Chapter 5: Part 5

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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It was the third period of the last day of school before winter holidays. For Juliette, that meant it was the last period before the break, as her math teacher being absent meant she got to go home right after political science. She hadn’t had a run-in with Elise since last Tuesday. This is it! She thought, hopeful, as she took her place near the windowed wall, opposite from the door. I get to be rid of her for two weeks now. If I’m lucky, she’ll even get bored of me and will go pick on someone else after the winter break. Maybe she’ll even...

Juliette lost her train of thought to the sound of rapping on the door. A chill ran down her spine as she spotted Elise, who had made her way to the main desk and was speaking with her teacher. The period had barely begun, and so the class hadn’t started yet, as people were still coming to their seats. What is she doing here? She isn’t taking Political Science! The conversation went on. Juliette craved to hear what was going on between the woman and the teen, but she could not. They were too far away.

Much to her dread, she soon saw how her teacher absentmindedly pointed to a desk near the front of the class, the one next to the door, usually unoccupied, and she saw Elise approach it, a smug smile hiding behind the polite mannerisms she’d used. What is going on in here? She thought worried.

The class went on normally. For Juliette, it was a bothersome bore, as she’d aced the test two weeks ago, and now had to sit primly and quietly as those who had failed took their remedial tests. Even she had resorted to using her phone in class to pass the time, though, she opted for an e-book rather than social media. Nevertheless, she could not let herself give in to the fantastic world of Tolkien, as she could not help but shoot furtive glances at Elise. She was a row ahead of her, and three desks to her left. She was clearly not doing any schoolwork. Then why is she here? Juliette thought, trying to get her eyes to focus on the text and not on her tormentor’s back.

Suddenly, a pop-up notification appeared on Juliette’s phone, shadowing the reading app. It was from a number she didn’t have in her contact list and read:

E: “Hello, my little toy. Pretty boring class, don’t you think?”

Juliette looked up to see a grinning petite teen holding her phone, and histrionically pointing at the visible chat bubble. ‘Are you not going to answer me?’ Her gaze seemed to say. I have to text her back… Juliette thought, dreading what could come of it.

J: “Hi Elise. It really is a bore.”

E: “Lucky for me to have a toy in the classroom, don’t you think?”

Juliette didn’t respond. After a couple of seconds, her cellphone buzzed again.

E: “I said, don’t you think?”

J: “Yes, Elise. You are very lucky to have a toy in the classroom. I didn’t know you were taking this class.”

From any other person, Elise would’ve taken that first sentence for sarcasm. But not Juliette. Little Princess even punctuates her texts correctly, it’s adorable how proper she is even when playing along to her own humiliation. She thought as she eagerly typed. This is going to be a great last day of school…

E: “Oh, I’m not taking it. I was just bored and looking for a toy to play with ;)

E: “Luckily, your teacher didn’t seem to mind me staying, so long as I was quiet. So, let’s play, shall we?”

There was a short pause before the reply. Elise was sure Juliette was sighing, trying to find it in her to keep up the obedience.

J: “Yes.”

E: “My, oh my, what an eager little plaything I’ve found myself, always ready to play to satisfy her owner, hehe

E: “So, obviously, I can’t make you show me your cute little panties now”

E: “Well, I sure can, but I’d rather not do it in front of a teacher and get caught, you know…”

Juliette gulped. Is Elise really not making me flash the whole classroom only because of a teacher being here? Would she really make me… show everyone my undies? No, she has to be teasing me. Oh god, and it’s working! Juliette complained mentally, as she felt a weak pink shade start to take over her pale cheeks.

E: “So, tell me, which color are they today, my toy? I hope you didn’t wear a pair I’ve already seen, that’d be boring!”

J: “They are pink.”

E: “Awww, that’s all you’re gonna say? C’mon, Jules, be more descriptive, tell me about them”

The next text, once again, took a few moments to arrive. Oh, she can just picture me lifting that skirt of hers and taking a peak as she writes, can’t she? My, Jules, you prove me again and again that you are really the perfect victim! Elise thought as she stared at the white bubble that contained a bobbing set of three dots.

J: “Well, they are pretty basic. Pink cotton, with a few embroiled flourishes, like flowers, in a darker shade. They run along the waistband and the edges of it.”

E: “What are we talking about again? We’ve said they and them so much I forgot… silly me :p”

Juliette held her phone screen-side down over her desk. She looked up and sighed. As she moved to answer, she caught a glimpse of a chesire-cat-like grin on Elise’s face. Her eyes affixed no on her, but on the screen of her phone. Oh god, she’s divesting me in her mind. She can perfectly picture me in my undies, can’t she? She certainly has the experience to do so… The thought made her even more embarrassed.

J: “My underwear.”

