She Belongs to Me

She Belongs to Me She Belongs to Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


(Complete)This is another re-write I wanted try again, first warning the main couple will eventually be girl x girl. I hope you give it a shot. Christina Delmone is in a bad situation, only one person can get her out of it.


(Complete)This is another re-write I wanted try again, first warning the main couple will eventually be girl x girl. I hope you give it a shot.

Christina Delmone is in a bad situation, only one person can get her out of it.

Chapter20 (v.1) - Plot ruined, first time

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Submitted: May 01, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 01, 2015



(Now what you're about to read I don't feel it was too soon I planned for this, though I wasn't sure exactly how I was going to do enjoy.)


A couple of days later...



Christina had been feeling sick, she leaned against the wall every time she felt the urge to throw up she felt more depressed. She wished Ebony could be with her but she there was nothing she could about their current separation. Laying on the bed she thought about the obvious, she was quick to do or say anything to see Ebony safe even if it meant losing her.


She was at her happiest when she spoke to Ebony or just saw the other woman. She couldn't sleep without her, this was killing her and she knew why, she had fallen much too hard and much too soon for the other woman; as far as she was concerned. Sighing she tried to think of something else, there were some books, a television, and a laptop for her but she was feeling too dizzy to focus on anything. She had felt her mate attempting to soothe her by rubbing her back but they had been separated for a little while so the feeling wasn't as strong. Not to mention it only made Christina feel worse.


She looked up as someone knocked on the door, a mass of black goo slid under her door and she watched as the lump shifted. Now by all means she could be disturbed but she was too tired, between not sleeping, throwing up, and just being tense in general she didn't care what happened to her so long as Ebony was alright. Soon the shifting ended with a little baby bunny, she could see the detail and thought that it looked like Thumper, from Bambi. She watched as it hopped over to her, she got off the bed knowing it couldn't reach her.


“How cute.”


It wriggled it's nose and looked up at her, there was a little metal stone in it's chest that said 'Julius' so this was a boy. She picked him up and he worked his mouth for a bit before she was startled.


“Yo, Christina!”


She nearly dropped him, he had a similar innocent voice to the cartoon rabbit.


“How are you doing that?” she asked turning him around and looking for buttons or batteries.


“Doing what?”




“I'm made with smart clay!” he said excitedly.


She set him on the floor and he hopped around, showing how much energy he had, Kiva made him and told him to tell Christina that but really it was the fact that she mixed her and Ebony's blood in the clay. She mixed her's for personality, and Ebony's because well it was her mate that the bunny was for. She smiled slightly.


“What's the matter?” he asked while chewing on his long ear.


“Lot's of's lonely in here, I miss Ebony, I feel sick, and I want to go home.”


He cocked his head, rather cutely.


“You need a hug.” he cooed.


Her smile widened a bit as he jumped in her lap and hugged her arm with his tiny paws, she patted his head gently. At least she wasn't alone in here anymore.


“Julius can you do me a favor?”


“Yes!” he said in a sing-songy way.




Lacille was so angry she could spit, her plan back fired and though Ebony was obviously desperate for relief she was ignoring her. She called Petunia into the living room and asked her if she had spoken to Ebony at all.


“Not really.”


“Well I want to talk to her, but she only swears at me when I come to the door.”


“Well I told you to show her what she was missing, I didn't say scare off her mate.”


“But I'm better.”


“Then you should have let her see that, now she's only going to be concerned about Christina.”


Lacille turned on the water works and Petunia raised an eyebrow.


“Don't try that with me.”


She stopped immediately.




“Stop whining and I'll try and get her to talk to you.” she said.


Lacille sniffed and nodded, Petunia went upstairs and watched as little Julius darted down the hall with a book on his back, she watched him run into Christina's door and she opened it to let him in. She wondered when she had left the room to get the bunny. She knocked on Ebony's door.


“Sis, come on and stop sulking, let's go do something.”


“I'm not leaving my room like this.”


“But we could go find you a nice whore.”


“Go away Petunia.”




“Petunia don't bother her.”


She looked over as Nemia walked toward the door, she was dressed in a long blue evening gown and looked ready to go out.


“But Nem, Lacille wants to talk to her.”


Nemia had been avoiding the house because of the tension, she crossed her arms and gave her baby sister a dirty look.


“It's because of her that we haven't gotten to spend any time with Ebony.”


“We would have if she didn't bring Christina.”


“Oh please, stop picking on her already, can you not see that our sister fights her urges because she can't be with her mate? Do you know what sort of love it takes to do that? Stop being a child and grow up.”


Ebony could hear them talking and was surprised by Nemia's words, the latter could be snobby when she wanted but Ebony was still her younger sister and she remembered being in heat before her first time. She was sure her sister was in enough agony to last her a life time, it was one thing to go to bed feeling unsatisfied but this was different. It was like pulling a muscle over and over until it was too constricted for you to move. It was like having a sunburn, being cut, and soaked in lemon juice, it was like breaking almost every bone in your body and living to tell the tale.


Though that was really just one level, the longer she resisted the worse it would get, this was something only a sex demon could experience. Their physical nerves could give them hell without release, she pushed Petunia away from the door.



Christina had asked Julius to bring her a book on demons, he brought one that might be shown to children. It wasn't explicit of course, she flipped through the pages, she wanted to learn about Ebony's kind. She had helped him on to the bed and he was running in circles trying to catch his tail, she smiled at him, it didn't matter what they were made out of bunnies chasing their fluffy tails was just cute. Julius stopped running and jumped on her thigh.


“Maybe you should go talk to Lady Ebony she can help you study.” he suggested.


