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Old Enough Old Enough

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Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.


The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.

Chapter9 (v.1) - Time well spent..

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 26, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 26, 2016




Nine – Time well spent...



Alfonse looked up as Melina sat next to him on the couch getting ready for her final test he had noticed all month while she worked hard on her studies and practice and she always had a smile on her face. He couldn't help but ask who the guy was and what he was doing for that. Though as she only said the basics he nudged her she often had her phone.


“Okay a month is enough, who is this guy?”


She huffed.




“No Melina I want to know, I need to meet him before he takes off with you or something you hardly leave but you're attatched to your phone.”


“He's just busy..I'm just busy and well you already know him so I just haven't brought it up again.” she said with a blush.


She had slipped out a couple times though she did take her studies seriously and he knew that, that made no difference when they were together he could be very spirited with his light kisses and touches that made her want more.


“I do?”


She nodded.




She looked at her phone and jumped as her brother scooped her up to steal her phone.


“Hey! Ow...”


It was a sight seeing them wrestle a bit on the couch until they fell he looked at the phone and looked at her as she sighed.


“Phoebus, really? Are you kidding?”


“Oh don't start....”


“Do you know how many enemies he could have at his age being a half demon?”


She sighed.


“That's all you're worried about?...”


“Yes! Not to mention...he could just be using...”


“Alfy...you don't don't have to be that way we aren't rushing into anything.”


He frowned as she looked down he shook his head hating to see her sad, she didn't like the thought but if it was like that better it not be thrown in her face.


“Don't be upset I'm just worried about you, you don't know him...”


“No but I know he's still a sex demon that cares more how I feel than trying to get into my pants.” she snapped before getting up to go to her room.


He sighed as she went closing the door.


“Nice way to handle that Alfonse.” he said to himself and got up to try and make it up to her, he knew a lot of the hang ups of the half breed sex demons but he didn't think they were capable of controlling themselves in that way.


He supposed as much as he hated seeing her grow up that at the very least any part of her life shared with a guy that showed her any respect while she could protect herself if he changed for the worst...well he could sleep at night peacefully to say the least.


He should take more comfort in that than he did.



Melina sighed as she absently messaged Phoebus he had a lot of work to deal with but he never ignored her, after a moment he called.


“What's the matter?” she smiled slightly.


“I guess I'm just being sensitive but my brother got my phone in a wrestling match...nicely stating that you could just be using me.”


He frowned on his end.


“Using you for what? I'm not like that dammit.”


She sat up slowly.


“ I read your aura enough know that, it just bothered me...”


He sighed.


“I've been in that position a little too often I wouldn't do the same to you.” he said, it pissed him off a lot more than he thought it would he didn't want her brother turning her against him when he wasn't even there to defend himself.


She did tell him about Peaches, the bear and how it came to be he did understand being that he could be just as protective with Sheria knowing how many would love to take advantage just to prove half breeds were unfit parents. Still it got to him.


“I know, don't worry.”


He sighed again.


“Ready for your test?”


“Yeah it's at midnight.”


“Shouldn't you be sleeping then?”


“No sleep before the test they monitor me and know I can handle myself when I'm well rested but I have to do well when having troubles too.”


He frowned, worried about her being in danger.


“What about others testing...?”


“We'll be in separate rooms, if someone else messes up everyone will be safe.”


“Alright, well good luck .”


She smiled wider.




“Sure, feel better?” he asked.


She looked up as her door opened Alfonse was holding his usual peace offering, a triple chocolate sundae, when he did manage to annoy her she huffed though it was hard to stay mad when he pouted that way.


“Yeah I do...” they said bye as she let him go knowing he should still have a bit of work to do.


She forgave him as he sat next to him kissing his cheek knowing he was just worried.



Phoebus sighed as he listened to Neliame arguing with Eric once again it was fairly early and he was taking time off today he couldn't really sleep wondering how things went for Melina. Sheria ran downstairs as Melina pulled in the drive way he told Sheria about her test and as she stepped out he could see Sheria bouncing asking how she did, before she held up her wrist a silver chain with a single blue crystal heart they bounced in excitement hugging one another the bracelet channeled the full power instead of a wand and couldn't be taken off though she could change it's shape as she saw fit, it was proof she passed she was a witch of her own no longer under her brother in anyway essentially graduating college.



He smiled, she certainly deserved it.


She looked toward the window waving her bracelet at him he stood up to go out and congratulate her.


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