, hairless inner-thigh. This, of course, was nothing but a gesture of power, but she did quite enjoy the squirming and yelping reaction it had caused. “Now you can go on. This part is really interesting girls. So, as we said, you, as the little boy you are, weren’t punished correctly by a photo-shoot. I knew you wouldn’t learn your lesson simply because I knew how you looked in your tighties, so instead I chose to punish you with a…” She purposefully trailed off. Having Matty start with the key word to the next part of the story. Oh she loved her devious, chaotic mind!

“With a…” Matthew started. He felt as though the shame he had been feeling was physically stopping him from speaking the word. “With a spanking.” He finally managed to say, his voice a mere falsetto whisper, his eyes closed shut, fists clenched and just stiff all around.

“Not any spanking, Matty. Speak properly for us, big girls.” Said meanly Katrina.

“It was a… a bare bottom one…” He blubbered out, fighting tears of shame. The near-naked boy felt like the earth swallowing him whole was a far more pleasing alternative to having to hear the outburst of laughter his phrased had caused.

“Oh. My. God, Kat! You didn’t!” Said one of Katrina’s cohorts.

“Oh, yes I did.” Laughed the leader. “Tell them, Matty. With great detail, of course.”

“Well, you uh, told me to bend over the desk. Um… When I did, my shirt rode up almost all the way and you pushed me even further into the desk and um… Well then you lowered my underwear and… spanked me.” The memory of Katrina pushing his face down, playing with his unruly hair as her other fingers dangled in his waistband almost made him stop, out of breath from the appalling memory.

“What else, Matty?” Pushed Katrina.

“You… you uh were all sing-songy and said something like ‘I’m going to spank a little boy, I’m going to spank a little boy.’ And uh you made me count out loud the… the hits.”

“Oh wow, Katy, you really are a mean, mean punisher!” Said Sammy. After a pause, her tone changed, now curious. “But, I must say, I don’t understand what little Matty here meant when he said you ‘lowered’ his undies. Did you take them all the way off?”

“Hmmm, it’s hard to explain, honestly…” Wondered Kat, her fingers scratching a non-existent beard, in a thoughtful expression. “Matty, turn around, please, I want to show the girls.”

“I…” He started.

“I know, Matty, it’s hard for you to move like this, here, let me help you.” Interrupted Jan, not allowing the boy even to beg for mercy.

In the span of a few seconds, the sixteen-year old boy was flipped. He was now lying flat on his tummy, face all but buried in the sand, being lightly pushed down by —Matthew could only guess— Katrina’s hand. She was applying just enough pressure to ‘show him who was boss’, but not as much as to actually push his face into the pale-yellow sand.

The lead tormentor teasingly let her fingers run from Matty’s wild hair, all the way down his back —where they lingered, teasingly tracing patters, upping the suspense in the boy’s mind— and finally, dug between the boy’s pale, smooth skin and the cotton fabric of his humiliatingly childish underwear. Katrina lifted the waistband and let it drop, her finger hooked all the while. The boy was squirming and trembling in anticipation.

Finally, when she couldn’t hold her lust any longer, she started to draw Matty’s underwear back and away from his bum. She went slowly, painfully slowly, as she wanted him to feel the fabric sliding through his cheeks. She stopped only when the boy’s bubble butt was showing in all its glory; the sun hitting pale, bouncy cheeks with no cover to protect them. Jan and Sammy busted out giggling once again, and she let herself giggle with them, her hand cupping Matty’s left cheek casually as she tormented him.

“See Sammy, this is how I had him. Bent over his own desk, little boy’s butt showing.” Teased Katrina, her hand still lingering, coping the boy’s newly exposed skin.

“Oh, I see.” Added Sammy. Matty felt and heard how the teen moved to reach over. “When Matty here said lowered, I’d figured you’d done something like this.”

The devious blonde teen grabbed the victim’s last garment and slowly slid it even further down his legs. To Matty, that was even worse than having his butt exposed —Or well, maybe equally as bad…—. Sammy wasn’t methodical like Katrina had been; she went slowly, but she slid with a passion, her fingers pryingly digging into his skin, coping a feel of all of his naked flesh. She let out a soft “Wheeee” as she did, trying to be as mocking as possible. The stripping went as far as leaving the underwear at her victim’s ankles, leaving him, for all intents and purposes, naked. As a reflex, Matty had crossed his legs, but the blonde teen hadn’t intended on taking his underwear off.