She shook her head, he moved closer and leaned up on the back of the book and peeked at her over the edge.


“Why don't you want to talk to Lady Ebony?”


“I'm scared to.”


“Why? She's not going to hurt you.”


“I know that....but...”




Zeo watched his mate walk back and forth in the bedroom, she came in and told him why she was currently annoyed with Nemia.


“How long are you going to pace?” he asked.


“As long as I want, how dare she come at me like that.”


“She didn't come at you.”


“Oh so now you think I'm being over sensitive?”


“Petunia you've been getting all worked up ever since Christina got here, what's your problem with her?”


She flopped on the bed and mumbled into the blankets, Zeo sighed, he loved her more than anything but the girl really knew how to get on his nerves.


“Are you jealous?”


She looked up.


“Excuse me?”


“Since Ebony came home with someone, meaning she wouldn't have had free time for you?”


She glared at him.


“That doesn't mean anything.”


She was so obvious when it came to aggravation.


“Petunia I know you were egging on Lacille and now instead of planning time with Ebony she doesn't even want to talk to you. You can't sulk over it forever.”


She hit him with a shoe.


“You're a jerk.”


He rolled his eyes.


“And you're a brat, but here we are.”


They heard screaming and jumped off the bed, when they opened the door they saw Ebony dragging Lacille by her hair toward Christina's door. She knocked.


“Babe open up the door.”


Christina didn't comment, she had let Julius out a little while ago to return the book where he found it.


“I know what you told Julius and I've brought Lacille to clear the whole thing up.”


The little pill she used was the reason why Ebony had suddenly fallen into heat, it couldn't kill her Lacille whimpered but saw that fake tears weren't going to get her free. She grudgingly told the truth and Christina opened the door just barely but Ebony pushed it open the rest of the way and pulled Christina into her arms, slamming the door behind her.


Lacille looked up at the shut door in disbelief.


Ebony was laying on the bed and she didn't even mention the sort of pain she was in, sex demons just weren't made to be virgins or expected to fight their urges. It was unnatural as an adult and when something wasn't quite right it was on the extreme end for Ebony's kind. Christina watched her for a moment as she finally decided to stand up and stripped until she was naked.


“Are you okay Christi?” she asked.


“I was going to ask you the same thing.” she replied.


“I'm fine.”


“You're not moving like your fine, did Lacille hurt you?” she said nervously.


“No, but let's not talk about her."


Christina nodded.


“Still you look uncomfortable, I saw the oil in the bathroom why don't I give you a massage?” instead of waiting for a response she went into the bathroom.


When she was out of sight Ebony slumped she wasn't sure how much longer she could deal with this before she exploded. She squeezed her thighs together, the pressure was unpleasant, she only wanted her mate to touch her not to mention; masturbation wasn't enough.


“Lay on your stomach.”


Ebony did as she was told and Christina started with the basic massage on her back, neck, and shoulders. She let out a breathe as she felt some relief, it didn't change how much she wanted sexual release but it helped. Her head was turned sideways so Christina could watch her face she was so glad to have her next to her again.


She didn't want to be the unclaimed one anymore, she wanted to belong to her mate completely. A few nights before Julius was sent over Nemia came to the door and told her about Ebony's heat. She didn't go into detail, so Christina didn't know if she was in pain because of that, she just wanted to be a better mate. She stroked her perfect ass and her thighs, Ebony shifted.




“Ssh it's fine.”


She knew she was never going to prove she was fine with sex until she made the move, as she finished with her back Ebony turned over and she laid on top of her to kiss her. Ebony moaned against her mouth and shook her head.


“Christi don't, I can't control myself right now and I won't stop if you start.”


“You don't have to control yourself.” she said.


Christina kissed her again and rubbed her slick fingers over her hard nipples, she moved her lips over her neck and sucked. She slid her hand down to Ebony's pussy that was already wet with need, she rubbed and tweaked her clit. Ebony arched as pleasure clouded her mind, Christina's fingers stroked in-between her lips skillfully.


She reached over to the nightstand and opened the drawer to pull out a long pink tube. This was a special dildo if it was inside someone and then stroked it would vibrate, the more you did with it the more intense the vibrations were. Nemia had brought her an unopened box of brand new toys, she didn't know when Christina and Ebony would talk again but she was sure that the toys would be needed. There was a little manual on how the toys worked and a bottle of purifying oil to go with them.


Since she knew Ebony was in need she decided to use the toys to speed up things, she slid two fingers inside and felt the walls twitch. She watched as Ebony came undone and shifted and gripped the sheets as she rocked her hips. It was quite a sight and Christina felt herself getting wet, but she wasn't going to do anything about it she didn't think this was about her.


After she was sure Ebony was stretched enough she took her fingers away just as her mate climaxed the first time. She panted heavily and opened her eyes, when she saw what was in Christina's hand she swallowed.


“W...where did you...get that?” she asked, out of breath.


“It was a gift, hope you don't mind if I test it on you.”


Ebony spread her legs wide and groaned as it was lubed and slid inside of her, it was already vibrating slightly as Christina handled it. She couldn't take it and pushed her mate over so she was in top instead, with a kiss she shared only the pleasure side of what she was feeling. Soon Christina was so lost she didn't even notice that Ebony had pushed the other end of the toy inside of her.


They both moaned loudly, because they were both connected to it the toy warmed up and vibrated in a similar feeling to how a woman would orgasm, if the orgasm was toe curling of course. They moaned and screamed one another's names as they moved together.


This happened most of the night....until Ebony collasped from exhaustion in fact.


End Chapter


(Mmkay so as we move along there will still be a few more problems, but they do need some more good to balance with the bad. Hope you liked this :D)

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