E: “Hmmm. That’s not the word I used, is it? And last I thought, dolls didn’t know such long words…”

J: “My panties.”

E: “You’re forgetting two very important words, my doll. Are you doing this on purpose? Will I have to spank that cute bum of yours again? I’d gladly take the chance to punish you again…”

J: “No, no! I’m sorry Elise!”

That text came through almost immediately, ha! Thought a very cocky-looking Elise. Oh, there’s more!

J: “We were talking about my cute little panties.”

E: “Now, that’s better my little dolly”

E: “But now I’ve forgotten what you said about them… Oh, I’m really forgetful today, aren’t I?”

E: “You are gonna have to write it again for me, Jules. Using the correct way of naming them, of course!”

Juliette took a moment to brace herself before typing. Oh god! She has me fully clothed but red as a tomato! How can she embarrass me so much? But Juliette knew, of course. Oh, god, I can practically feel her undressing me as we speak. I can’t even look in her direction.

J: “My cute little panties are rather basic. Pretty pink with some lines of purple or darker pink along where they meet my skin.”

E: “That’s better my doll. It’s a very good description. I wish I could see them”

Elise had to bit her inner cheek as to not giggle out loud. Oh, god, why does this classroom have to be so grimly quiet? C’mon people, it’s just a little test you are sitting for. Elise thought, bothered. It has to be okay if you make a bit of noise… Ugh, you won’t let me giggle like a humiliator should. Shame. Even still, a silent Elise stared at her phone, savoring her virtual torture of the girl. Smirking and mentally snickering she’d only lift her eyes to look at a very red faced Juliette.

Her little plaything sat primly: back straight, shoulders not hunched at all, legs in a ladylike, proper position and arms properly folded in front of her, over her phone. Try as she might, though, the often-divested princess looked distressed. Elise quickly realized that Juliette wasn’t simply cupping her hands together for propriety’s sake. No, she clung to her phone making sure no one would see the screen of it. Even a sentence of those messages describing her underwear being seen by her peers would’ve made the girl all but pass out of humiliation. 

Elise mentally undressed the girl with her preying eyes, picturing her as though she’d had been ordered to remove her skirt and was made to sit bottomless —and equally as properly, might she add—. Suddenly, Elise’s evil instincts burst ablaze. I certainly can’t make her take off her skirt but…

E: “Doll? Are you there??”

J: “Yes?”

E: “Oh, you just suddenly stopped replying, I thought you were too embarrassed to text. Hahahahaha”

E: “Anyways, as I was saying, I’d love to see those panties of yours. See them cling to your pale skin, make you show me your little skirt-less bottom. Oh yes, leave your skirt bunched up at your ankles… what a delicious sight. Would you like it if I did that, my plaything?”

J: “No…”

E: “I figured as much. But I still really want to see those panties of yours… your description really piqued my appetite”

J: “I don’t know what to tell you, Elise.”

E: “Oh, I wouldn’t know what to say either”

E: “I do know, however what you’ll be doing for me, my little pet”

Elise let her victim stew on the anticipation. She saw —quite satisfied— how her face turned pale a second, even paler than usual, and then exploded to its common pink-red shade. When she saw the teen typing, she diverted her gaze back to her phone.

J: “What do I have to do, Elise?”

E: “What an enthusiastic little doll I’ve found myself, ha!”

E: “You, Juliette Miller, will be taking off your panties and giving them to me”

J: “WHAT?”

So much for propriety, you flustered little noblewoman. Elise chuckled inaudibly.

E: “As you read, my little plaything, I want you to take off your panties right here and then give them to me. It’s okay if you don’t want to pass them around, you can ask to go to the bathroom and leave them in my desk on your way through the door”

E: “… But it would be really fun for the boys if you handed them your panties, don’t you think? Hahahahaha”

Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod! This cannot be happening! To say Juliette was in a panic would’ve been undercutting it, by a mile and a half.

J: “Please, Elise, couldn’t I take them off in the bathroom? I could give them to you on my way back into the classroom.”

J: “Pleeeeeease!”

E: “No can do, Jules!”

E: “Take them off, right here. I’m dying to see your red little face as you slide them off! You are gonna have to be silent, or a few boys and girls might catch a glimpse!”

Juliette set her phone face down in a rush. She gripped the sides of her desk as instinct. Her knuckles were white before she even realized what she was doing. Her face felt ablaze Oh god, and that’s just the idea of doing it, not actually taking my… taking them off! She thought in a frenzied terror. Mouth slightly agape, expression of pure horror and cheeks so red they warmed her entire upper body, Juliette’s wide eyes flew madly across the room to meet those of her tormentor. Elise was smirking madly, eyes gleaming with joy ash she regarded her. Juliette saw how the petite teen raised her forefinger to her lips and silently hushed. A subtle teasing, sure, but an effective one, as Juliette’s face suddenly felt even brighter than before. What if I’m not silent and someone sees?!