“See, they are not quite off, so they are lowered. What do you think, little guy? Would you rather Katy had spanked your butt like this?” The blonde ten teased. Oh how wily she was!

The boy barely managed to breathe, let alone answer.

“Oh, Sammy, what a naughty girl you are…” Said Kat. “But if I lowered his undies so much, I would’ve simply taken them off, and I didn’t want to get too distracted. We had a project to work on. Though, maybe I could’ve lowered them a bit further, like this.”

Much to the boy’s relief and surprise, he felt his cotton underwear go up his legs, not down. Katrina maneuvered his underwear expertly —how much experience would she have fiddling with his private garments?!—, running a teasing finger alongside it, through his inner thigh, until the clothing reached his knees. Matty had to fight the urge to let out a sigh of relief.

“Who knows, maybe I could’ve gotten a peak at his silly little ballsies.” Katrina snickered. Matthew almost fainted. He dared not think of Katrina seeing his privates. That was a line she hadn’t crossed. A line she wouldn’t cross. Right?

“Oh girls, you are too good when disciplining a little boy.” Perked the so-far-quiet Jan. “This is how my babysitter would spank my little brother look!”

With one sleek, quick movement, she yanked on Matty’s last garment and pulled. She did not stop like Sammy had. She slid his underwear all the way of. “No!” Cried a surprised, newly naked sixteen year old boy. The insanely high tone of his voice had been as humorous as the stripping itself, and it sent the girls on a laughter fit. The longest one so far.

Meanwhile, Matthew voluntarily buried his crimson face in the sand. He was naked. Naked. Like the day he was born! There was a tremendous difference between having clothing that covered nothing and not having clothing at all. He felt beyond vulnerable, and terribly mortified, at the mercy of his trio of tormentors. He was glad the girls couldn’t see his face now, as he was sure that his glassy, tear-filled eyes would be subject of mockery. Of course, so would his cherry-red shade.

“Oh my god, Jan” Said Katrina, still laughing at her naked toy. “You took them off! You’re so naughty. And so are you, Matty, huh, all naked in the beach, in front of us, girls, anyone could walk by, you know…”

“Ummm, Kat” Tried Sammy, in between her hilarity. “I don’t think he realized what it means to be naked here.”

“I think you are right, Sammy.” Said Katrina. “Matty, please say ‘I’m a naked little boy’ for us, please. We really need to know that you understand your situation. It’s for your own good, really.” She “suggested.”

It took the boy a few moments to get over the shock of his nakedness and understand that Katrina was ordering him about.

“I… I’m na-naked.” He managed to say, his voice muffled over the sand.

“Again, louder for us, Matty. And don’t forget the little boy part.”

“I… I’m a naked little boy.” He achieved to let the sentence out in one quick sweep. It was beyond degrading, but he knew he didn’t have a choice. He was a naked boy —maybe even a naked little boy, he thought with dread— and they had his clothes.

“Oh, ok, Matty.” Said Jan, a pair of green-dotted white briefs ahold her hands. “It’s good you understand your predicament.”

“You guys! I want to hear the end of the story!” Said Sammy, pouty mouth and all. She was really selling her part, Katrina had to admit.

“Go on, Matty.” Ordered the Lolita-looking bully.

“Well… um…” The boy began, his heart racing. The story was finally coming to a close, which meant he’d finally get his clothes back. “There’s nothing too interesting left, I- I think.”

“After Katrina… uh… punished me.” He went on, grimace taking his tone as he avoided the word spanked. “She uh, told me to write the paper, and she… she uh, I think chatted with a few boys? I don’t know.”

“Oh, Katy, how I wished I got paired up with your little Matty… You got to spank him and you didn’t do any of the work?” Jan said, honestly astonished. Katrina might’ve left that last bit out, hoping to surprise the girls. She simply shrugged and giggled.

“Um… girls? Can I… you know… get my clothes back? Please?” Matthew pleaded.

