She Belongs to Me

She Belongs to Me She Belongs to Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


(Complete)This is another re-write I wanted try again, first warning the main couple will eventually be girl x girl. I hope you give it a shot. Christina Delmone is in a bad situation, only one person can get her out of it.


(Complete)This is another re-write I wanted try again, first warning the main couple will eventually be girl x girl. I hope you give it a shot.

Christina Delmone is in a bad situation, only one person can get her out of it.

Chapter18 (v.1) - Meeting Lacille

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 30, 2015







Ebony had steered Christina away from her sister and down the hall, they were looking at some family portraits. The first one was of Vladimir and Deric, of course he was just as gorgeous as his brother but he barely had noticeable facial hair, and paired with his shaggy black hair with red highlights he looked kind of like the younger sibling. The next one was clearly from Vladimir and Katriera's wedding, they both wore dark outfits. It was no surprise that the bride's skirt was short enough to show off her fishnet covered legs.


“I know what you're thinking about.” Ebony said.




“You want to know why I didn't tell you about Lacille.”


“I just figured it was none of my business.”


“Of course it's your business, but if you're not curious.”


“I am.”


Ebony smirked.


“I didn't tell you about her because she's not important, we've known each other for a long time but we obviously hadn't matured to want sex. She was more like someone I could hang out with at any time.”


Ebony did care about Lacille but like any person would care about a friend they had had forever, she had seen in cheesy movies where the best friend can ruin a relationship. No if she wanted Lacille she would have gone for her after her graduation and left Christina alone.


“But what if she wants a fair chance with you now?”


“Then it sucks to be her because I'm not interested.”


Ebony wrapped her arms around Christina and kissed her cheek, she smiled, relieved to hear that. Her family was full of nothing but beautiful people, and even more beautiful mates she didn't know what Lacille looked like but she was sure she couldn't compete with her.




Sometime later, Ebony showed Christina how the stars faded as it got later, the manor was filled with plenty of light but soon it would be pitch black outside. The door was thrown open and Lacille jumped in Ebony's arms, effectively knocking her to the ground.


“Ooh sexy I'm so glad you're back, I missed you.”


Christina stared at the curvy girl on top of Ebony, she had a pretty caramel tone to her skin with a few blond highlights scattered in her long brown hair, and brown eyes she could just barely see. Her skimpy outfit of daisy dukes and torn tank top showed off her selection of tattoos. Ebony pushed her off and stood up.


“Don't jump on me Lacy, you know I never liked that.” she said sternly.


Lacille wrapped her arms around her shoulders and fixed her lips into a pout.


“Don't be that way sexy, I'm just happy to see you.”


Ebony rolled her eyes and unhooked her arms.


“It's nice to see you too, but I'm off the market so turn off your aura.”


It was then that Christina realized she was already trying to seduce her girl, she knew she should say something but at the same time she reasoned that they grew up together and even if Ebony wasn't interested they were still old friends.




They looked over as yet another good looking woman walked over seductively, just as curvy as Lacille, her wild blond curls surrounded a perfectly shaped face, her skin was a darker caramel tone. She hugged Ebony.


“Congratulations on finishing your training.”


“Thanks Mrs. Mentrell.”


“What's this 'Mrs. Mentrell' nonsense? You call me Belicia.”


She looked at Lacille.


“Why the pout dearest?”


Before she could answer a man walked in with two bags, if Christina saw one more attractive person walk in this house she was never going to leave Ebony's room. Her insecurities were preventing her from seeing she was just as perfect as the people surrounding her. He had short dirty blond hair, a bit of shadow on his handsome face, and dark eyes. He gave Ebony a hug as well and congratulated her, both of them were dressed in much sexier versions of typical business attire.


“Kylan you're daughter's working herself up again.”


He looked at Lacille.


“What's the matter princess? I thought you were happy to see Ebony.”


“She just said she was off the market, already.” she said, as if she couldn't believe it.


“Really? You don't smell mated, have you just started the courting?” Belicia asked.


Ebony nodded and gently pulled her mate against her.


“This is Christina, my mate, and no one will replace her.” she said.


Lacille's jaw dropped.


“Well it's nice to meet you, we're Mr. and Mrs. Mentrell to you.”


Belicia walked past them taking Lacille with her and upstairs to where her usual room was, both families had been close over the years. Kylan rolled his eyes and kissed Christina's hand.


“I'm sorry about that, she's been up all day preparing Lacille to present to Ebony here, when she's less cranky she'll be friendlier, but it was nice to meet you.”Kylan.


She smiled at him as he grabbed the bags and excused himself, he was guilty of spoiling his wife and his daughter and after they got their nails done he promised to bring in a bag for each of them while the silent servants got the rest. Ebony frowned.


“This is all Petunia's fault, I talked to mom earlier, I said you were getting ready to come so she would have known there would be no presenting.”


“What does that mean..presenting?”


“It's a very small ceremony where family friends can show off their children to the succubus or incubus fresh out of training.”


“What did she mean by mated? I thought we were.”


Ebony smiled.


“Not quite, I need to make love to you make the bond, that's why you need the jewelery.”


Christina looked down feeling depressed, telling herself that if she wasn't so broken they could have a more normal relationship. Ebony made her look at her and kissed her deeply, chasing away her worries; she pulled away only when they needed to breathe.


“I know what you're doing, stop beating yourself up, what sort of person would I be if I overlooked the way you felt? We have all the time in the world to complete the bond, so don't stress over it okay?”


She nodded and offered a smile, Ebony stroked her cheek they weren't alone for long before they were suddenly grabbed by another woman.


“Oooh look at how cute they are!”


Ebony laughed as they nearly fell she released Christina and hugged the woman, she had short black hair, bright brown eyes, pale skin, and wore bright red lipstick that really made her lips pop. The man behind her was wearing a white suit, he was just as pale, and though his black hair was growing out it wasn't shaggy at all, he hugged Ebony.


“Christina this is Evan and Yumi, their Kiva's parents.”


Yumi hugged Christina.


“Look how pretty she is, they really are made just perfect for each other, get close you two let me take a picture for my album.”


Ebony smiled as she draped and arm around her blushing mate, Yumi snapped several photos then shoved her camera back in her purse.


“We have been presenting Kiva to a few princes all over and she just doesn't seem ready to settle down. I'm happy you found each other.” she said sweetly.


“Thanks, that's the nicest thing anyone in this house has said to us.”


Yumi laughed.


“You know how your mother is.”


“Actually Belicia and Kylan are here too, she didn't seem too pleased.”


“And we all know how she is, that woman can't be happy if someone isn't showering her spoiled brat with affection.” Evan said matter-of-factly.


It wasn't that he didn't like Lacille but he has seen her throw too many tantrums and can't be bothered with her, Ebony laughed.


“Oh and Ebony we are so proud of you, when we heard the ancestors were making you finish after all your hard work we were livid. Then Kiva told us about your mate and it seemed for the best a mate can be a special addition to anyone's life. We hope you have nothing but happiness ahead.” Evan said.


Ebony and Christina smiled as he gave Yumi a steamy kiss without a care, they were just so happy it kind of rubbed off on their audience.


“We're going to go freshen up, we'll be coming to harass your parents later....oh and Kiva will be around tomorrow she insisted that she had to meet with another boy.” Yumi said.


They went upstairs and went to the left, of course Kiva's family was just as much a part of theirs as the Mentrells were, they all got along just fine.


“Are you ready for that nap? Or should we go to the pool?”


“I could go for a swim...”


End Chapter


(I know it's short but it'll pick up like normal also if you didn't see the new set of pictures for the new characters you can find them on my page if you like.)

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