Touch of Past to Future

Touch of Past to Future Touch of Past to Future

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



(Started in Touches of Love, the couple) One always struggling with weight he really can't seem to control...the other seemingly Mr. Perfect when they come together well it's just a matter of lasting.


(Started in Touches of Love, the couple) One always struggling with weight he really can't seem to control...the other seemingly Mr. Perfect when they come together well it's just a matter of lasting.

Chapter24 (v.1) - Tyan and the secrets he holds

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Submitted: April 14, 2019

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 14, 2019




Ethan sighed heavily it had cleared in an instant but it still left him a little confused, Chris let him walk the girls didn't seem bothered by him but to check out he didn't know where they came from. The world was simply dark, something like a horror movie lost to the ages you could see everything clearly enough, the heavy trees the dirt road messily carving the way forward and the wide cavern they were in, the sky was somewhat dim but light enough he couldn't make out what was behind them the stone seemed to melt into itself as if to confuse those that came behind them. He looked up as Ezie tapped his shoulder with her tail flying low next to him.

“All there again?”

“I think...”

“Airi as worried about you being worked up we had some unexpected tumbles in the wind.” she said slowly knowing Chris wanted to talk to Ethan personally about it.

“So...she did that?” he wasn't sure how to ask, was he just confused because they left the safety of the room or was he confused to forget where it was.

She nodded.

“Leaves you something like an empty headed doll so you can still move and even defend yourself with her aid but forces you to chill. You're fine just aware again.” he sighed but nodded.

He already knew how weak and pathetic had to come off to the girls, Chris hadn't spoken to him..or maybe he had but he missed it but he felt like he was avoiding it, avoiding him. He shook his head wishing he could match them but it would have to wait...seeing the confidence that the pair held with his mate ..that was probably far off. They didn't continue on the path long before they reached what he assumed was their desitination the gray pond gave off a sick odor threatening to make him gag just from being near it.

Paloma fumbled with her shoulder bag and pulled a glass free he frowned as Chris gave him an expectant look.

“...You're not going to drink that are you?”

“Nope, you are.” she bent and scooped up just up to the brim, the liquid separated translucent water sloshing beneath solid white...curd. 

He swallowed thickly as Airi giggled leaning against Chris.

“Think of it like....a shot you need to get to travel overseas, unpleasant for a moment but you'll get over it. We all had to drink it sugarbee.”

Ethan glanced at Chris who had even closed his eyes.

“....You remember how bad it is don't you?” he asked, glaring at him as he tried not to smile.

“Just plug your nose and swallow love.”

He sighed as Paloma shook the offensive drink at him  it was the first time she spared him even the slightest bit of sympathy. He wondered if they were trying to prepare him for the worse because they thought he couldn't handle it or if it was really that bad and it had been too much for them. He took the glass nearly dropping it feeling how hot it was, not even a bit of steam came from the water. He took a sip his nose already burning from the smell, he nearly spit it out but Paloma covered his mouth stabbing at his neck with such precision he wondered how many she had to force drink it he swallowed and soon he was doing it again she was tweaking his throat for what it was worth, the need to gag and void his stomach was over powered by searing pain.

Though he felt as his tongue burned and his cheeks ached he felt a strong buzz like he just downed the highest amount of espresso anyone should be able to handle...even those non-human had certain caffeine levels they were better off avoiding. When they were too jumpy hard to read, hyped up on crap they didn't need it was a mess only funny when they weren't in a fight.

One pain faded heading to his stomach he felt it, all at one as if he was facing every vaccine he'd ever had across the entirety of his skin. The world spun but he wasn't moving a bit, at least he thought when Chris came to pick him up he realized his legs nearly gave out under him. Paloma nodded.

“You're in for a rough night let us know if you'd preferred to be knocked out for it..he's good let's go.”

Clearly he didn't have to wait for the feelings to fade as tears stung his eyes in response to the twisting ache he felt in his bones and beyond he wanted to say something but the sore throat left behind made sure he wouldn't dare, his jaw soon locked up to prevent him playing brave to push through.

“Hopefully that's the last time you'll need to suffer Ethan just breathe heavy and think happy thoughts, it's gonna get worse.” Airi tried to be gentle but one couldn't sugarcoat the reality.

It was no simple weakness, the pool was made of demonic parasites you passed them eventually but they made sure you were met with no walls formed by illnesses it hurt like a bitch and you weren't just going to pass out to ignore it.

Ethan didn't want Chris touching him as his skin felt the blaze that wasn't coming  he shut his eyes wishing it would be over soon hoping for death.