“Hm, I don’t know, Matty, we were just leaving.” Said Katrina, her like voice ice cold daggers that pierced Matty’s exposed skin.

Katrina was sure her very naked toy felt terrified. Oh she beamed whilst thinking of what was going on in his mind. ‘Would she go without giving him his clothes? She wouldn’t dare, would she?’ She would. All three girls deftly got up, all of them clutching at least one item of clothing in her hands, though Matty didn’t know that. Jan plucked the towel from under the boy before he could even react. Their escape had been coordinated and pre-planned, and, as the rest of the plan, had been executed with grace to perfection.

Matthew nearly screamed. She saw in horror how all three of the girls took off in a different directions, their footsteps marked clearly in the sand. In a split-second-decision, he decided he’d get up and run after Katrina. Surely, the leader of the gang would have his clothes. Besides, she was the only girl she could see, the other two having made their escape somewhere behind him.

As the femme-fatale made her way toward the beach exit by dunes; satisfyingly shaking her scantily clad-behind in a sexy step, she started to hear her boy scramble and get up. She shot him a sarcastically pitiful glance over her shoulder. The boy’s curly, dark-blonde mane bobbed up and down as he ran towards her, naked as they day he was born, both hands cupping tightly his privates.

“Katrina!” He was shouting. “Katrina, please, wait up, I beg you!”

She paid no heed to the bare supplicant. She teasingly kept on walking, making sure to let the boy attract as many eyes to himself as he could. He really was a sight for sore eyes, the almost burgundy-red that clouded his face made its way down to his nipples, which contrasted a pale pink against the shameful, more intense tone. He looked pathetic. Just as she wanted.

Eventually, when the boy caught up, she turned around, flicking her hair and acting dumb. “Oh, Matty, I didn’t hear you before, my, you’re still naked? Aren’t you embarrassed that all of those people are seeing?” She pointed back behind them. “Oh, wait, you aren’t naked, the girls left you your flip flops.” She giggled.

Ohmygod, ohmygod, please, Katrina, give me back my clothes, pleasepleaseplease.” The very embarrassed Matthew begged with an ardor he didn’t know he had.

“Hmmm, I don’t know, Matty, I kind of like the idea of you walking home all nekkid and afraid…” Katrina said, rising a finger to her chin, stroking it thoughtfully. She stalled for a few seconds —which felt like an eternity to the naked boy—. She lifted her finger, and breathed in, as though she’d had an idea and was about to say it, but then closed her mouth and clenched her fist. She almost broke down laughing at the expression poor Matty made when he saw her tease him like that. Oh, it’d been delicious.

“No, no, no, please, I can’t walk home like this, no, please, people are looking, please, Katrina.” He said, too impatient to let her tease him again. Disappointing.

“Hmmm, fine. I was going to keep this…” she waved her plaything’s white t-shirt as a trophy in front of him; his eyes following it with great attention as though he was her little pet. “… as a souvenir, but I guess I could give it back to you. Kneel.” She ordered.

“W… what? No, please, just give it to me, please, Katrina, I’m naked, there’s so many people watching!” The boy pleaded, more incoherently that literately.

“Matty, my little toy, my plaything.” She said, eyeing him coldly. Matthew gulped. He had screwed up, hadn’t he? “You will do as I say if you want this back. Now, kneel.”

He did. He practically let himself fall down to the sand, the coarse ground acting as a pillow and cushioning his fall. Knees together, they pressed both his hands as he cupped his privates, which made him even smaller than he was. The girl stood tall in front of him, managing to look even more imposing than usual, even though she was wearing nothing but a skimpy, pink bikini. Her innocent face turned evil; lustful for his humiliation.

“Spread your legs for me, Matty.”

She guided the movement with her feet, slowly but intently pushing until she was satisfied with the amount of exposure. Katrina was drunk with power, she realized as she looked down at her victim. His big eyes were all but pleading for mercy, but he’d be having none.

“You’re doing very well, little Matty. Naked and kneeling for me, yes, just as I want you.” She continued. Matthew’s submissive expression, mouth agape, eyes teary with fear and just a dash of hope. “Now, raise your right hand and place it behind your head.”