In a moment of surprising clarity, she broke eye contact and started to analyze her situation. She was still afraid, just not so much so that she was paralyzed. Okay… Okay… She sighed. There’s no one to my right, because I’m sitting next to the windows, and since I take this class in classroom 201, that means we’re on the second story, so nothing to worry there. Good, good… that’s good. She tried, to no avail, to steady herself.

Juliette discreetly looked leftwards and shot a glance at her blonde-haired, tall classmate. To my right there’s Emma. She’s so consumed in her Insta she won’t see a thing, right? She peeked again, trying desperately not to look conspicuous, and confirmed that, in fact, the teen was staring at her screen.

In front of me there’s Sean, but I shouldn’t have to worry at him, he is looking forwards and taking the test after all… Juliette thought as she looked at the back of the boy’s head. As an added bonus, the young man was fairly square-built, so he’d shield her from the teacher’s eyes.

And behind me is… Damnation, who’s behind me? She thought in language uncharacteristic to her. Elise just had her that stressed out about her ordeal. She shuffled in her seat, almost daring to take a peek, but sternly stopping herself. I can’t exactly turn around without drawing a glance from whoever is behind me. Oh god, I’m going to have to risk it, won’t I? Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod. They are the most likely to see! What if it’s someone real bad? Oh God!  Suddenly, a flash of color and brightness on her desk pulled her out of her trance. A pop-up notification.

E: “Tick, tock, pet”

E: “Better be quick, or else…”

Juliette didn’t reply. She simply shook her head as subtly as she could and tried to instill as much determination as she could through the movement of her mane of wavy, black hair. Unsurprisingly, her levels of instilled determination to pull down her panties in her classroom were at an all-time low. But she felt herself bending to the unforgiving pressure of time —and, equally worrisome, the pressure of Elise’s gaze—.

Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod I can’t believe I’m doing this! She thought as she ran her thumbs up her outer thighs, her skirt riding up with them. She felt the beat of her heart accelerate and pulsate through her entire body. She was trying to be as stealthy as possible, which meant keeping a composed expression, eyes forward, and yet she couldn’t help but dart her gaze everywhere every once in a while. No one’s looking… Ok… ok… I need to continue…

Elise sat as comfortably as the school chairs would allow her to —which meant using part of the wall to her left as backrest and that actual backrest as an armrest— and, with a smug grin plastered on her face, stared at her toy. She could tell no one else was watching. They were all either on their phone or focused on the test. What a bunch of idiots. If they only knew of the show they are missing… Elise thought as she licked her lips in anticipation.

She saw how Juliette finally found the courage in her to hook her thumbs under the deep-rose waistband of her underwear. The garment was barely visible, and Elise could only tell what her toy had done because she was the one who had ordered it. However, the way Jules’ skirt had bunched up near her waist was telling enough of her naughty little doing, should any of her classmate’s decide to look at the pretty little princess. After sighing three or four times, the soon-to-be panty-less teen started to push downwards.

Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod! Juliette thought as she felt the velvety cotton slide through her legs. Her face burned a deep, deep shameful crimson. She could feel her heartbeat throbbing in her ears. She hunched her back slightly as she pushed her panties as subtly as she could. She wanted to go fast, get it over with as soon as possible… and yet, her own body betrayed her, the shame of being commando in school was simply too big to “just take them off”, and so, she went slowly, prolonging her own humiliation. Elise must be loving this… I can’t even strip myself quickly when given the chance. I just have to draw it out! Oh god! She thought with dread.

And after an eternity —maybe even two eternities, for how long that felt!—, Juliette’s Miller’s girlish, pink, cotton panties were bunched up at her ankles, their pale color contrasting heavily with the dark wood of the floor.

Juliette’d figured not actively pulling down her undergarment might’ve stopped her shame even in the slightest, but she’d thought wrong. Every brush of her naked behind with her skirt, every second she pressed her thighs together, lest someone accidentally got a peek embarrassed the teen even further.

I’m… I’m not wearing any underwear…  Juliette thought. The reality starting to settle in. She fought the impulse to hyperventilate and tried to remain focused on the task at hand. She bent forwards and slightly to her right, and reaching with her hand to get a grip on her underwear. It’s okay, I only need to pick those up, ask for permission to go the bathroom and slip them onto Elise’s desk. It’s going to be ea-

“Hey, Juliette, do you have an extra pen?” Said an absentminded Sean Whitlock derailing Juliette’s train of thought. She looked upwards, beady blue eyes opened wide as plates and a face turned a shade of even darker red. Juliette placed all her mental focus on not screaming. The boy put on a puzzled expression at finding his classmate in such a compromising position, though he didn’t know exactly what was compromising. “Mine just stopped working…” He trailed off. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, yes!” She said, trying to sit as upright as possible. Overcompensating a little, Miller? She thought. “Just… um… dropped my rubber.

