She Belongs to Me

She Belongs to Me She Belongs to Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


(Complete)This is another re-write I wanted try again, first warning the main couple will eventually be girl x girl. I hope you give it a shot. Christina Delmone is in a bad situation, only one person can get her out of it.


(Complete)This is another re-write I wanted try again, first warning the main couple will eventually be girl x girl. I hope you give it a shot.

Christina Delmone is in a bad situation, only one person can get her out of it.

Chapter2 (v.1) - Invitation

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 23, 2015







Ebony was annoyed as she sat on her desk staring at the wall of the plain class room, as it was a high school classroom the only thing that decorated the walls were poems or short stories written by star students. Her parents assumed she wasn't able to continue but in reality she only had a little bit of memory loss and could easily take her diploma and do well in college. Still she knew she had to blend in and couldn't make too much of a fuss or attract the ancestor's attention. The ancestors were of course the oldest incubi and succubi leaders, their kind could be killed but could never die of old age, they were much too strong for that; they also didn't physically age past twenty-five.


As a succubus still in training she still had rules to follow. She had to prove she could control herself and that she deserved her powers, the ancestor's told her to just do what the superintendent suggested and stay out of trouble. She's just as stunning as any succubi and she had gone with a old fashioned somewhat slutty school girl look.


Her strawberry blond hair fell down her back in a single braid, her bangs were lightly curled around her forehead, she had light blue eyes,sun kissed skin, and almost heart shaped lips. Her curves were accentuated by the clingy blouse, a short checkered skirt, and black stockings she wore. Both the succubi and incubi in training were expected to work their charms in any, reasonable, and safe way. Their blood could work out and cure any STD if they picked the wrong person to sleep with, but they could still infect one other person before they were cured.


Since Ebony had been finishing school she hadn't matured to desire sex so she was untouched, but now she wasn't allowed to focus on her adult desires and would be stuck with human teenagers for a bit. She sighed, when the door opened and Christina walked in her eyes widened. She was just her type, she shook her head and frowned remembering that she was expected to keep her desires under wrap. She slid off the desk and walked over.


“I'm guessing you're Mrs. Christina Delmone.”


Christina nodded, naturally in a slight trance because of the sex demoness in front of her, Ebony smirked.


“Um, I know your story and I'll take you around and show everything important but I'm sure you won't have any problems catching up and you'll be out of here in no time.” she said quickly.


“Sounds good, but as long as your the teacher I won't mind the work.”


Christina sort of giggled before she snapped herself out of it, it didn't matter that Ebony was of age, she was still a student clearly flirting with her teacher.


“Um..right, well let's go we'll start with the cafeteria and the library..”




After just two weeks, Ebony was Ms. Popular because of her story and her looks, the most popular group of Juniors had picked her up. Amber Keaton, a pretty but quiet brunette, Dominique Evans, a bubbly Latina, Ginger Wright,a typical perfect blond were the girls of the group. Marshall Greene, a mocha skinned football captain, Nick Jackson, the cute and silent brunette, and Paul Bryson, the perfect blond basketball captain, Ginger's boyfriend actually; were the boys of the group. Ebony talked to them mostly because she was generally friendly. She didn't have a use for teenaged friends but she did need some distraction if she was going to have to look at Christina everyday and couldn't hook up with her like she wanted.


The ancestors were able to watch her every move so she had to follow their orders, or lose her currently limited powers as punishment. She stared down at the prompt for the essay she was supposed to write, the work had been fairly easy so far, so while she was a bit bored she still made the effort to do it.


“Why do you even bother with showing up? I would drop out if I were you.” Ginger said.


“I just want to get my diploma, it's not hard to do a little bit of school work.” Ebony replied.


She shook her head.


“But it's sooo boring.” she whined.


Ebony ignored her complaints and glanced up at Christina who was grading their pop quizzes from earlier.


“You know, you stare at her a lot, better watch out before people start noticing.” Ginger said.


“I don't care what anyone thinks, I'm legal I can like whomever I choose.”


Dominique laughed.


“Dude she really does have a crush.” she spoke as if she couldn't believe it.


Ebony rolled her eyes as they giggled, she didn't see what the big deal was.


“But like, why Mrs. Delmone? She's plain and married.” Amber said.


“First off, she's beautiful, and secondly I could care less if she's married or not, I was just looking.”


“And then you'll want to touch.” Dominique teased.


She waved them off and went back to her essay, she was still a little annoyed about Christina's marital status but she would get over it.A succubus could be as faithful as they could be willing sluts that would have multiple partners; they normally stayed away from couples but she didn't care about that she planned to get what she wanted sooner or later.




Christina looked over the small amount of work she had gotten from Ebony and was also looking over her things from her other classes. She hadn't forgotten anything and was only turning in her best, she didn't bother looking up as the door to her office opened.


“Don't you know how to knock Greg?”


He chuckled.


“You know, I did at one point, but I seem to have forgotten.”


She just shook her head and looked up, Greg was the very rich and very handsome principal of the school. He had dark mocha skin, short black hair, and brown eyes, he was committed to his boyfriend of ten years but that didn't stop some of his female employees from ogling him. He had been a friend of Christina for a good portion of their lives, he didn't think she was happy with Frank but she always swore she was so he left the situation alone.


“What's up?”


“I just decided that I'm bored and on Wednesday I'm having a little party, interested?” he said.


She started stacking papers.


“I don't know, Frank might not want to go.”


“Who cares what he wants to do? I'm your friend not his.” he replied.


“Well you know how he gets when we're separated.”


“A little separation could do you some good.”


“I thought you said it was up to every couple to decide how they spent their time.” she teased.


“Oh you ignore me all the time, how would know that's what I said?”