Shakily, she saw the boy managed to pluck his hand away from his crotch. With slow, scared and careful movement, he maneuvered is arm until it was bent at the elbow, hand placed just over the back of his neck as ordered. He was breathing heavily, mouthing the word “No” over and over, and looking at her in the eyes.

Katrina smirked.

“Now the other one.”

His eyes like beads of glass, shining filled to the brim with tears, Katrina expectantly observed how her plaything struggled, but managed to find the will. He relaxed the cupping and lifted his left hand from his crotch, revealing himself —his last little secret—, and placed it submissively over his right one. Matthew fought the tears as he lived through the most humiliating moment of his life. The ones that managed to slide down cooled off his steaming hot face. From above, with eyes of superiority, Katrina gazed down at his naked —fully naked—, uncovered self. He was utterly at her mercy, hands locked behind his head.

The sexily-clad girl took a good look, from the pale complexion of Matty’s elbows, down his indescribably red face, passing through his un-muscled pectorals, crowned by his pink, puffy nipples, and finally, the jewel of the crown: his privates. Matty’s penis hung unceremoniously short, pressed tightly alongside it were a pair of delightfully small balls, not a spec of hair anywhere beneath his eyebrows. The expression of dismay plastered on the boy’s face made her realize that he knew how badly endowed he was; and that he was very, very ashamed of that.

She savored her torture for a few moments, letting passer-by after passer-by steal a glance at her naked little pet. Once satisfied with the number of people who had seen the boy naked, she extended her hand, a white shirt hanging loosely over it.

Tentatively, the boy reached forward. In one fell-swoop, she took her hand away, giggling.

“One more thing for me, Matty. Say ‘I’m Matty, a very little boy with a very little willy.’”

“I… I’m a” He was struggling to speak, shame having taken over any rational thoughts. “I’m a very little boy with… with uh, a very little willy.”

“Indeed you are.” Katrina said, laughing cruelly at his misery. She tossed him his shirt, and watched with glee how he struggled to get clothed.

“W… where’s my… you know, the rest?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t know, each of us took one item… Guess you’ll have to be very careful not to flash your silly itty bitty dicky, right, Matty?”

As the idea of walking home bottomless dawned on him, the boy simply nodded, breathing heavily.

Katrina stole one last glance at the exposed teenager, and satisfied with her work, turned around and walked away.

The End.

Submitted: June 15, 2020

© Copyright 2022 SwimKid. All rights reserved.


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this was incredible good. Hope you have more chapters. Maybe more playing with his bare buttock.

Tue, June 16th, 2020 4:00pm

Callum white

So glad you're back writing. Loved this story so much, hopefully we will hear more of matty!

Tue, June 16th, 2020 5:11pm


I really liked

Thu, June 18th, 2020 5:29pm


The slow stripping, up and down, of his underwear was pretty hot.

Mon, August 10th, 2020 2:50pm


Great story. How us it possible that the girls didn't insist on a demonstration of Katrina's spanking technique?

Did you spank him gently, like this? Or hard, like THIS?

Sun, August 16th, 2020 3:23pm


This was excellent!

Tue, August 25th, 2020 11:23pm


Swimkid, your stories are among my favorites. Nicely constructed to increase the “humidity” as the your stories proceed. In this story, I am left wondering what Matty experienced on his way back home. Did he encounter any other “friends” on the way? Was he detained by an officer of the law, perhaps a female with her own proclivities? His ID and house key must have been in the pockets of his shorts. How did he explain to whoever opened in the door to his home what happened to him? Did he have a sister at home to tease him further? I am enjoying all of your work.

Thu, March 4th, 2021 6:07pm


Swimkid, your stories are among my favorites. Nicely constructed to increase the “humidity” as the your stories proceed. In this story, I am left wondering what Matty experienced on his way back home. Did he encounter any other “friends” on the way? Was he detained by an officer of the law, perhaps a female with her own proclivities? His ID and house key must have been in the pockets of his shorts. How did he explain to whoever opened in the door to his home what happened to him? Did he have a sister at home to tease him further? I am enjoying all of your work.

Thu, March 4th, 2021 6:07pm

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