He didn't ask when he could speak again though he wished he had, true enough he didn't pass out on his own he felt every ride as the cavern  broke down as if the mountain had always been in the distance it was a small town. Though as numbness took the worse..leaving him able to walk and run to the bathroom however many times he needed he saw that they were very much caught up to speed on tech he was familiar with. Even as the town seemed to have been taken out of a fairy tale cobble stone and shops, shifty shop keepers watching for anyone trying to steal from their carts, guards in various forms all in the same uniform just focusing on what could happen hardly caring who they walked into. Not that anyone had much to say he only saw the scenery in breaks of the crowd, he heard some demons didn't have personal space issues because of how they liked to live but this was ridiculous.

He was grateful when Chris pulled him closer.

As if trying to distract from what felt like hours of pain, they told him they had an outpost to get to, they would be looking for Tyan. He was a shape shifter who the boss said had some information they were going to need. Paloma didn't like him he would tell anyone that he knew something, usually it was something of value as his reputation went so he was trustworthy in that sense. Though he'd only talk if you met him face to face he was always aware of who was coming and what state they were in he would decided based on how you arrived if he thought you deserved his wisdom, and if you could pay for it.

She didn't like how much he knew when most didn't know about him he kept it that way.

Bastard, as she saw it anyhow.

“How are you feeling?” Chris's voice caught him off guard as the numbness began to fade.


“Hungry?” Airi asked.

He shook his head.

“Then watch him Chris for when it flares up again.”

“How would you know it's going to pop up again??” he asked alarmed.

She looked over her shoulder.

“You were filled with parasites of demon birth when you pass all of them you'll be protected but with hunger you never thought possible. They'll take everything they can.” her light tone made him gag again, as if they were just talking about the weather he didn't feel the ache yet, this time the burn came first.

The town was less crowded at the gate to the outpost it spread out quite a ways, Paloma explained that not matter how long the ache made it feel it was the fastest path they had shifted sub portal to sub portal with her abilities shortening the distance if they had just walked here it would have taken a month. Which on less important mission might be fine her ability wasn't at the all powerful level she had to rest it to keep it useful.

Airi was turning the crowd out of the way in groups, many of the creatures they passed didn't give a flying flip who they were. Though some demons were cautious and much more in the way than they needed to be. Ethan wasn't feeling much yet in the way of hunger but the the spike in agitation was grating on his nerves he felt strained and consumed, the downside of the parasites it would pass only when they were gone.

Though as they reached the door the crowd faded from view Paloma took to banging on the door.

“That one you got with you...kind of a mess, reminds me of my first time I had to take that damn medicine.” Ethan raised his head as they looked around for something out of place.

The out post...nothing more than a raised cabin wasn't much to look at there wasn't much to hide not that he needed it he could shift his shape and the shape of his home.

He thought he was too available, Ethan just thought he was crazy calling that wicked liquid...whatever it was 'medicine'.

“You guys can't find me? I'm like..right there.”

Paloma sighed gritting her teeth as Airi rubbed her shoulder.

“Tyan honey we really need that info you have, can't we play later?” she tried, glancing down as the pebbles shifted at her feet.

“Maybe..” he spoke teasingly.

Paloma stomped down catching his tone, a satisfied grin making it's way to her face as he grunted in pain before she was stumbling as he shot up, currently he was tall, even more so than Chris. Pale, eyes entirely white not as if he was blind but as it he didn't have a pupil. Though for the unsettling look he had a handsome smooth face and wavy chestnut locks..he could have been babe if he tried, at least that was how he saw it. He held out his arms as Airi laughed and hugged him.

“She is so mean, my sweet do you deal with her?” Ezie came to bite his ear flying by Paloma as she got a sort of high five they watched him carefully.

“I'm still not into men.”

“And he still has no business touching you, cut the crap dick, what do you know about those creatures.”

He crossed his arms his attention on Chris suddenly, he only rolled his eyes, making Tyan's  own form completely revealing his duo colored snake eyes. Each eye one half silver  the other a vivid purple that glowed pink he frowned, he was certainly more attractive that way.

“You heard her Tyan, we need to get going so either make yourself useful or we're leaving.” Chris warned Ethan glanced up at him, his tone was heavy it seemed while he remained silent.

He hated this man, or something near to it.

“Whatever...I'll show you, come with me.” he melted into the ground the simple gate breaking into a doorway as if pulled from nowhere.

Airi gave Chris a look as he shook his head, he was fine, he just wanted to deal with him and be done.

It made Ethan realize...he was about to eat the next thing to be presented to him, and he was fully aware there was history there.

Just as his mate, though he didn't know if he just screwed him over or if there was more there, even though Paloma didn't like him her reasoning made her seem paranoid of nothing not like Chris. It was different.

Just he was unsure how different it was.
(He spent quite a lot of time alone...he was occupied...he didn't know what to do without Ethan which is true oh yes I've set you up to be confused but that's how it goes I'm bad with transitions this you know. I also don't want to give too much away now it's time to start working on clearing things up so not it's not one of those...nothing before this happened sort of deals it's a which was hidden and which is true sort of deals so stay tuned.


Also I guess this could be considered the end of an "act" it's time to stop messing with the reader.)

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