“I'm just saying you're always at home with him when you're free, you could come hang out with us, besides Jason misses you.”


Jason Markers, he was just as good looking with long red hair and an olive complexion, he only had eyes for Greg but kept his friends close to his heart none the less. She sighed.


“I'll think about it.” she said.


“Great, text me when you get a chance, I have some work to do but I'll see you later.”


Outside her office Nigel was leaning against the door, he used to hate Greg because he thought he was competition for Christina's heart. When he saw him with his boyfriend he warmed up to the other man, he went back to his cleaning thinking of the love of his life.




At the end of the school day Christina was hurrying to leave, she noticed Ebony with her friends near the entrance. She didn't know why but she had a strong dislike for them, they were relatively good students, respectful and all that but still she didn't like them. She went out of her way to be nice to them so it wasn't so obvious. She sighed, she didn't have a problem with them before Ebony showed up but now she did.


“Hey Christina, see you tomorrow.”


She smiled and waved at Ebony, thinking she liked the way she said her name, Ginger scoffed.


“Now if one of us did that she would have told us off.”


“Maybe she likes you too.” Dominique added.


“Too?” Marshall started.


“Yes too.”


“A woman...liking another woman, I can dig it.” he said.


Amber hit him with her purse and they laughed, Ebony just turned to watch Christina drive away.



When Christina got home she found the kitchen was a complete mess, she frowned, Frank didn't know a thing about cooking. Anything he made normally made her feel a little sick because he was so bad at it. He had left everything cooking on it's own, she called up the stairs, and soon Frank came into view.


“Babe, how was your day?”


She smiled at him, but inside she was dreading what she knew was coming, if he had a good day and was pleasant that meant he wanted sex.


“It was ok...but I missed you Master.”


He cupped her face and gave her a smile.


“Of course you did, cause you're such a good bitch, now I've made dinner so I want you to shower and come eat with me in one of those lacy outfits I bought you.”


She nodded and went upstairs.


After a quick shower she found the red and black set he liked, complete with stockings and a garter belt, the sooner she got this over with the better. It was always the same, he would be a little nice to her, then he would excuse her from cleaning so he could take her to their bed. He came pretty quickly but his idea of foreplay was what bothered her most. He had a fetish for S&M play, that normally meant no matter how happy he was, he would take it too far and end up beating her before he had his way with her. Though as rough as he was she knew better than to turn him down, she tried once and he went ballistic. He hit her over and over until she unconscious, when she woke up she was tied to the bed and he was letting a few of his friends touch her anyway they pleased as long as they left her pussy alone.


She wished she could get out of this marriage but she knew the consequences so she kept her head down and just tried to keep him happy.



The next morning she woke up and saw a note saying that he had left early and that he would probably be back later as well. She was relieved, she climbed out of bed carefully he had decided to use his favorite whip and nipple clamps. She was sore on most of her body but he had been in a good enough mood to not push her too far, which surprised her but she wasn't complaining. When she looked in the mirror she saw a few cuts and small bruises here and there but she could deal with that. She wondered what had made him so happy yesterday.


Ignoring the strain she took a long shower, she knew she should start cleaning the mess in the kitchen but wouldn't have enough time to do it before work.




Ebony noticed that Christina was limping a bit when she walked into home room, she got up and went to her desk. The bell hadn't gone off yet so most of the students were still in the cafeteria, library, or out in the halls.


“Are you okay Christina?”


She smiled at her.


“I'm fine, I just tripped on my way in here and hurt my ankle, it's no big deal.”


Ebony stared at her, she knew it was a lie but didn't push her.


“You should be more careful in heels.”


“I know...why are you in here so early?”


“I wanted some peace and quiet to read, and I was too lazy to go to the library.”


Christina nodded.


“So, do you think you're ready to take one of your tests again?”


“I don't know, everything is coming back to me but I feel like I'm still missing a few things, better safe than sorry.”


“Of course, well don't worry, just let me know if you need help with anything.”


“I'll be sure to remember that.”


The door opened and Greg walked in messing with his phone.


“Christina it appears I still haven't gotten a message from you.”


“Oh I forgot to ask Frank.”


He looked up and smiled at Ebony.


“Hello Ebony, I hope everything is going alright.”


“Oh yeah Greg, it shouldn't be too hard to finish up here.”


Christina wondered when they had had time to talk.


“Fantastic, can you believe this woman would rather stay with her lame husband than come to a party I organized?”


Ebony laughed, Christina huffed.


“My husband isn't lame, he just doesn't like crowds.”


“Crowds? What crowds? It'll just be a few people over for drinks and maybe a night on the town.”


“On a Wednesday?”


“Actually I came to bother you because it's going to be on Saturday instead, you know how plans change.”


She rolled her eyes, she knew he was just trying to make it easier for her to go.


“I don't know.”


He sighed.


“Tell me Ebony, are you free this weekend? I would love it if you could kidnap this girl and come to the party.”


“You can't invite a student out for drinks.”


“She's legal.” he reasoned.


Ebony's kind didn't need to seduce someone to befriend them, she had only spoken to Greg a few times because the situation she was in; still he couldn't help but be fond of her already. It was just how it was to be around her or any of her people.


“Besides, I was going to invite her anyways but clearly you need convincing to get out of the damn house.”


Ebony grinned.


“We'll both be there.” she said.


Christina huffed again.


“Excellent, if you'll excuse me I have some rowdy Freshmen to deal with.”


Ebony couldn't wait to spend some time around Christina outside of school.


End Chapter


(Mmkay so there we go, time skips always make it seem like a chapter is going by faster than it is >.> I hope you liked it. The original had ten little chapters but there was enough going on to expand.)

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