“Well… Can I have your pen?”

“Oh, yes, of course!” Right, that’s what he wanted. Juliette handed him her pen and her extra one, for good measure, and all but stared at the boy until he turned around.

Elise Davis almost chocked while stifling her laughter, managing to compose herself enough that only a little giggle came out of her mouth. Oh, she’s just so precious a toy! She thought to herself. The way she jolted when that boy turned to talk to her? Oh, silly little thing, he had no idea, and yet, little Juliette acted as though he was seeing her in her underwear… I wonder how she’ll react when a boy actually sees her in her undies… She smiled smugly, eyes still fixated on her prey.

Bother. Thought Elise as she saw how uneventful Juliette’s asking for permission to go to the bathroom had been. Couldn’t you have just given her a little trouble? She glared at the teacher. Ugh, think of how squirmy and awkward she would’ve gotten? So red in the face and embarrassed too… bother…

Juliette walked stiffly —even more so than normal—, her right hand closed tightly in a fist that hid her undergarments. Not one for sleight of hand, the blue-eyed teen had no choice but to leave her panties on Elise’s desk. There was no point trying to shove them somewhere more secretive like, say, her tormentor’s bag. She knew she’d screw that up spectacularly, and that would lead to some very embarrassing moments.

Juliette dropped the pinkish garment without looking at them —to face them would simply be too embarrassing, wouldn’t it, my toy?— and, in one quick motion, opened the door and left the classroom. Elise threw a glance at the window in the classroom door and saw a very afraid blue-eyed, red-faced princess of a teen staring at her. No, not at her, but at a pair of underwear on her desk. My, my, a little anxious for me to put these away, aren’t we, Jules? Well, I guess I’ll take my time then. The wicked teen thought, grinning madly.

And take her time she did, or at least that’s how it’d seemed to Juliette, who, with a sense of growing dread and a face glowing of red, could do nothing but stare at her rosy panties from outside the classroom. Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod, what is she doing?! She thought in a panic. Elise was, with quite a noticeable glee, unfolding the bunched up clothing neatly over her desk, leaving it as one would when they were about to put them off after showering. Oh god! You can clearly tell what those are now! Pleaaaase, please be done with it! Elise traced the waistline of the pair, feeling the embroiled little details, before turning the around and checked the other side. She took ages inspecting her underwear —or so did Juliette feel— before, finally winking at her and putting them away on her bag in one swift move. Juliette sighed relieved.

* * *

“What even is that?” Elise heard a very confused freshman say as he squinted his eyes and shielded them from the midday sun with his hand.

He was staring at the flagpole that stood tall in front of the school, of course. Everyone was. And how could they not stare at the flagpole, if instead of a flag, there hung a pair of girly, pink cotton panties?

“I wonder who the unlucky chick was…” Elise caught. Leaning against a wall hidden from the direct line of sight as she was, she felt practically invisible, so she dared look at who wondered that. It was none other than the boy who had asked for Juliette’s earlier, who was getting a good look at the panties. What’s the matter, big boy, never seen a girl undies? Well, if you do share classes with my toy then maybe I’ll remedy that eventually… She grinned. But not for a little while though, I’ve got an eventful couple of weeks to plan now…



Author's note: A lengthy one, huh? Hope you enjoyed! Next part is a little set up and the pace starts picking up on part seven, so be looking forward to that ;)

On a sidenote, does anyone know how to contact Virdae (Or is it Vidrae?), the admin of the other board? It's been down for a while now, and I'm afraid I have no way of letting him know, and I know he checks it rather unregularly. 

Submitted: September 12, 2020

© Copyright 2021 SwimKid. All rights reserved.


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I contacted Viredae via Literotica. You can find him as an author there and send a message. He replied to me that the host for the board has a problem with the server. He hopes it will be resolved and the board will return. I guess the weekend has intervened regarding a fix.

Sun, September 13th, 2020 8:12am


Love your writing and this story is great. Can’t wait for more!

Fri, September 25th, 2020 11:23am


I hope that you continue this story. I can’t wait to see if juliette s gong to be showing off for others as well

Wed, October 7th, 2020 11:56am


I hope that you continue this story. I can’t wait to see if juliette s gong to be showing off for others as well

Wed, October 7th, 2020 11:56am


Swimkid, I really hope you finish this story. I know it can be difficult to find time and or inspiration, but please know I check here everyday to see if you have written any more.

Wed, November 18th, 2020 4:39pm

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