She Belongs to Me

She Belongs to Me She Belongs to Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


(Complete)This is another re-write I wanted try again, first warning the main couple will eventually be girl x girl. I hope you give it a shot. Christina Delmone is in a bad situation, only one person can get her out of it.


(Complete)This is another re-write I wanted try again, first warning the main couple will eventually be girl x girl. I hope you give it a shot.

Christina Delmone is in a bad situation, only one person can get her out of it.

Chapter11 (v.1) - Adries

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Christina was beating herself up, the kiss was innocent and she wanted it so badly but she just felt like a whore. Frank treated her like shit because she was worthless in her mind, and then Nigel used her for his little games. She felt inadequate, but she also didn't want to be alone, she had asked Ebony to hold her and she was asleep. Christina snuggled further into her hold, knowing she needed to sleep, if she was going to get through school tomorrow.




Around five Ebony woke up and saw her mate was asleep but hardly looked at peace, she stroked her cheek.


“Christina, we have to get up to get to school on time.”


She mumbled something about being too lazy and ignored her, she smiled and placed a kiss on her lips knowing that would get her attention. She opened her eyes.


“As much as I would like to just stay here and hold you I do have to set a good example.”


Christina blushed as they sat up.


“What do you mean you have to set a good example?”


“You know, show the younger generation that I have no problem following rules and they should too.” she pushed the covers off and stood.


“Do people expect that of you?”


“Well yeah, I'm going to be a queen so I'm always being examined.”


Christina's eyes widened, now Ebony was a beautiful demon princess, what else was she hiding.


'Could she be anymore out of my league...?'




Ebony explained that she was number three out of four children, and that all of them had been sent to different human parents for their time in training. Succubi and incubi alike were very close with family, but when it came to training or work they acted as expected. She couldn't go after her favorite brother every day if she wanted to succeed in school. They would catch up when it was time to start family visits. Aside from her brother she also had two sisters, she chose not to tell Christina about too much she wanted to talk more freely with her and not feel rushed. They had stopped at the mall to get a new outfit each, obviously because they hadn't had any things of theirs at the hotel.


When they got to school they arrived just as students were filling the hall to get their things from their lockers so they could go to homeroom. They could hear a few whispers but Ebony told her to ignore them. Greg was waiting for them in the classroom so he took them to his office.


“Greg what's going on this time.”


He sighed and held up an enlarged photo of the two of them kissing in the hotel, Ebony frowned.


“No way, we were on the ninth floor.” she said.


“That hardly matters.”


They turned around just as a tall man stepped in the office, he was a different sort of delicious, he had short spiky black hair, hazel eyes, a perfectly shaped chin, and was in a designer black suit. Ebony squealed as she ran over and hugged him. Greg raised an eye brow.


“You two know each other.”


“This, Greg, is my favorite younger sister.”


“Adries, what are are you doing here? I kept my grades up.”


“I'm here because of this picture, and several others that were sent to me.”


She frowned.


“So are you here to yell at me?”


“No I'm concerned, all of them look so close, like someone is following you.”


Christina tensed, thinking Nigel was behind this, he glanced at her.


“So this is the little minx from the picture?”


She laughed.


“Be polite.”


He walked over and gave Christina the biggest bear hug she'd ever received.


“It's so nice to meet you, I'm Adries Prescott, I just know you put that big smile on my sister's face and I love it.”


Christina couldn't help but smile as Ebony blushed and hit him with her purse.


“Shut up Adries.”


She looked away from the siblings and to Greg.


“What about me? How much trouble am I in?”


“You're not in any, I wanted to warn you about this but when I got here it was already all over the school. I've heard some teachers being a bit snippy, and after your episode yesterday I wanted to make sure you were alright to deal with them today.”


“Don't worry I'm fine, I can deal with a few catty teachers, I haven't done anything do you know Ebony's brother?”


“He's the superintendent, and he loves picking on me.” Ebony said.


He stuck his tongue out at her.


“I'm not picking on you, I just thought you should take a little more in.”


“Sure, whatever you say.”


“Listen before you go back to class I just wanted to see if you might know who was taking the pictures.” he said.


Ebony looked at Christina who only nodded slowly.


“It's Nigel isn't it?”


“The head janitor? How do you know?” Greg asked.


Christina didn't comment, Ebony put a hand on her shoulder.


“It's going to be okay, just tell them what's important my brother will deal with problems that Greg can't. Do you want me to tell them?”


Greg stared at her.


“What is it Chrissy?”


She sighed.




“Nigel's been harassing her...and he forced himself on her sometime close to her husband so she could be carrying his child.”


Greg covered his mouth.


“Oh..Christina why didn't you come to me?”


She just shook her head.


“Alright well we're going to deal with it, both of you stay in here I'm going to see if he's around here and call the police.”


Christina frowned.


“A rape kit would probably be useless.”


“They won't need one, my bro here can force people to see and accept the truth of any situation, he's also a walking lie detector like I am.”


He nodded.


“I'm sorry for what you've gone through Christina but I assure you I won't allow you or any of your friends to come to harm while we tend to Nigel.”


She smiled at him.


“Thank you.”


He nodded.


“By the way, have you remembered who put you in that coma sis?”


“No I haven't.”


“Alright well I'll make sure someone is on the look out.”


Of course it hardly mattered, Nigel had already left his apartment and was in hiding he wouldn't be taken care of so easily.


End Chapter


(There we go, hope you liked it Adries is pronounced A-dri-es.)

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